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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Solutions to Obama Constitutional Crisis

Spilling Ink
By Rev. Lainie Dowell

I love God, America, Truth, Justice, Liberty, and all who do likewise. Listen to our informative discussion in re how Obama has created a devastating American Constitutional Crisis for the upcoming United States Presidency 2009.

We discussed this ongoing situation about Barack Obama on the Laurie Roth Radio Show as well as considered solutions that Americans can take to correct it. The first thing would be to get yourself informed and stay informed. We believe that faith in the Lord and prayer play an important role towards coming through with the right solution.

Phil Berg's lawsuit has kept this issue alive and his legal action brought it to the attention of the entire nation. Because the news media still refuses to do their journalistic duty in this matter, they have betrayed this nation for the sake of falsely putting a black man into the Office of President, namely, Barack Obama, without his having the experience, character, patriotism, or love of our God and country.

Be sure to share any documented proof to dispel Obama's claim to political legitimacy, if you have any in your possession, which will help to stop Obama before the Electoral College meets in mid-December or before Inauguration Day on January 20, 2009.

Leadership in America has to come from the top down, which is through the President in accordance with the Constitution of the United States for a representative government. It is not as Obama's stated plan of creating leadership from the bottom up with coalitions for a participatory government.

Leaders lead. And, if we broke this nation up into coalition governments, as Obama intends to do, we would no longer have a democratic republic of representative government as mandated by our Constitution. Instead, we would have 50 separate countries inside of one nation. And that, if directed by Barack Obama, would create for him a dictatorship-communist nation, which would do away with the Constitution and the Congress.

Americans who know God, the Constitution, and the American way will never agree to that illegal form of government or support it or tolerate it. Only people who do not know their history could even entertain allowing such a false proposition.

Read about our history. Read about Kenyan history and Jomo Kenyatta, one of Obama's heroes. Read about the African dictator Idi Amin (a horrible prototype of Obama). Pay attention to Venezuela's dictator Hugo Chavez today. Take a closer look at dictator Vladimir Putin in Russia today. Consider the Castro Brothers in Cuba. We do know evil when we see it and it repels us and calls us to speak out against it.

Obama is one such evil person. Why? Because he deliberately lies to the nation and, when caught, then he blames the ones who have the documented truth of the matter -- even with words coming from Obama's own mouth. This is the kind of change that Obama plans to bring into America. Most of all, get informed and stay informed. Investigate.

Please don't flame me unless you provide documented proof to refute what I or others have presented in this matter. This is just that important. This is not a time for games. We are in serious trouble as a nation both at home and abroad. But our hope is in knowing that our God lives and that not everybody is "paranoid," as the pundits would have you to believe. When somebody is kicking you in the backside and you know, see, feel, and believe that they are doing it and stop to tell everybody about it -- Well? Does it matter if others have not seen it or believed it happened to you? No! Because you know that it was not in your imagination.

This Laurie Roth Radio Talk Show link is to the radio discussion in which I was privileged to be one of her guests. It is also found on Dr. Roth's Archives page dated Nov. 25, 2008, Hour Three. Microsoft Media Player. The Hour Two broadcast on that same date is with another guest who has great solutions, as well.

Repeat --- The Roth Show, radio talk -- UPDATE!
The 2008 Archives has been removed from The Roth Show website. Contact me /revldowell

AFRICAN PRESS INTERNATIONAL BOMBSHELL (API)!! To schedule release of the original tape of Michelle Obama's recent phone call to API. In it, she expresses sentiments against those she view as being white racists and comes out against the blacks who go along with "envy" of her husband, Barack Obama. This is a powerfully interpreted tape shown on youtube.com to go before their release of the original tape with her actual voice. A MUST HEAR!! Background information about this tape can be obtained directly at API or contact the Chief Editor, Mr. Korir. Their website address will soon be changed to an independent one at http://www.africanpress.in .

Note: I still have my three McCain-Palin signs on my lawn even though I live in a neighborhood of Obama-Biden supporters. I'm still waiting for somebody to knock on the door and ask me why and I can tell them the election is not going to be over until we can all be assured that Obama is not going to be allowed to change our constitution by his partnership coalitions -- that is, even if he succeeds in getting into the Oval Office in 2009. Pass it on.

A Must See at Obamaforgery.Com. A video that outlines the question about Obama's citizenship, whether it is natural born or Indonesian? And, what about kenyan? We deserve a definitively factual response from Barack Obama to avert a constitutional crisis.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Are Christians Imprisoned By Obama Blackness and White Guilt?

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Let's speak truthfully. As I see it, Obama would never have been elected to this prestigious position, had it not been for the white vote. Regardless of how many times Obama protested that (his) Race was not an issue in this 2008 Presidential election, he played the black folk like a fiddle.

Worse, yet, the white folk who have demonstrated the most guilt about blacks in the United States enslavement history are the ones who also received access to all of the gains which resulted from the hard-won fight for the civil rights of blacks. And, through the strong resolve of all men and women of good will beyond race, creed, and color, Americans overcame. However, there are still too many who refuse to get out of the way and let us come over.

Nevertheless, if it were not for the votes from many of the white college students and white baby boomers, too, then Barack Obama would never have been headed for the White House as President today. As the campaigns proceeded, it was almost a given that Obama's rhetoric would get him the larger portion of the black vote across the nation. And he got it, including from among all age groups and races. Indeed, he was hailed as a brand new savior and messiah of the whole world. In fact, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa has hailed Obama as their son who will provide for them, because it is the land of his father's birth. And, until we receive evidence to the contrary, it might possibly be Obama's (the son's) birthplace as well. And, that ought to tell you something about what we can expect up ahead!

But, when we still hear so much talk about whites being racists and bigots in America, where does that mentality come from? More often than not, it comes straight from out of the mouths and hearts of many young, hip hop blacks and their university instructors of every hue and temperament and from down on the block or up in the hood or far out from the burbs.

Following the 2008 general presidential election, when commenting on the outcome of the Democratic Party's win which ushered in an Obama victory, Rev. Harry Jackson, a black pastor and Republican in Maryland, wrote as his conclusions that, as he said, Christian conservatives must change our witness to conform to secular, political demands in order to maintain a role as leaders of a Godly, moral, righteous, and just purpose in the free world.

I do not agree with what I see as being Rev. Jackson's "beatdown" of Americans no matter what color he is and we all are. Where is the hope in that message of his? In the Lord Jesus, there is always hope in any seemingly hopeless-looking situation for the faith-filled believers who profess to be Christian.

Among other things that Rev. Jackson wrote in his commentary was that conservatives who continue to fight for the truth to be fully revealed about Barack Obama are "paranoid." Needless to say, I do not agree with that assessment of his, either.

I recognize and acknowledge that the Democrat Party and Obama trounced the Republicans and won the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections. But, it appears that Rev. Jackson placed total blame on Christian conservatives for that political defeat, because we were not secular enough.

However, neither the Republican Party's Presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, nor his Vice-Presidential running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, nor any of the millions of Americans who rallied around their clearly articulated call to put "Country First" for the change we need could have been any more beneficial to the call for traditional values and morals than was demonstrated.

What we have not heard stated enough, if at all, is that the McCain-Palin ticket was not assembled until at the last stages of the electoral contest in 2008, while Obama and his team had been on the Presidential campaign trail since before 2004, when he stepped upon the national stage at the DNC. And, instead of being true to federal election laws, policies, and procedures for political campaigns, Obama circumvented them and changed them as many times as he could with impunity and without accountability or sanctions. Moreover, we still know even less about Obama than we knew before he first appeared on the national stage.

What is more, Barack Obama and Michelle, his wife, since both of their community organizing days, have worked together to amass a political force of millions of people and dollars to specifically form coalitions to overtake and replace the constitutionally mandated government of the United States. It is that unexpected national and international phenomenon which they used to get the unprecedented amount of money and people to help push them into the White House (almost).

Unlike Rev. Harry Jackson, I believe it is crucial that Americans keep digging and, if dirt turns up, then we will all be the better for it. What's more, until and unless Obama and his enablers account for the many holes in his life which have all been deliberately left unaddressed, then America's welfare and defense will always remain in doubt as long as Obama sits in the Oval Office as the President and Commander in Chief. And we can do no less than to demand full disclosure, because our government and the mainstream media have been remiss in that regard.

Christian conservatives cannot afford to either let up or tone down our witness. If anything, we must increase it as we serve God daily and continue to work in every area of life to make a definite difference. This is not the time for the Christians to turn to secularism for solutions. For, if we are intimidated or harassed into being silent, then the blackness that covers the earth now would totally engulf us and the generations to come, if the Lord tarries. What's more, while the ungodly folk work as hard as they do to remove every reminder of God from the land and the minds of mankind, they have hijacked all that is Godly and have remade it for their purposes into a humanist and secularist covering for gullible Americans.

Christians are God-fearing people who will neither be silenced in the face of oppression nor allow our faith to ever be squelched. We will neither allow our individual freedoms to be stripped nor will we be bullied into being ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Personal Savior.

Our Good Fight of Faith Continues For the --

  • truth to be manifested surrounding Barack Obama.
  • right of all children to be born alive and to live beyond abortions.
  • People like the late, semi-comatose Terri Schiavo to remain alive.
  • leaders like Judge Roy Moore who fought against Alabama removing the 10 Commandments monument from his courthouse.
  • American flag to not be burned and trampled on.
  • Christian church to remain free to PREACH and live pleasing in the sight of God and man.
  • American youth to be saved from the sexual perversion of every filthy sort.
  • God to be uppermost in the family, church, school, government, business, and every area of life of all who know and love God.

I have been a Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for more than 20 years. Even from the beginning, my walk as a black Baptist woman cleric has never been easy. But, my trust, faith, and love of God is what keeps me faithful even when the hell hounds are on my trail. And, I hope to never allow anybody or anything to make me veer away from my faith or compromise my love of God to please any human or organization, including the church.

Too many Christians and others in this whole world are being led to believe that the shed blood of Jesus Christ is not enough to save all mankind. But, if that were true, then we would need to give up, change our profession of faith, and hide our name as Christians who demonstrate that God is real, alive, and in total control of all things in heaven and on earth, including any human no matter how sincerely they might believe they will live forever on their own power. Not so!

Why Is the Obama for America Campaign Still Soliciting Donations From People and Still Acting in the Campaign Mode?

Even though, as of this date, Obama is not yet officially the President of the United States, the Presidential Campaign is over. Yet, they are still sending out solicitations for donations from his (Obama's) email addy. They continue to act as if there is no rule of law to abide by. But, the Obama faction and all those who have tried to place him on the Throne of heaven down here on earth must understand that many of us have lived through the Nixonian Presidency and the resultant Watergate flush. We remember when Vice President Spiro Agnew tried to intervene early on in Nixon's behalf by attempting to shut up the press. It sounded ridiculous at the time and even Agnew was eventually caught up in an investigation that led to him having to plead Nolo Contendre and he had to bid an early adieu to this nation. As I recall, Nixon had capitulated to a cover up which led to his eventually having to step down as President before his second term ended or else he would have had to face Impeachment proceedings (with a capital "I").

Obama and his Chicago gang need to know that, as a Godly, elderly woman has often said, "You might get by, but you won't get away." I like to remind people that Nixon didn't go to jail! But all of his men who obeyed his illegitimate orders served time. They need to understand from the outset that Americans will never settle for anyone in that Office of President who thinks they can use that power to abuse others. They will never accept any leader in that Office who thinks they are above the law and that they can lead Americans astray from the Godly and the Constitutional paths.

No matter what they and the United States Congress would say about it, this is neither a banana republic nor a third world regime as with Idi Amin or any socialist dictatorship of Hugo Chavez or communist dictatorship of the Castro brothers. Americans are peace-loving people, but they will fight the forces of Hell to preserve whole our life in Christ Jesus knowing that we shall prevail, if we do not faint in the midst of the battle. For, we know that we are already winners in the Lord. Triumphantly so! And God is our Guide.

Christians, be encouraged. Stay alert and stay on guard. God is not dead. He has not failed us. But, too many of mankind have failed God and us. Continue to "Fight the good fight of faith" with every ounce of the power and the authority given you by almighty God. And, if you personally reject that and never intend to do that, then no matter who you are, then step aside and move out of my way, because play time is over and I'm going through!

God bless our military wherever they serve.
God bless America. God bless Americans.
God bless all who know and love God, and
God bless all who need to know God to love Him!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama Ushers in American Communism

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

photo: The White House

Standing inside of the Oval Office as a newly elected President of the United States is not the time for that person to begin to learn about what it means to be a free American. Such fundamental knowledge and wisdom has to come in with the President on Day 1, and before taking the all-important oath of office. In fact, citizens have to be clear about where that person stands on issues to know whether or not they can trust the new President with that job. As we approach Inauguration Day, that does not appear to be the case with Barack Obama.

No potential President will ever be qualified to have oversight of the defense of this nation who refuses to make a personal, honest, and decisive commitment to the American constituency beyond party affiliation, our nation and God, or does not, in earnest, pledge to protect and preserve the United States constitution, and to defend this nation from all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me God.

For centuries, America has been known and respected as the leader of the free world. At the same time, she has been denigrated by people she has welcomed onto these shores who, themselves, have masqueraded as Americans to cover up their ongoing attempts to destroy this nation from within and without. As a result, too many trusting Americans have been blinded by an onslaught of revolutionaries in the form of Black Nationalists, Black Muslims, Black Panthers, Islamists, Socialists, Communists and even friends embedded within the fabric of the religious, political, legal, judicial, economical, and educational ranks of America.

What Does This Have To Do With An Obama Administration?

Throughout his primary and general 2008 presidential campaigns, Obama repeatedly stated "This is not about me, but it is about all of you." Actually, I believe he knew it was always about him. And, now that he is being touted as the President-elect, his unstated goal should be all the more troubling to every American who cares about the safety of this nation.

After Obama came to live on the Mainland, having lived in Hawaii, the 50Th state, with his maternal side of the family after they reportedly had moved there from Leavenworth, Kansas, before his birth, he set out on a mission to change this nation in a way most Americans never really had to give much thought to, because they must have believed that our political leaders would be true to their oath to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.

Before Obama grew up and entered Harvard University and the other colleges before then, he already knew about the differences between Marxism, Leninism, Alinsky Socialism, American Capitalism, and Russian Communism from the days of his childhood, when he experienced life under Socialist dictatorships and friendships.

He learned enough early in life to know that Socialism was introduced into the world merely to be the means to institute Communism into the mainstream of a Democratic nation. And, as the child of Socialism, he understood that it would not take too much longer before Communism would gain a stronghold in American society. After all, he knew what clues to watch for.

No doubt Obama has made a life-long study of Socialism by reason of his birth offshore and foreign heritage through his Kenyan Muslim Luo father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., and Muslim family members and African traditions; and, also, through his Indonesian Muslim stepfather, Lolo Soetoro. Obama became a child of foreign civilian unrest, war, Socialist dictatorships, and revolutions in that part of the world where he has lived or visited outside of the United States. And, despite protestations and denials to the contrary by Obama and many of his supporters to deflect criticism and objections, his principal goal has remained to become the leader who would usher Communism into America.

Can we surmise that Obama and his partners do not know that? Or shall we take him at his much televised word to "Joe the Plumber" and, subsequently, the entire nation during his recent campaign where he was caught on video stating that he intends to "spread the wealth around" by taking from those who have and giving to the have nots and, also, by heavily taxing the rich?

The GEN X babies, including the 1960s, of which Obama is also one, might not think so but their parents and grandparents have known the blessings from the American way of life to pursue constitutional liberty, freedom, and everything that is righteous and just. Obama appears to have had every possible advantage and, yet, he has refused to recognize the blessings of being American.

How can we know that to be the case? By his actions, speeches, and the books he has written, we can ascertain that his life's work has been directed towards destroying, and not building up, this nation. And that's just from the part we do know about him. But, we ought not have to try to fill in the blanks of a man who is set to be President of America!

After nearly 20 months of Obama campaigning and making promises to the American people that he made just to become President while having served as a former state of Illinois Senator and as a current United States Senator in Washington, D.C., he has already begun to disavow his statements about his promise to begin a draw down of American troops from Iraq by a date certain, and he had said that his own lack of administrative and foreign experience did not matter. He also maintained that he could quickly turn around the nation's economic crisis, among other quickly forgotten promises that he had made while on the stump.

Throughout all of that time during the campaigns and now, the mainstream news media spent the majority of their time talking about mundane political and nonpolitical personalities rather than focusing on crucial issues concerning Obama's qualifications to have been in the Presidential race in the first place.

Consequently, many of the people gathered up by his political party, professional "partners," and from among anybody they could find from living in dorms to living on park benches and in cardboard boxes. Many of their voters knew little to nothing about Obama or other current Democratic Party officials. Yet, he is embraced by the same media, politicians, and a lot of citizens, as being a credible candidate who is qualified to serve in office following President George W. Bush's term expiration on January 20, 2009.

The United States Constitution Is A Lasting Force Unto Itself

Our nation has just suffered through what has to be the most aggressive election in this nation ever, because more Americans had begun to understand how much their constitutional foundations and freedoms were at risk in the hands of Barack Obama. Yes, he is a black, skilled community organizer and orator. He knows what words to say which will grip the hearts of people to listen, hear, and to follow behind him all the way to Hell, if need be. So, here we are. Socialism, having done its job, is in the rear-view mirror moving behind us. But Americans need to understand that we are looking into the very face of the full-blown incoming Communism on our Homeland, mainly because too many elected leaders fell asleep at the switch and many still are.

Along with the questionable results of the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections, we are also watchful of further conspiratorial attempts to destroy Capitalism, to turn away from the fading days of Socialism that is silently standing around the fringes of society while waiting for the incoming Communism to enter. It is to be the change that Obama promised would be our new way of life but without uttering that word. Nevertheless, we remain mindful that this close call to an overthrow of our government is the result of too many media and politicians having ignored the heinous prospect of Obama trying to make that switch either in the light of day or from under the cover of darkness.

Our constitution has not just begun to come under assault from among many dissident factions. It has been slowly building over many years and the anarchists have just changed their tactics. They have replaced their outside uniforms and banners with the outward clothing of education and self-made, pretentious respectability and cooperation in order for them to be able to gain the support of the American people to go along with their silently growing anarchistic agenda, which still remains as their intended violent revolution to overthrow the United States government via either mandated legislative changes to the constitution or, heaven forbid, by Executive Order.

Unless organizations and individuals honestly and openly declare their true agenda beforehand by publishing it when seeking any elected or appointed office, we can conclude only that any gains they may make to any such political positions would be fraudulent, illegal, and against the rule of law for lack of full disclosure. After all, they would be vying to obtain what constitutes as a contract with the American people.

From Socialism to Communism Birthed in the United States

During the late 1940s to the mid-1950s, following many ongoing Congressional subcommittee hearings pertaining to unAmerican activities and sedition filed against suspected and real Communists and Socialists, all Americans understood those agendas would never progress in this country as long as the entire nation was made aware that their freedoms were being severely threatened. So, those adverse revolutionary organizations began to change their format and work to maintain their agendas by, first, changing their original political terminology. And, after they had redefined their missions, goals, and intentions, they attached themselves onto the Democratic Party, because they had become known as the party of the working class people. Eventually, the Democratic Party split and what we see in Obama's half of the party is what has become known as the progressive New Left Democratic Socialist plank or the more-than-far left. It was devised to conform to whatever it took for their party to side step any possible objections from elected officials and citizens whether coming from the Right, moderates, or centrists in the United States Congress who also were elected to represent their American constituents.

On August 1, 1961, The New York Times, when it was known to have been more of a credible journalistic source, published an article entitled, "Text of Soviet Party's Draft Program," developed by then Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev from a Leninist document.

Overtime, planks from the Socialist and Communist programs have been adopted and publicly articulated by Obama. They are also supported by the majority of the Democratic Party. Yet, the mainstream news media have refused to do their homework.

Journalistic investigations in America, with all of their available syndication billions of dollars and people, and highly technological communication tools, have lain dormant, except to praise and raise Obama up as the national and international savior of the United States and the entire world. Never mind that so much of that propagandist copy has been provided from the pens of Obama's own publicists. More the pity, Obama has believed his own press despite the fact that his words and actions belie their flowery assertions about him and his campaign.

Let me review for you some of those Communistic platforms quoted from the Soviet Party's Draft Program. Although this article was published in 1961 and the USSR has since been broken up as a nation, when that paper is read within today's context of Barack Obama's New Left agenda, it just might provide the impetus needed for Americans to finally get informed and understand the seriousness of these changing political times in which we find ourselves. However, Khruschev's revision of Lenin's Socialist plans, as written, remain relevant to Obama's unsettling plans. The article is quoted, in part, as follows:

  • The Socialist world is expanding; the capitalist work is shrinking. Socialism will inevitably succeed capitalism everywhere. Such is the objective law of social development. Imperialism is powerless to check the irresistable process of emancipation.
  • The development of the world Socialist system and the world capitalist system is governed by diametrically opposed laws.
  • The world Socialist system is advancing steadfastly toward decisive victory in the economic competition with capitalism.
  • Soviet experience has shown that the working class can fulfill its historical mission as the builder of a new society only in a sound alliance with the nonproletarian working masses, primarly the peasantry.
  • Soviet experience has shown that the Socialist state is the main instrument for the Socialist transformation of society. The state organizes and unites the masses, exercises planned leadership of economic and cultural construction, and safeguards the revolutionary gains of the people.
  • Soviet experience has fully borne out the Marxist-Leninist theory that the Communist party plays a decisive role in the formation and development of Socialist society. Only a party that steadfastly pursues a class, proletarian policy, and is equipped with progressive, revolutionary theory, only a party solidly united and closely linked with the masses, can organize the people and lead them to the victory of Socialism.
  • The experience of the world Socialist system has confirmed the need for the closest unity of countries that fall away from capitalism, for the united effort in the building of Socialism and Communism.
  • In the many countries, the liberation movement of the peoples that have awakened proceeds under the flag of nationalism . . . . the nationalism of an oppressed nation contains a general democratic element directed against oppression, and Communists support it because they consider it historically justified at any given stage.
  • The chief ideological and political weapon of imperialism is anti-Communism, which consists mainly in slandering the Socialist system and distorting the policy and objectives, of the Communist parties and Marx-Leninist theory.

While many of our political leaders have begun to awaken, in too many cases it is only to bicker among themselves in the halls of the state, local, and federal legislatures concerning which of them would get the most pork for themselves, their friends, and colleagues. American citizens can do little more than just watch as their rights and employment are being stripped away through the enactment of new laws with the stroke of a pen in the hands of a new sitting American President.

Any proposed changes in the law by a prospective Obama administration which seeks to affect changes made with the intent to foment the overthrow of the government would be contrary to the constitution. It must no longer remain the case that, even after citizens have obtained credible evidence and documentation of any such attempts by the government, they must remain without any avenues of legal redress to correct the matter. But, who can we trust in America to legitimately right these ongoing wrongs and help place America back on course? Must Americans, by default, fall into the arms of Communism by din of Democratic Party trickery?

Nevertheless, what remains irrefutable is that Americans have placed the keys in Obama's hands to change America, to change even the constitution, and to change our form of government from Capitalism, and worst of all to stand by and watch as Obama tries to usher in Communism.

Shall we now face an American inauguration or an American incarceration?

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Join GrassFire's Conservative Resistance to Obama

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

I am not going to silently sit by as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid follow through with their plans to re-make our nation into their New Left Democratic image aka Socialism. Serious times are up ahead for Americans, because their support of Obama's stated plans foster anarchy and an overthrow of our United States constitutional government. These allegations are supported by researched documentation to show how Obama's projected changes will have an adverse affect on every area of our life in America. Read more. . .

Obama has repeatedly said he was forming "a movement," but his movement actually began over 20 years ago. It was envisioned by confessed Socialist Saul Alinsky in 1936, to be instituted via community organizers. Alinsky is also known as "The Father of Community Organizers."

That career grew rapidly during the 1960s, when the Democratic Socialist plank was put forth during the Democratic National Convention. And, it has neared its purposed fuition as of November 4, 2008, with the election of (both) Barack and Michelle Obama. Joe Biden is just an afterthought to them and a means to an end. Stay alert!

Search the Net starting with ACORN and see how many national and global "partnerships" they have helped to form and, in many cases, manage. Now is the time to unify and stay together to support our Republican elected and appointed leaders.

When Congress reconvenes in 2009 under a new administration, we need not be caught unprepared to respond to the New Left Democratic political planks and pranks. Obama has helped to formed a coalition of millions of people who stand ready to respond to their call within seconds. And, we are now without excuse to be able to do the same thing.

That is why I have decided to unite with this newly formed grassroots conservative movement. Together, we can all help to lawfully counteract and RESIST Obama's New Left Democratic liberal agenda in place for them to eventually restructure and "change" our government from being its constitutional form of representative via our elected leaders to becoming participatory via the various exclusive national and global coalitions made up of individuals and organizations brought together by the Obama faction to make policies and decisions on the basis of coalitions rather than by our duly elected Congress.

This is not a pretty picture. Obama, his wife Michelle, and the Democratic Party have had a 20-year start on putting together their "movement," as has been demonstrated during the 2008 Election. What's more, the DEMS stick together like glue. We saw it in action during the impeachment hearings of former President Bill Clinton.

No matter how wrong he was (i.e., lied), that party and his wife stood by him. But, when Republicans were accused of anything at all, the DEMS jumped at the chance to call for their apology AND expulsion or resignation. And each time, the Republican leadership capitulated -- even when no offense had been done. Even now, they allow DEMS to define for them who they are and what they believe regardless of the fact that they are blatantly speaking about their OWN atrocious actions.

It is time for our side to learn from the past and not be bullied by the DEMS who project onto conservatives their own liberal ideas. Now, conservatives have awakened in ObamaSHAME!

Therefore, Republicans have a lot of catching up to be ready for the next wave of attacks coming against democracy and our American Constitutional Republic. Go to signup at Grassfire.Org. Thank you!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't Waste Praying On Obama. Pray for Yourself!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

"Let the lowly brother glory in his exaltation, but the rich in his humiliation, because as a flower of the field he will pass away. For no sooner has the sun risen with a burning heat than it withers the grass; its flower falls, and its beautiful appearance perishes. So the rich man also will fade away in his pursuits." - James Chapter 1 vv. 9-11

Following the 2008 election and the announced nominee Barack Obama as the "Winner," Americans are now in the time of reflection. Wednesday, when I was in a local bookstore, I asked the young, white clerk if he had voted? He answered that he had. I then asked how he felt about the result. He answered that he didn't even know anything about the one who was elected but that he had been told he would bring change. So, he said he thought it was time for a change and voted for him (Obama).
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


By Rev. Lainie Dowell

The Main Stream News Media Has Lost America For Americans With OBAMASHAME!!

Not a matter of Race? Says who but the race baiters and the race mongers who want to be in control? Keep alert! Not every black person, myself included, accepts that just any black person should be considered on the basis of skin color. Don't blame it on me and my household. Now, should we tell the Americans that everything documented and left unaddressed by Obama was a lie? Not so! Watch and Pray!

During the campaign, Obama told his audience that he had been called every name in the book. But I can think of at least one name Obama wasn't called, because it was censored and wiped out of the dictionary but not out of my mind or vocabulary!

This man has been proud to foster everything that is anathema to the American way of life. He supports the abortion agenda, homosexual "(un)civil rights," a warped sense of history, blackness agendas that foster hatred of anything that is not black, and a profound disregard of American military and security.

The American people who did not understand that this election is the culmination of all that began in the 1960s will finally get the point now. Alinsky knew that the momentum towards political leadership would come through coalitions and money. Thus, Alinsky gave birth to the career field of "community organizers" as far back as 1936. And it is through those dedicated factors that this inadequate, unprepared black man, Barack Obama, who has demonstrated how he and his party are untrustworthy during their campaign for the highest office in America, is now expected to lead this nation into trustworthiness(?)

The Judeo-Christian community has a job to do starting with keeping faith with our God. Now is not the time to let go of your faith in God. Now is the time to let go and let God.

Nevertheless, more than ever this is the time for us to hold together and to hold all of our elected leaders' feet to the fire of integrity, honesty, and accountability for this grave responsibility.

Infighting among believers has to stop. Blaming and shaming people of faith must stop. Silence in the face of evil can no longer be acceptable. Americans now must coalese around -- not race -- but religion. The Judeo-Christian mores, morals, traditions, values, and faith is what brought us this far.

Today, God's House is secularized. Not too long ago, a news report came out that Preachers had convened a meeting in a movie theater to talk about holding church services in movie houses across the nation. The fact that homosexuals are pushing for "civil unions," signals their disdain for the word and work of God and reveals their disdain for the way of God in every area of life -- which includes that disregarded fact that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman. And, what does "civil union" mean for the man and woman who goes to the courthouse to be married? Will that be made out to mean they were not married in the eyes of God, because they did not get married in a church? It could come to mean such an atrocious thing, if homosexuals were allowed to redefine marriage.

When you tell a lie long enough, people will begin to believe it is true and cite that lie in every argument to justify the lie. But, whenever you start out with the wrong premise, you will end up wrong everytime. The homosexual community succeeded in making inroads towards acceptance when they convinced political factions their cause was based on "civil rights" rather than a matter of right and wrong. They convinced school children there is no such thing as right and wrong but it was a matter of whatever a person wanted to do was right for them and they were the only ones who mattered. SHAME! Homosexuality was never right and never will be, except by illegal laws of man over just and righteous laws of God.

It Is Time to Know the Truth From Lies and to Live Truth ---

Remember, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King preached Christ Jesus and His sacrifice for all of mankind who love God. Too many have forgotten that Rev. King was a man of God. During his lifetime, he understood the difference between God and Satan, good and evil, heaven and hell, life and death, and truth and lies.

Voices that have been crying out in the wilderness for a Godly change and repentence will continue to be raised, but this time, I pray that those voices will be heard and lifted up by every hearer and carried along to the ears of every border whether near or far. And, in the days to come, when under an Obamaville Administration, censorship may be the rule of the day at his command, and isolation will create the likes of creativity such as never before seen in America in order to keep truth alive and living in this "land of the free and home of the brave."

I live in Maryland. It is called "the Free State," but it is anything but free. Now is the time for all people who love God and America to remain alert and alive to remember the constitutional purpose for which America was founded by our forefathers for all of her citizens.

When America's children during the 1960's Wood Stock era took to the streets of America during the Viet Nam War era, they set the pattern for the children of the 1970s and 1980s, which told America to kiss their foot. And we find ourselves in the throes of an evil revealed and ignored but yet to fully come to fruition. And none but God will stop it.

Say what you will about this tome, but it is said and held to until and unless this man loves God and America more than party affiliation. We shall see what we shall see.

And know this, also. That, in the days to come, when the stories come trickling out about our being pushed as a nation onto the road to Socialism and dictatorship, that is the "change" which Obama promised without personal disclosure. And, if my voice is cut off from the discourse by the Friends of BHO, then just send up the smoke signals or sit down and pray. God knows He will always be the way.

Thank God for the respite between November 4th, 2008 and January 20, 2009, when the transition is complete and the new administration takes over. For now, we can breathe free and thank God that President George W. Bush is still at the helm, because until then, we only have one President at the time --- and Bush is the ONE. Hopefully, he will not be the last President who knows the Godly purpose of America.

God bless our men and women who stand in the defense of our nation at home and abroad. May God grant them peace.

Praying without ceasing for God's blessings on America!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama, The Boy Who Fooled America And Lost His Place

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

If you don't define yourself, there will always be somebody standing ready to tell you who you are!

Barack Obama, the professional community organizer-propagandist, has proved how much he knows his stock in trade. All of America has not yet voted and, yet, he has contracted for the white tents to be raised in Chicago to accommodate thousands of invited guests to celebrate a projected win for Obama to lead a nation he has said is full of "Bush's failed policies." To let Obama tell it, our nation is bankrupt. However, he and Michelle have managed to amass a fortune and they live in a mansion, because of the supposedly "little" contributions the American people have sent their way.

Really?! How gullible have Americans become that they would be blinded to "the color of (Obama's) skin" over and above "the content of (his shameless) character" and then attribute it to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all those whose blood ran down the sidewalks of America and across the world in order to keep America free and from out of the hands of slicksters like Obama?
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Powerful Anon. Women's Motto *Adaptation*
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ObamaTRAUMA FIVE Years Hence!

ObamaTRAUMA FIVE Years Hence!
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