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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Barack Obama Hears the Earth, But the People of the United States Elected Him

(Photo: A Shoeless Muslim Barack Obama Enters An Islamic Mosque)

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

"If it bleeds it leads. And, if it doesn't, get a knife."
(Quoted: Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaking about news media on "Meet the Press," Sunday, December 26, 2009)

Barack Obama reportedly has been heard to say that he wants "to sign something soon." Well, how about if he signed his letter of resignation and vacated the White House Oval Office and take his czars and stars and crooked men and women along with him lets say -- by the end of January 2010?

Americans have continued to experience too many direct acts of terrorism against us even by our own elected leaders by their inept attempts to find solutions to combat terrorism both at home and abroad. But they do so only as an afterthought. Unfortunately, it appears the only position the Obama administration can think to take to deter terror is to implement further restrictions on our American freedoms under their false guise of protecting the nation. And they continue to "lock the barnyard door after the horse gets out of the barn." The truth is, Obama has no intention of ever keeping America safe, secure, or free.

Throughout these many years Obama, with all of his ungodly, thuggish friends have all managed to slip in under the radar straight into the White House Oval Office in our nation's Capitol. Most of those people no doubt have escaped long prison terms by virtue of being close associates of Obama (oops, almost forgot his friend, Tony Resko, thrown under the bus and now serving time in jail). Therefore, their unconstitutional illegal acts have not gone undetected. For as much as the "mainstream" news media have failed to inform the American people, the online political bloggers, pundits, and commentators have stepped into the news gap, delved into Obama's life, times, and friendships, and have taken the lead in exposing so much about him. Oftentimes, they have gotten their story right; and, then, the news media follow behind and act as if they had uncovered the information. That's called "plagiarism," when they fail to cite their source of another person's original material, and it is unprofessional, unethical, unscholarly, and prosecutable.

Bring on the "Birthers?!" NO! We Are American Patriots Who Respect the U.S. Constitution

The term, "birthers," is another word coined and used repeatedly by Obama supporters to try to deride anyone who demands proof of Obama's constitutional eligibility to be elected President. Furthermore, nobody can tell me that this all-important validity issue concerning Obama's failure to present his birth certificate and proof of American citizenship is totally unknown to anybody who knows him well enough to be invited as a part of his inner circle. Although his maternal parents and his grandparents are dead, many of his maternal and paternal relatives remain alive who must know the truth of the matter by now. Yet, we have still not heard one peep from any of them to clarify the question, not even from his half sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng.

Maya has acknowledged she was born in Indonesia and lived for a time there with Barack (Barry Soetoro); their now deceased mother, Stanley Ann Dunham; Maya's late father, Lolo Soetoro (divorced from Dunham) and reportedly Obama's stepfather but possibly his adopted father in his possibly newly adopted foreign country. What's more, Obama's late African father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., is from Kenya, Africa. Those who remain must have been told somewhere along the way about their young African relative's birth to an American white mother. How could they not be proud so as to boast of their African native son, Barack Obama Jr, especially during his 2008 candidacy to become a U.S. President.

Moreover, can we surmise that somewhere along the way during pillow talk with his wife, Michelle Obama, he must have let the truth slip out about his personal genealogical background? Nevertheless, we have heard not one peep! And, look at his dear friend, Oprah (recognition by one name only), Winfrey. She and Barack have acknowledged knowing one another since the mid 1980s, when both were parishioners in Chicago attending the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. How could it be that Oprah is able to loosen up so many tongues wagging on her TV couch with the cameras rolling and, yet, now we are made to believe she has been unable to publicly loosen Obama's tongue about his own Constitutional citizenship status (or not)?

Are we also to believe that neither former President William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton nor his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton has known anything about Obama's citizenship? After all, there is documentation from Illinois to show that Obama along with Rahm Emanuel helped to get Clinton elected as President during his own first term in office. And, what about this infamous friend, Rahm Emanuel, who leaped and bounded throughout our political system as a Democrat-Israeli-Palestinian moving quickly from his seat of Illinois State Senate to the United States Senate to the White House as Clinton's -- and now Obama's -- Chief of Staff and close advisor.

RahmBO has been able to burrow into the deep security corridors of our nation despite his having had dual citizenship (Israeli and American) and having served in the Israeli Military after he became an American citizen. I need to know definitively how that is possible for an American legislator, except that a whole lot of people have looked the other way and still do? How is it that Rahm was able to work directly with Clinton and now Obama in the highest office of this nation and subsequently let loose with being put in charge of Presidential authority over American citizens and legislators behind the scenes? Based on their unknown or vetted status and their lack of candor with the American people, neither Rahm nor Barack Obama should have been given access of any kind to our nation's top secrets and the position of Constitutional authority. Are we to remain silent about that observation?

Each person in America has a mind. And each mind is a part of the collective mind of the whole, which has come from a historical context. The conglomeration of all of these mind compilations were gathered predominantly by historians and has brought us to this point in time in which even scholars have seen evidence which has found a purely composite of so many different thoughts melded into one great big mish mash of ideas. America is a part of the global community; and, yet, she is an individual nation. History bears out the fact that America has been mighty good to the world abroad and at home. That is, until Barack Hussein Obama came on to the domestic and international scene and he has jumped in with both feet to "redistribute the wealth." In other words, he fully intends to bankrupt America and it is not by mistake on his part but, rather, an integral part of his own destructive, planned Blueprint for America, which is anathema to our Constitution -- and he knows it.

Politicians and the media publicly liken our legislative inner workings of the United States Congress to us seeing "sausage" being made. Why would citizens want to hear that "sausage-making" analogy projected upon them when whatever Congress does is a matter of life and death -- ours? The Rasmussen Polls and others like them prove that people are being wearied by the queried. And the part that concerns so many appears to be that they are not being asked their opinion to be tallied into the mix. What's more, they know their opinion not only does not count; but, it is also not going to be factored into the overall resultant survey publications of all the rest.

Where Do We Go From Here And How Do We Get There?

Barack Hussein Obama has been a person who has gotten into the coveted position of President of the United States of America and, with him, he has taken to the White House all the people who, like him, have no intention of seeing America thrive as she has continued to do for centuries. There is a certain facet of America which now brings us to the point of no return, basically, because of Obama and the DEMS treasonous attempts to dismantle our Constitution and take over our government to forge their own socialist nation on these shores.

For the most part, people want to be noticed. They want to contribute to what makes America the greatest nation on earth rather than have the government make every decision for them. People, in general, want and need to be able to use their God-given minds, gifts, talents, and ministries to be of service to others as well as to themselves. From the opportunities we have been privileged to be part of from years past, we have come to a standstill in this past year being told by the Obama administration that not only can't we be depended upon to work an honest day's labor for an honest day's pay but that we never could. Excuse me?!

How does that thought strike you? May I dare say not very well? The planned agenda the Obama blueprint has forged for America is a blatant lie in your face devised by them plainly for tearing down our nation and destroying the entire domestic front even as our men and women in military and civilians are sacrificing their time and talents to keep us safe both at home and abroad.

Barack Obama Is the HNIC Wannabe And Our U.S. Congress Dares to Cower In His Presence?

For the most part, Americans are strong, God-fearing and loving people. At the same time, their patience is worn threadbare since WINNER Obama took the Oath of Office to serve as President of the world's national support. For we have expended much blood and treasure to protect the people of the world and they have continued to seek solace on our shores. Those who have come do so willingly and America takes them in willingly when they come in the lawful manner instilled here to create an organized fulfillment of "Give Me Your Tired Your Poor" message inscribed on the Statute of Liberty located in New York. However, our main obligation is always to adhere to the U.S. Constitution.

That very important piece of paper called our Constitution is the document which sets forth the crucial rights of citizens and please allow me to break them down simply, and in part, as follows:

  • No citizen has the right to obstruct justice.
  • No citizen has the right to turn that which is perverse and perverted behavior into legal actions through an illegal and unlawful legislative process regardless of how many people may support such actions.
  • No citizen has the right to tell another that they cannot speak their mind and suffer the consequences of their speaking based solely upon the words they have used -- whether truthful or not.
  • No citizen can deny another citizen the right to worship as they please. And, again, all the laws in the world that man can write will never have enough force to remove any Godly response from this earth.
  • No citizen can inform on another and knowingly, willfully, and deliberately make false and fraudulent accusations to punish, by force of law, their falsely and fraudulently accused victim(s).
There are so many do's and don'ts of moral, ethical, and traditional behavior which are not being paid enough attention to by society, professional, political, and religious leaders and especially by those appointed and elected officials who have been placed in office to keep laws and not to see that our laws are broken. More and more Americans are coming to the realization that Obama must be impeached and taken out of office, if Americans are going to have an even chance of getting back this nation to God and our traditional values.

An Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama From This Patriot Warrior Woman of God

Come back to the United States and apologize for forgetting where you say you come from. And, if America is your home as you say it is then you should have no problem with being vetted and disclosing the true nature of your birth and agenda for America. The U.S. Constitution demands it. The constituency demand it. And the truth and justice foundations of this nation demand it, as does the security and freedom of all who dwell in this country demand it is done. And, if your clearance is not clear because of the failure on your part to cooperate, then what you have done is to create a Constitutional crisis of monumental proportion. And now here in the history of this nation with, perhaps, the exception of Benedict Arnold, has such an egregious act of treason occurred during your short term in office.

The force of the American people will only increase to beat back your strident attempted takeover. The American people are unwilling to allow your thuggishnish to be seen in the eyes of the world as a sign that we are a weak nation and people. The entire work in the time span of one year when you assumed office has been an embarrassment and a disgrace for our nation. The news media serves at your whim instead of as a means to inform the people of events which have far-reaching implications upon their every waking and sleeping hour.

The world has been hoodwinked and the world leaders have rejected the world's worst person ever to occupy the White House Office of the President -- you! In the worst economic process to get out of economic problems foisted upon us by this current administration, I must say that, unless Obama is ousted, we will have within the next six months (or less) seen an even graver shift to Communism than at any other time in American history. What's more, it would continue to be unconstitutional for Obama to remain in the position of President.

God bless America and may all those supporters of Obama be shown the doorway to justice and have to explain why they felt it was permissible for them to follow Obama and betray the confidence and trust of the American people who will never rest until this nation is fully restored to her Constitutional foundation without question, doubt, worry, or fear ever caused again by any elected or appointed official whose only aim is to usurp power and abuse authority for their own vain glory instead of serving the needs of the people in accordance with the Constitution.

Examples are used as powerful teaching tools and Barack Obama is just one such example from Almighty God for the nation and the world to know that God is real and that He is in total charge of all things everywhere. Are Americans finally paying attention?

Karl Rove put it this way, "Please Mr. President, don't play us for suckers."* - (*Quoted: Karl Rove speaking on the Hannity Show about Barack Obama's inattention to the 2009 Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack on the U.S. Airplane. Fox News Channel, Monday, December 27, 2009, Guest Host, Tucker Carlson)
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Birth of Jesus Christ Is Celebrated When You Know He Is Real

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Christians the world over have celebrated December 25Th of every year in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. We are called "Christian," because we follow the belief and faith that Jesus is the Christ. We have accepted him as Savior and Lord and know he is the soon-coming King. Further, we believe it is because He is God's only begotten Son that his blood shed on Calvary is the reason we are saved from death to life. These truths can best be understood by those who know the Lord because they have had a personal experience with him. The theology of Holy Scripture comes alive in the knowing. The more you know, the more you will want to know about the Lord.

Christmas Is Much More Than Just Another Day

Until and unless you have met the Lord somewhere on your journey, you will never be able to understand why we celebrate Christmas no matter how much is preached, taught, sung, shown, experienced, known about him. The Gospel of Jesus is our message. The reality for you will come from the depths of desire after you realize the presence of God is near to you and you have refused to stop, look, listen, hear, believe. When you do, that moment will become a great part of your testimony and nobody and nothing will ever be able to make you doubt that God is real.

If God Is Not Real, Then When Did He Die?
And, If God Died, Then How Were You Born?

I just want to speak one on one and in plain language. The Gospel is not complicated or confusing. It is also not forced upon anybody. We are at a point in our history when troubles are looming over us unlike many in years past. It could be that we are older that we feel the sting of hopelessness and despair. It could be that the political environment has pulled you away from the possibilities of the spiritual environment. It could be that you may not know that no man, woman, boy, or girl could ever rob you of your joy. Take a walk with me.

There have been many persons who have preached the Gospel of Jesus. I have been blessed to number so many among my Clergy colleagues. And, in the ensuing years, so many of them have gone on to be with the Lord Jesus. But for the joy of serving the Lord, we have been able to let so many know about the life and times of Jesus as the Son of the Living God who is the Savior of the world.

If the Lord Jesus was not the One who is the Savior and Lord, then when did he cease to be?

If the Lord God does not exist, and there is nobody anywhere who is able to refute that God does not exist and still retain their credibility, then how can it be that mankind lives and breathes until they stop living; and, yet, life still goes on upon this earth and in the entire world long after they are dead and gone?

Do you know the answer to that profound but simple question? Have you ever stopped to give that any thought? Tell me. Where is that man, woman, boy, or girl who can ever respond to this question that I will now pose? The following question for you to ponder is this.

How would there ever be life and death among us on earth where there is no evidence that we were ever created by God Himself?

There are many answers people could come up with to that question, but which would you suppose would be the correct response? After all is said and done, where is that person who has lived long enough to be able to tell anybody the story about their walk with God all the way from the foundation of the earth or, for that matter, even before the foundations were laid? I wonder? Can you say that you have ever met up with any such people walking the earth today and apart from biblical accounts recorded from centuries ago who are able to describe any such occasion from their personal knowledge and experience?

Atheists Have Reared Their Ugly Head

In this the Christmas Season of Great Joy, there are people who would have you to believe there is no God. They are called "Atheists," and they have plastered their counterfeit messages all across this nation in various places where people are known to congregate -- that is, they put up their blasphemous messages everywhere except in a church consecrated to the worship of God. And, while atheists claim to disavow the Christian faith, at the same time, you may have noticed that they have dared to copy the Christian style of communication and public relations during this time of the year. They even claim to be a religion due all respect as that of Judeo-Christian.

You'd think atheists would be able to come up with an original design for their own messages but they have plagiarized the Christian faith, albeit without having Godly faith and truth. Even as they sit speaking against God, they fail to realize we can see their foolishness with the rise and fall of their own breathing as they pronounce to anybody in sight that "There is no God." Must we be deceived by atheists and all who are like them who want us to believe they woke themselves on their own (as if they could)? If this wasn't so serious, it could almost be funny.

Atheists show up publicly more often than not during this time of year when Christians around the world come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And, even though they try hard to re-create the biblical account of mankind's beginnings from out of their own mentalities (or lack thereof), they have yet to refute the account of Scripture with any degree of credibility. The entire world has been in existence for hundreds of thousands of centuries even before God created the heavens and the earth and gave license to man to inhabit the earth.

Atheists are oblivious to the truth that, when the final deliberation is made between life and death, there will be a question they will need to have considered. That question is, "Who will be at their heavenly trial before God whom they have rebuffed to give testimony that they were there on hand when the Lord separated the heavens from the earth?" Surely, they must know, because they have placed themselves above the One who is Creator.

The main thought I wish to convey in this message is that nobody who is alive today, who was alive yesterday, or who might be alive in the days to come has any inkling whatsoever about the mind of God. If mankind knew the mind of God (except that He revealed it to them, and then only a portion at that), then they would go and make a deal to take out every thought He has and sell it to the highest bidder. Who would be that foolish?

But, of course, we know that will never happen, because the mind of God is infinite as He is infinite and man is finite and subject to death and the management and control of God. The world has yet to fully understand that God is and that He is all encompassing. He is God. He is real. He is alive. He lives.

The works of mankind are temporary and, what's more, they are at the pleasure of God. If mankind, of themselves alone, could ever prove that God exists, they would still not come under subjection to Him, because they would think they had thought Him up out of thin air. Such is the frailty of the minds of men. Let me ask you this? When God shows Himself to be God, shall the earth shudder and be of Great Joy then? Or, at that time, shall the earth's inhabitants shudder and become fearful for their lives knowing their abject stubborn, disobedience to the will of God as they stand in the presence of His perfection, holiness, righteousness, and the awesomeness of the God of all?

If ever man has a reason to believe on the Lord Jesus, that time is now. And the place is wherever they stand in the moment of realization that they need God in their life and that God is waiting and watching to hear their response, which is simply, "Yes, Lord."

If God has made the earth -- and He has -- What makes mankind believe that God could not make them -- create them -- to live on the earth? However mankind draws their conclusion as to the reality or not of God, it does not matter, because they have no control over the things of God. Moreover, they really do not have absolute control over anything concerning their own lives. Apart from God they can do nothing. Apart from God they are nothing. And, in the smallness of their thinking, they actually cease to think. Yet, somewhere deep down within themselves they must know that if they ever confessed that they do not own themselves, they will be giving up what little control they (think they) have to do whatever they wish and remain free from accountability, punishment, or forgiveness.

God's Word of faith is at the mouth of his Beloved to go forth and invite those who do not yet know Him in the pardon of their sin, to come know Him and be saved by the blood of Jesus which was shed on Calvary for all those who are the children of God. How can this be known? It is so, because God knows His own and they know Him.

Why Do Christians Celebrate Christmas?

The annual Seasons Greetings we celebrate are for the purpose of serving as a reminder for all the generations that come and go about what they missed but what remains for them from God during their life on earth and even what awaits them after death. But they must know for themselves the One who has created them and watches over them to guide them into all truth.

Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God who took on the flesh of mankind but who knew no sin. He was without sin being born of a Virgin overshadowed by the Holy Ghost. He was born a babe in a lowly stable, because there was no room for them in the Inn. He is God incarnate -- Divinity wrapped up in flesh but without sin. God provided for this world a biblical record of Jesus' birth, life, death, burial, resurrection, and His promise that He would come again at a time and place of His choosing. No one but God knows when that will be and, so, we await His promised second coming.

God has the answers to every question you may have about life and death and all things in between. God not only has the answers to your questions but He also knows the questions that you do not know enough to know that you do not even know to ask. But, more importantly, you have to know Him. Jesus is the answer. The God we serve and love is alive. Mankind had no hand in making Him nor could they. But God had a hand in creating all mankind and everything we see and do not see. And, concerning His will for mankind's life both now and in the life to come, all answers are found in Him. Ask Him. He will tell you and He will confirm the truth of the matter.

Here's Praying You Have A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy and Blessed New Year 2010!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

The War on the Home Front By Barack Obama Shall Not Prevail


By Rev. Lainie Dowell


Lest we forget, this shall remain "A Date That Shall Live In Infamy." It commemorates the beginning of America into World War II, after this nation was attacked by the Japanese. That war was not fought in vain. No wars entered into by America will ever have been in vain. America leads the free world to stay free.

I don't believe anybody could ever find a more tolerant people than Americans. In one generation, tolerance meant that "Your rights begin where my rights end." Some even were heard to say that, "Your rights end at the tip of my nose." Then Americans were introduced to Barack Hussein Obama and his ongoing wheelin', dealin', stealin', and running ripshod over the U.S. Constitution, Congress, and God's people. He is determined to unilaterally act to inflict upon all citizens his personal agenda to "fundamentally change the nation." And, Obama puts SHAFT to shame, because he shafts law-abiding, God-loving American people with impunity and without accountability. Time to put the trash out!
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Support The ATLAH Manning Reports

Spilling Ink Kudos to
Rev. James David Manning

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Christians cannot refuse to hear the Lord's voice, reject His warnings through His Godly messengers, and then blame God and Preachers for their own disobedience to hear, discern, trust, and obey. Many believers miss their blessings, because they do not understand OURS is just to tell it like God told it. God does not force Himself upon anybody. He has given People free will to either accept or reject; but they also have to be ready to take the consequences of their choices.

Warnings about Obama and the world's ills have continued for years and they are not just being heralded. Too many people have only just begun to wake up and pay attention but they still refuse to hear. And, just because mankind has not been obedient to hear and respond to know what is true and of God does not mean that God has not spoken. Many of God's chosen vessels, through His Spirit, are able to discern the heart and spirit of a person. But that person (whether Christian or non-Christian) many times doesn't like it, because they have been exposed by God's LIGHT. Consequently, they will turn against the spirit of the one who exposes them. They fail to realize there is spiritual warfare raging in the Spirit realm all around them. It is ugly but we cannot turn aside.

People who want to blame and accuse Pastor Manning for being the bold soldier who lives, speaks, and preaches God's Gospel, have to know that God has already prepared him and all like him for the battlefield. And it is God who keeps them (us) on the battlefield knowing that it is He and not we who fight that battle. Any Christian who claims to be such, at the very least, should act as if they know God is real. Our God is alive. God IS. And whether they believe that or not is easily discernible by the Holy Spirit.

When all is said and done, God is the final arbiter of all things concerning us. We and all things everywhere are God's business. Ours as Preachers is just to tell it like HE told it and, then, to get out of God's way. Discern. And, if we are silent in the face of people's ignorance and their incessant blame game, it is because God has called us to either step aside for a time or else to finally "shake the dust." But even though God gives people many chances, thanks to His mercy and agape love, He does have a time limit known only to Him.

Through Christ Jesus, we love God and mankind enough to suffer all things for the Lord's sake; but we are not victims in any situation. We are servants of the Lord for your good. We seek to please God. Mankind cannot even save themselves much less anyone else. I support Pastor Manning. I bear witness to his spirit that he is of God, and I will encourage his heart by confirmation and by prayer through the Holy Spirit.

So, until God shouts! Trust God for what He has done, is doing, and is yet to do. We do!

View and hear Rev. James David Manning, Pastor, ATLAH Network Media and Ministries at www.atlahmedianetwork.org

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