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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Obama Madness Is Over

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is not going to be the President of the United States. He is never going to be qualified. He has not only said in his own mind that he will be the President but much worse. He believes that he is already the President. However, many citizens of the United States recognize him for the destroyer he really is. Instead of being a healer, he brings with him all the hurt, pain, and harm not only for Americans but for the world.

Americans are crying out to once again see this nation restored to its position called by our late beloved President Ronald Reagan, as "The shining city that sits on a hill." Clearly, Obama's agenda is to put America's light out.
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama and His Raging Bull

             Photo credit: Judi McLeod, Editor's site on Canada Free Press.

By Rev. Lainie Dowell
Nothing beats giving incentive to yourself and to others to help keep strong more than giving and receiving affirmation. However, in the case of Sen. Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL), the Democratic presumptive Presidential nominee, that would be like "shouting encouragement to the bull in the (proverbial) china shop."

Nevertheless, we continue to watch as America and the world seem to be perched over Obama to hand the world over to him and he is definitely determined to snatch it -- whether we or he is ready or not.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get Those People Out of Here Quick!

Politics Rev. Lainie Dowell
Was Reprinted by - New Media Journal (w/my permission)
June 7, 2008

I don't know about you, but after hearing Sen. Diane Feinstein's account of the clandestine meeting of Obama and Clinton, which she arranged, I felt like a voyeur who needed to take a bath. As Feinstein told it, she made the two of them comfortable in her home near her fireplace in two comfortable chairs and with a glass of water, and then she went upstairs (in her own home), because she thought they needed privacy to talk.


Well, what about all that wasted gas used to ferry the media across the wild blue-black yonder in an airplane for no reason? I don't know about you, but all I could think about while Feinstein was speaking was about the dirty trick Obama and Clinton played on the news media by having them to board an airplane under the guise of waiting for Obama to board before they all were to take off.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wrights Replacement Moss

Rev. Lainie Dowell

Reprint - RFFM.ORG

The Rev. Otis Moss has taken over leadership of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ. For those who think Moss will offer a change in philosophy to the much-maligned Rev. Jeremiah Wright, they are grossly mistaken. Moss preaches the same hate-filled philosophy as Wright, but few seem to care.

"There is nothing new under the sun." And none of this deadly behavior is new to me.

It will be the same underlying atrocity from within and without the black Baptist church tradition and in the world (of which those pastors also are) that I have vigorously fought to expose for the past 20 years without let up. Now, I believe I am going to let up and let go, because the people are still on their way to Hell and they are still loving the trip. The fact is they "have exchanged the truth for a lie," and they have no intention of letting God be God. Instead, they have stolen all that is true and Godly from God's house -- from the pulpit to the door -- and have taken it to use for their own secular purposes.

When I hear pundits and preachers dialogue about it, I get sicker. Over 20 years ago, many of these same folk knew what was going on in these churches but did nothing, except keep silent when I was blamed for sounding the alarm about it all across this nation. My files are comprised of thousands of documented pages that, when pulled today, address practically every issue surrounding this present-day, church-state, political co-mingling.

I didn't like it when former President Bill Clinton did it in the 1990s (i.e., collusion with the National Black Baptist Convention USA Inc. and the NAACP). I said so at the time. And I certainly do not like it as it has evolved since then. If the voice of God sounding in the earth (which includes this nation) can be so glibly dismissed and discounted, then only God Himself, will show how much He is speaking in the earth. Yet, the world goes on with their destructive ways as if tomorrow will never come and as if their days will never be ended.

How can people be so easily deceived? They are blinded by Satan (and he is the great deceiver). They do not care to hear the Word of the Lord, except when they try to spit it out with their own interpretation to it -- and then watch how the people dance, prance, swing and sway and love their show.

And, just in case any might think I am bitter or angry, nothing could be further from the truth. I am pained and sadder than I have ever been from anything they have ever done to me, personally -- which is documented as being a whole lot. Yet, I am still here and I am still in my right mind, thanks to God. And, I can truthfully say that the Lord has publicly confirmed all of what He had me publicly declare. However, whether the people will or whether they won't listen, hear, trust, test, obey the Lord God -- the results belong to God alone and He does not lie.

Political correctness mandates an overall capitulation to "diversity," and everything else but the Judeo-Christian principles and values that have worked to make this nation great in the eyes of God and all mankind.

I have been mad at Hell for a very long time. And I will stand by, pray, keep my watch and save my breath. I will continue to listen to the sound of God's wrath loosed in the earth and hear the people declare He has not done it, much to their own deadly chagrin and consequences.

Published title at RFFM.ORG: "Jeremiah Wright's Replacement, Rev. Otis Moss, Will Not Change Message of Black Liberation Theology."
Copyright (c) 2008 by Rev. Lainie Dowell. All rights reserved worldwide.
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Obama-Israel Love In Doubt

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Will wonders never cease? Sen. Barack Obama flew all the way to the Middle East at taxpayer expense to report back to the American public and the world from Amman, Jordan, the most spectacular thing.

As I watched his news conference today, he stood at the podium with his "bipartisan team" of two senators at his side and a ready, attentive press, and he announced that "Israel is a strong friend of Israel." (sic) And, since Obama did not stop to correct himself or show any signs on his face of having made a gaffe in front of the whole world and neither did any of those prestigious members of the national and international press members, I thought I had a problem with my ears. Then somewhere in all of his rote message, I almost missed when he said the name, "Palestine." But, please don't ask me what he said about that. I was still watching and questioning my ears and wondering why nobody had stopped him when he started out the way he did.

Well, it is now late afternoon and I still haven't heard any reports about it on the news. Maybe they're all waiting for late night news show hosts for confirmation (?)

Why do I bother watching the MSM? Would you believe its for moments like these? Obama was so busy being sarcastic with the news people who were there to interview him that he forgot he was trying to impress the world with him trying to be the commander in chief.

uh YEAH! Even if people tell him his faults, he'd turn around and tell them they "weren't listening." Oh and by the way, anybody else notice we haven't heard the name of his wife mentioned or seen her lately? I sure hope she isn't having the White House windows measured for new curtains. Can anybody say Sen. Nancy Pelosi?
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Its Called Politics As Usual

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

In response to Rev. Harry R. Jackson's commentary (no relation to Rev. Jesse Jackson), CR Daily, July 14, 2008, "Jesse Jackson: Denied, Dethroned and Dishonored."

It is called politics and church politics is the cruelest cut of them all, because we don't expect it to come from there. I understand that preachers can talk about colleagues, but at least what we say about each other or anybody else ought to be true. I don't cite the black church and the white church, I cite the Christian church and we're all in this together (red, white, black, and yellow -- there are no purple and green people).

Rev. Harry Jackson, I believe, "Thou doth protest too much," with such descriptors you have attributed to Rev. Jesse Jackson such as, "opportunistic, jealous, petty, black policy advocate." And, I am absolutely certain that sometime during your days as a preacher you have heard much worse terms which have "been an amazement (to you)" than the word, "castrate," which Rev. Jesse did not even use. And, it is certainly true in this case that, as you have observed, "Politics make strange bedfellows."
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama and Michelle FistBumped or Was that "Bested?"

Cover credit: The New Yorker

Rev. Lainie Dowell

O no she DID n't!

Well, I told myself I was going to stay out of this one, but I still have not heard my personal best question asked (and answered).

Barack Obama and his love-of-his-life wife taught the world how to fistbump on the national stage at a national event of a momentous occasion and now they want to take it back? Now I've heard everything! If they had constrained themselves with all those flashing camera lights going, perhaps this would have been one photo op that could have been missed because it never would have been. Has anybody checked to see if this one was also put up on their Fight the Smears site? And just what could their cover (no pun intended) be this time?

Perhaps they need to sit down and study just one page out of President George W. Bush's notebook, which no doubt, was his Bible. For eight long years, the Democrats have pounced on him, his wife, his cabinet, his policies, and his very existence. And, whether it was in the White House or on his Texas ranchero, they worked hard to not give him any peace. They called him all kinds of names, made numerous wildly false accusations against him, and they even tried to impreach him and his Vice President Dick Cheney, for heaven's sake!

And, as if that wasn't enough, Barack Obama came on the national scene (out of time) adding to all of their other undiplomatic screeching about the "President's failed Iraqi-Afghanistan Bush policies." Instead of helping to boost him up, they have tried every trick in the book to drag him down and under and to try to hold him in place. Now, I wonder how so many of them came to be in the United States Congress and the Senate? Well. They bundled themselves up in the right-wing, conservative faith but kept their unrighteous selves uncovered long enough to promise the American citizens that, if they were elected, they would "End This WAR and BRING our troops back HOME!" They knew what would resonate best with the voters. And that time it worked. The only thing about that tact they used is that it cannot last, if it is false, fake, and full of trickery used to deceive. And it did not last. They could not keep their promise and they rattled their own constituents' cages.

One incoming Senate freshman from Virginia (Sen. Jim Webb), was so bold that he refused to shake the President's hand at a welcoming reception for them and he didn't even know enough not to brag on it (at least not in public, anyhow). And, another -- an incoming freshman in the House of Representatives (Rep. Keith Ellison), came in like gang busters telling the nation before he even got there that he was absolutely refusing to place his hand on the Bible during the swearing in. He said he was going to bring in his Qur'an, as the first Muslim to be elected to the United States Congress (and it didn't matter to him how many protested against it). Funny thing, though, he was entering with all this bluster preceding him yet he didn't know enough to know that their swearing-in ceremony did not use Bibles.

The incoming Congressmen and Congresswomen and Senators usually acquired a Bible to have their pictures taken individually following the swearing in portion of the ceremony so they could have something for their constituents to see.

Despite all of that which was done to the sitting President in a time of war, and so much more that I haven't even the time, room, or the inclination to cite them all, anybody would be hardpressed to find many reports of protests about such treatment, if any at all, coming from the President or his family. On one occasion, a reporter came right out and asked the President how he felt about such treatment towards him. His response was informative and the Democrats, in particular, need to take a memo, put it in the interdepartmental mail envelope, and send it on its way throughout their corridors.

Take a note. President Bush responded with a smile and told the reporter that was to be expected in an election year and that he would rather have those remarks directed towards him than towards our candidates, because he could handle it. And he said he had work to do and couldn't let "that" bother him. President Bush even said he did not intend to be a lame duck President (send another memo). Now, let me tell you, that was a REAL "Yes-I-Can" moment (take a hint somebody).

Now for the parties of the first part who have problems with a little truth told in a humorous way. My question about that is -- Which part of that photo was not true?

As I said, the entire nation saw that fistbump (oh that's what its called).

Look at the expression on her face. Did she not look self-satisfied that night?

Did he not oblige her by meeting her fist with his fist in the air (towards hers)?

Can we not envision her hair poofed up in an Afro (back in the day)? (mine was) And his hair certainly was, too!

Do we not know that his longtime friend, Bill Ayers, burned the U.S. flag?

Did Obama not put himself into that Arabic garb complete with headdress?

Now I just have to stop the clock when it comes to that longgun swinging from her shoulder.

And, about that picture of the other "O" bin Ladin hanging over that mantlepiece? No comment (can't talk about what I don't know about).

One great lesson out of all of this is "What goes around comes around." And the worst part about that is, when it does, it is 100% worse.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obama Reveals Global EcoVillages

Rev. Lainie Dowell

Following a great push by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL) finally announced his plans to go on a "fact-finding" jaunt to Iraq and Afghanistan. However, before embarking on his trip, he called a press conference to give what the news media reported was to be "a major security speech." Sen. McCain, when asked about it, said that he thought it should have been the other way around and that Sen. Obama should first go to the battlefield, talk to the generals there, get the facts on the ground from them, and then come back and make his assessments known.
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Blunt Force Trauma From the Distaff Side

By Rev. Lainie Dowell
(Was Also Reprinted by New Media Journal US)

Most people change their minds all the time. They even have a change of heart every once in a while. But, the kind of change that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) insists he will implement in what he calls "Washington" politics amounts to the same old way of conducting the government's business. That there must be a change for the better, we can all agree.

However, the Democrats have consistently demonstrated how much they want to win the White House more than they want America to continue to thrive and remain strong. And, wherever there exists such a self-centered government entity that is willing to say and do anything, including working together to manufacture a form of change which they deem to be palatable enough to help give them a toehold towards their goal, then we must be aware and take care. And, when we finally understand that all bets are off once they take hold of the prize which, in this case, is the White House, then we will recognize there exists, also, the need for blunt force trauma to win back America for Americans.

The Democrats want to win so bad that they are willing to embrace their enemies as loving friends. For example, following the hard fought 2008 Presidential Primary campaign between Sen. Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), she rejected the vehement outcries of her supporters to not cut short her campaign and turn it over to Obama. Nevertheless, she did exactly that and tried to explain it away at a subsequent farewell press conference to say how much she was doing it for the good of the party (Democrats) to come together around Obama's candidacy for President in order to win back the White House during the November 2008 general election.

Strike one blow to the hearts of all her supporters who kept faith with her every step of the way, until she abruptly ended her own campaign, no doubt in part, for a promise from the Obama campaign to help her retire her enormous campaign debts. A promise he has failed to help her to keep, as of now.

Moreover, we recently witnessed the public disclosure of a televised interview in which Rev. Jesse Jackson was caught by what he calls "a hot mic." During a lull, he turned to another guest, also black, and whispered, "Barack -- um -- is talking down to black people. --- on this faith based . . . I want to cut his [private parts] off." And, Rev. Jackson proceeded to emphasize his statement with a hand gesture and a grunt. Later, when it became public knowledge, Rev. Jackson rushed to take an obviously live mic and apologized to Obama for what Jackson had said about "black people." Note, it wasn't at all about what he had said he wanted to do to him. But, Jackson let the nation know it was not his intention to have the opportunity for Obama, as a black man, to come so close to stepping into the White House to lose it because of him. In other words, it appears the Democrats' bid for the White House was more important than Jackson's own integrity. But, hail to the Dems. And let the march roll on even as one more day and one more Friend of B.O. are thrown under the Obama bus along with the others. Strike two to the hearts of all Americans who are looking for truth to come from the mouths of all those who profess to stand for "truth, justice, and the American way."

The world is in such bad shape that it is willing to accept an even worse solution as one that would solve every problem. Yet, the problem at hand is one that has taken a long time to arrive on America's front steps today. All that is left to be done is to hand over the keys to the door of the seat of the American government and allow the takeover to begin.

We are aware of previous such threats and fears espoused during the time for change in government administrations, but none as troubling as this. For, with all that was feared could come upon this nation, the one thing that Americans were certain of was that we would retain our country. However, right now the biggest question ever placed before us has been lurking in the background and waiting for the opportune moment to come forth. And, there has to be a way to get this urgent need through to the American people.

There is no other way but to be blunt and disclose the potentially dangerous and deceptive means by which we could lose our fight to remain the strongest nation in the Western world. Big words will not convey what is viewed as simplistic results sought to combat fiercely large problems.

The World and The Islamic Problem

There have been many articles written and archived about what we are facing now in this land and across the ocean. But, in the throes of the media and the publishers of the free press, much of that information remains out of the reach of the masses in order to give them a chance to make informed decisions as pertains to this upcoming 2008 election as they ponder who is to be their choice for President. Sen. Obama or Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a land where every decision of your life was made for you by the government? There are drawbacks which no American citizen would ever be able to relate to unless they have stepped outside of this country for a season or more.

For one thing, as in China, the decision has been taken away from individuals about how many children they should have. And, during one of the most horrendous earthquakes there with the deaths of thousands of children, none could be more explicit an example than that as when families lost their only child in the wreckage of shoddy schools that could not withstand the force of nature. Yet Americans are purposely making the decision daily to murder their own children before they have a chance to be born. And Obama's policies regarding abortions and pro-choice give them permission.

America is in the grips of the most trying time since she became a nation. There are men, women, and children who are standing in the wings watching for their chance to harm this nation and its citizens while our leaders scoff at what they have called "conspiracy theorists." However, where the evidence is in plain sight and the results are clear, that is not a theory. It is a warning that needs to have the full attention of all who are in the sight of such change.

Change for change sake is not good. And from the standpoint of the campaign headquarters of Sen. Obama, it is merely sufficient for them to just say the word, change, without underpining it with anything of substance to prove to the American people and the world that it will benefit the whole nation and, consequently, the world. So, then, where does the next President of the United States need to lead us?

The present administration of President George W. Bush is in the last throes of life. On the one hand, he has committed to the American people to not allow his last days in office to become a lame duck administration. On the other hand, an incoming administration waits to rush in and bring about change. However, the best change for them would be to wait, first of all, to find out what is behind that door to the Oval Office. That alone would be imposing enough. But, in order to be able to "hit the ground running," as Obama and the Democrats have promised to do, that requires knowing what the ground rules are for that office. And, clearly, Obama has demonstrated that he believes it is the duty of the President to direct every aspect of the American way of life.

One illustration is Obama's recent comment that all Americans need to teach their children to be bilingual. But, not until all American schools are revised to once again deliver uniform scholastic guidelines which foster excellence in the classroom, would our children then be motivated to learn. And, their desire to learn would be manifested by their change in behavior in school, in their homes, in our communities, and in the world.

There is no easier way to say it, except that our leadership has failed to recognize their own misbehavior and missed opportunities in order to lead America to continue on the world's stage as a great nation should. And, the world is waiting to see what the outcome will be as the result of America's upcoming general election.

The World and the Baited Breath

There can only be one Presidential administration at one time in America. However, along the way we have become caught up with the worsening change of all, which is one that seeks to approve of separate little factions to govern all across this nation, in such a way as to eventually bypass the function of the Constitutional federal government.

Americans must realize that our appointed and elected leaders are placing our fate in the hands of subcultures and coalitions that are anathema to the Constitution of the United States. Leadership across this nation has allowed that to happen and Obama has already stated it is his choice as a form of governance. And, so, we wonder why our country does not meet our personal needs in the way it used to?

In our time, we are continuing to witness what happens when we leave God out of our lives and nation. Further, during the last two terms of President George W. Bush, we have witnessed how the Democrats, in particular, and from the halls of Congress to the halls of Wall Street and all areas in between, have fought against the rule of law with a vengeance. They have viciously attacked the Bush Administration's efforts to make America a more secure nation since the September 11, 2001, attack on our homeland.

And the Dems have consistently and very publicly taken every action to undermine this nation's stability in the name of winning the White House at any cost up to and including publicizing what goes on behind the prison walls of Guantanamo Bay where captured enemy combatants are housed. Then they publicly disclosed the military techniques involved with waterboarding during interrogation of various strategic prisoners, where deemed necessary to get vital information to keep us safe and our fighting men and women safer on the battlefield.

They have held open subcommittee meetings with military leaders in front of tv cameras and wanted them to disclose top security information and that speaks for itself. They have been more engrossed with international affairs than domestic while citizens are becoming less important than their own need and greed for money and power.

And, in the midst of our involvement with ongoing, grueling warfare against terrorism across the world, they have pressed for the impeachment of the President and Vice President without grounds, evidence, or rhyme or reason to do so, except for the destruction of the United States of America. How else could it be explained where their actions might possibly make any kind of sense at all? And, no matter how many times their false allegations have been rebutted with facts and truth, even in 2008, they still contend that Al Gore won the Presidential election in 2000 and that John F. Kerry won the Presidential election in 2004.

No doubt 2008 will bring out the worst ever results. If Obama also loses his bid for President this time, the racist component will surely let fly throughout this nation and the world for years to come.

Blunt Force Trauma from the Distaff Side

Although Americans, for the most part, are filled with love, peace, and unity, we are presently a nation at war. And America is a rough and tough nation, when she has to be and when she is led by a Commander in Chief who understands the enormity of that grave responsibility, as does President Bush and Sen. McCain, even moreso than does Sen. Obama.

It is long past the time for Americans to discontinue making suppositions and creating hypotheticals, discourses, lectures, seminars, speeches and even preaching. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., came out of the pulpit long enough to put feet to his faith to stand up and publicly speak out from his recognition of our nation's civic responsibility to its people and our God.

And, if they could, our parents and grandparents (beyond race) would wake up from their graves and die all over again when they saw this weak-kneed, politically correct, compromising generation and wonder how it could have happened since their demise. And they would count as in vain all their shed blood, sweat, tears, broken backs, broken spirits and swollen feet from marching and singing "We shall overcome some day." Just to know that some day is today; and, yet, the falsity of this moment belies the pride and tradition and worthiness due this moment that, instead, slips past unnoticed in the grips of all the fists of black power that has no regard whatsoever for the untimeliness of Obama's moment.

No thought has been given to the fact that he has failed to meet his every obligation along the way to finish what he started (i.e., his term in the Illinois state Senate, his term in the United States Senate, his unanswered questions about his life, and his lack of loyalty to longtime friendships that he had found to be acceptable up until the time he ran for the office of President, when it became politically expedient for him to cast them aside for, perhaps, another day).

In America, our Constitution gives its citizens the rights of a free nation. What it does not do is denigrate our centuries of history. Being tolerant does not mean Americans must tolerate anything or anybody who is INtolerant of our faith in our God and our nation's rule of law. Strike a blow for liberty.

Freedoms afforded to all who come to this nation does not mean that Americans must step aside to allow illegal aliens who refuse to come here as legal immigrants and study to become citizens. Strike a blow for enforcement of legal immigration.

It does not mean Americans must change our nation to capitulate to noncitizens who love their native lands but want to remain in this land and conform their lifestyle to that of the nation they left behind and expect that American citizens should, likewise, adjust to their continuing lifestyle inside of this nation. Strike a blow for citizenship.

It does not mean that Americans must spend billions of dollars to print thousands of pieces of literature and products in hundreds of different languages, when basic English instruction eludes poor Americans who cannot get the time or attention of our government to respond to their needs. Strike a blow for English as our national language for everybody.

It does not mean that either citizens or noncitizens can assemble to trample on, burn, and spit on our flag and advocate the overthrow of this government without facing severe penalties. Strike a blow for patriotism.

It does not mean that God-fearing people will continue to give a wink and a nod to unhealthy lifestyles that allow men to become as women and women to become as men and allow them to then take their dangerous, false ideologies into our classrooms, homes, and churches and teach that it is a decent way of life, when it is not. Strike a blow for the family and the National Mandate of Marriage and civil unions between one man and one woman, called a husband and a wife.

Americans need to unite to put God, prayer, and the Bible back in our schools. Strike a blow for the Judeo-Christian faith in the American life where inclusivity does not infringe on our rights and diversity reverts to inclusion that fosters societal values, traditions, mores, and adherence to the rule of law that has not been mandated by any court in this land.

Americans must see to it that the need is met for our children to once again be taught the fundamentals of the scholastic curricula. They need to be allowed to be children once again and enter into primary education which includes reading, writing, arithmetic, science, social studies, geography, music, and so on, along with learning common respect, common courtesy, and common sense. Strike a blow for life-long education.

Marked in the throes of the battle for the soul of America and worn on the sleeves of every patriot, it shall be written there that America must remain free. And she will be, as we unite to begin striking a blow for peace on our own shores, as an example to the whole world of what true freedom looks like, when it is guided by leaders who know how to properly handle it.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wake Up the White Folk

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Wake up the white folk - Pt. 1

The black folk are on the move! The train is coming through to free everybody. Get onboard!

And, while so many folk are down for the celebration of the possibility of new hope and change that is invested in Barack Obama's candidacy, he is openly celebrating America's downfall, and not his own. His personal and academic backgrounds allude to the fact that he may not even be a friend to this nation and its Godly societal ideals.

Ever since it became legal for blacks to vote, the party of Lincoln has not advocated specifically for only whites to participate in the voting process, as they have been erroneously accused of doing. And, if the Republican Party had tried that in this time, then we know how hard Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, and everybody who comes in the name of black leadership would have called for all of them to resign, if that were possible. And, after having succeeded, they would have further called for the Republicans to apologize on their way out. And, then, as they were leaving Washington, D.C., as only the Republicans would have done, then all of those same black leaders would have led the charge to accuse them of being racists, bigots, anti-immigrant, homophobes, haters, liars, anti-American, and traitors worthy of impeachment and hanging.

Nevertheless, the onus remains with the now Democratic presumptive nominee, Barack Obama, to prove that he is trustworthy and competent to assume, in 2009, over the Republican presumptive nominee, John McCain, the leadership which is inherent in the office of the President of the United States.

Now that I have your attention, let me impress upon you that this is exactly how bold every citizen must respond who loves God and America. We may call this present wartime dilemma a culture war instead of a religious war, but it still remains the war of all wars in our time for it goes to the heart, mind, body, soul and spirit of America both at home and abroad. Moreover, how it is to be fought and won depends upon whether or not Americans will recognize the urgency of engaging this battle and their understanding about how much the outcome depends on how they respond to it, both personally and collectively.

People of every race and hue are finding out daily that Obama is not the promised Messiah his campaign and mesmerized followers have tried to make him out to be. They may point to his charismatic speechifying, magnetic draw of the masses, made-over wife, and overflowing coffers, but, along the way, he is leaving a wide trail of indecision behind him among so many citizens who seek to know what is up ahead for them, as they move closer to the November 2008 general election.

We must keep in mind the seriousness of this political process and how, lest we forget, it must not be viewed as merely some hypothetical game or a test of wills of opponents and their surrogates, as some may suppose. This all-important right is a matter of life and death for too many people; and, therefore, it is imperative that it continues to be guarded against becoming flawed in any way by anyone. It demands from Americans that they choose the very best defender of our constitutional rights and that it is, of necessity, incumbent upon them to find that person to be trustworthy, willing, and competent to keep this sovereign nation strong, free, and proud.

Nobody, whether they serve on the local, state, or national level, who has ever demonstrated the proclivities toward any myopic, closed-minded, skewered view of America, has any business sitting in any seat of authority anywhere in this nation. For, how could they ever instill patriotism, pride, and love of God and freedom in citizens for a nation they, themselves, abhor? It is impossible for them to do so. Therefore, they must not be elected. And, furthermore, if they are already in office, they must be decisively voted out.

For, when we speak up and demand excellence in our leadership, then we shall have it. And this generation and future generations would expect it beyond race, color, or gender. And our nation's creed would remain unconfused and be without question or apology, Judeo-Christian, for our faith informs us and our security in whom we believe enables us to walk beside other faiths without wearing on our persons, bombs.

In 2004, Barack Obama stood before the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and announced to all the world, both inside and outside of that hall, what he proclaimed with great enthusiasm, as follows, "There is no black America. There is no white America. There is no Asian America. There is only the United States of America!"

And the people who heard that proclamation swelled up with pride and showed their agreement by their own enthusiastic applause.

But, that was then and this is now.

That was before 2007, when Obama announced his candidacy to become the first black President of this nation and before he had come so close to becoming the 2008 Democratic presumptive nominee. Underlying all of what has been touted to be his grand, intellectual face to the world, is a definite purpose around his candidacy so sinister that only a sudden jolt will shake loose all his misguided followers from their stupor.

If the American people believe Obama is a man of his word, then what is it about him that makes him advocate for the destruction of American values, traditions, and societal mores while professing to be Christian? And, why have Americans not boldly called for him to give an account for his duplicitous nature in his obvious attempt to negate his Muslim roots and split this nation along racial, religious, and color lines, and for him to work towards severing all connections to the United States Constitution as a free Republic despite his protestation and documentation to the contrary?

Could it be that the American people do not know? Could it mean that Americans are no longer willing to learn all they can about his liberal, left-leaning ideologies which would deliver us into the hands of terrorist nations and, thereby, possibly lead to the destruction of America's greatness? But, only if we stand aside and let it happen.

However it may be perceived will depend upon whose point of view is openly and honestly broadcast throughout this nation and the world. For, there decidedly appears to be a brain drain and common sense is clearly no longer thought to be an integral part of the rubric for American life. But for those who express that view, let me quickly add that not everybody is asleep at the switch.

How could a man whose documented autobiographical past survives to remind us that, notwithstanding his youthful dalliances, he continues to this day to be intricately intertwined in the same machinations of the civil rights era which advocated black power, black nationalism, and black Muslim states within the United States and white people would have no say whatsoever over anything pertaining to blacks.

The philosophical rule of this nation would fast become steeped in Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Muslim, and Islamic ideologies. And as such, there would only be mandated either weakened churches or no God whatsoever.

Take a look around and note how many Muslim and Islamic organizations are being put in place right now as if they are in a holding pattern waiting for January 2009, and the day they believe Obama will be administered the oath of office. And they can count on him to change this government as they wait to hear him say one more time, "Yes we can!"

Obama's past and present friendships have run contrary to the fruitful efforts achieved by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Fannie Lou Hamer, former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and many more who joined them to bring about reconciliation and healing of the racial divide in this nation. Yet, Obama's record stands for the entire world to see the dangers we would face by entertaining even the thought of electing him as the first black male President.

Obama wants Americans to believe he has enough foreign experience based on the fact that he was born in Hawaii, the son of a Muslim Kenya, African, father and white mother from Kansas; subsequently lived with his mother and Indonesian Muslim stepfather in that country and was educated within the Muslim faith when he was six to ten, at which time his mother sent him back to Hawaii to live with her parents. Travel as a child does not count towards having Foreign Service experience in America for purposes of high-level, international discourse with a variety of leaders.

But, where he has a memory lapse, also, is about what was he doing for three weeks in 1981, when he visited Pakistan? His mother lived there for a time during his childhood. And, if he was visiting her, why wouldn't he say so? Has he also forgotten that, in 1981, he lived, however briefly, with a Pakistani roommate when he attended Columbia, University, in New York? And does Obama remember why he visited the Middle East? Somehow, he came up with a sudden memory lapse and cannot provide answers to those questions.

However, as recently as the 2007 Election in Kenya, Africa, between their current President Kibaki and Obama's cousin, Odinga, Obama personally interferred as a United States Senator to impact that foreign political matter by speaking on Odinga's behalf and by contributing a large monetary sum towards Odinga's candidacy.

Obama had been joined in Kenya by Dick Morris and his wife, who had said they were there as pro bono consultants to ensure Odinga's success as a candidate. They failed in the attempt and violence broke out in that nation, because Kbaki retained his Presidency. Morris was run out of the country, but not before he had also contributed a large sum of money towards Odinga's candidacy. When has any ethical person ever helped a client pro bono and then turned around and given money to them?

Despite Morris' widely disseminated videotaped appearance at a Kenyan press conference where he stated his purpose of being in the country was to help Odinga, and further, despite the public circulation of a photograph showing Obama and Odinga together at that time, nevertheless, Obama's presidential campaign has labeled as attacks and smears anybody who has produced evidence to substantiate their allegations about the relationship and funds they left in Africa to support Odinga.

Who is to be believed? Can we not trust our own eyes? More importantly, can we not trust Obama to give us a straight account about why he continues to solicit foreign funds for his political campaign in America?

Obama has defined himself by the company he keeps. And, this brings us to some of the foremost noted figures in Obama's past, present, and future who have remained on track with meeting their objectives to accomplish their goal of putting a black man in the White House who would foster their long-time black agenda, including legislating reparations, acceptance of the black Muslim programs, with the final blow to democracy being the institution of the Islamic rule of Sharia Law, because neither Muslims nor Islamists regard themselves as being under the authority of the Constitution of the United States even while they reside among us.

Obama, along with his wife, Michelle, have had more than enough experience combined with rallying the troops and fundraising just on the basis of their background as professional community organizers and attorneys to help ensure their victory in this election.

Both served as co-founders of the Public Allies Corporation in Chicago, Illinois, and Obama was a Board member until his wife became executive director in 1993. The website states that it is an "American nonprofit dedicated to youth leadership development, founded in 1992 by Vanessa Kirsch and Katrina Browne in Washington, DC." The introduction goes on to state their core values are "collaboration, continuous learning, diversity/inclusion, focus on assets, and integrity." And they have apprenticeships to join other nonprofits to work together in groups of "6-12 people."

Their having ready-made access to network with such vast community organizations such as this with locations in key political states around this nation, gives them an advantage heads and shoulders above John McCain and the rest where they would, themselves, have no need to ask for the services of the so-called 527 lobbyist corporations to rally volunteers or solicit election contributions on their behalf. What's more, all such organizations could still work on their behalf and, yet, remain apart from their campaign reporting, which is compiled by the Federal Election Commission, which also has oversight of federal election campaigns.

During Obama's primary campaign, Minister Louis Farrakham endorsed his candidacy on behalf of the Nation of Islam, which he heads. As a result, Obama hurriedly renounced that endorsement just as he had earlier renounced and denounced Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., his former pastor, of the Trinity United Church of Christ. Furthermore, when the New Black Panther organization endorsed Barack Obama's candidacy, they were, likewise, told by the Obama campaign that they would not accept their endorsement. And, with that, their ad was removed from the Obama website. However, they have vowed to remain supportive of the Obama bid for President. Those organizations are located in Chicago, Illinois, where Obama has lived and worked for over the past 20 years.

Minister Farrakhan sounded a clear clarion call for the black man, when he wrote to influence the black Muslims and their advocates to "evolve from the limited vision of the founding fathers and repudiate that vision...or say that the darker people will never be respected as equals inside of this nation." [He was speaking in America about America].

Farrakhan is a longtime friend of Obama and he also said, "America lies on her deathbed, is in dire need of guidance and a new direction. America is steadily on the decline. Her economy is faltering, her public schools are failing, maintaining the health of American people has proven too costly, crime is rampant, her sense of morality seems to have been lost and in general the whole future of the country has become a big question." quoted: A Torchlight for America, by Min. Louis Farrakhan. 1993.

There is no way that anybody can convince me that all those who advocate for separation of the races and creation of a black nation can for so long withhold their cooperation while they leach off this nation and then blame America for their vile situation. (Speaking to the brothers). Hear me!

There is no way I can be persuaded that anybody, regardless of their race, creed, and gender can come on these shores and bring their problems with them, and, yet, hold this nation solely responsible.

Although, many in black leadership have stepped up and claimed to have the solution, unfortunately, too many have also kept this nation bound to the race problem and it has been made into a cottage industry -- lucrative for everybody but the people who stand in line waiting for aid in America. So, if the black leaders have solutions who get their grants and budgets assuredly from this federal government, now is the time.

For, if you know the solutions but respond only with the problems, then it is you who are in the wrong and not America! And we are fed up with shuckers and jivers and schemers and connivers. We do not have to accept everything and anything that comes down the pike. We demand your best, because America deserves no less.

Obama's campaign offices are headquartered in Chicago and he recently moved the entire Democratic National Committee Headquarters (DNC) into his offices there, with the blessings from the current head of the DNC, Howard Dean. And, just think, he isn't even President, yet. But already he is running ahead of himself, even going so far as to create a brand new Presidential Seal for himself.

Somebody needs to remind him that this nation has only one President at the time, and his name is George W. Bush. Didn't he hear him tell the nation that he was not going to be a lame duck President? And, where is Congress in all of this outrageously unethical and unprofessional show before the whole world? We can do better! And we must!

Obama and his wife and aides no doubt hope to get away with what I see as them trying to dupe Americans. And they will get away with it, unless Americans of every hue - and especially white -wake up and all say, together, with one loud voice, "No way! Not in America the land that we love!"

And, unless that is done, then Americans can keep going along with Obama's not-so-hidden agenda filled with deception and destruction only to rue the day that they refused to hear or speak out against him and his plans to change America but without their consent.

See also:
Wake Up the White Folk - Part 2, July 2, 2008. Copyright (c) 2008 by Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Read Part 2 Here:  http://www.voiceink.blogspot.com/2008/07/wake-up-white-folk_02.html
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Banned on Free Republic Site

"Don't Shoot the Messenger.
Because she can take it."
-Rev. Lainie Dowell

It happened like this --

I signed onto Free Republic (FR) in good faith and posted an excerpt from my first article on July 2, 2008. It is entitled, "Wake Up The White Folk." The FR-automated response said it was being sent for review. Later, I searched for it there but couldn't find it. I finally logged into my FR account without any problem. Then I found their message there that my account had been revoked.

No reason was given. No questions asked. No efforts made by FR to contact me, about any problems with my article. No available FR contact link.

My article at FR was about Americans, Obama, and the upcoming election. Moreover, another group had previously posted my articles at FR apparently without any problems, because they were well read by FR visitors.

Its hard to know what FR guidelines are, because I have come across many, many offensive posts that were allowed to remain on their site. I do not consider my article to have been in that category.

Since FR collects donations online and offline, from posters, as a private organization, it seems they should be held accountable for their business practices and ethics; namely to include access to a contact, an explanation about why they have taken certain actions against members, and making available to them some means of redress.

I can take it. And, apparently, the people who are running Free Republic must believe they are immune from citizens' responses to call them to be accountable for their responsibilities. And now that I am aware of the situation, I am involved, too, in calling for action against Free Republic.

However, that vile experience lets me know just how vulnerable all American citizens are, because it takes just one pull of whatever switch by any abusive person of any authority and oversight and Americans who are gathered around any issue either from over long distances or near to one another, would once again become an individual, isolated voice. And as an individual, they would be surrounded by big (or small) abusive people who have total control over every method of how people are able to exercise responsible (and even abusive) free speech.

Americans have too often taken this right for granted, because it is so liberally distributed to all by the United States Constitution. That is, until others arbitrarily determine for themselves they can take it away and the legal avenues of redress support them instead of those who have been deprived by them of those rights, with impunity.

I certainly hope and pray that I won't ever have that as a true charge against me.

Something to think about on the Fourth of July, 2008.

God bless you.
God bless America.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wake Up the White Folk2

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

This is an expanded version of "Wake Up the White Folk" Pt 1

The black folk are on the move to the White House without you! And they act as if they don't care how they're going to get there or how many "good" friends they're forced to leave behind no matter what their race or color.

As offensive as this subject on race might sound in relation to Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), there is no way around it. This is the 10-ton gorilla in the room and it is led by the man who once said he did not want to make race an issue during this election.

At a recent televised awards program aired on Black Entertainment Television Network (BET), the hip hop mogul and Obama supporter, Sean "Puffy" Combs (i.e., P. Diddy), stepped up to the microphone and, with an up raised fist, repeatedly shouted "Obama or Die!" That was a parody of his youth voter registration slogan, "Vote or Die!" But, the audience there was made up predominently of black celebrities, and most of them responded to P. Diddy's lead as if they were at a political rally instead of being out for a glamorous evening of celebration.

We can see that people of different races have gathered en masse to celebrate new hope and change through Obama's candidacy for President. And they are prepared to fuel his campaign with millions of dollars. However, there are just as many people who have remained skeptical about him and his yet-to-be articulated plans for this nation should he be elected President. Some are cynical about the possibility of him ever being elected. And they do not hesitate to say so.

Obama's young, trusting face he tries to present to the world instead comes across, somehow, in a way which makes him suspect as if he had a sinister purpose in mind for Americans. And, his plans may be so entrenched in the outcome of this election that only a sudden jolt will be able to shake loose his misguided followers and awaken them from their charismatically-induced stupor. On the other hand, not everybody is asleep at the switch, which is to say the real Obama should step up instead of him switching his positions, as he finds them to be politically expedient.

People deserve to know exactly where he stands on the issues of military war and justice, taxation, poverty, high costs of gas and oil, Rowe vs. Wade and same-sex relationships which continue to be headed for the U.S. Supreme Court, and the deterioration of our schools and food warehouses, health care, churches, and so much destruction of our infrastructures and work ethics. And, as long as this nation is at war against Islamafacists and radical terrorists, then everybody has to stay vigilant to guard against attempts by those who would try to destroy this nation regardless of their race, color, creed or religious and political affiliation.

And, although we may call this present dilemma a culture war instead of a religious war, it remains to be seen as the war of all wars in our time, because it revolves around the survivability of this nation. And, that is why this election goes to the heart, mind, body, soul and spirit of America, both at home and abroad.

Therefore, if anybody, including Obama, as he has come on the political scene and tried to do so many times, would act to shut the people's mouths against speaking out and being heard on any matter, then this war being waged at home against Americans is already lost. Without freedom of speech and the expectation of truth, there can be no trust. And, without trust, there can be no dependability. Furthermore, without dependability, there is no character.

We are inundated with poll-driven prognostication from every direction, and we must remember the seriousness of our constitutional right to vote. We can no longer afford to view this process as a hypothetical game or a test of wills of opponents and their surrogates. This is no less true particularly among newly recruited youth voters and some newcomers to America, if they decide to vote on the basis of race rather than to take time to determine who would be the best candidate to elect for President based on character , experience, and yes, faith, and patriotism for this nation and her people.

Even as we prepare for this election, liberal cable tv news pundits and various religious leaders, foreign nations and, Hamas, are telling us who our next President will be, based on projected polling. And, invariably, they point to Obama as their candidate despite empty ballot boxes waiting to be filled with the names and political affiliations of many more candidates who, also, want to stand for that honor.

Included among them is the Republican candidate and presumptive nominee and frontrunner, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Yet, his name, qualifications, and national platform are being disparaged by Obama surrogates. And his campaign is rarely covered. The media have already counted him out and Obama in. And, by doing that, they have driven this election right up to the finish line even though we are nowhere near to the official election deadline.

Furthermore, what kind of changes in the law can we expect from an Obama administration? Democratic legislators, such as Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), a Muslin and long-time friend of Obama, are advocating for same-day election registration laws. However, if such laws were to be passed, they could throw the doors wide open to advance voter fraud, political corruption, laxer laws overall. And that would signal the end of this Republic, as we know it.

In addition, Ellison plans to propose a bill which would make it mandatory for everybody to vote on a specially designated day! The operative words here are, "mandatory for everybody." But, so many election staffs are short-handed that volunteers can hardly keep up identifying legitimate voters who registered in a timely manner.

Senator Barack Obama Comes on the National Scene

On July 27, 2004, a then, little-known state Sen. Obama stood before the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in the Boston, Massachusetts, Fleet Center, where he enthusiastically proclaimed in a keynote address for all the world to hear, the following, "There's not a liberal America and a conservative America -- there's the United States of America. There's not a black America and white America and latino America, and Asian America; there's the United States of America!" (source: Barack Obama, the politics of hope, Copyright (c) 2008 by William Michael Davis, OTTN Publishing, Stockton, NJ, pp. 10-11).

People who listened to Obama's proclamation swelled up with pride and showed their agreement by their enthusiastic applause. And, that was also when the die was cast and he was picked to become the 2008 Democratic candidate for President. Moreover, his presence at that 2004 DNC convention overshadowed that year's Presidential nominee, Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA), who went on to lose his bid for president that same year to the current President George W. Bush.

But that was then and this is now.

That was before February 2007, when Obama officially announced his candidacy and gave his assurance that he would become the first black President of this nation. And, despite all of that, people of every race are still finding out that he is not the promised Messiah that his campaign and mesmerized followers try to make him out to be.

The onus remains with Obama to prove that he is trustworthy and competent enough to assume the leadership which is inherent in the office of President for all Americans. Obama has further defined himself by the company he keeps. And this brings us to some of the foremost noted figures in his past, present, and future who have remained on track with meeting their own objectives to accomplish through him their long-time goal of putting a black man into the White House who would foster their own black agendas, including fostering legislation of reparations for what they view as the sin of whites for enslaving blacks, the acceptance of this nation by legislation of the black Muslim programs fostered by Min. Louis Farrakhan and the New Black Panthers, and with legislation as the final blow to democracy being the institution of the Islamic rule of Sharia Law in America instead of the Muslims' adherence to America's Constitutional rule of law and respect for American biblical authority.

That scenario is possible, because neither Muslims nor Islamists regard themselves as being under the authority of the United States constitution, and that includes Rep. Ellison. And, even though billions of Muslims work and reside in America, there continues to be an ongoing movement to change the legislative and judicial system to accommodate a separate form of their own government and implementation of their own laws.

Political Ramifications of the Islamic Community and the Western World

Everywhere the Muslim people live in this nation and in the world, their advocates have applied pressure on the courts and legislators to make that community strictly conform to meeting their own religious and political needs even to the exclusion of American Jurisprudence. And, in too many instances, many in leadership have helped to contribute to their Islamic plans and they have capitulated, which has resulted in a serious breach with regards to the American foundational truths. Consequently, our citizenry is forced to have to suffer in silence, because they feel the Islamic religious squeeze with impunity and without their having any avenues of redress to alleviate their sense of injustice committed towards Americans.

Even more devastating is the realization that, within the Islamic community in this nation and abroad, their economic system mandates that whatever property they purchase is done legally in the name of Allah and without taxation. The implications for that is widespread, when we consider there are billions of Muslims or Islamists who adhere to that principle, which amounts to America being sold out even as Americans feel the pinch in their own wallets. And, this is all being done in the name of freedom and compassion and respect for foreigners? But at what cost?! And what part does the DNC, Sen. Barack Obama, and all of his friends play?

"O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." -Anon.

Obama's past and present friendships have run contrary to the fruitful efforts achieved by so many black and white citizens such as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fannie Lou Hamer, former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and the white founders of the NAACP, and so many more people who joined that movement to bring about reconciliation and healing of the racial divide in this nation. Yet, Obama's record stands for all the world to see the dangers we would face by entertaining even the thought of electing him as the first black male President of this nation.

Both Obama and Michelle, his wife, have more than enough combined experience at rallying volunteers and fundraisers to ensure victory for them in this election, based on their long-time careers as professional community organizers and attorneys.

Moreover, both served as co-founders of the Public Allies Corporation in Chicago, Illinois. Barack Obama was a Board Member until his wife became the executive director in 1993. The Allies website states that it is an "American nonprofit dedicated to youth leadership development. Founded in 1992 by Vanessa Kirsch and Katrina Browne in Washington, D.C." The introduction goes on to state their "core values are collaboration, continuous learning, diversity/inclusion, focus on assets, and integrity." And it further states that they have "apprenticeships to join other nonprofits to work together in groups of '6-12 people.' "

Take note that, for their community organizing language, "Assets," means vast coalitions of people who remain at their immediate beck and call.

Therefore, this political couple who have publicly feigned ignorance in the ways of "Washington politics," have already established more than enough ready-made access to networks via vast numbers of unions and community organizations through Allies, which have established many locations in key political states throughout this nation. And, that immediate access to "assets" gives them a considerable advantage over McCain's candidacy and organization not only for this year but also for years to come, even as both of the Obamas continue to recruit young people to join up with their various organizations following their graduation "to volunteer to do community service."

Furthermore, whereas the Obamas might not need to call on any so-called 527 organizations for services or from lobbyist groups, those organizations could take it upon themselves to help out the Democratic campaign to rally many more volunteers and to help solicit political funds on their behalf. What's more, all such 527 organizations could still work on their behalf and, yet, somehow remain apart from their campaign reporting compiled by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), which exercises ongoing oversight of all federal election campaigns.

Obama's state and federal campaign offices are headquartered in Chicago, and he recently moved the entire DNC headquarters into his offices there, with the blessings of the current head of the DNC, Howard Dean.

Obama isn't even President, yet. But already he is running ahead of himself. He even went so far as to have a brand new Presidential seal created for him and he blatantly displayed it during a speech he delivered to the governor's meeting, which gave rise to thinking his intentions are to also go ahead and try to unilaterally change this nation's constitution. However, because of the hue and cry from "Right"-thinking citizens and others of good will, his campaign scrapped that idea and put his seal away. At least for now.

How could Obama's life have remained so intricately interwined with the same machinations of others who marched during the civil rights era but to advocate for black power and black nationalism, as well, with their call for the creation of a black Muslim state housed within the United States in which white people would have no say over anything pertaining to blacks?

Even now, there are many Muslim and Islamic organizations in America and abroad who are in place as if they are in a holding pattern waiting for January 2009, for the day that they believe Obama will be the one who is administered the oath of office as President. And those organizations are counting on Obama to change this government as he tried to change the Presidential Seal to say, instead of "Out of Many, One," to "Yes We Can."

Whereas ordinary citizens might have seen subtle changes in this nation's ideals, as being covert, the philosophical rule of America has fast become steeped in overt Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Islamists and other foreign ideologies. And, as such, this nation has come under the ongoing mandate for either weakened churches or no God whatsoever. Where is the proof of that, you might ask? Ask any preacher.

And much of this change to take this from a nation that adheres to Judeo-Christian principles to near atheistic proportions has taken place within our educational systems spurred on by instructors who understand that any change of a nation begins when an entire generation of children is indoctrinated with new ideas that run counter to that nation's past societal values, no matter how Godly that nation is. And, so, begins the national breakdown more often than not, by teaching the youth to turn away from the Godly morals of that nation until it is stripped clean of that nation's God.

"And they have exchanged the truth for a lie."

Minister Louis Farrakhan, Black Muslims, The New Black Panthers, and Islamists

Minister Louis Farrakham, as head of the Nation of Islam and a friend to Sen. Obama, endorsed his candidacy during the 2008 primary campaign. As a result, Obama was forced to both renounce his endorsement and to denounce him at the instigation of Sen. Hillary Clinton, just as Obama had previously been forced to renounce a message preached by Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., his former pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ.

Furthermore, after the New Black Panther organization (NBP) had endorsed Barack Obama's candidacy they, too, were told by the Obama campaign that they would not accept their endorsement. And, shortly thereafter, their ad was removed from the official Obama website. However, the head of the NBP has vowed to remain supportive of Obama's candidacy for President.

Min. Louis Farrakhan sounded a clear clarion call in 1993, which he continues to send out for the black man, where he wrote to influence the black Muslims and their advocates to "evolve from the limited vision of the founding fathers and repudiate that vision . . . or say that the darker people will never be respected as equals inside of this nation." Farrakhan was speaking in America to black Americans about America.

Farrakhan, had also written at that time, "America lies on her deathbed, is in dire need of guidance and a new direction. America is steadily on the decline. Her economy is faltering, her public schools are failing, maintaining the health of American people has proven too costly, crime is rampant, her sense of morality seems to have been lost and in general the whole future of the country has become a big question." (quoted: A Torchlight for America, Copyright (c) 1993 by Min. Louis Farrakhan.)

During the time of that book's publication, America was under the administration of President Bill Clinton. However, Farrakhan holds to that assessment today even as he has been known to have travelled from Cuba, to Libya, to Chavez and other nations outside of America to solicit money to prop up his own organization.

Let me talk to the brothers to say there is no way anybody can convince me that all those black separatists who still advocate for separation of the races and creation of their own black nation can for so long withhold their own national cooperation and yet leach off this nation and then turn around and blame America for their vile situation.

And, there is no way that I can be persuaded that anybody, regardless of their race, creed, and gender can come onto these shores and bring their many problems with them, and, yet, try to hold this nation solely responsible for whatever happens to them apart from whatever this government does to try to help alleviate their situation.

Without a doubt, I am sure Americans can acknowledge that there are so many in black and white leadership who have stepped up and claimed to have the solution to these racial problems in hand. Unfortunately, too many of them have also kept this nation bound to the race problem and they have made it into a cottage industry that is lucrative for everybody but the people who are standing in line waiting for aid in America. So, if either the black or the white leaders have solutions to dispense, as they get their grants and budgets assuredly from this federal government, then now is the time for them to step up and hand out solutions to finally make a difference.

For, if they do know what the solutions are, and have them in hand but choose to respond only with the problems, then they are the ones who are in the wrong and not America and they need to know that, too!

Americans, as a nation, are fed up with shuckers and jivers and schemers and connivers. We do not have to accept everything and anything that comes down the pike. And, when we stand to demand excellence in our leadership, then we shall have it. And, this generation and future generations would expect it beyond race, color, or gender. And our nation's creed would remain unconfused and be without question or apology, Judeo-Christian.

We must demand the best, because America deserves no less. And, until Americans of every hue - and especially white - wake up and all Americans say together with one loud voice -- No way. Not in America the land that we love will you tear it down!

Unless Americans take positive action, they can expect to keep going along with Obama and the rest of this nation's leadership with their not-so-hidden agendas. And, they can watch as they quickly change this nation by deception such that they will rue the day that they refused to hear and speak out against it. Moreover, all those who are allowed to escalate their plans to change America into an economical one world, global society, with Islamic underpinings, would not stop to ask for your opinion in the matter.

Read Wake Up the White Folk - Part 1 Here:

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


For all who shall enter here who no longer fill their writing instruments with invisible ink and whose tongues remain a ready writer -- ready, willing, and able to think out of the box together. And for those whose creativity is almost mangled and stymied to the point of killing off any of their viable, Godly solutions to this nation's ongoing problems.

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Obama and Oprah: Talk of the Town

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

The primary campaign of the Presidential Election 2008 may be over but the decision is still undetermined as to who the official nominee will be. Can we agree that a lot can happen to effect this outcome between now and the Democrat convention to be held in Denver this August? For example, the Republicans will begin in earnest to press their own platform and candidate, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), as the next President.

President George W. Bush may not be considered "the people's choice," but he surely must be God's choice. And, despite outcries to the contrary, Americans had better be thankful that he was in office when September 11, 2001, struck and woke Americans to the crucial need for us to consider taking drastic measures to stop the worldwide agenda of terrorists to destroy this nation, Israel, and western civilization, as we know it. And he led the way.

The Democrats have come closer to choosing a nominee, but the Obama-Oprah questions persist. Despite her long-standing resolve to not publicly endorse any one candidate, Oprah decided to step upon the stage during the primary campaign and supported Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) in his bid for the White House. And, in her own bold, inimitable way, she proceeded to take Obama, a virtual unknown on the national scene, and turn the spotlight on him.

But, whenever you add Oprah to the mix, then what you get is a massive following that appears to be both unstoppable and unbeatable. After all, it has not been that many years ago that people were encouraging her to throw her hat into the ring; but she declined. She chose to remain at the helm of her own multimillion dollar company, Harpo Productions.

That was then and this is now. Ever since her grandiose endorsement of Obama, so much has been made of him being a man who is able to gather the masses like a Pied Piper even when Oprah does not show up on the campaign trail with him. But you must remember, he is also trained as a professional community organizer and that is what he does best. He has talked his way out of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ and Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., pastor, straight into the hallways of Harpo Productions; and, from there, he is headed in the direction of the White House while still being a virtual unknown entity.

During the mid-1980s, Obama and Oprah met in Chicago, Illinois, when they attended the church where their former pastor, Rev. Wright, recently retired and is the Pastor Emeritus.

Oprah and her followers have treated Obama like a man from out of the Chicago wilderness-like environs of life who has come draped in this radiant light of awakening. And, for the most part, he has proceeded to wake up quite a following of his own. But, if the nation did not know who he was before, then a whole lot less is known about him now - by design. The lingering problem about him is that not nearly enough is known to entrust him with the keys to the White House and the security codes which are revealed to only the Commander-in-Chief, who is charged with defending this nation.

We have Oprah to thank for that. She plucked him out from among the dissenting Democrat stables, anointed him, crowned him with her many riches that surround her empire, and gave him a hefty push in the direction of the White House, as only a noted, wealthy, black female entrepreneur could do. And she called out to ask -- Is he the one? Is he the one?

And then Oprah stood firmly pressed into the mike and boomed, "I do believe that he is the one!" And the one and only Obama stepped forth to the adulation of the crowd while grinning ear to ear after she called his name and crowned him for all to see, as the next President OBAAAMAAA!!!!

But, hold on a second. There is nothing in our Constitution that says we have to elect a candidate based on their race, skin color, or for that matter, gender. Perhaps, sometime or another this nation might digress and that might become the case, but not in my lifetime. This country has come too far to be recognized as the strongest nation in the free world to allow either black or white racial pride or gender to get in the way of how we elect the best possible candidate to lead this nation especially at a time of war.

Moreover, between Oprah's decision and her endorsement, we have not found out that much more about the man, because his story keeps changing. But, in the fulness of time, the seal was broken. And it was not Obama who did it. As we watched with baited breath, the facade was lifted, when the media obtained access to a YouTube video showing Obama's now former pastor, Rev. Wright, preaching his usual fiery sermon about how hateful and evil this country and President Bush are. I mean, he could do nothing right for this country to let Rev. Wright preach it.

Nevertheless, Obama and Oprah are the talk of the town, as they find themselves in the middle of a mess of their own making. This past year and throughout the primary campaign, Obama was losing the all-important popular vote and delegate count to his co-candidate, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

She was more experienced and was hailed to be the frontrunner from the Democrat camp. He, on the other hand, was less so and a newcomer on the national political stage. But, he came with the game plan in hand, which was to say nothing and do nothing to draw attention to himself and let the media enable him to continue to slip under the radar of journalistic scrutiny. It worked for months until the now infamous video opened up the floodgates. However, instead of sinking Obama's "Ship of State" early on, it propelled him to sail on with even more confidence; and, yet, he was still all wet behind the ears.

But for the fact that Obama is a black man who has endeared himself to so many of the white voters, female in particular, he could not have become presumptive nominee for President of the United States.

At the same time, we remember how Geraldine Ferraro was raked over the coals for making a similar statement during the primary. That ought to alarm every American as a foretaste of things to come in the form of censorship regarding any future discussions about Obama or his family and friends.

Despite what it now appears to be, many outraged voices are rising across this country against the Obama-Oprah-Democrat campaign to rush to seat him as their candidate. And, as Oprah watches her media ratings plummet, she must be aware that her star is fading fast among her own faithful following.

When she chose Obama over Clinton, many of her white female viewers said they felt betrayed, because she backed the inexperienced black male candidate instead of the white experienced female during this historic time.

Nevertheless, the two "Os" have kept their counsel and their drumbeat continues to go forth to make Obama the Democrat nominee. Their rush to judgement overlooks any statesman-like demeanor on the political stage; and it is, perhaps, symptomatic of the nation clamoring for change. But what kind of change? And when?

It appears that Obama may have edged Clinton out of the Presidential race, but his own star is on the decline, as well. He has secretly worked from behind the scene, to rush the all-important nomination process in his favor.

During the recent televised deliberations of the Democrat Rules Committee (DRC), upon the appeal by Sen. Clinton, the Michigan contingency admitted Obama voluntarily took his name off the ballot and citizens were told to write in "Uncommitted." That was done to deliberately deter Sen. Clinton's gains during that primary.

During that DRC meeting to consider whether or not to seat the earlier discounted delegates of Florida and Michigan and to give them a vote at the Denver Convention in August, Donna Brazille, a superdelegate and member of the DRC, reminded those gathered that if the DRC gave Obama any delegates from Michigan when he had voluntarily removed himself from their ballot and, also, to then take four of Clinton's delegates and give them to Obama, as Brazille said, "That is cheating." Stay tuned!

Is Obama the man for all seasons? Or is he really the man for all reasons depending on the question he is asked? Where did he come from? It takes an Atlas to research his genealogical background. Why has he failed to give more than platitudes and canned speeches? And why are masses of people content to feed on his stump spiel that he can bring change and hope rather than to demand from him substantial responses on the issues facing this nation now and for years to come? Indeed, can he even be trusted to give a truthful response based on prior researched documentation?

Citizens must remain free to demand a more substantive answer without being labelled as bigots, racists, detractors, and haters by either the Obama faction or the media. And, yet nothing has come from either Obama, Oprah, the media, or the masses which would satisfy the need to find him credible and trustworthy for such a sobering responsibility as leader of the free world.

In the words of singer, Bonny Raitt, Let's give them something to talk about.

The truth is, everytime anyone raises a question for this man who would be President to respond, either Obama or one of his surrogates steps up to either change the subject or else blur the issue at hand and run out the clock to leave it hanging. But what we need for them to do is to call for Obama to address so many of these unanswered questions.

For example, Why did Obama remain under Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.'s pastorate for so long without speaking out against him preaching racist rhetoric or else leaving that church until recently, after he was forced to do so but without fully distancing himself?

Why did Obama publicly disinvite his pastor's participation to announce his candidacy for President; and, yet, fail to inform the public that he and his family had already prayed and received Rev. Wright's blessings immediately before they went before the cameras?

Why has Obama maintained close friendships with known and admitted terrorists, such as William Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn?

Why does Obama continue to say that he and his wife, Michelle, entered into questionable (i.e., "bone-headed") real estate transactions with Tony Rezko and his wife, Rita, when he was in the Chicago state legislature and both Obama and Michelle are lawyers?

Why has Obama refused to publicly acknowledge and reveal the part he played with Rev. Wright and Minister Louis Farrakhan to organize the 1995 Million Man March, since he is also a trained professional organizer himself?

Why did Obama personally approach his Chicago friend, Dr. Conrad Worrill, of the National Black United Front, and ask for his support both during his 2004 campaign for the state legislature (IL) and his 2008 bid for President, knowing his ongoing position on black power and black unity to the exclusion of white people?

Why does Obama continue to say that he never was a Muslim, when he has left a long paper trail to the contrary?

What is Obama's relationship to his friend, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), black Muslim in Congress who has made no secret of his bold agenda to foster lawful incorporation of the Islamic Qur'an and, thereafter, Sharia law upon Americans as the law of this land, after his already having had a resolution passed in Congress to celebrate a month of Ramadan? And this nation needs to know what they both know about their friend Minister Louis Farrakhan's black Muslim agenda or the Islamic plans of Rep. Ellison waiting in the wings to present to Congress.

Wait a minute, I just said something. Don't let that go by so quickly.

Why does Obama resolve to press for permanent adoption of the policies which are anathema to societal traditions and mores of the majority of this nation's citizenry (e.g., pro-life abortions, same-sex laws of all types, withdrawal of military from theaters in the Middle East and elsewhere, higher taxes, less national security, destruction of family and Judeo-Christian values, and censorship of first amendment rights to individual free speech and the Christian community, in particular)?

What are Obama's plans, if he should become President? Both he and his wife are already showing us what is in store but are we paying attention? Does he intend for him and his wife to host a White House gathering of all their friends he was forced to drop along the way in order to satisfy and to get by white voters as a bloc?

What this nation needs are more journalists who will persist in compiling and reporting the whole story this side of Obama's run for the White House. If not, then we face not only Obama's possible nomination and election but also at least four to eight years of leadership under a man who is an ill-prepared, inexperienced, political wannabe who has only his own interests at heart. And what that might be, he is keeping close to the vest.

I am not yet in total agreement with many of the policy positions of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); but, as of this moment, he is still the last great hope for keeping our nation on its Constitutional path that our Founding Fathers envisioned for us centuries ago. McCain seems to understand that change for change sake which could possibly involve the dismantling of this entire Republic is not the answer that we are willing to live with or have our children live to become accustomed to sometime down the road.

This year seems to present a failure of up and coming leadership. And, if the truth be told, we would admit that we do not have great choices in this all-important election. But, our best chance is with that person who has long demonstrated the most experience; the most impressive legislative track record; the ability to reach across the aisle without compromising this nation's ideals; and the one who is the most passionate and trustworthy about defending our God-given American values, traditions, and beliefs.

As we go forth, what we do know is that Obama's agenda, if kept hidden, is not intended to mean this nation any good. But, hey! He would be the first black man in the White House. But, is he the one?

More people than not are responding with a loud and resounding, "No!"
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Minn. Rep. Ellison & U.S. Security

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, An Obama Ally.

They May Be Jeopardizing U.S. Security For The Sake Of Islam

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

How much information is too much information when a nation is at war to publicly disclose about our on-going attempts to achieve a resolute victory over terrorists?

Congressman Keith Ellison, a relatively unknown figure from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was elected to the U.S. Congress and took office January 4, 2007. He lays claim to being the first African-American from his state and the first Muslim to be seated in Congress. He was accepted by Americans, but he has not yet accepted America as his nation. Nevertheless, when anybody raises questions about his loyalty to America, Ellison is quick to label his critics as being bent on smearing his religion. But what about the man?

Every American has the right, the obligation and, indeed, the duty to scrutinize anyone who sits so close to the secrets that keep America safe without their being labeled as bigots. All because it is fashionable, it is not the American way to stifle debate.

When Ellison says, on the one hand, that he accepts his duty to God and country, we have to wonder which God and which country. Ellison created a controversy when he insisted upon being sworn in to Congress by placing his hand on the Koran. That's fine. However, his close affiliation with Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam brings into question his loyalties. This should be a legitimate concern for all Americans. Ellison also has a known history of working with CAIR, [Council on American-Islamic Relations] a covert organization with a substantial record indicating the group launders terrorist's money, resulting in members being deported or arrested with some receiving jail sentences.

Ellison is known to have been--and still is--unapologetically committed to the cause of Islam. Radical Islam's stated purpose is to subvert the American form of government and its Judeo-Christian values and bring in its stead, an Islamic nation to America. The largest mosque in Northern America is located in Dearborn, Michigan, which is the birth state of Ellison and where he lived before taking up residence with his family in Minnesota.

Ellison is a spokesman for and advocate of the Muslim move in America to increase their participation in the political arena by offering Islamic groups' political training. Their purpose is not to uphold the Constitution of the U.S. and defend; in fact, their intent is to discard it and replace it with their own form of Sharia law.

Even though Ellison is now serving as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Ellison has failed to understand how protective Americans are of this nation's history and purpose. Many voices have been raised against his taking office and have been ignored by the mainstream media, because of political correctness surrounding the Islamic question, which is not totally the issue.

Those voices were correct, when you stop to consider that Ellison has had no compunction of posting on his congressional website, for all to see, the deliberations concerning whether or not the U.S. military will be pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan, the projected timetables of deployment, the funding and the total lack of support by the Democrats and a few Republicans for the war against terror. Anybody, especially terrorists, would only have to click a mouse to gain access to all that protects America from its enemies who are waiting and watching for their turn to strike. And, while those enemies are on Ellison's Congressional web site, they can read the map of Iraq posted there, which pinpoints where our Armed Forces are stationed.

Congressman Ellison's web site source url (no longer viable):
ellison.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=26&Itemid=32 *

I think it's important to note Ellison has placed that map of Iraq on his Congressional site along with his ongoing attempts to get the troops "redeployed" and/or pulled out of Iraq and the region. Along with that information, the map shows key points in the country. Many of those identified places have American and coalition military posted there. Along with what terrorists already know, any detail they gleaned, particularly from a congressman, would be enough to get them to thinking how easy it would be to gain access to troop positions. Ellison should know it and all in leadership must know that.

Because of Ellison's stated Muslim position, we are right to be suspicious and question his actions in that regard.

Today's technological and scientific advances have all but obliterated national and international borders. And the World War II slogan, "Loose lips sink ships," should be replaced by reminders for Americans to "Beware of what you post on the Internet."

Our national security, individual peace and societal lifestyle are systematically being weakened from within. We are being undermined as a nation, by calls for much more defense disclosures--mainly from individuals and organizations which make no secret of their desire to see America's downfall, period.

Long before September 11, 2001, we had been given more than sufficient evidence that our nation was being watched by detractors from near and afar. Nevertheless, the nation went about its business of making laws and arguing about who should lead the next administration, Democrats or Republicans.

Meanwhile, we witnessed the on-going destruction of American life and liberty. We watched as families mourned in public because of the vicious, senseless and inexplicable killing of innocent citizens. We recall the many promises of former President Bill Clinton to apprehend the murderers. Yet, they remained free and Americans continued to be vulnerable to their mad plots against us.

Monuments were constructed to commemorate victims of the various attacks and the administration changed hands. America slept in relative peace until that fateful date, September 11, 2001. President George W. Bush, the new leader, was in office only a short while when this disaster occurred, but he took the position America was no longer going to allow another attack without reprisal. And the nation joined with him, to affirm its patriotic resolve to secure not only this nation, but also the world's stage. The "War Against Terror" was on and our brave military men and women voluntarily stepped up to the task.

Why hasn't the Congressional leadership followed suit? There was a shift in leadership which came about because Democrats promised to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan or redeploy them in nations far from harm's way.

Wake up, Congress and Homeland Security! American citizens are calling on you to stand up and protect us at home and abroad from terrorists without and within, but no one seems to be home.

*Ellison's current website url: http://ellison.house.gov/index.php
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