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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Hard Heart of Obama and The Soft Spot of Man to Obey God

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

An Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama And The Nation

In a manner of speaking, the world has taken leave of its collective senses. Anybody with an ounce of sense is bound to get weary of all these voices interspersed with plenty of fake denials coming from the Obama camp. Whether our discussions are about his health care, his religious affiliation (or not), his czars, his family, his intentions for America, his trustworthiness (NOT!), or anything else that comes from his mouth or his pen -- we cannot feel good about what is coming from deep down inside of his hard heart. It never changes.

Is that the kind of leader worthy of having an honored position in America? Yet, the pundits continue to make excuses for his failure to obey his oath of office from the time he was in the state Senate of Illinois, the United States Senate, and on into the White House as President.
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Biggest Conservative Names Bidding Goodbye to CPAC

WORLDNETDAILY (c) 2010 By Brian Fitzpatrick

Participation of homosexuals, financial mismanagement cited
December 27, 2010

Two of the nation's premier moral issues organizations, the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, are refusing to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference in February because a homosexual activist group, GOProud, has been invited.

"We've been very involved in CPAC for over a decade and have managed a couple of popular sessions. However, we will no longer be involved with CPAC because of the organization's financial mismanagement and movement away from conservative principles," said Tom McClusky, senior vice president for FRC Action.

"CWA has decided not to participate in part because of GOProud," CWA President Penny Nance told WND. [Read more . . . ]
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Officer Won't Sign Order For Troop Indoctrination

Article by Brian Fitzpatrick on December 24, 2010, and linked in part to Voice Ink News Commentary by permission of (c) 2010 WorldNetDaily.

President Obama's repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is already damaging the U.S. military.

An Army lieutenant colonel has asked to be relieved of command rather than order his troops to go through pro-homosexual indoctrination following the repeal of the policy, which required homosexuals to keep silent about their sexual preference.

Currently the commander of a battalion-sized unit in the Army National Guard, the officer also has threatened to resign his commission rather than undergo "behavior modification" training intended to counter his religious convictions about homosexuality. [Read more ...]
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

DADT And Obama Have Taken America Too Far Left. And It Is Wartime!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

"There is a time to love, And a time to hate; A time for war, and a time for peace." Eccl. Chapter 3:8

The political climate in America has deteriorated and all of the victories of the past have become trampled despite a massive Godly warning about the future. However, we know and believe the politics of destruction will be turned back to the Lord's promises of construction whereby God's will shall prevail.

War Is Waged Against Christians And The War Trumpet Is Sounded

Political warfare has been waged against Christians and all the American people. And the battleground is the mind. If we who have the mind of Christ capitulate to them that are of Satan, then our generation of honor, integrity, and Godly morality will be lost forever. For when we are dead and buried, who will there be to teach our children and grandchildren the difference between truth and lies and that they have a choice to do either right or wrong and that the better course for them is always to do what is right in the eyes of God?

Men and women are not the arbiters of our faith in God and neither are they the arbiters of mankind when they place their filth before our face and expect us to readily partake of it with them. Filth underneath a pile of perfume only smells all the more sickeningly sweet, and nothing will scrub away the stench. The elected leadership, lawyers, and the courts have brought shame and disgrace upon our nation. It makes no difference to us about "the majority rules," when the majority disregard the rule of law and the constitution. Or when the majority go against God's law. Or when every man-made law the majority conjure up to try to legitimize their failed policies only take us that much further from God's word, will, and way. America's elected leaders under the Obama Administration have shredded the constitution --- but as long as we know it exists, that's enough to keep it alive.

We Christians have no more obligation to allow those who walk the Plaster of Paris walls of Congress to legislate our lives into the hellishness and depravity of the lowest denomination any more than they have any right to expect us to descend into such low depths without our resisting their every attempt to squelch our faith and to destroy our Godly Republic and its constitutional authority over our lives.

During the past several years, we have witnessed Barack Hussein Obama take over the White House Executive Office as an accused documented socialist (ask Saul Alinsky), Muslim (ask his family), homosexual (ask Larry Sinclair), shady community organizer (ask ACORN and Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.), union agitator (ask SEIU), and having a questionable law degree (ask Harvard University), and having an unsubstantiated constitutionally mandated American nationality (all of which Obama has refused to give this nation straight answers).

It is time for plain talk. Political correctness is killing our nation and shutting down sensible dialogue and, even debate. Obama and his corrupt personal undercover lobbyist arm now known as "Organizing for America" are being allowed to operate illegally out of the White House. They have come up from the bowels of Hell and covered America with the smell of ungodly foulness which reeks to high heaven and permeates the very nostrils of our God. They have helped to strip out Christian voices and placed in their stead homosexuality, atheists, Muslims, socialists, and unions. And, unless we take hold of the reins and protect the flanks of our Judeo-Christian nation, we will be propounded into the earth. And all of the work which our forefathers have done to lift this nation up and to help keep America in the bosom of God -- will amount to nothing. We can and we must do better in terms of holding officials accountable - especially including the President of the United States!

Barack Obama and his administration are the known enemies of American values, morals, mores, traditions, God, military, and the United States Constitution. The worst part is that the citizens know it. And, yet, they and the political leaders who follow him have deliberately gone along with him instead of Congress being the deliberative representative body they were elected to be and to hold Obama and one another accountable to God as they raised their hands and swore to do (under penalty of perjury whether explicit or implicit). Instead of calling to accountability every law breaker found in the United States government, Obama has plucked them out of the depths of Hell and placed them over agencies where the people had every right to expect justice to prevail. What's more, for too long, legislators have participated in and consented to law breaking tactics with impunity and without overall accountability.

Don't Ask Don't Tell? Pity the U.S. Military Under Obama

Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) and all same-sex discrimination laws have never been legitimate in the first place. Yet, in 2010, American legislators, courts, and even church leaders are still wasting billions of dollars and precious hours trying to debate it into existence for our military; thereby, working to change the American attitude and culture in order to weaken and ultimately destroy this nation.

The more Americans give in to the illegitimate demands of homosexuals and depravity of all kind, the bolder they become in pushing us aside to expand their ungodly agendas. In them is no good thing, because it never has been their intention to do what is right and pleasing in the sight of God and man. Instead, they press forward while falsely accusing us and projecting onto us their own depraved thoughts and actions while claiming that they are being discriminated against and need legal protection from us. If that were true, then how is it American prisons are full of men and women locked away because of their practice of sexual deviancy? How gullible do Obama progressives think Americans are?

There is no such thing as a legislated right to have physical sex, which is their underlying "lifestyle." And, unless the word of God has been blessed to agree to it, that will not happen. And all of the bills passed into law by legislators will never give credence to sexual orientation lifestyles. Furthermore, it will remain true that Christians and people of good will who reject the damnable propaganda of homosexuals are right to do so. And those confused people who practice homosexuality and advocate for it are the ones who are wrong. What's more, neither viewpoint will do homosexuals any favor, if they agree to their depraved lifestyle and help them to advance it as acceptable rather than point them to a more better way of life in obedience to God.

Obama and his followers are but a dustbag and his agenda is against God's will. Mankind is made from the dust of the ground and all they can ever expect is to return to it. But their soul will return to God the Creator for His final determination of all things whether they choose to believe it or not and whether they like it or not. Everything man tries to do is in vain, when God is not in it.

Man was never intended to cohabit with another man and neither was a woman intended to cohabit with another woman. And all of their self-made specious laws will be ripped to shreds. Without the consent of God Himself, there will never be validity or sanctimonious or even worthy living among those who practice and advocate such perverse lifestyles. Many of them know God's biblical truths but ignore them and God, too. The depraved just want us to shut up and go away and leave them to their ongoing attempts to taint the minds of our children of all ages. They know they are not entitled to have special rights so they disguise them under the cloak of human rights, civil rights, hate, and discrimination instead of having to use common sense and spiritual truths to guide them.

Homosexuals know there are clearly defined roles for males and females, and nothing anybody says or does will ever change that fact or condition. Man has the sperm and woman has the egg which, when they come together by sex will - and this is it - will form a new life. Children.

Man and man and woman and woman are unable to cohabit together with one another and produce children from that act. What's more, even if scientists found a way for men to have children, they would only be that much more out of God's will for humankind and become even more doomed than ever to Hell. No matter how many so-called hate laws homosexuals lobby to have instituted, true believing Christians will never accept same-sex rights are legitimate. We know they bring the laws of nature and the laws of mankind into serious conflict. Through politically correct laws, name calling, and intimidation, the gay agenda has advanced and the American Judeo-Christian morals have been all but silenced under penalty of arrest for speaking God's truth. However, regardless of what homosexuals may think, God does not have freaks. For everything God made was and is and shall be good.

Christians and Bountiful Warfare

Man has a habit of attributing his own failings to God. But just like men and women choose their way of life today and choose to change it again tomorrow, so, too, are the changes they make which define them in the eyes of God. Man has a way of taking for granted the laws and the consequences of the choices they make and blaming God when He pricks their spirit and they know God is not pleased with their choices.

This government cannot legitimately criminalize and take away those factors which have made America great such as God, the Bible, the Lord Jesus, the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman ONLY, the birth of babies, and the freedoms given by God and written into the foundational documents of this nation.

What's more, this government cannot legitimately decriminalize the acts and behaviors man has adopted for their way of life, which lead to depravity, perversion, filth, and even murder and call it their "right." If there is any justice at all, the only right each has who indulges in such activities is their right to receive just punishment - and they shall - at the hands of the true and living God. He is the One they have continued to ignore and disobey. But we who know God will neither cower to, nor be deceived by, illegitimate "special rights." And that is clear.

All American citizens now have rights on the basis of their race and sex. Therefore, the added homosexual category of "sexual orientation" gives them "rights" which are, in fact, criminal but for the force of man-made laws created on their behalf. And, therefore, those laws actually represent an overreach of legislators to legalize what is unlawful. It is not we who discriminate against them but it is they who have segregated themselves from our moral society and culture. But, oh when our God gets through with them all will know how truly real He is and how right we are to proclaim His truth to all whether they hear or refuse.

Godly Wartime Commences

Because our faith in God is strong and we are in Him, the Maker of all things shall surely fix all things mankind has broken, such as the following,

  • The DADT

  • The ObamaCare

  • The Net Neutrality

  • The Abortion

  • The Treaties

  • The Worship

  • The Education

  • The Manufacturing

  • The Industrial

  • The Culture

  • The societal values and morals of America

  • The Earth, world, universe, and all that therein is.

Merry Christmas and A Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011!
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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Posted FYI By Rev. Lainie Dowell


Thursday, December 9, 2010, 4:08 p.m. est. --

Despite public opposition, Democrat Sen. Majority Leader, Harry Reid, agreed to allow the consideration of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" to be put to a vote after debate, under the condition that the 60-vote floor could be obtained. Sen. Susan Collins (Repub) voted "yes."

I watched the C-Span activities and am glad to report the matter failed and there being no debate, the DADT issue will likely be tabled. Also, it is unlikely the new incoming Senators 2011 will bring it up again. Praise God!!!
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WikiLeaks And A Silent Obama Administration Watches While America Crumbles

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

About two weeks ago, I conducted an online search on Barack Hussein Obama at a foreign nation's website. Much of what I discovered there showed me how much the foreigners know more about what is going on in America than our citizenry. For example, the Obama Administration is arbitrarily spending taxpayer dollars hand over fist to prop up third-world countries despite our own economic woes at home. Through one discovery which I had not heard reported on this side of the world, I found out how dependent some people from other nations are on Obama to act as if he were the President of the world instead of just to America. He has shown little to no regard for our legislative and judicial bodies. And, it becomes more apparent how fast he is causing America to become more of the parliamentarian-coalition government that our Constitution has never set forth.

When Obama was inaugurated as President in January 2009, he raised his hand and took an oath before God and this nation "to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States." However, he has continued to do everything but that. What's more, he knew he did not mean to honor that vow before he ran for the Office.

Now, Barack Hussein Obama is leaving Americans twisting in the wind from their many questions going back and forth about what his administration should do about the ongoing disclosure and leaking of "Secret" Department of Defense documents by the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Whether those hundreds of thousands of critical documents were either stolen or confiscated, we have yet to hear any elected political leaders calling for congressional investigations into how such a dastardly act could have taken place. We also have yet to hear anybody in elected political leadership declare their intent to go after any and all culprits directly and indirectly involved in that matter. Instead, too many of our elected leadership are the ones who seem to be isolated and cowering helplessly in a corner. And they are also (like my beautiful late mother used to say) "Running around like a chicken with its head cut off."

Moreover, along with so many other citizens who, no doubt, have also pondered the deafening silence coming from the White House, Attorney General Eric Holder, the Defense Department, the Joint Congress, and various news entities, I have wondered about just why that silence should remain for so long without any valid response(s) to solve this serious problem. Yet, they are acting as though they have no place to start their inquiry.

I visited The White House website to find out what kinds of Executive Orders the President might be signing that are not being reported throughout the nation by the main stream media. For the most part, it appears to me that Americans are not being given crucial information by the media to inform people about what could possibly help them to understand why our national constitutional Republic is deliberately being weakened and prepared for absolute destruction under the leadership of Barack Obama. In fact, despite substantial documentation to prove it, the news media and pundits are quick to reject such assertions and to deny the veracity while denigrating the "lowly blogging community," which uncovers hidden facts to go alongside the truth. [I have documentation to substantiate my allegations about the Obama Administration]

Although citizens do not need to know everything that goes into making every executive decision, we do need to know the truth, especially when we make inquiries. Instead, we are faced with a government that belittles and pulls us down by their Alinskyite tactics from Obama's community organizer days and by their ongoing abuse of authority. Years ago, Obama and many of his documented long-time personal "partnerships" helped to design a devious socialist plan against the American people to strip them of all their "God-given unalienable rights" in order for those perpetrators (aka Traitors) to "fundamentally change" America through psychological warfare and propaganda unlike any we who are natural born citizens had ever known before Obama appeared on the national political scene. Why so? Because he is actually the one who slipped through the cracks of the White House doors as the real life Spook Who Sat By the Door, as written by author Sam Greenlee decades ago during the "Black Power" days. [I still have an autographed copy of his book in my library]

Americans Need Truthful Answers and Viable Solutions From Trustworthy Leadership

Except for some devious ongoing plans by the Obama Administration, there is no reason for them to allow WikiLeaks to go on without stern warning and swift follow up to squelch what this administration would have us to believe is an act of treason and war against America by Julian Assange, Founder of that online website.

Among so many other unanswered questions, Americans need to know the following,
  • Why can't this administration determine who in government or elsewhere originally allowed those designated "Secret" documents to be leaked to, and further disseminated by, WikiLeaks?
  • What does Julian Assange know about Obama that we don't?
  • When will the United States Congress stop being weak and begin to carry out their constitutional duties of conducting legislative oversight with teeth and acting to ensure constructive balance of power?
  • When will our local, state, and national elected leaders remember they are there to serve all the citizens of the USA?

Below is a copy of an Executive Order President Barack Obama signed on December 29, 2009. I discovered it posted for public viewing on THE WHITE HOUSE WEBSITE along with many of their other documents. I would have just placed a White House link to this document; but, who knows, the White House might decide to take it down. So, the order is quoted here in toto and without further comment from me about it (at this time).

/s/ [Editor, Voice Ink News Commentary, December 7, 2010]

Reprint Follows

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 29, 2009
Executive Order - Original Classification Authority
Pursuant to the provisions of section 1.3 of the Executive Order issued today, entitled "Classified National Security Information" (Executive Order), I hereby designate the following officials to classify information originally as "Top Secret" or "Secret":


Executive Office of the President:

The Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff

The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (National Security Advisor)

The Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

The Director of National Drug Control Policy

The Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy

The Chair or Co-Chairs, President's Intelligence Advisory Board

Departments and Agencies:

The Secretary of State

The Secretary of the Treasury

The Secretary of Defense

The Attorney General

The Secretary of Energy

The Secretary of Homeland Security

The Director of National Intelligence

The Secretary of the Army

The Secretary of the Navy

The Secretary of the Air Force

The Chairman, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

The Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The Director, Information Security Oversight Office


Executive Office of the President:

The United States Trade Representative

Departments and Agencies:

The Secretary of Agriculture

The Secretary of Commerce

The Secretary of Health and Human Services

The Secretary of Transportation

The Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development

The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Any delegation of this authority shall be in accordance with section 1.3(c) of the Executive Order, except that the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency may not delegate the authority granted in this order. If an agency head without original classification authority under this order, or otherwise delegated in accordance with section 1.3(c) of the Executive Order, has an exceptional need to classify information originated by their agency, the matter shall be referred to the agency head with appropriate subject matter interest and classification authority in accordance with section 1.3(e) of the Executive Order. If the agency with appropriate subject
matter interest and classification authority cannot readily be determined, the matter shall be referred to the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office.

Presidential designations ordered prior to the issuance of the Executive Order are revoked as of the date of this order. However, delegations of authority to classify information originally that were made in accordance with the provisions of section 1.4 of Executive Order 12958 of April 17, 1995, as amended, by officials designated under this order shall continue in effect, provided that the authority of such officials is delegable under this order.

This order shall be published in the Federal Register.


December 29, 2009.

# # #
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GOP Rep. Buyer Blasts Acting Dem Speaker:"This is why the People have Thrown You Out"

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Barack Obama Election 2010 - Beyond Heavenly Windows Is The God of Heaven

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


On Saturday, October 23, 2010, had I not been finally obedient to write "The Barricades of Barack Hussein Obama Shall Fall," as the Lord said, then there would be no confirmation. For, during the November 2, 2010, general election, the DEMS along with Obama did fall in esteem, position, and soon to be shown -- in power, as prophesied. Nevertheless, this nation as a whole still refuses to acknowledge the reality that the true and living God of all has answered the prayers of the faithful as no human could ever do. Nevertheless, we watch as the politicos and citizens continue to do battle among themselves all across America much to the detriment of this nation which remains blessed by God to be a blessing to the world.

Election 2012 Presidential Campaign Awaits

The United States Constitution is not destroyed. Our Republic is strong and shall remain so. The election is over for 2010, and the entire world is now speculating already about the upcoming Presidential election for 2012. There are no clear contenders and that, also, includes Barack Hussein Obama. The word of the Lord has spoken and Obama has already seen the fall of his man-made brigade he established to enable him to keep his keys to the White House and to "the football" waiting to be held in his hot little hands.

But not so fast!

If anything, the people of America spoke loud and clear in the utter repudiation and rejection of Obama's all out attempt to destroy our constitutional foundation of representative governance. There is no way for him to get his way when this nation has been put on alert about his deceptive and sinister agenda to try to reform America into a socialist, communist, Islamist, atheist, decrepit cesspool with him as the dictator-in-chief. Nonetheless, whatever anybody may think or say about it, the God of America is truly real. And God has stood the ground we walk upon in good stead all the way from out of the Pearly Gates.

Mankind in every corner of the world must understand that no matter how many nations and people may come up against America from just as many sides of the universe, we have a firm foundation which our forefathers saw fit to lay upon the Chief Cornerstone whose name is Jesus. And, although that name may be viewed across the entire world as the most hated and most rejected name forever, so, too, is it the name of all mankind's salvation who believe and receive Him as Savior, Lord, and soon-coming King.

There remain men and women who still consider that the American Judeo-Christian faith is in the same category of every other faith; but, in the end, they shall see and be afraid. The power of almighty God was lost on their frail minds demonstrated by their refusal to take heed even now.

Barack Hussein Obama And All The Fools On The Hill And Across The World

"The fool has said in his heart [and out of his mouth] there is no God." (Read entire Psalm Chapter 14 KJV)

We have found that every day under the Obama Administration is not the same. It gets worse with each passing day and, except for the miraculous changes which occurred during the 2010 general election, it would've gotten much worse. When are the members of the United States Congress and the United States Senate going to hold Obama accountable for leading the degradation that is being heard around the world?

It isn't enough that Obama has shown no regard for America's welfare. He has no regard for either the United States Constitution or any other institution authorized and supported by it. There is no excuse for Obama to continue to blame former President George W. Bush for the economic woes of today during his administration. It appears the worse Obama gets, the better his clones love him. Such is the way of their death-dealing destruction meted out against the American traditions and values. But they shall continue to fail in the attempt.

As well, I supported the original citizen teaparty movement to hold Congress accountable. However, now I also pray that "the Teaparty" does not turn into a spectacle of fools. We also must not allow them to take over the Republican Party in the same way the progressive-socialist-communists-Islamists eased their wicked way into the Democrat Party over time. Don't forget the teaparty is comprised of libertarians, democrats, socialists, and all who may have slipped in under the name of Independents. Most of those groups seem not to have understood they are not a legitimate political party with constitutional grounds to have run for office except on the backs of the legitimate Democrat and Republican political parties. And, unless those who were elected to serve in their positions realize that only the elected are authorized to represent Americans, then we will be in a far worse position as a nation than we were under Obama.

Republicans Beware The Thunderous Noises Which Will Not Help But Hurt Our Nation

It bothers me greatly that some teaparty (movement) members and their outside leaders have failed to understand that they are not the Republican leadership. No person who constantly speaks against the good and decent order of governance before they've had a chance to find out how it, in fact, works on that higher level, is going to endear themselves to the nation. However, I believe once they do get settled in, they will know the rules and professional ethics of operation and do better. Recall how a brand new United States freshman Democrat Congressman would not shake President George W. Bush's (REPUB) hand during a gathering a few years back. That Congressman even came away and publicly bragged about it. But not too long afterwards, we no longer heard that much from him or about him. In fact, who knows the person I am referring to? Can you recall his name, because he is still in Congress. But he's more compliant and, I suppose, more helpful to the overall political process.

Mankind has been at the forefront since Adam and Eve but even they made no planet for them to live out their days - nor could they. Mankind has a way of fooling even themselves so they put away any pretense of belief in God until it appears to be of benefit to them. That is one reason why the atheists, human secularists, progressives, reformists, socialists, communists, and the like have once again begun to come out of their dark closets to erroneously advocate such a useless life for the world to live out apart from God. And look at how many people continue to follow their wayward existence, because they are leading all who follow them to the pits of eternal Hellfire and damnation. They will not hear because they cannot hear lest they should turn and be saved. And they want to take as many down with them that they can. But we who know that Satan the devil is also real and has his children (followers) are not deceived. Satan has some power but God's got all the power and the devil is already destined for Hell.

The 2010 campaign we just came through all over this nation was merely a sample of what God will do for all who love Him and obey His will, word, and way. God answers the prayers of them that love Him. If that were not so, then tell me how it is that so many political seats were lost in the United States Congress and Senate during that campaign by the democrat progressives to overtake God's people and, yet, they could not. Instead, the Obama DEMS became -- more than ever -- they became the losers and they shall remain behind the new majority in the coming year. That, too, shall be seen to be true!

Over time, at the insistence of our government, citizens have had to throw out rotten eggs, rotten apples, rotten potatoes, rotten pet foods and meats and now you tell me our United States Constitution won't let us throw out rotten officials? Rotten Presidents are not exempted from getting thrown out, and that includes Barack Hussein Obama.

Another Godly Prophetic Warning To All Who Refuse to Take Heed

Prayerfully, all those who profess to be Christians and all those who profess to know that God is real and that He still speaks, will discern and understand the importance of the prophetic word of God from on high, as follows:

  • Walk and run, if you dare, but God's hand shall catch you in the stride and cause you to run no more.

  • Walk and run, if you dare, but the Lord God whose voice has been ignored too long shall speak but once more in the hearing of all mankind and tell me what would they do when they find out it is possible for all on earth to have the same mind at the same time?

  • Global is not just a name for nothing. However, when man finds out the true meaning, then shall they fear and turn, repent, and know how truly real God is.

  • Walk and run and then shall the Lord thy God be in the midst of the gait and walk you to the Gates of Hell who refuse.
What will it take for all mankind to finally know that they do themselves and so many others harm who look to them for answers when they also live as if they breathe on their own say so? But, not so! And, despite the many terrors we experience on earth which are beyond mankind's control to stop them, humans go on as if they are amnesiacs. I am certain many must have promised God they would change, if He would only stop the terrors coming against them. And, when God did quiet the storms of life, man wouldn't keep his word to God to change his way of living. And, as far as that goes, they still do not understand that they are not God nor can they ever be God.

One day they shall get it. But for too many of them that day will come too late. Here is just one example and I have numerous other examples of confirmation to share which are written in my journals from over many decades.

It is time for me to speak plain to all those who do not know of my personal faith walk and who fail to discern my spirit and Godly messages and to let them know I have already passed through so many of the trials where they are just coming to. My continuing purpose is to obey God to Preach the living Lord Jesus and to admonish Christians and people of good will to allow the true and living God Himself to lead them deeper and higher in His truth so that they will begin to fully understand and hold to faith in God and not in man.

Consequently, my purpose as a God-called Preacher is never to try to force anybody's will to conform to my own -- nor could I ever do so. My will is lost in God's alone. What's more, it goes without saying that each and every individual is totally responsible for making their own decisions about how they will live (or not) to glorify God. Mine is simply to tell it like God told it. Then comes your choice and your consequences.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama And Democratic Socialist Partners Have Taken Over America

Rev. Lainie Dowell

WARNING by Voice Ink News Commentary Founder-Editor.

What follows is a reprint of a public copy of a memo I came across, which was apparently authorized by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and written by Joseph M. Schwartz, an author and member of that organization. Documents show he has known Obama many years as a Progressive. Schwartz wrote personal detailed instructions to help Barack Hussein Obama to advance the DSA agenda to deliberately deceive the American people, utterly destroy capitalism (which they hate for everybody but themselves), and to build inroads to redistribute the wealth and otherwise drive Socialism into the American life and the United States Constitution all the way out of America, period. With the help of so many Socialists-Progressives masquerading in Congress and throughout America as a credible member of the Democrat Party, they hijacked that political affiliation for seditious purposes. The article, below, represents one of many instances available and demonstrates why patriotic Americans must finally understand the dangers we face as a nation as long as Barack and Michelle Obama and their progressive-socialist partners in Congress and in the Judicial and Executive Branches remain in control of the White House but without regard for our Constitutional form of representative government.

Get out your smelling salts, because if you really care about how Obama is destroying America, then your heart will surely be hard pressed to withstand this ongoing deception which is allowed to continue instead of Congress taking steps to impeach Obama NOW, as the traitor he is. Instead, we have heard our politicians say that "Elections have consequences." What they fail to recognize is that, so, too, does violating the United States Constitution. And Barack Obama is not exempt from blatantly betraying the American people and lying to our faces about what he has done to gain political power to overthrow America (even though he knows we have the documentation as evidence to the contrary of his denials)!

Below is the copy of an article which appeared in Tikkun and on the DSA website. The article was written by Joseph M. Schwartz, dated December 31, 2008, after Barack Obama's November 2008 election as President-elect of the United States. Notice how closely the instructions in the memo mirror how Obama has run this nation into the ground during the past two years he has been in office, as they had planned to do all along. -Rev. Lainie Dowell


How A President Creates Change
By Joseph M. Schwartz*

The impressive depth and breadth of your electoral victory, combined with Democratic gains in both the House and the Senate, provides the possibility of reversing three decades of growing inequality that is the primary cause of an impending depression. To put it simply, the world now produces more than it can consume; we now are paying the price for using excessive debt to make up for the declining purchasing power of the global working class. But to do avoid a global depression you will have to act boldly and quickly. As a constitutional law scholar, you realize that the system of checks and balances and separation of powers established by our founders consciously aimed to forestall rapid change. Thus, almost all the reforms we identify with the twentieth-century Democratic Party—Social Security, the National Labor Relations Act, the Civil Rights Acts, and Medicare—occurred in the periods 1935-1938 and 1964-1966, the only times when the Democrats controlled the presidency and had strong majorities in both chambers of Congress.

If upon taking office you lead with boldness, your administration could pass major legislation in regard to universal health care, massive investment in green technology, and labor law reform that would transform United States social relations for generations to come. But as a former community organizer you know that such reforms did not come from the top down; they arose because moderate elites made concessions to the movements of the unemployed and the CIO in the 1930s and to the Civil Rights, anti-war, women’s, and welfare rights movements of the 1960s. While your office cannot conjure up mass social movements, you can call your supporters to ongoing grassroots activism.

Even before taking office, you confront the most serious breakdown in the global economy since the Great Depression. Hopefully well before you assume the presidency, you and your Treasury Secretary nominee will push the lame-duck Congress to pass a massive stimulus package of at least $700 billion. Remind the American public that Ronald Reagan ran deficits equal to 7 percent of the GDP in 1981 and 1982 (or the equivalent of $680 billion today), in the face of a much less severe recession. In addition, press Congress to implement a major anti-foreclosure program (similar to FDR’s Home Loan Corporation), as the income stream from homeowner payments on refinanced, affordable mortgages should significantly increase the value of the “toxic assets” of “securitized mortgages.”

The stimulus package should include major government funding of job training in the inner cities (in green technologies, for example) and of opportunities for both GIs and displaced workers to return to university as full-time students (and for women on TANF to fulfill their “workfare” requirements through secondary and higher education pursuits). While affluent suburbs provide their residents superb public education and public services, federal cutbacks in aid to states and municipalities has worsened the life opportunities of inner city residents. Your election as the first African American president is of inestimable symbolic import; but its promise will be soured if your administration does nothing to redress inner city poverty and the massive rise in the incarceration of young youth of color. Only federal funding of pre-K education and of after-school programs for vulnerable youth can begin to redress rampant educational inequalities.

We are in the midst of a global “liquidity crisis” in which banks will not lend capital out of fear that borrowers will not be able to pay them back. The mainstream media has not yet to comprehend that this crisis has everything to do with the massive growth in inequality of the past three decades. The policies of deregulation, privatization, and de-unionization (supported by both Democratic and Republican administration) led working and middle-class Americans to try to maintain their living standards by taking on massive consumer debt and borrowing against their home equity. Once the housing bubble collapsed, so did the purchasing power of American households. For three decades corporate America told our workforce that to be competitive they must compete with workers from Brazil to China. But as any Keynesian economist could have told the American public, eventually lower wages must lead to lower living standards.

The inefficient and inequitable United States health care system cries out for replacement by a universal and cost-efficient alternative. If private insurance administrative and advertising costs of 25 percent on the health care dollar could be reduced to Medicaid and Medicare’s 3 percent administrative overhead, we could achieve both universal and affordable coverage. While the power of the insurance lobby may preclude your backing a national single-payer bill, you must back progressive Democratic amendments for opt-out provisions from your “pay or play” system of private insurance. Such opt-outs would allow states to create their own single-payer systems, and allow Medicare or the federal employees health plan to market to employers as a lower-cost alternative to private group plans.

But how to pay for all this? You should attempt to reverse not only the Bush tax cuts, but also the Reagan-era cuts in marginal rates on high-income earners (approximately $300 billion in revenues, each). In addition, abolishing the 15 percent tax rate on hedge fund and private equity managers’ earnings could garner another $100 billion in annual revenues. Ending the war in Iraq should save $100 billion per annum; a one-third cutback in United States military bases abroad and an end to Cold War era plans to build a next generation of fighters and an anti-ballistic missile defense could save $216 billion in federal revenue per year.

The military budget is hideously oversized for a nation that claims armaments are necessary for defense, and not defense of empire. One fights terrorism by intelligence and espionage cooperation among states and via a multilateral diplomatic strategy that provides hope for the billions who still live under authoritarian governments and in extreme poverty. Your call to send more United States troops to Afghanistan ignores the lessons of the Soviet experience. Foreign military presence only transforms the forces of Islamic fundamentalism into national resistance fighters.

When the Ponzi scheme of “securitized mortgages” collapsed with the end of the irrational run-up in housing prices, the federal government had to bail out Bear Stearns, then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and then AIG. American capitalism has privatized gain, but socialized risk. Yet if risk is to be socialized, then so should investments. Your administration should not only demand equity shares in the banks and corporations that are bailed out by the public treasury, but should also require that consumer, worker, and government representatives be added to the board of directors of corporations receiving government aid. And you must stick to your goal of re-regulating the finance industry so that it serves the interest of the productive economy and not those of unrestrained speculators.

A “new New Deal” would have to restructure international economic institutions so that they raise up international labor, living, human rights, and environmental standards. In large part you owe your victory in the key battleground states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania to the efforts of one of the few integrated institutions in the United States—the American labor movement. Restoring the right to organize unions (which de facto no longer exists in the United States) is a key policy component in the battle against economic inequality. Given the already massive corporate and media offensive already launched against the Employee Free Choice Act, you will have to place the entire prestige of your office behind the legislation. You must explain to the American public that NLRB elections are not "free"-not when management requires workers to attend anti-union meetings and when management fires pro-union workers with impunity.

Your victory by no means guarantees the bold policy initiatives necessary to restoring equity with growth to the United States economy. Your campaign did not advocate major defense cuts, progressive tax reform, and significant expansion of public provision. But FDR did not campaign on bold solutions in 1932. It was pressure from below that forced FDR’s hand. Similarly your victory may provide space for social movements to agitate in favor of economic justice and a democratic foreign policy. But as a president who understands the process of social change, I trust that you will understand that those demanding the most from your administration are those who can best help you succeed in office.
*Joseph M. Schwartz teaches politics at Temple University and is the author, most recently, of The Future of Democratic Equality. He is a national vice-chair of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Barricades of Barack Hussein Obama Shall Fall!

Graphic source: Soda Head

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

AMERICA, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! What's more, Americans know it! I do not agree with what happened to the following men, but it doesn't take an outcast, outraged Lou Dobbs, Rick Sanchez, or Juan Williams to spread the word after they had, themselves, unexpectedly experienced the same cowardly wrath heaped upon them by their own once favored politicos. And, contrary to the latest spin of their fellow pundits, they were not the ones who woke up the American public to the ongoing and outrageous dangers of the Obama Administration. In fact, for a very long time, they brusquely defended Obama and his hard nosed policies. We watched as they ignored the cries of the average
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Disenfranchised in the Free State By Voter Freeze Out, the Ultimate Insult!

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By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Our country is going to Hell in a hand basket. Every part of the lives of citizens has been severely impacted. Is there any wonder so many people are expressing how fed up they are with the ongoing degradation of societal morals, mores, traditions, and values pushing them closer to the brink?

Past, and now, current policies and regs continue to be imposed on us by elected, unelected, and unvetted power-hungry men and women crammed into the inner circles of this government's crumbling infrastructure. They are helping to complete the long-term, unAmerican agenda of Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle and their many partnerships, designed to utterly destroy our constitution and nation. Moreover, this present administration had been instrumental in leading the down hill spiral even before Obama's name became known nationally in 2004, when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Indeed, he's still playing his blame and shame game and it does not seem to matter to him that the evidence from his own mouth and actions refute his allegations.

Despite its seriousness the hard won right to vote which is the mechanism used to ensure the freedoms "We the people" have enjoyed for decades, has become the underground joke of the day. Each election season has brought a whole host of ravishers who delight to game the system in order to achieve an unfair political advantage even when it is not merited. What's more, too many years have gone by without there being a resolution or redress to this pernicious problem.


During the September 14, 2010, Primary Election held in Maryland, aka "The Free State," I got a heavy dose of what I call "the voter freeze out," which has been experienced by people all across this land and beamed on TV throughout the nation, as showing people in confusion and disarray when, in fact, the actual problem emanated from among the polling place workers where they showed up to cast their vote. As a result of my experience, I conducted a mere two-hour online search and found there are viable answers available to resolve many of these questionable actions that are sure to take place at the various polls rather than making voters wait and to possibly create the stuff that lawsuits are made of.

I had eagerly awaited the 2010 primary election date. When I arrived at the polling place, I immediately handed the registration verifier my drivers license. I also had my sample ballot in my hands. The man took my license and proceeded to punch the screen in front of him. While I waited, he took about five minutes doing I don't know what. Finally (with my license still in his hand), he asked my address and I told him. He asked my date of birth and I told him. But, I was puzzled, because that information was on my license in his hand. Finally, he asked my political affiliation and I told him. Lastly, he printed out a slip of paper and told me to "sign here." I did, and he gave me a card ballot and pointed me in the direction of another person to go cast my ballot.

The woman met me halfway, took my slip of paper, had me keep the card ballot and pointed me to the voter machine, number ZERO. Oddly enough, I felt like a ZERO as I approached that machine to cast (what I thought was) my ballot, which I placed in the machine. Unfortunately, although I then noticed the first page on the screen did not say the same as my sample ballot, I assumed it would continue onto the next screen so I checked off the names and hit "continue." Instead of seeing the rest of my ballot, the machine displayed a political affiliation that was not mine and showed my vote had been cast. I knew something was wrong and I immediately alerted the woman poll worker and the man at the registration table, also. And I was escorted over to the poll judge's table, where I explained the problem.

During that exchange I learned that the man I had given my license to had mistakenly printed out my mother-in-law's ballot and given it to me and that was what I had signed without first examining it. After my father-in-law died almost 10 years ago, we moved my mother-in-law to live together in the same house. My mother-in-law does not have the same political affiliation as I (nor the political proclivity as I), and she had not planned to vote in that Primary at all. But the more I pointed out the error and tried to get this issue corrected, the more the poll workers told me I had already voted, that the machine had registered my vote, and that they couldn't get it out of the machine or discard it. Instead, they told me I shouldn't have cast the vote since it wasn't my ballot card. That time turned out to not be a pleasant episode at the polls.

I told the poll workers they had to correct the matter, because it was not my ballot or my vote and the count would not be right for the polling place. Then (while still at the polls), I spoke via phone to the local election board, the state election board, and to the poll judge. They all acknowledged the mistake had been made by the poll worker and that they had specifically warned them against the possibility of such an occurrence during the previous night's training session of poll workers. They all insisted I could not get my ballot and that I would have to now cast my vote via a paper ballot -- a provisional ballot. I rejected that response at every turn. I told them my ballot was still in the registration files, uncast, and all they had to do was to give me my ballot so I could vote.

After about an hour at the polls without benefit, I made certain they had all indicated in their reports that I had strongly objected to not being able to have my ballot since the error was not mine and I had done all I was supposed to do. I told them, further, that I felt disenfranchised, and would not vote in the Primary. I told them I did not want to vote a provisional ballot, because if a more viable answer came later, then they would not be able to accuse me of incorrectly following an incorrect procedure that I had called wrong as they had accused me of (unknowingly) casting that wrong ballot handed to me by the poll worker. I went home and went online and, in less than two hours, I discovered evidence that I had been right about my not voting with a paper (provisional) ballot and the poll workers and officials had given me incorrect information. They were not helpful at all. And I was without a voice in the election.

My not being able to vote in the Maryland Primary because of unchecked poll worker error is not pretty. It is not funny. It is not the American way. So, why haven't our constitutionally elected House of Representatives and the Senate (as the Legislative Branch), fought harder to ensure that the rule of law is not finagled with to suit anybody's personal tastes and ideologies but remains true to the intent and content of the United States Constitution? After all, Article I of the Constitution places that branch of government before the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch.

Who Are Watching People Who Are Supposed to Watch Out For Us?

As I was working to resolve the poll situation about my ballot, a woman came in and told the poll judge she was an "evaluator," and she had a clipboard. The poll judge told her she had to wait. I asked if she was an evaluator and she said she was. Then when I said I wanted to speak with her, the poll judge and his (apparently) assistant, nixed that idea quick and wouldn't let me speak with her! I don't know her name or where she came from or where she went after she left my polling place.

How many times have we heard that our elected leaders and others act as if they are above the law? Our country has been turned upside down, and so many people have fallen through the cracks. Or should that be, by crack?, because somebody must be smoking something that's not a name brand. And, what about the citizens held captive in their falling down, blighted neighborhoods where elected leaders have literally stolen our taxpayer money they received to be expended toward shoring up their communities? Instead, cronyism and nepotism have led to nationwide corruption of monumental proportions from the top down while our local, state, and national leaders have closed themselves away from the dreaded sights that they have created. Yet, they remain in office? Based on what?! Voter Apathy? Complacency? Ignorance? No! It is state-operated disenfranchisement, and to whom do we complain?

I'm also not that thrilled about how the Howard County GOP office responded, when I called to report what had happened at the poll in my district and precinct. It sounded as if the woman who answered the phone was consulting an attorney while I was on the other end of the line. They, also, had insisted my only recourse was to fill out a paper (provisional) ballot. And when I said I would not vote in the Primary, it didn't help to have the impression of an attitude coming through the telephone which may as well have been, "So what! After all, what's one vote?!" Well, with my online research I also discovered that one source reports that "over one million votes have been lost due to poll worker error." I am suspect of that study and the recommendations to specifically get young college students to volunteer to be poll workers. The language (to me) mirrors what we know of the Obama ACORN poll watcher trainees and that is not going to help lift declining confidence in how government is conducting their business (or not) these days.

Instead of their introducing so many "creative" ways for people to vote, this nation had better get the voter process straightened out first. We have people coming out of the woodwork who have identified so many flaws in the system that can aid them to squeak through with their agendas to overturn this nation. How do you suppose Obama was able to lead the way and show them how to get over with his Saul Alinsky methodology? Americans had better pay attention and call government employees to accountability. There must be no more free rides for any of them to remain comfortably in their seats of responsibility without carrying out their responsibilities in a responsible way. We need to continue to hold them accountable, ask questions, expect viable answers, and live free from fear of our government and forces from without and within.

In Howard County, Maryland, we pay too much money to live here and we get too little to no services or support from our local and state government. And as for our United States congresspersons and Senators, too, you can forget about it unless you know prominent Clergy or business people who can help those officials and cover for them. It's time to draw all of their do-nothing days and do-nothing ways to a close! We are losing respect for them faster with each passing day and we are demonstrating that we are getting tired of trying to protect their persona by keeping (relatively) quiet about their lack of paying attention to their constituent needs on the domestic side. So, before they take up Obama's global, one-world lifestyle, they need to look inward and turn back to promoting what has made America great! God. Family. Country. Patriotism.

What's more, there are too many reporters hiding throughout the monopolistic news media who refuse to even answer their phone calls unless they can be assured the callers will show the kinds of dregs of society which will draw high ratings and readership or viewership for their bureaus. Then they will milk the matter dry before they drop the callers from off their radar screen and leave them cold and without any resolution to their problem. They need to use every resource available to them on their job to investigate toward cleaning up the outrageous lack of accountability of "the government of the people, by the people, and for the people."

Special thanks to K. Woodhouse, reporter. Read the account in the Columbia Flier, (9/14/10). She reported what happened to me at the polls during the September 14, 2010, Primary. The Article is entitled, "Election Update: Mother-in-law Issues at Ballot Box"
Direct url: www.explorehoward.com/news/74810/mother-in-law-issues-ballot-box/

Provisional Ballot Policy Links Which Can Help Other Voters

Election Assistance Commission, U.S., -- Provisional Voting

Howard County Board of Election (MD)
Election Protection Election 101 -- Provisional Balloting (see No. 12)

Maryland Atty General Website Election Info -- Provisional Voting (MD)

Maryland State Board of Elections - Minutes, April 29, 2010.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

America Mourns - Prophetic 911 Tribute

Reprinted September 11, 2010

Written By Rev. Lainie Dowell

I wrote this reprinted prophetic message as it was revealed to me on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. And I remain restless and still. Even so, Americans Bless Our God.

Thus saith the Lord.
As revealed by the Hand of the Lord to be a blessing to waiting hearts.

The fabric of America is strong. Faith is her best suit. Family values is her cloak. Chastity is her undergarment. Righteousness is her finest dress. Earth contains her bedrock, but she rests in the bosom of Abraham. Peace is her shadow that follows and covers her back. Strength is embedded in her feet.
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America Mourns With Dignity 911 Tribute

Rev. Lainie Dowell

~ YES AND . . .

Note: I wrote this reprinted article and originally posted it on my former Firebrands Christian ClergyWomen Support Network/Resources site on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. I later learned that a female church parishioner I had recently talked with was on the flight that hit the Pentagon. She was a beautiful spirit-filled teacher travelling with a couple of her young students on the way to receive rewards. My experience on that day is shared below (on this site), because the Geo-Yahoo servers have now shut down and I have not yet reconstructed my sites online elsewhere. Look for them soon! Join us there. God bless you. God bless America. God bless Americans. Thank you for sharing again in 2010, as we remember.

October 11, 2000 And The Bombing of The U.S.S. Cole

September 11, 2001 ~ Terrorists Attacked By Air

The World Trade Center - The U.S. Pentagon - A Field in Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obama And Islam Unite In Damnable Partnerships To Trash America

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

[Updated Thursday, September 16, 2010, 3: P.M. EST]

LATEST NEWS: MSNBC reported " Pastor Terry Jones says he will not burn Quran." Last week Jones said Imam Musri of Florida Mosque "lied" to him that they'd attend a meeting with Imam in New York.


Now ~ Anybody who dares to use unconstitutional means to create so-called rights for special interest groups, does a grave disservice to the nation. Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York) have shamefully spoken out publicly to defend the "right" of Muslims to build their Mosque at Ground Zero in New York. At the same time, we are well aware of the many corrupt and unconstitutional political manipulations to systematically relieve American citizens of our own legitimate rights, while those men cradle our taxpayer dollars to their bosoms and work to subjugate us in America rather than to adhere to the oaths they took to defend us and for Obama to preserve our Constitution and not to unilaterally and arbitrarily allow it to be changed, as he sees fit!

September 11, 2001 Is Remembered In 2010, While Terrorists Have Openly Attacked Our Shores Once More And Wreak Havoc Throughout the Nation

Imam Abdul Rauf's ongoing agenda to grind America's face in the dirt and under his feet is personal and political with him and his wife and their many "partnerships." Rauf's true purpose, as with Barack Hussein Obama's, has nothing to do with first amendment rights to worship where, when, and how they choose to do so in America. Muslims reportedly have established more than 2,000 Mosques across America. Inside of those Mosques, Muslims are deemed to be safely hidden away from governmental review, which leaves them free to operate politically under the guise of being a non-profit, tax-exempt religious organization. The Islamic Holy Land Foundation operated in the same way in America until this government finally shut them down and arrested the Muslims who were fundraising to finance the terrorist group, Hamas.

Imam Abdul Rauf cannot speak against himself, which is to say, it is an established fact that he is an integral part of the Muslim Brotherhood established in Egypt to ensure that their Shariah Law would be the only law adhered to all over this world. Rauf was born in Egypt where he also worked to help tear down that national political foundation by establishing Mosques and filling them up by the use of propagandist rhetoric and recruitment. The Brotherhood openly and forcefully denigrated the Egyptian culture and reformed it in such a way that the people there would have to look to the Muslim Brotherhood and their many "partnerships" for all of their daily sustenance rather than to live under the orderly process originally incorporated in their own constitutional government.

Since long before 1998, Imam Abdul Rauf has moved to create a Muslim state within the United States and to ultimately overrun America with Muslims and finally force Shariah Law to replace our constitutionally established capitalist free market system. It has been well documented how they have destroyed the Egyptian government by working on the youth, and through the universities. Moreover, they are continuing to work on the large professional associations to get their memberships to commit totally to the Muslim Brotherhood to finally capture what, for them, remains their greatest pearl in all the world; namely, AMERICA! [Source: "Political Islam: Essays from Middle East Report" Edited by Joel Beinin and Joe Stork (c) 1997 by the Middle East Research and Information Project, Washington, DC. - paraphrased portions]

Muslim leaderships have torn apart their own Middle Eastern nations and, also, the European and Asiatic nations by gaining political power in the name of Allah and religion. They imitate the Judeo-Christian faith to appear to be compatible with our beliefs in order to ease into America's good graces and lull the gullible into a stupor. Through fomenting division and infighting among the people and also by allowing radicals to tear political and religious foundational truths apart, they know they can generate enough support from among the electorate to win political offices and adversely affect our policies. And now they claim to be seeking shelter in America while they continue scheming to take over in America. They are here only because of our God's love and His mercy through our faith and benevolence. And, like snakes, they have turned on us while Obama, Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, news commentator-reporters, members of our Congress and Senate, and even many of the American people act oblivious to their deliberate intent.

Muslims and their supporters have no more right to scheme and connive against the American Constitution and our rule of law in order for them to build their Mosque anywhere in this nation without accountability any more than homosexuals have a right to "marry" another person of the same sex as their own. Where there is no such right available to them for their purpose by taking legal means, manipulating our legislative process to write and enforce such laws to circumvent our historical, societal and cultural traditions is unlawful and, therefore, illegitimate and criminal. And furthermore, it could be neither moral nor spiritual.

I reject the false assertions put forth by Mosque advocates and maintain that no such right exists any more than it would for the Black Muslims to have such a right bestowed upon them to be able to pump their fists in the air and shout "Black Power!" in the face of voters to intimidate them as they approached their polling places during elections. That would be a criminal act.

In other words, Muslims have no more right to build their Mosque at or any where near Ground Zero against the express wishes of American citizens and families who were victimized on September 11, 2001. All who actually witnessed the radical Islamic terrorists destroy so many lives on that bright, blue sunny morning over the skies of new York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia (outside of D.C.) are counted among the victimized. No longer must American citizens be silent and allow people to use their Trojan horse excuses such as sexual deviancy, diversity, perversion, civil rights and human rights to aid them in seeking rights for themselves made out of wrongs! Their sole intent is to cloud our constitutional foundation of moral, ethical, and legal clarity and our overall national sanity so they can let politicos and schemers blatantly abuse their authority, with impunity and without credibility, to legalize their illegal behavior. Any such action would be unconstitutional.

The American news media needs to stop defending Obama in his propaganda mode and begin to honestly and earnestly investigate him to open up his not so secret closets. And, by the way, now Minister Louis Farrakhan (Chicago, IL) has just popped out and appeared at the Washington, D.C. National Press Club where he vehemently threatened America's sovereignty and the Republic. What more do people need to know about Obama and his many "partnerships" for them to start protecting our freedoms?

But for the November 4, 2008, election of Barack Hussein Obama, America would never have been in such a domestic battle for her sovereignty as a Constitutional Republic with a representative government. Obama's unAmerican tactics have been uncovered in so many ways from before his 2008 campaign, during his January 20, 2009 Inauguration, and since his very brief but much destructive time spent in the White House Oval Office where he is spending the people's hard-earned taxpayer dollars so he can live high on the HOG. Unenlightened people entrusted Barack Obama with a Godly charge and, instead, he has loosed the hell hounds against us. Who among us believe we aren't supposed to say anything to acknowledge that is now the case?

Barack Obama has to be impeached. As well, his co-conspirators have conspired with him to cover up his activities and obstruct the law. They are traitors who must be arrested, jailed, and/or deported. Our Congress and the members of the Clergy have to also make up their minds to either understand and support what is right and Godly or what is evil and ungodly, and to either obey their oaths of office and their covenants made with the American people or else resign their positions.

Obama assured the American people during his 2008 election campaign that he knew what it was like to be poor and that, if elected, he would take care of the poor and middle-class. Now that he is operating in the millionaire category because of his current Office, he and his wife, Michelle, arrogantly act as though everybody else can just live with relatives and eat out of trash cans for all they care. That is, unless citizens refuse to capitulate or allow any of them to have their way with them and their families.

Our enemies won't be satisfied until there's,

No more capitalist nation. No more Judeo-Christian nation. No more rule of law. No more defenders of the faith. No more economical freedoms for all Americans. No more free speech. No more religious freedoms. No more control over what happens to our children in their classrooms and in their own homes. No more elections free of corruption and uncertainty. No more sanity in America for citizens to stand up and defend this country. No more Congressional bodies. No more America!

As President George W. Bush used to say, "Bring it on!"

Muslim Mosques are taking up every piece of ground that our elected leaders are handing them and isn't it something that none of them (including Obama) ever came from out of hiding to confront former President George W. Bush when he was in office? They might have been around either glad handing and cozying up to him or sniping at him from behind their desks, but never to his face. I believe all of them knew President Bush would let them know in no uncertain terms that America is not for sale and he wouldn't let them take her.

Americans who dare to stand up and protest attempts to disregard our constitution are called bigots, haters, nonChristian, and dividers, and warned to shut up. People in all areas of life continue to allow America to be totally destroyed. What will our children and grandchildren inherit since, as Obama keeps saying, he has "inherited a mess?" Not so. Our brave men and women have fought and died at home and abroad on foreign shores for Americans to remain free. Otherwise, this nation would have been shut down years ago.

Americans are ready! No matter what name any of the Obama faction chooses to call us, they will never call us homeless or slaves. Strange how so many Black Americans would willingly consent to go back into slavery by Obama and people they believe to be their friends who will give them everything. But do they have it yet? Do you think they will receive it? Not even one job --- just "volunteer" work for Master Obama!

What does it take to get through to those American people who fight against the dissemination of truth about what is happening to America?

Pastor Terry Jones And Patriotic Americans Do Not Hoist White Flags of Surrender To Evil. They Push Back!

Christian Preachers who maintain they are called by God must know that we have a harder judgment from God, if we lead His people astray and even more so, for touching His anointed ones. By that definition, even talking about God's anointed is the same as touching them.

Pastor Terry Jones and his wife are not the accused aggressor or perpetrator as some want to make appear to be by their standing up against radical Islamists any more than America was the aggressor against terrorists on September 11, 2001. As Christians, the Joneses have committed to taking a righteous stand by their faith in order to fearlessly confront the unholy alliances which are coming together in the name of Islam, Shariah, and Muslims to help their long-appointed agent, Barack Obama, to completely destroy America and to enable the Muslims to create yet another Muslim state on our Western Shores. That dictatorship, also, cannot happen here and it must not be allowed to happen.

Obama And Generals Remain Mum As Muslims Kill U.S. Military

I have sons and daughters who are officers who have served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, and various other places in these United States alongside many of our other brave and finest military. They already know that we cannot bargain with evil.

Former President George W. Bush knew it and, yet, the Obama-DEMS called him crazy and have disrespected him until this day. And his term ended in 2009. He is no longer in office. Moreover, under Obama's brief watch, our men and women remain in harm's way with two more U.S. soldiers being recently murdered in Iraq by an Iraqi "soldier" they were in country to train. Even Iran is reportedly offering thousands of dollars to terrorists to kill our military on the battlefield while Obama and generals remain eerily silent. Yet, they have not hesitated to publicly weigh in on domestic issues but come to the defense of Muslims, homosexuals, the New Black Panthers, ACORN, and to even endorse Obama-Biden beer summits.

Additionally, what kind of Commander-in-Chief would pull out what he calls our "combat" forces from in country, publicly announce the close of "Iraqi Freedom," and then practically boast about sending the bulk of their support combat back home while leaving a stated number of troops behind in Iraq? What's more, they were given orders to not fire in battle unless they were asked (invited?) to do so by the Iraqi military. What kind of leader is that who wants military to have to second guess themselves at a time of life and death? That would be an impeachable offense of the gravest kind.

Meanwhile, military commanders on the battle fields have failed our military. They have allowed a no-nothing, do-nothing like Obama to twist them into areas he knows absolutely nothing about and they have not dared to step up to protect their men and women in battle at home and abroad against Obama's dangerous unilateral orders. They are behaving shamefully to protect Muslims instead of our men, women, and citizens at home and abroad! Islamic radicals are past turning. They are doomed to Hell! They are reprobate and cannot turn even if they wanted to do so, including Barack Hussein Obama.

Where was their personal outrage when secret pentagon papers were recently scattered across the internet? Where was their outrage when terrorists burned our flag? Where was their outrage when they murdered and burned the bodies of American citizens? And, when they hung Americans' charred bodies from the bridge? And when terrorists cut off the heads of Americans and so many others? Where was their outrage when Obama stood and publicly announced a date certain to pull our military out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Where were their voices when Obama did all he could to deny health and other benefits to our military and citizens, as well?

Where will the American outrage be, if Obama and Muslims succeed in their attempts to tear down the U.S. Constitution and our Congress, too? Where will American outrage be, if Obama arbitrarily decides to declare Martial Law and calls forth his own personal foreign army to fight against Americans on these shores?

Americans don't need to be so quick to call people crazy (especially Christians) or quote them Scriptures out of context and without telling the rest of the story surrounding it. For, if Christians had paid attention years ago while they were sitting in their church pews instead of trying to look pretty and primp and preen and pretend they understood the biblical sermons coming from the Pulpits, then this nation could never have gotten to this point where every ungodly thing coming down the pike is deemed to be true, and every truly Godly Word is deemed to be lies.

I have investigated, documented, preached, prayed, called out and warned many times. So I do not sit quietly by with truth staring people in the face and not point it out to them. Play time is over! We need more people who will stand for Godly truth and America. But I want you to know that the only way anybody will be able to stand in the face of such demoniacs, is because God did not just start to prepare His people for "such a time as this." God Himself started this training from His Holy Hill decades ago. However, Christians only called names, being blinded and deafened. Well, this is that, which we were trying to make known from on High. To date, not too many of us can say that God has confirmed His word each time He sent it. I pray you will be able to know your place in this Spiritual and physical battle. We can war when our safety is at risk. Not since September 11, 2001, have we had such notice given about how vulnerable America is -- and she becomes more so every day, because people refuse to recognize who is their enemy and who is their friend. See Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 and Ephesians 4:1-32.

Our hope is not in the Obama Administration or any political affiliation. Our hope is in the Lord Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. Our strength comes from the LORD. Do you doubt that God is at the head of this battle and that He has many soldiers on the front lines? Can you not see that Islamic radicalism is stepping up all across this nation? Obama's election has created a lot of anti-American sentiment, and the more he talks the more citizens cower and apologize and make excuses for every thing and every body that is against our constitution and Judeo-Christian faith.

What will Americans do with the knowledge that they have been receiving about this and other issues and they are called to step out to defend our Constitution? All who love America and have grown up in Christ Jesus understand that we do not force anybody to accept Him or our faith. Ours is to introduce Jesus and allow hearers to face Him themselves. Theirs is to exercise their free will to either accept or reject Him along with the ensuing consequences.

As for Pastor Jones, his wife and their congregants, I rise to encourage his resolve to stand. Even if no others stand with him, it doesn't matter, because the God we serve as Christians is more than enough to fulfill His purpose! And, whether Pastor Jones subsequently does or does not burn the Koran on September 11, 2010, only he and God know that. The main point of this message is to recognize Pastor Jones's bold stand to publicly announce his intentions to take a stand. It also serves as a vivid demonstration for all people to look, see, and discern that they do not have to wonder what they would have done in "biblical days," because every day is biblical for us. And, rather than to condemn him, let his actions at this time be a mirror for how readers view their own profession of faith. And, may God lead them to understand, too, that Preachers are not called by God to be liked or even loved by those to whom we are sent for the Lord's purpose. But all that is done is only as God wills. See Matthew Chapter 10.

God bless America. America, bless our God.

Addendum: September 8, 2010
This is my commentary about the controversy surrounding Imam Abdul Rauf and his Ground Zero Mosque and Pastor Terry Jones's announcement that he plans to burn the Koran on September 11, 2010. Whether he does or does not follow through will be found to be between him and God. As I said before, God does not have coward soldiers - especially among Christian Clerics who know His voice and will discern, believe, and obey. If Christians do not push back, as we know, enemies of our nation, faith, and culture will push them back through the wall. There's no condemnation here. Thank you for your support!

BTW, I was honored to guest on Dr. Laurie Roth's radio program earlier along with Mr. Frank Salvato, NewMediaJournal.US and to hear this discussion, please click on the linked 9-8-2010 date there and download Hour 3. (The other guests (HR 1) (HR 2) are smoking, too) Thanks.

God's continued peace and blessings,
Rev. LED Dowell, Five-Fold Minister
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Shariah NO!
New Awakening of American Patriotism

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Here is a linked video on the Berman Post Blog that says it all.

Direct url: http://www.bermanpost.com/2010/09/islamization-of-paris-france.html

It shows a vivid illustration of Islamic takeover of Paris streets (France). A French citizen used hidden video to try to warn the world. And America's dilemma will, likewise, worsen unless patriotic citizens demand national adherence to our rule of law and commitment "to protect, preserve, and defend" our Constitution. Without preserving it, there would be nothing to protect or defend. And that would be far from what our forefathers and our mighty Father had intended for us.

Barack Obama has failed to adhere to his oath of office and, if anything, has done all he can to destroy our constitution and our nation -- "by any means necessary."

Some people may have heard Imam Abdul Rauf, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who is trying hard to force the building of his Mosque on the footprint of New York's Ground Zero. He recently invoked "The Rule of Law" as his own. During a TV interview, Rauf said that Muslims also go by a rule of law. His statement was intended to imply that Muslim adherents of Islam were just like Americans, if not better. Further, it was his way of trying to deflect from the fact that his true intent has remained for decades to plant Shariah Law throughout the world, including America. He is too close to accomplishing that goal to allow the truth to snuff out his plans.


Americans cannot afford to be intimidated by anybody into keeping silent in the name of Christianity. Some people would have us to believe that the God of our Judeo-Christian faith would not have us to be anything but filled with love and peace even while they are beating our brains out. But they must know that our God does not have coward soldiers. We are bold soldiers who serve the true and living God of both love and wrath. He has given to us not only the power but also the authority to use this power in the face of every demonic foe, when necessary. And that is why we, as Christians, choose to live in peace and to demonstrate God's love in the earth among all mankind.

Moreover, "We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!" And the only reason others want to make it seem as if we are ashamed is because they understand exactly how much power we possess through our faith. We must confess the name, Jesus, without shame or fear or apology. There is power in that name! America is great, because we serve a great God. Why else would people from other nations continue to break down our gates to get onto these shores?

"Greater is He that is in (us) than (anybody or anything else) in the world."

With the November 2008 election of the Obama Administration and their subsequent ongoing actions to make Americans appear to be weak and apathetic, the enemies of our faith and our nation (at home and abroad) have seen this as their moment to strike. And, as a result, they are beginning to understand that Americans love God, family, country, and people enough to fight like hell to remain as God Himself has made us and our forefathers then made provision for us to remain --- FREE!

In 2010, Americans have gained a new awakening and have resolved to stand against Islamization and any political, ideological attempts to kill our nation and faith in order for them to birth a global Shariah takeover even in America.

Impeach Obama will continue to be our call! The No Confidence Petition (Obama-Biden) continues online since 2008! It is not too late to sign it. American voters, please follow the "No Confidence Votes Count2" link and help to finally get those pages filled up and sent on to officials, as indicated. Thank you.

God bless America! America, bless our God!!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hillary Clinton 2008 Supporters Speak Out Against Obama

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


I came upon this fantastic information via a link shared on Twitter, and I'm glad I clicked on it.

In 2008, the American people refused to pay attention to the many warnings being sounded about Barack Obama and the Chicago thugs. Now, the Democrat supporters of Hillary Clinton (presently Secretary of State in the Obama Administration) are speaking out from first-hand accounts about that political process which tossed Hillary Clinton and elevated Obama.

Following that televised nominating process which broke the hearts of many of her supporters, the people made the decision that, "We Will Not Be Silenced." They have fought to keep that promise, and everybody needs to view the message they have tried to get out nationally since 2008, but to no avail. However, in 2010, Hillary Clinton supporters are finally able to provide substantial evidence of widespread fraud and intimidation perpetrated by Obama and many of his supporters during the 2008 election.

Their video entitled "We Will Not Be Silenced" (or, "How the Mob Stole A Nomination") is directed by Gigi Gaston. It is a breathtaking account and I am sure it will grip your heart, as it did mine. The first presentation of this video was a 4-part series on the same site. (If the links do not show up here, please google)

Included is the song, "Betchya Gotta Cure." Music and lyrics by Sophie B. Hawkins.

That video site (above) also directs viewers to another site where there is a new extended version online. This video was previewed on FOX TV, on July 11, 2010, during an interview of Gigi Gaston, video director.

Voice Ink News Commentary Founder-Editor Weighed In

On Wednesday, July 23, 2008, I wrote a commentary entitled, "Get Those People Out of Here Quick!"

This article told how Hillary Clinton had sold out her supporters by having a secret meeting with Obama (later discovered to have been held at Rep. Diane Feinstein's house) where she made a deal with Obama for compensation of some sort, if she got out of the race and turned her supporters over to him. And, subsequently, that is exactly what we saw her do even though she had as much of a chance of winning that 2008 nomination as Obama did at the time. And her supporters knew it!

On Wednesday, August 27, 2008, I wrote a commentary entitled "Election 2008 Change That Thrives On Hope. "

I had prophetically sounded the alarm about that Democrat nominating process. Even though I am a Republican by political affiliation and I supported the McCain-Palin candidacy, my heart broke for those Clinton supporters. During their 2008 nominating process, viewers saw how devastated Hillary's supporters were when she publicly announced she was getting out of that race and had asked them to turn their allegiance over to Obama. Many of her supporters expressed their anger at the time and chose to turn away from Obama's candidacy.

On Wednesday, August 27, 2008, I also wrote a commentary entitled "Obama Coronation By DEMS." Here, I expressed the heartache I felt because Obama and his thugs had betrayed not only Hillary Clinton but also the entire voting process for all Americans.

Even now, in 2010, I believe anybody who watches that timely video and who loves America will be heart broken. At the same time they will also feel vindicated, because they knew they were not wrong about Barack Hussein Obama and his faction of the Democratic Party who had deliberately stolen the 2008 nomination from Hillary Clinton. Not only that, but they also began their call once more to eliminate the Electoral College. Even now they are still working toward that end. But they must not be allowed to succeed there, either.

What more proof does anybody need about Obama?!

We must work harder to ensure that Barack Hussein Obama will never have another chance to corrupt any other election process to aid him in his attempt to circumvent the United States Constitution, do away with our representative form of government, and install himself as U.S. President in Perpetuity.

Many bloggers who continue to expose Obama are mocked, scoffed at, and even ignored. Our voting process is broken and, through his illegal manipulation of the process, Obama proves he is not now, never was, and never will be the person who should be entrusted with the Office of President of the United States. Moreover, we have a constitutional crisis right now and citizens must compel Congress to hold an investigative hearing towards impeaching Obama well before the 2012 Presidential election.

Hardly anybody heard the warnings being sounded about Obama at the time, because the mainstream media was sold out to him and he could do no wrong. Many still refuse to hear and believe the allegations against Obama even now. Instead, they prefer to believe that Obama is truthful, patriotic, and competent rather than a traitor who wants to establish his own parliamentarian coalition government inside of the White House.

He has never stopped campaigning and has never disbanded his personal lobbyist arm known as "Organizing For America" (formerly known as "Obama For America"). Obama and his wife, Michelle, and Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, along with the staff who works with and for Obama continue to send out campaign-style emails begging for donations and bragging about how they have gotten over Congress. And the Executive Branch also leaves no doubt as to where they stand, because they personally allow their signatures to be used with those emails. That action is unconstitutional and illegal and needs to be addressed and halted! Nevertheless, we have seen many of our laws broken by Obama without accountability. And I believe it is because our officials do not want to be labelled as racist for weighing in. Outrageous!

All American voters beyond political or religious affiliation, race, or gender need to make the time to review this information via the links I have provided in this article. There is another election coming up on November 2, 2010; therefore, this news item should be helpful in leading every reader into not becoming complacent or apathetic about the all-important American voting process.

VOTE IN 2010 LIKE IT IS 2012! Pass it on!
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