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Saturday, February 28, 2009

ObamaTRAUMA - Silence Screams For Quiet!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Barack Obama told America and the whole world that he was going to "hit the ground running," if he was elected as the next United States President. All I know is he was right. Only thing is, after he was elected, he stumbled on the doorstep on the way into the White House, fell flat face first with his nose down in the Oval Office doorway, and he hasn't gotten up off the floor yet. Apparently, he likes being in that position! He's still hobbling along and trying to drag America down with him. Can't help you there, bud! And I'm not sorry.


What more can we say? Barack Obama has been in office less than two months and, instead of being a boon to the American economy, he is a bane to America's existence, and he is the prime example of why third-world nations are steeped in sickness and poverty. In the same way, Obama is trying hard every day to turn America into an impoverished, sick nation which is reliant upon the government for its very existence and sustenance.  
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Barack and Michelle Obama Are Despot Wannabe's

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Now I will tell you what my late grandmother said about "mess." She said, "I don't mind you (messing) on me; but when you rub my nose in it, you (sic) done gone too far!!"

I came from a long line of strong, black women and loving men. My female ancestors were beautiful, quiet, sweet, Godly, wonderful, and strong. They had mother wit and preferred to remain in the background while helping others to advance. And, that's why we have hesitated to get hooked up in a lot of mess.

Nevertheless, it seemed like we were always being tested and tried by somebody to find out just what kind of stock we came from. That's why we walked alone, and that's how we grew closer to God. We understood that no man or woman could save anybody -- not even themselves. And, when they acted as though they had that kind of power, but didn't, we knew they would usurp it, steal it, and then they would create havoc wherever they went in the world. Americans must not allow havoc to rein anywhere in this nation by anyone who seeks to turn it inside out.

The question I have is "Why do our government leadership and the clergy continue to go along with Barack Obama and the Democratic Party as if they were, themselves, helpless to avert this ongoing train wreck from crashing all over America? Just because Obama is full of himself and has believed his own press releases too much does not mean that we have to humor him in his folly.

Today, while I was browsing in a store in the book section, I spied two books written about Barack Obama which were marketed to the black children. It painted a picture of Obama as a man who had "achieved greatness."

He's only 47 years old -- a year younger than my own oldest daughter, and Obama is nowhere near where he needs to be to run this nation without running it in the ground. For one thing, Obama is too much in to himself. He believes he is the Messiah -- Savior -- only salvation of the world. That, in itself, denotes danger. Yet, our nation is standing by looking on at third-world nations which are in such deplorable conditions while their leaders live in grandiose styles.

It is not altogether unknown that charismatic leaders come along with a gift of gab (written down and judiciously studied speeches delivered for a sinister purpose) and they cajole a reasonably sane nation into believing and accepting their up front scams while they are being robbed blind from behind.

Michelle Obama is now reaching out to Americans. And what message does she have to bring? Today, she stood in front of a governmental agency filled with employees and laughingly told them the following, when she said --

"Michelle needs you. Barack needs you. Sasha and Malia need you. We need you to get busy (volunteering to work for them in the government)." And, then a video clip came on TV showing Obama telling Americans that we have to give up the way we used to live in order to build a new way of life. HUH??!!

Today, when I was watching Michelle on TV, my mind immediately went to the melody of "Don't Cry For Me Agentina!" And every American citizen born and reared in this nation ought to be livid! Congress should be outraged! Governors and Mayors should not be standing with their hands held up, their tongues hanging out, with tears dripping down their faces while begging for Obama to give them anything! Impeach him!

Obama's been in the Office of President for only one month and that's more than enough time for us to know that he does not have good intentions! I am utterly disgusted with hearing people standing around looking lost, scratching their heads, and wondering out loud what's going on in this country. If they really want to know, they'd better take a closer look at where Obama came from --- Africa and Indonesia and the Middle East and all other parts unknown.

America and Great Britain have expended a lot of time, energy, and money into Africa and other nations, especially, in Obama's home of Kenya, Africa. Instead of being grateful, he seeks for whatever purpose known only to him and his allies and God to pull down America. He and his Israeli-Palestinian buddy Rahm Emanuel and their other global "partnerships" along with Michelle Obama are evil. That's what I said. How can anybody smile that much and exude such sinister hatred towards those of us in whose direction they are looking? We know it is true. They just think we are too dumb to know their agenda, particularly after they have told us so many times and showed us, daily, how intently they seek to "change" America and to institute "hope" for dopes.

Since when have any of our Presidents arbitrarily doled out money to banks, corporations, institutions, individuals, etc., having forced the money on many of them despite their refusal to take it in the first instance, and then go back and retroactively try to force them to give the money back? What kind of a mind is at work in the land among us??? Somebody had better find out quick and do something about it.

If Americans are fooled into embracing the Obama Trauma and they back off of their plans to soothe the minds of wary Americans, you can be sure they will come back in America's weakest moment and come back with a vengeance. And, if you think I have lost my mind and that I am the evil one in this hideous scenario, then you are the one who will see that, as evil as many citizens thought Former President George W. Bush and the Republicans were, they have never seen evil until their eyes open too late and they are surrounded in the most constricted way never before known in America's way of life.

It is past time to clearly understand that no person and no organization is given leeway to abuse their authority and to disregard the rule of law and, most of all, to try to single-handedly obliterate the United States Constitution. Even 90-year-old Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVA), a statesman if there ever was one, a Godly man who is not ashamed to say so either on the Senate floor or else anywhere in or out of church, a man who is old enough to know more than Barack Obama will ever know in this life -- stepped up and warned Obama about his attempt to "grab power." During Obama's early time in the U.S. Senate, even Senator John McCain wrote to him and tried to warn him about his trying to run ahead of his time (so to speak). But Obama has brushed all of that aside. He doesn't care. He is money mad and hungry for power at any cost. He believes money and masses of grassroots coalitions, unions, partnerships, and his smooth talk will help him to pull off anything. He has demonstrated that he believes he doesn't have to adhere to our two-party system (Democrat and Republican) or our Constitutional form of government (i.e., Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and the Military).

Barack and Michelle Obama are acting like despot wannabe's, but Americans will never "wannabe" anybody's "has beens," much less theirs.

Wake up! Get up! Stand up! Speak up! Do not Shut up!!

UPDATE -- Confession! (February 27, 2009)
My initial title for this article was, "Barack And Michelle Obama Are Full of CRAP!!!" But I decided to be respectful of their "girls" in the display photo.

I've tried very hard to hold back about how I really feel about the Obamas and their insane agenda, but it doesn't help the readership to downplay how severely the Obama Trauma is impacting America and the world with impunity and without enough accountability or redress. And, I say God bless Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVA) for being the Statesman he is and for actually publicly warning Obama to be careful to stick with the United States Constitution and to not veer in any attempt at a "power grab!"

I've noticed, as well, how many times the media (print, TV, radio, commercials to sell products with his image) have been forced upon the nation's people. Remember how the TV media denied Former President Bush air time? Remember how one state denied him clearance for his motorcade to go through that place on official business? Imagine! But in just one short month, Obama has gotten star treatment and is all over the place.

I am fostering an Impeachment movement, because he came in without any intention of abiding by the Constitution and the oath of office. Not only that, but we still don't really know what Patrick Fitzgerald has on those tapes. Anything involving Blago has to, by implication, also involve Rahm Emanuel and by proximity ---- Barack Obama. They were all in it together in Chicago so why would the American people not now believe that crime involving his Senate seat went all the way up to his greedy hands and obsessive mind?

Finally, Michelle Obama is just as culpable as her husband, because they planned all of this together and it involves Chicago gangland-style politics and international intrigue. When all of it comes to the national audience rather than to pockets of communities -- the entire nation will explode with just as much anger as they did with their warped display of insane love for Obama.

In the final analysis, I perceive that just as many people as Obama has encouraged through his inauguration and installation into the presidency shall be just that many and more people who shall be devastated at their own gullibility for allowing Obama to take them in as he has done.

Until and unless Obama makes a drastic change in his agenda and reverses his policies against America soon, it shall surely come. Watch, for I have told you so beforehand!

Please be sure to read the comment I received from miller51550 and reprinted directly on this site. He had posted it on my article which was also published at Canada Free Press. And, he covers a whole lot in his remarks. Give it a looksee. Give it some thought. Pass it on. Thanks.

God bless you. God bless America.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Republicans Need to Toughen UP!


This is my response to the email Press Release that I received from the MD GOP about the Maryland Republican Chair's response to Barack Obama's speech on Tuesday, February 24, 2009.

Good morning, Mr. Ready,

In re subject email. I do not find it helpful. On the contrary, it is confusing and it does not encourage me to join the Republican Party in their efforts to win back the majority status in the U.S. Congress and White House as a credible political force in the nation. With the Obama Administration, we are up against proven propagandists and liars who have no regard for the Rule of Law (whether God's law or man's law).

The Republican Party has failed to address Obama's ongoing attempts to change our U.S. Constitutional Republic in order to create his own coalition government where the Constitution clearly lays out leadership decisions, to be legal and valid, must come from elected leaders to the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. It pains me no end to see Obama and his Chicago gang disregard, with impunity and without avenues of redress, the way our government is to be run as a Republic in a democratic fashion.

Take for example last night's speech in the joint session of Congress. In accordance with the Constitution, that is not held during an election year no matter what name Obama gives it. Special sessions can be held after Congress passes a law to allow it. We have not heard that was the case. And the passage of that outrageous stimulus-spending bill was allowed to stand even though our Congressional bodies (U.S. House and U.S. Senate) (were) deliberately never given the opportunity to read it before voting and approving it into law. We are now beholden to laws which won't be fully known for months and years to come. How can that bill be legal when they have said our American housing economy is in trouble today, because home owners did not read the papers that were put in front of them years before?

Why hasn't the Republican Party publicly challenged the DEMS and Obama on their agenda to create a one-party system of government? Why hasn't this party publicly backed Rep. Jack Kingston (R) who recently made the point. Get behind him and Republicans like him. Help their voices to be heard, too, and without apology!

And, if Obama gave an "excellent" speech but had failed to -- at the same time -- render viable solutions to our crushing problems in the nation, as the Maryland Chair, Jim Pelura, says, then I find that foregoing adjective to have been misleading and dishonest (i.e., the term, "excellent.") We need people in and around government who will tell the truth and stick to it (when it is truth) rather than to play word games with people's lives -- and that certainly also includes Barack Obama, who has said on several occasions that this "is a game" and that "We know how to play the game." But when dealing with the livelihood and nurture of citizens, it is no game and the rules don't need to keep changing from the outset, as we are seeing occurring more often than not.

We cannot fight liars with truth, if we keep agreeing in the midst of their (proven) lies. They could care less about how they win and will say and do whatever they have to so that they will win at any cost. It is time for those in leadership to say what they mean and mean what they say. Meekness does not mean weakness. But weakness will be slapped down, however it is perceived. We need strong leadership --- and that even includes from RNC Chair Michael Steele who seems to want to dumb down the Party line for the sake of acquiring more bodies. We have become the laughingstock of the political arena (whether it is warranted or not).

We are in a fight for truth, rights, God, life, the United States of America and citizens' security. At the very least, we need to hear strength coming from the Party instead of meally-mouthed statements of capitulation to DEMS' wrong acts and no matter which segment of society it comes from. Personally, I am fed up with only getting requests for money and finding, in return, a closed Republican organization that can't seem to find either its legs or voice in a fierce battle while ignoring those of us who want to -- and do -- use ours. You have a lot of people just waiting for the signal to get in the fight. But it has yet to come.

The message I get is to shut up and sit down and keep quiet. That's not the way to rally the troops who will volunteer to do the leg work in order to right all the wrongs that DEMS are creating throughout the land.

BTW, your email says to contact you, but you didn't give a return email address on the page.

Thanks for listening.

If anyone has not seen that subject Press Release, just email me to request it and I will send it along. -Rev. LED Dowell.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009



By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Americans want to know what you know about where our tax dollars are going once they are put into the hands of Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Tim Geithner, Joe Biden, and all the staff overseers who report back to them.

If Obama has "inherited" a huge U.S. economic problem -- or want Americans to believe he has, then why does he feel the need to throw around trillions of dollars without calling for independent audits of government agencies and insisting that corporations and banks do the same in their various industries? He hasn't been in office long enough!

The Congress has been remiss in its duties. The stimulus-spending bill should never have been allowed to go forward. It was planned to be a bait and switch from the beginning. Barack Obama cannot, with credibility, take Office as President, immediately begin to write Executive Orders and sign them, and then dispense trillions of dollars of expenditures while, at the same time, complaining that he inherited the worst economy in decades from the previous administration. Former President George W. Bush did not leave Obama without his full support and assistance. Because we are a nation at war, President Bush had willingly brought Obama and his transition team into the White House for early indoctrination and made his staff available to assist them to get ready to take the reins following the January 20, 2009, inauguration.

Obama was a Senator in the state of Illinois and in the U.S. Senate. He should have known that any bill voted into law that was purposely not allowed time for the Congressional elected leaders or the public to read before being signed into law is ILLEGAL. Americans would never even knowingly sign a blank check. And, with all the lawyers on Capitol Hill and in this country, by now at least one of them should have gotten the ball rolling towards legally stopping Obama's White House takeover in its tracks.

Another problem, as I see it, is that Barack Obama has demonstrated, in less than one short month of taking office, that he has no regard for either the U.S. Constitution or the Rule of Law, period. Generally, bills that are passed into law have a scheduled start time factored in on its face for usually 30 to 60 days or more AFTER signing instead of it immediately going into affect.

What's more, Obama and his staff state they will write bills to make "retroactive" laws and penalties for any prior actions that they deem to have been illegal; and, thus, they are planning to usurp the Judicial authority, also.

The Democratic Party, under the leadership of Barack Obama, has crossed the line. America is not a nation of poor, helpless, hopeless, ignorant people, as Obama and his staff would suppose.

Americans will not stand still for Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress's dead of night, secret wheeling and dealing to rob this nation blind and strip this nation of its long-held trustworthy leadership in the free world by sneaking through bills into law that have never been put through the appropriate committees and/or debated in the Congress -- many of which are being planned to be passed by voice vote.




From the Statute of Liberty to the Liberty Bell.
From the prairie lands to the mountaintops.
From the smallest streams to the widest rivers.
From the Atlantic to the Pacific.
From the cotton fields to the tobacco racks.
From the north, south, east, west.

From every corner of every Street and Lane.
From every voice, weak and strong.
From every citizen who loves America and being American.


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unruly Obama Administration and the Impotent Congress

Rev. Lainie Dowell


America is repeatedly portrayed as "A Nation of Cowards" who are afraid to speak on the subject of race relations. But, is that really how it is, as planted in the minds of a nation whether from the mouth of Barack Obama, when he dismissed crucial questions posed to him about his personal life and, instead, dared to lecture us on the matter of race and racism during his bid for the 2008 presidential election? Or is it as Eric Holder, Obama's choice to serve as U.S. Attorney General, has said in their hopes of shaming and blaming Americans into going along to get along (with them)?
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Deconstructing America: Obama and His UnStimulus Farce

Photos: (L-R) Barack Obama in his Kenyan element and his Kenyan Grandma in hers.

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

I do not like what I am seeing and hearing these past few weeks, and I liked it even less during the 2008 Presidential campaigning of Barack Obama! Has America lost its collective mind in 2009?! How can any of us not expect to now have the protection of our United States of America elected Congressional leaders in the face of the largest terrorist attack ever perpetrated against the American people? It is coming directly from known sympathizers of terrorists, Barack Hussein Obama and his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, and their Democrat Party which is now esconched in the White House Oval Office.

They have arrogantly said to the American people, they (the DEMS) have won and they can do whatever they choose to do with the American people and anything and anybody else who gets in their way! But, is that really how the American people are going to continue to live under what is clearly shaping up to become the Obama Administration reign of terror now and worstening in the days to come?

Let's face it. Despite what the millions of adoring, swooning fans of Barack Obama may have believed about him to have elected him to be the 44TH United States President, there are many millions more people in this country who have cause now to believe that, through the observable abusive, dictatorial reign of Barack Obama, we can see just how those third-world countries got to be that way. The leaders they chose and had trusted to step in to "save" them from themselves had stepped up to, instead, deceive them, rob them, silence them, starve them, kill them, and blame them when they rose up against injustices coming from inside "the government." And, then came the ultimate insult against the people, which was that those self-styled dictators denied they had done it!


Let's just get down to it, shall we?! Barack Obama is the worst thing America and this world has ever seen, because he came along as one of us, an American, albeit the much ballyhoed, acceptable black man (when he wants to be), who loves God and (this) country(?)! He rode in among us on an airplane, but from where, we still don't know (and he seems to care less, as he continues to thumb his nose at Americans who dare to pose the question). But he also brought in with him all of his well-studied socialist, Marxist, communist, Muslim, terrorist training ideologies and indoctrination techniques and propaganda trainers -- and they hijacked the Democrat Party and replaced it with their own New Left Socialist Agenda, which Obama repeatedly tried to hide, but without much success.

Everybody has not fallen for Obama's bait-and-switch scam. When bloggers and a few good journalists who are left had repeatedly exposed Obama's dastardly plans for all the public to see, Obama's propagandist attack machine ramped up and came to his defense. They placed their infamous "Fight the Smears" website online and used that medium to call anybody who had exposed Obama -- liars. In fact, what Obama and his gang had done was to obstruct justice and the right of all eligible American citizens to vote to elect a candidate who had this country's best interest at heart -- especially when this nation has military men and women fighting a war against terrorism that Obama has proudly boasted he objects to. How, then, can he become the best Commander-in-Chief of our United States military and have all of our best interests at heart?

You may remember that, although the liberals on the left did not like the late President Ronald Reagan and the former President George W. Bush, we did. And history will prove that we are the ones who got that right, as it pertains to their place in history. It will also prove we got it right about Obama, as it pertains to his. And, unless honorable men and women with integrity in the United States Congress take swift action and move to impeach Obama now, or unless he voluntarily resigns office like Nixon was forced to do, or unless Obama leaves office by some other means out of his hands, we ain't seen nothin' yet chilluns!*

The Obama Administration came in on the wave of his charisma and their destructive bantering. And, if history is proved right, then Barack Obama might be the most beloved man now but he will become known as the most hated man in America spawned of the devil, unless he denounces his ongoing plans to dismantle America and renounces the corrupt ways in which they lept across the election goal line in 2008.

To date, their goal of the day has been to employ their much-touted Chicago gangster election tactics to blind side their political opponents. They have delighted to see how much dirt they could throw in their opponents' direction to "prove" to their own voting bloc that they were their only true choice. And the people fell for it even after knowing they had used dirty tricks in the election process, which has long been based on candidates having integrity, honesty, good character, ethics, and the fear of God, which characteristic would bring about all of the traits necessary to prove any candidate worthy of trust and respect enough to serve the American people in the highest office of the land.

However, Obama, Rahm Emanuel (his chief of staff), and their Chicago and Clintonista friends, are continuing to engage in systematically pulling down the United States of America Constitution without the knowledge, legal procedures, or the consent of the American people. It is abuse of power and usurpation of authority to the nth degree. And it is never going to be accepted by Americans who love freedom and God.


The stimulus bill is a farce and it is anything but stimulating. It is what some Republicans have called, "generational theft." Even the Appropriations Committee Chairman, Rep. David Obey (D-Wisconsin), admitted just before the U.S. House voted on Friday, February 13, 2009, when he said, "Guess what! the bill isn't perfect . . . . Now it is about reversing the Bush domestic policies."

Ladies and gentlemen! There you have it. The Obama Administration did not tell the truth. They planned it all along, because Obama repeatedly had said throughout the close of the 2008 election campaign that, "I want that bill on my desk to be the first thing I sign after taking my oath." It did not exactly turn out that way, but that bill is most definitely his all the way. It has his fingerprints all over it no matter how much he and those in his adoring mainstream media crowd try to blame it totally on the Democrat leadership. Let us be clear. The buck got its start with and it stops with Obama alone. And Obama has placed himself as having the ultimate oversight of every buck amounting, to date, to trillions of dollars. Show me the money? Can you find it?!

Nevertheless, that stimulus bill, like Barack Obama's ascension to the White House, is not legal, because all of those elected leaders who have affixed their names to any of it had taken an oath of office in which they pledged to the American people before God to preserve, protect, and defend (the Constitution and their constituents). They have failed to do that on all sides.

Moreover, they have perjured themselves and they have made that bill and the Office of President to be of no effect. Those are now clearly bogus mandates on its face. Our elected leaders, whether they are Republican or Democrat or Independent, all have an obligation and a fiduciary duty to know exactly what they are signing into law on behalf of the American people. After all, many of them are lawyers and degreed and decreed far more than the average citizen. While that doesn't make them any smarter, it does get them in through a whole lot of doors, specifically, government.

Understand, folk, nearly all in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate have rightly admitted they do not know what is contained in the now whittled down reportedly 1100+ pages. Even after it was published on the White House website in the dead of night, some DEMS were still adding more unread mandates into that still, as yet, unread bill. Just take a moment to think about the wide-ranging implications of that. Barack Obama should be ashamed to sign it. But it will be an indictment against his better judgment and worst character.

And, if Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel with their slick Chicago ways believe they have won, then it remains to be seen after the American people fully realize that they are the losers.


The crucial question for all American citizens now becomes whether or not, as with the military, we -- individually or collectively -- are legally bound to obey illegal laws and orders no matter how high up the chain they come down from? The late former Republican President Richard M. Nixon model says, "No!"

And, as with Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Castro Brothers, Chavez, and as with all the rest of the dictators who have been caught and put to death for their egregious crimes against the people and their nation, the DEMS and their New Left Socialist Agenda have awakened in Americans on the domestic front something they never expected to have happen across this nation and the likes of which many never would have thought they'd ever join in to do battle against.

Obama promised to give his celebrity admirers "change and hope to believe in." He forgot that for the most part Americans have not, and never would, knowingly, take their political ideologies from celebrities who come only from that point of view.

I would take my cause directly to Obama's mother-in-law ("How do you do, Mrs. Robinson?") before I'd take it to him. After all she has seen as a black woman (Yep! Playing the race card, o.k.?), I find it hard to believe Michelle Obama's mama doesn't know that there is not one whit of difference between a white slave master and a black slave master whether in or out of the White House. Folk, you'd better pay attention!!!

ANECDOTE: What's going on in the OBAMA White House?

The other day, I phoned the White House and the number rang and rang so long, I thought I'd called the wrong number. Finally a young woman came on the line and she sounded like she had been asleep. Now I knew I'd called the wrong number. But when I asked for Sen. Mitch McConnell's office, she almost didn't know what I was talking about. A few seconds later, she said there was no answer (on that line) and she began giving me his direct extension. But my eyes glazed over and I could almost hear the fans whirring overhead and feel the heat. I felt like I'd left the country just that quick!!!

So, I asked for Rep. Michele Bauchmann's office (R-MN). A few seconds later, that White House operator told me -- "Here's Michele's number." I said, "That's Rep. Michele." The operator was startled and asked me, "Oh, did I say 'Senator'?" I told her, "No, you said, 'Michele' instead of Rep. Bauchmann, and you need to show some respect over there."

Needless to say it is a new day in the White House. And, by the way, what are they doing to the computer systems there? Does anybody know? And, if Congress doesn't hold them accountable and the CIA, FBI, OMB, FCC, FEC, FTC, NSA, and all those other alphabet organizations can't or won't, then Americans will really be the ones who'll be mixed up in their alphabet soup.

SPEAK UP, AMERICA AND KEEP ON STANDING FOR THE RIGHT! If you don't do it now, then it will make it that much harder to get sanity back into government between now and 2010, when the Republicans will take back the Senate despite the DEMS' ongoing, dirty, election political gaming. And Republicans, in particular, are never more emboldened than when we are wronged by anyone, much less by our government regardless of who is at the helm.

I wish I could tell you what my late grandmother used to say about mess. But a dear elderly friend once told me that, "When you mess with mess, mess will mess you up." My own late mother used to say, "When you mess with me, you're messing with the Messer!" And she was a sweet, peace-loving, Godly woman, too!!!
*Author's. Note: Hold it! I don't want any gestapo-tactical police sent around to knock on my door at midnight. I'm stating observations which ought to be obvious to any right-thinking American. Free speech is the hardest to wipe out of the minds, mouths, and spirits of a people who are born free and made free by God and have been affirmed by the United States of America Constitution many centuries before now.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama's Betrayal And American Uprising!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

"It's got to be a guy. So, women! You've all got to sit down! Women! You've all got to sit down! I've got to take a guy. O.k. Come on, but make it quick!" (quoted: Barack Obama, taking questions during post-election stump in Fort Myers, Florida, February 10, 2009).

The Barack Obama-Rahm Emanuel and the gang stimulus plan passed the United States Senate with a vote of 61-37, as Barack Obama spoke at a post-election rally (his own) in Fort Myers, Florida. Somehow, he felt the urge to call together witnesses to the death of America -- killed by his own hands and devious actions behind the scenes.

We may not have wandered far away into the jungles of Guyana with Jim Jones and had undergone his deadly mind alteration training, which led thousands of men, women, and babies to either drink the kool aid and die or else take the bullets for resisting it, but he has entered onto our shores in the form and manner of Barack Obama. And, in the years to come, historians will look back at the bloated bodies and mindless blank faces and wonder why we ever allowed it to happen again -- only this time, right in America.

America! We have met the enemy, and he is Barack Obama!

Talk -- Talk --- Talk! All Obama and his mouthpieces are doing is beating their chops, flapping their lips, and coming out of both sides of their two faces. One face for the gullible, vulnerable Americans and the other face for the strong Americans who refuse to be taken in by their much talking without saying anything of worth.

If America is hopeless, dying, dead, and has passed the point of no return, as Barack Obama and his mouthpieces would have us to believe, then why are Barack Obama and his Chicago-MITES living high off the hog of taxpayer trillions? And, what makes them believe they are entitled to smugly act as if they are the savior of citizens who are able to lift them above everything that has gone wrong in America? Or so they say.

Shame on the United States Congress!

We had to watch as they voted for what Barack Obama originally termed as a stimulus package. It eventually became the DEMS spending package, which Obama publicly acknowledged while ridiculing the Republicans and DEMS who pegged it as spending. And Congress passed that bill on to be further considered for final passage even though they had no debate about its contents, had not even read the contents -- which grew exponentially with each passing day, and they did not agree with the contents.

Worse, these elected decisionmakers did not even know that, hidden in that bill, was Obama's plan to nationalize and computerize our personal medical records from the files of our physicians (all of our health providers) across the nation and make those records accessible on the internet. They did not know the implications included government making the decision about who would live and who would die, based on the information in their health records, and more besides.

Dr. Laurie Roth and I discussed that scenario on her radio program. Listen to it by accessing the link to the Roth Archives online at therothshow.com. Click on the January 2009 calendar. Select January 29, 2009. Toggle Hour 2, and then submit the link and listen to the audio.

Why did American citizens become so trusting of Barack Obama and his gang who are really the ones responsible for bringing about their change which spurs hopelessness instead of the hope Obama promised Americans in order to get elected as President?

When did Americans become a gullible nation to take as credible and true all of those canned speeches of Obama and his leadership infestation which believes they can do whatever they want to bend and break the rule of law and get by with their lame excuse that they had made a "mistake" instead of committed a crime?

When we know that Obama has deliberately lied about exactly who he is and what he stands for, why do Americans still not know who they have put into the highest office in America as the President?

When Americans realize that Barack Obama has completely rifled through the pockets of every taxpayer until even the lint has been turned out of every crevice and orifice and too many Americans are living beneath the dregs of society, it will be too late for them to turn back the clock to "truth, justice, and the American way."

When Americans who looked to God finally turn, repent, and hear God's voice, they will understand that we have always been involved in a religious war. Despite what some of the church and political leaders have said to calm down the Judeo-Christians, they have also blamed them for recognizing that's how it is. And, at the same time, those same leaders have appeased Muslims both in America and abroad by using the race card against us, when we have said that America is a Judeo-Christian nation. And they would also have us to believe although the swelling Obamaniac voices have moved us closer to socialism and Shar'ia Law, that we should accept it and like it and keep silent in the face of impending manmade devastation and doom.

Weep For The Children And Grandchildren

At this point, I am a Christian political news commentator. Journalism saw its last good day many years ago. There is no longer a clear delineation between what makes the difference between reporters, pundits, commentators, and just plain intensely angry folk who are exercising their last rites (sic) to spill out their anger -- even if it does fall upon deaf ears.

Obama has come out of his closet now and he is full in your face, America! He now owns his name, Barack Hussein Obama, after all! How about that! But, we remember when Senator John McCain (R-AZ) publicly scolded many of his own 2008 presidential election campaign supporters for pointing that fact out and for using Obama's full name. And, of course, Obama's public relations team came along and admonished Americans to not call him by his rightful name, because they said it was racist for us to do so. And, when they had banned its usage, the pundits and journalists berated anyone who refused to obey the Obama mandate even though their word carried no legal weight or common sense for Americans to have to abide by it.

When Americans discovered that Obama was Muslim and they began to back away from him, he and his gang constructed an internet website entitled, "Fight the Smears," and they used it to vehemently disavow that Obama was, as alleged, Muslim. They even called Americans liars who called him Muslim. Obama brazenly said he never was Muslim despite the fact that he confessed it in his own prematurely written autobiographical book entitled, "Dreams From My Father."

Obama's real father, by the way, was a black Kenyan who was brought up in a Muslim household, as was his son, Barack Obama. As a child, Barack's mother, a white American from Kansas and an expat living in Hawaii, reportedly divorced his father and married his Indonesian Muslim stepfather before moving with Obama to Jakarta, Indonesia, to be with her new husband. And it was in Indonesia that Obama's stepfather enrolled him in school as an Indonesian Muslim.

Suffice it to say that by the time the American people have had enough of Obama's socialist-marxist-communist agenda to tear down American traditions, values, morals, and mores, our children and grandchildren won't know anything else but that way of life.

America's Comeback!

Right now is the time for Americans to raise objections to Barack Obama's reign of terror against America! And we who have paid attention, stood up, and spoken out to sound the warnings loud and long will continue to call for IMPEACHMENT OF BARACK OBAMA NOW, because not only do we not know whether or not he is qualified to be President. We also are very much aware that Obama has failed to live up to his oath of office with regards to protecting and defending the United States Constitution!

A close look at the White House website shows that it is more about Obama, his family, and friends instead of being for the American people. Worse still, Obama has set up his own separate personal governing body directly inside of the White House from where he is continuing to campaign under the banners of "Obama For America" and he has had it renamed as "Organizing For America." Nevertheless, it still stands for "OFA," and we are not deceived by his outright lies in an attempt to deceive the American people.

Those Obama organizations are used to rally his own citizen coalition-lobbyists to influence legislation, intimidate legislators, and to deceive onlookers into believing that the majority of American citizens are supportive of every change that Obama puts forth to enable him to take over America. His plans include amending the Constitution and eliminating the United States Congress all together by Executive Orders, having received a majority Congress (DEMS), and amassing email addresses of millions of grassroots citizens made up of coalitions which will obediently vote for whatever change he makes, upon his command.

We need to know where we can find Patrick Fitzgerald, the Illinois States Attorney, who helped to make possible the swift ouster of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blogjevich. The Illinois Senate recently impeached Blago after years of their own investigating and waiting and watching for him to be exposed as an abusive official. But, when Fitzgerald released the audio tapes and the subsequent transcript (in part), which were from his ongoing investigation he conducted in Illinois showing that Blago tried to sell Obama's United States Senate seat. But other players were also involved and as yet remain undisclosed. So, that issue is still a shoe waiting to be heard around the nation, and I can't wait to hear it drop and to see where it lands!

Loyal Opposition and resistance against Barack Obama and his unconstitutional agenda is at work in the land! Any person who has been victimized by criminals or beaten down by domestic violence -- or knows anyone who has experienced either -- will understand the mindset that we are dealing with. Americans are feeling put upon by those in authority and they don't feel as if they have anybody to help them that they can trust.

We need to call on Congresspersons, whether Democrat or Republican, who still have enough God in them to see the evil that has visited our shores from among illicit leadership which would do us great harm by remaining in their authoritative positions, including Barack Obama.

We want and need to have God-fearing leaders who have a sense of duty to God and country to ensure that Americans will remain safe and secure "from all enemies foreign and domestic." And that security includes protection from the current President of the United States who allows and supports thieves, shysters, and slicksters from Chicago, Illinois, and around the world to enter government and soil the heart of our great nation with their seedy hands. More Americans than not have come to know Obama to be a traitor, manipulator, divider, liar, and totally unworthy of being in the seat of authority as representative of America and the free world.

In the coming year, 2010, America will return to sanity and safety, when the Republicans become the majority in the Senate. And, as long as we have a modicum of freedom left in our bones, we will never capitulate or surrender to the unAmerican mindset of Barack Obama and the Demo(n)cratic Party or anybody else who thinks that America is a garbage pail where they can dump all of their trash in the name of whatever they may erroneously believe that America is.
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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Impeach President Barack Obama Now!

Graphic: Impeach Obama (c) 2009 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.

Rev. Lainie Dowell


People need encouragement and they need to know that all is not lost in America, because not everybody has decided to lay down and die in the face of Obama's despotism aided and abetted by his friends who know but won't tell. Here it is!

I just received an email from Obama-David Plouffe, BarackObama.com, Campaign Manager, Obama for America. And, that email they sent to me included the video of Obama who is still out campaigning and rallying his grassroots coalition dupes (oh I meant troops) and a link to send to friends and family.


The referenced Obama-Plouffe email said the following, as quoted from them below to:

Rev. L --

President Obama recorded a video to speak directly to you about his economic recovery plan.

America is facing an urgent and unprecedented challenge. The economic crisis requires bold and immediate action.

Invite Your Friends to Watch the Video

President Obama recorded a video to speak directly to you about his economic recovery plan.

Invite your friends and family to watch the video and learn why our unprecedented challenges require immediate action.

You can even use our email contact importer to make it easy. Don't worry -- we don't hold on to any of the addresses you use. (The video was included but I deleted it from here).

After you watch the video, watch Gov. Tim Kaine answer questions from ordinary citizens about the plan and share your story about the economic crisis.

Watch President Obama's video and share it with your friends and family:

And, as if that (above) wasn't enough, they also included a message for the recipients to send out to their family, friends, and everybody. I am copying it verbatim, in another email to send on in order to not give them any more free emails for their database. See it below, where they wrote:


I just watched a video of President Obama speaking directly to Americans about the need for immediate action on the economy.

Watch the video now:


(end of Obama-Plouffe transmission here).


Now, I'm going to ask people to send their email around and to also let Barack Obama know that the election is over and he won (whether he likes it or not) and, whether we like it or not, as well.

Furthermore, Obama is no longer a Senator (and he didn't even last long enough to finish out those terms). And we don't have time to wait until he grows into the position of President of the free world, when we are a nation at war at home and abroad and are facing a serious economic crisis which he promised the American citizens and the whole world that he could fix it as soon as they elected him and put him in the White House Oval Office. Instead, during a recent TV interview, Obama finally admitted (very quietly) that he is not an economist. How about that?!


No doubt, the DEMS and others will respond, "But what about BUSH-CHENEY? They needed to be impeached but weren't?"

The difference is in the United States Constitution. They knew it, took the same oath of office as Barack Obama, and kept America safe from all enemies foreign and domestic for the duration of their terms in office as President and Vice President, respectively. Citizens did not have to live in fear that either of those elected leaders would willfully, deliberately, and knowingly sell their citizenship or anybody else's in America. We cannot say the same about Barack Obama by virtue of his words, deeds, actions, and ongoing agendas.

Obama, his wife, Michelle, and Rahm Emanuel and various others around them formed partnerships years ago which continue and their purpose is to overthrow this government and create a coalition-socialist government with Obama at the head. Conflict of interest holds no meaning for any of them, because -- as President -- it matters not that they are steering children, men, and women across the nation and the world into their own organizations for the purpose of indoctrinating them into one-world-global education with America being at the bottom of the list in all things.

Moreover, Obama's newest group, "Organize for America, (OFA)" is now a direct arm of the White House, along with so many of their other "partnerships." How much bolder could they be to not even try to make that a secret? Who was it who said we have "two Americas?" (A DEM, former Senator and Presidential candidate, John Edwards). Well, they couldn't have been further from the truth. But wait, who said that "There is only the UNITED STATES of America!" It was Barack Obama. I guess he forgot that between his U.S. Senatorial election 2004 and his Presidential inauguration in 2009.

But, if Americans who love God and America keep playing along with his game(s) waiting for some semblence of Godliness and professionalism from Obama, by the time they realize he is slow walking them to Hell, it will be too late.

When we see masses of people turned out in the streets screaming about do this and do that in the direction of Congress, it is because Obama has unleashed his election email database to call them to take to the streets for the sole purpose of trying to intimidate our elected leaders, to circumvent the law, and to utterly destroy the United States Constitution.

Barack Obama has taken an oath "to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution, so help me, God!" Instead, he is continuing to lead every charge to destroy it, with impunity and without accountability.

Neither Barack Obama nor his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, nor any other person appointed by them is worthy of continuing in the Presidential Oval Office. And, what's more, our elected leaders across this nation, particularly in Washington, D.C., should follow the example of Illinois, and how they impeached Gov. Rod Blagojevich and made him step down immediately from that office.

How much more essential is it that the same procedure is taken against Obama? He had failed to satisfy his oath of office even before he took it. How much more does it take and how much more must Americans take as they watch Obama dismantle America to turn it into a socialist nation, with an oncoming Sharia law agenda for no other reason but just because he thinks he could, as reported in the article, be able to unilaterally bypass Congress?

Which of our Congressional leaders is going to be the first to step up and get the ball rolling? We have a constitutional crisis which will only get worse, because not only is Vice President Joe Biden not prepared to be the President, neither is anybody who now stands behind them in succession, as mandated by the U.S. Constitution. What a mess this is!!! And right-thinking Americans have known it for enough time to have averted all of this from decades ago. .

Serious times demand serious talk. And, I seem to be getting more serious by the minute! No doubt the Illinois legislature is still kicking themselves for waiting so long before impeaching Blago. And they still have not even touched the surface of the reasons they had to act. That still remains to be seen.

Now, ask me why I don't unsubscribe from the list of Obama and David Plouffe's, his campaign manager?

I had never subscribed to their list in the first place! All I did was to try to ask a question on their website one day during the election campaign. In fact, I had emailed one of my scathing articles about Obama and asked them to comment on it. I never did get a reply. Just these various ongoing emails as their response.

Don't waste time trying to figure out if I am Christian or not. Just watch!

And, as my late mother used to say, "Even a dog gets tired of being kicked. And he'll bite you some time."
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Stimulus 2009 - Obama's KRYPTONITE!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Obama Kryptonite c 2009 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.

Obama is Superman???!!!

I refuse to go along with people who think they are doing America a favor by continuing to shout encouragement to (and for) this BULL! Obama and the DEMS have no intention of helping citizens of this nation. He proves it daily.

Where but in a dictatorship, third-world banana republic would you find a national leader publicly crying poor mouth and encouraging local leaders to do the same thing, before showing up at a public dance program sitting in a high balcony of the prestigious Kennedy Center with his wife as if all is right with the world -- And it is (their worlds)(sic). And, then they turn around and take a plane ride to vacation at Camp David (MD) a few hours away from the nation's capitol? And where else but the United States Congress could not elected leaders see something wrong with their giving themselves a raise, and then voting to cut corporate salaries (as one said), because nobody should get paid more than THE PRESIDENT - Barack Obama? Ludacrous!!

If I didn't think I'd be insulting my little 2 l/2 year-old granddaughter, I'd recommend sending Obama back to his playpen. He wants to play games but not to be told he needs to play by the rules (of law and God).

The national dialogue being spewed by political pundits seem to want to excuse Barack Obama for everything in and out of government that is going wrong in this nation. They spin it as being "a mistake," and kiss and make up and go on while leaving Obama out of it, when he is at the head of it surrounded by a bunch of "yes" men and women -- including many in the U.S. Congress.

Moreover, too many of his close associates and friends are gathered around Obama and they are within arms reach of top security files while this nation has yet to learn about the nationality status of Barack Obama let alone Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff. Most Americans do not know that Rahm actively served in the Israeli army during the 1990s, around the time of Desert Storm. And, this was also after Rahm had reportedly renounced his Israeli citizenship to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. So, then, if naturalized citizens are not able to become President, then how is it that a naturalized citizen can become the right arm of the United States President and, at any time, be free to command official duties given exclusively to the President by virtue of their close, personal, long-time relationship? This "inquiring" American wants to know.

And, who thinks Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Leader Harry Reid are not taking their lead from Obama? Didn't anybody remember it was Obama who said he wanted that bill on (his) desk at the White House the very day of inauguration? Did they forget Obama was making phone calls, taking plane rides, and sending emissaries all over the place throughout the 2008 election campaign while acting as if he was President? Who got fooled during that time, when Obama said, "We only have one President (George W. Bush) at the time?" If Obama believed that, then why did he have (his) people scampering all over the globe during the election to make deals with other leaders on his behalf before Inauguration Day?

Why should America's future ever hinge on "It depends on the meaning of what 'Is' is?" (quoted former President Bill Clinton) and seemingly taken up by Barack Obama, as he keeps changing the meaning of the very terminology that he and the DEMS feed to American citizens and the world? Obama apparently believes that he can wine and dine reporters and politicians at cocktail parties held in the White House and bring out RahmBO to sweet talk them and dance all around the floor and on desk tops and all around crucial issues to bring any naysayers around to Obama's point of view before bidding them good night.

People, it is a strange, new world in America. It is the change from HELL served up by Barack Obama! And why try to sugarcoat it, when the sugar is poisoned with lies and death? Death to hope, dreams, and love of God and country! Watch your step!! He may be flying high now (no pun intended), but people had better wait until he comes down before even trying to soar his way.

Who else's table is Barack Obama dressing with the fat things of America? How does his stalled $500 Billion Global Poverty Act factor into this stimulus plan, if it does? Is Africa on the list? Is Indonesia covered? Are all the fat cats who threw money into his coffers hand over fist to get him elected factored in? Where did Obama get the reportedly two billion dollars (or more) in contributions to his election campaign? Where is the full accounting of all of their financial sheets? Who else besides Obama and Rahm and the rest of that propagandist brigade knows where they have secreted a "lock box," if any?

How could anybody be living near the poverty level one year and living high on the hog the next year and still hate capitalism??!! Somebody needs to remind Obama and his friends that this is, after all, a capitalist nation and Americans are not at all happy about his newly articulated policy of redistributing the wealth.

Why doesn't our Congress insist on calling all of those Chicago-MITES to give account, complete with lie detector tests? They made all kinds of allegations that former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney were lying but they did not respond and none publicly came to their defense. They kept to the task of overseeing the security of America.

However, we know that Obama and his gang are being deceptive. And, they may be laughing and having a gay old time (no pun intended) in the White House and all over those grounds now, but it has only been a couple of weeks and already their arrogance and deception have seeped out from beneath that confiscated Superman cape of his, as evidenced by so many Obama picks being disqualified at the outset from serving in his cabinet.

Some readers might think this is too rough, but I would remind them that this is not as rough as it could be and should have been. Besides, all of those DEMS had better be tough, because they sure did know how to dish it out. Got them in the White House, didn't it? Why? Because the America people were not tough enough. Too many became smitten by Obama and believed he could blind them for just a minute. But they also must have thought he was going to back up and heal them, too. Fooled them. "There are none so blind as those who will not see." We know that when the blind leads the blind, everybody is going to fall into the pit.

I will take a page out of Senator Lindsey Graham's book (R-SC), when he said that Obama needs to stay off the television and work with them in Congress to put together a real stimulus plan.

I plan to keep on speaking out! Barack Obama told on himself in Williamsburg, Virginia (Thursday, February 5th), when he let his hair loose to tell those assembled DEMS in his own partisan way that they are, in fact, working on -- not a stimulus plan -- but a spending bill. And then a good time was had by all.

Don't tell me to calm down or cool it! My children and grandchildren are going to be left behind and somebody had better step up to defend their rights to have an American Dream and Constitutional pass, present, and future that would make every ancestor and every fighting military man and woman proud who had fought for them -- were wounded and even died -- to have them retain that right. Not only that, but when they come your way (dear reader), who is going to step up and come to your defense -- especially, if they deny taking action to shut your mouth against them?

Either get in the battle or else step aside.

Take a lesson! " Might (does not) make right." But, "Oh how the mighty hath fallen." That will happen every time. So, if anybody really wants to do Barack Obama a favor and ask the people to treat him like a President, then they best tell him to start acting like one. God knows we sure do need one and nobody does Obama any favors by upholding him in the wrong. Discern. Stay tuned.
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Obama-loving Internet Bullies RANKLE My Sanctified Nerves!

photo: Rev. Lainie Dowell

SPILLING INK! We done crossed dah ribba 'n dis sho nuff ain't hit! Mark mah words real good. -Rev. Lainie Dowell

So why do the news media and politico types insist that Barack Obama is the promised one and that this is now the promised land with him as the Savior of the whole world?

But, haven't we had enough of their man-made doctrines, punitive edicts, and quick descent into Hell? I daresay those of us who balk at ungodly leadership (church or state) have made it very clear that we won't go their way. Trusted leaders will not recruit crooked friends to create a frenzy among the people who entrusted them with the privilege of service to this nation. And that is not to be done without accountability. Shall we have our United States of America or shall we have a divided nation beyond repair?

Americans still won't stand for folk who throw stones and hide their hands behind their back. Americans still stand For Godly truth, justice, integrity, individual freedoms, the flag, and Apple Pie. We love the little babies, their mommies and daddies, the marriage-family structure of man and wife (i.e., one male and one female). We want Bible reading, praying, and pledging allegiance to the flag in American classrooms. We want "In God We Trust" to stay on our money. We love the Bible-thumping preaching in our churches and out on the street corners. We love having real food to eat and clean water to drink, and a safe, warm place to sleep. We welcome the opportunity to be able to make a decent, honest wage. And we relish having our mother-wit and common sense to keep us on the straight and narrow path where few are able to walk upon.

We love to stand up during the playing and singing of our National Anthem. And we still unashamedly tear up without apology whenever those musical strains dance on our heartstrings. We love to see our men and women dressed up in their military regalia as they proudly serve in battle stations across this nation and abroad, because they love America and her people just that much.

Americans remain a strong force to be reckoned with and we will not continue to fight to have our voices heard in the public arena, only to be silenced by people deemed to be either enemies or friends. No doubt, they believe they will succeed in silencing our American voices of dissent, because they are the ones who have the ready access to higher education, money, and communication technology (i.e., radio, television, newspapers, internet, paper, and ink supplies, etc.).

Even so, they brazenly declare that nobody is getting tired of all this mess going on in our nation, because those voices are believed to be silent. But truth will march on despite Obama-loving internet bullies who fail to understand that God is, America will be, and the United States Constitution comes before Barack Obama or anybody else. This is a Republic, with elected representation. It is not a Democracy or Socialist or Communist nation with grassroot coalition think tanks and lobbyists making arbitrary decisions from the top.


The internet email scenario, displayed below, will show that I am tuff (sic) and that I will never be bullied or silenced by anybody. Nobody has anything that I want or need enough to sell my soul and my right to free speech and religion. And, when they feel big, bad, and educated enough to tell me to not preach-evangelize or write anything "religious" into my political commentaries, then they are hypocrites and they need to be exposed -- especially when they purport to speak for, and to educate, the voiceless on whose behalf they solicit monetary donations to spread their "truth." Censorship is censorship regardless of where it comes from.


Internet Email Dialogue Here (and whether or not I reveal the name and organization of the culprit remains to be seen). For now, suffice it to say, if these internet bullies were in the right (no pun intended), then they would own up to what they are doing and cease their threatening to cut off the methodology for dispensing another person's free speech while labelling them as troublemakers. Well, I'll be the troublemaker when America, itself, is the victim.

Read the following email conversation that recently evolved between me and an internet publisher, as a result of my latest article, entitled,
Barack InSane Obama and Community Organizer Mentality. The publisher objected to my adjective for Obama. The following email copies of our back-and-forth exchange are arranged in context from the beginning to end, minus the stated name of the noted publisher and organization which publicly professes to foster free speech and God, but privately says another thing all together different.


The initial transmission conveying my emailed subject article is quoted below, as follows, where I said --

"Americans will finally understand what it is like to live under the rule of people who have no regard for anything or anybody but themselves. Even in the face of the near billions of dollars expended towards getting Obama elected and having expensive, lavish celebrations while the nation's citizens are becoming bankrupt and homeless and hopeless, Obama presses for more. Did you hear him say, on MLK Jr. Day, that "We are going to put everybody into service. Nobody needs to be idle." (paraphrased)

He is taking steps to bypass "Big Brother," and moving on to becoming "Holy Father." By that, I mean he will carry out his agenda to mandate by law what has until this time been an individual's right to freely make their own choice (I'm not talking about abortions here). It has to do with the right to vote, work, care for family and friends, and to unionize (or not), and other areas of life.

I have labored long and hard and prayerfully. And I am standing by the title of this article. It is yet to be seen whether or not it is appropriate. Humor me and read it before deciding. But freedom of speech must not be squelched. Not now when it is needed more than ever. Thank you. Peace."

The internet publisher's followup response to my email is quoted below, as follows --

"I have gone on record as saying that the Right must not reciprocate to the Progressive-Left in the name-calling and vitriol they dispensed to President Bush. Barack Obama is the president of the United States and for no other reason than the office that respect must be due.

The Right must be civil in their discourse regardless of how we were treated by the Left. We lead by example. To reciprocate the hatred, the name calling is to devolve. We must affect change on the merits, issue by issue. Failing this, the Right – and especially the Conservative Right – will become irrelevant, discarded by the populace and, especially, the undecided middle electorate needed to bring about victory at the polls.

While many who are tunnel-visioned on the Right will retort that they are standing-up for their principles in their discourse, I condemn the notion. Intelligent discourse doesn’t employ name-calling or hatred; it utilizes intellect, reason, structured argument and an appeal to the common bond of Americanism. The last election was lost by alienating those in the middle, for whatever reason and on all issues lost. That is where the battleground lays and that demographic has stated loudly and clearly that they are tired of the vitriol. So, it must stop.

The title reflects on the Right and on the author and especially on the publications that carry it.

I won’t run it because the title utilizes name-calling and is disrespectful of the office. You may be decided on the title and that is your prerogative…it remains my publication.

From this point forward, all submissions that transgress this policy will be ignored."

My response to the internet publisher was followed up, as quoted below, where I said --

"And I thought that you knew me better than that!!! I guess I was as wrong about you as you are being about me. All I hear are Christians lambasting others for standing up and speaking the truth. What proof do you need? I have proper documentation to substantiate whatever I write in my public commentaries.

You have never expressed such venom when Obama and the DEMS were saying worse about outgoing President George W. Bush and the Republican Party. And it wasn't even true. Respect for the Office of President did not just start. Or did it? Which is it?!

I regret you have fed into the "divide and conquer" mentality of the Obama faction. America is in trouble today, because the people want to have it their own way. God is real and He is Sovereign. He knows what He is doing and His people know, too.

Where people believe they are doing God and man a favor by trying to shut the mouths, the minds, and spirits of anybody who dares to speak out against ungodliness, they do great harm. God hates liars. And anybody who follows liars is less than an infidel. I had thought you were above that. But, I will continue to speak what I know, believe, and hear from God.

It is certain that, in Christ, the majority of people regarding any man made position do not make right. And, in the days to come, when you change your mind and allow others to speak what they know to be true, Godly, and of God, may you also remember that your word is not the last word but it is only God's Word that counts and shall remain when every other word and human are dead and gone.

Watch and see!!!! God will surely do it, as He sees fit, anyhow.

Unfortunately, friendships are fleeting when you begin to trust that human "friends" are dependable and trustworthy. But, that has continued to be my mistake -- believing that friends are, in fact, just that. But I thank God for the true, unchanging Friendship in Jesus. I will pray for you to get to know Him for yourself. Discern. Good-bye."

The internet publisher responded to my email, and it is quoted below, as follows, where he said --

"You called the man “insane.” This is inaccurate and quite inaccurate at that.

There is no “divide and conquer” anything on my agenda. I demand of the Right what I demand of the Left, civility and debate centered on fact. Insane? You called the man insane. That’s a hefty charge and unless you have medical records and a medical diagnosis you have no basis for saying it. That is what I did complain about when the Left did it and I will complain about it when the Right does it.

I have repeatedly stated that we are NOT a religious publication, we are a news issues publication. You are free to espouse your opinion (and as far as I can tell you have no degree in medicine or psychiatry so you are not expert in a medical opinion that the man is “insane”) but I will not be a part of doing EXACTLY what the Left did to President Bush.

Words matter, as does the honest portrayal of the facts. God, in whatever belief system, would expect no less.

This would be a good moment in time to say it’s been a nice ride. You obviously have a need to be more religious in your writing than our publication can afford. I wish your success in your endeavors."

My response to that email from the internet publisher is quoted, as follows, where I said --

"As you know, I have been civil, respectful, polite, trusting of your opinions, and grateful for your publishing my previous articles.

You will notice, also, that I did not immediately open this response email from you [see above] until this date, fearing the worst from you, and it certainly is true. Your tone and content [of his email] are not worthy of the man you present yourself to be with your public face nor is it what I believe I deserve --- especially, since your comments do not comport with your actions with the articles you have subsequently published at [your publication website] following your responses to me.

Yet, you did not do that and I believe it may be because of ulterior motives on your part. What I do and say, I own up to. And what's more, I do not do it for any favors or rewards or paybacks or to find out what others can do for me. If I have had any motives, they have always been to help other people, period -- just as I did by contributing money to [your internet 501(c)(3) non profit project]. And I never once inquired about your not considering me as a member, as I had thought. It wasn't professional nor credible of your organization but I let it go. The contribution was the main thing to me.

Now, I am almost speechless, except to say that you of all people would try to stifle my freedom of speech? And it is people like you who publicly purport to be Christian that are most the troublesome to my spirit, because you'd think we all really ought to be on the same side, which is the Lord Jesus. Without any doubt, you did not see fit to say those ungodly, hurtful, and unprofessional things to my friend, [name deleted], and she has practically concluded the same sentiments [used the term, "insane"] (that) I did concerning Obama and his administration in her latest article that you published at [your website recently]. And it sickens me to write this, because I know this, too, will be misunderstood and might even create a gap between her and me. But I do not write and provide a copy of this to blame her, because there is no need for me to do that, whatsoever. But I introduced you to her [via email, because she is a public communicator and has helped him] because I thought you were a man of integrity. Instead, you have besmirched my character, integrity, name, and purpose. But now you can understand why I have insisted on continuing to be formal and professional in my dealings with people online and offline. I do not take anybody for granted.

[My friend's] article [url on your website] which, by the way, I wholeheartedly agree with and support her creativity and freedom to be herself.)

As far as your statement made about "(and as far as I can tell you have no degree in medicine or psychiatry so you are not expert in a medical opinion that the man is “insane”)" quoted [-Internet Publisher]

[To internet publisher], You really do not know what I know or don't know, because I have not revealed it. And, if I were to present my personal documentation/background, you would be greatly surprised.

Now, if you thought I had written anything about Barack Obama that was untoward, then you should have presented me with the facts and documents to disprove it. Instead, you summarily accused me of being "inaccurate and quite inaccurate at that." But, I stand by what I have written about Barack Obama and what I will say in the days to come.

Anybody who claims to be highly educated and experienced, as you, should be able to see through Obama's deception towards trying to destroy this entire nation. If he succeeds, God forbid, you, no doubt, would be one to kiss his ring and sing praises to Obama instead of to God and point out to Obama and his minions all those others who refused to bow their knee to him (Obama).

But,when Obama is fully exposed and ousted (prayerfully, before it is too late), I may not be here to see it but I hope you will be and that you will remember that my own personal religious background has proved me to have been ahead of the crowd not because I am -- but because God IS. Be careful of how you treat people, "(F)or you may be entertaining angels unaware." And I pray to God that HE will give you the revelation, because you have revealed who you are not by your own words, where you said. "God, in whatever belief system, would expect no less." quoted [Internet Publisher]

That quote was something that Obama could be expected to say and believe. But any Christian who truly knows the Lord as their personal Savior and Lord would never utter such words much less say them with conviction.

Too religious, you say?? I am a woman of God and that is how I have presented myself all to the glory of God. And, if I am not His, then who is? The thousands of pages of my many spiritual writings and my other writing compilations into books apart from my more recent political commentaries would show you there is a noticeable difference. Obviously, you are not able to discern that there is such a difference. And I deeply regret that on your behalf, because "God is not a man that He would lie." And I trust God and take Him at His Word over any man, woman, or child, any time.

Having said all, it now remains with the Lord God who lives and who knows all about it, in Jesus's name. Amen."

The internet publisher's response to my email is quoted, as follows, where he said --

"First and foremost, I have repeatedly stated to you that we are NOT an evangelical ezine, but a news issue ezine. Lately, your writing has been taking a more religious tone and that is the reason, exclusively, for my decision to pass on your articles. You will also notice that at no time have I confronted you on your beliefs or your personal convictions, although you choose to attack me personally.

I have been in politics for 30 years. I was a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution and I was on George W. Bush’s Presidential Task Force. That stated it is clear that you have no idea what I stand for, instead projecting your wants onto me, which is wholly inappropriate and recognized as a personal attack.

Freedom of speech cannot be stifled in the private sector. The First Amendment to the Constitution specifically addresses a person’s right to redress government, the right to political free speech. It does not give a person the right to be published or broadcast in all places of their choosing, especially when infringing upon the liberty of another. You’re (sic) claim that I am “stifling your free speech” is not only without merit, for you are published elsewhere, but it is an irresponsible manipulation of the Constitution. This angers me to the point of retaliation, as I stand in defense of the Constitution and if you had ever bothered to find out more about me than “he publishes my pieces” you would have known that.

I am extremely disappointed in you that you would try to spin the reality of this situation into something that it is not. Your writing is rejected because it has taken on too much of a religious tone for a news ezine and that is the only reason. Your personal attacks are unwarranted and I suggest you leave it where it is lest you create an enemy where there once was not one. Goodbye."

My response to that email from the internet publisher is quoted below, as follows, where I said --

"This issue was not about you but Barack Obama. Point manifested by your overreaction. I will call it YOUR SPIN IN DEFENSE OF YOUR OWN OBAMA PROJECTION. Your response says more about your mental state than Obama's at this point.And that you cannot see that is regrettable. You threaten me? It doesn't work and OBAMA BLACKNESS is my specialty. Fortunately I overcame it to be AMERICAN FIRST. In re age and political, I can match yours and excel it but I am not in a competition with you or anyone. However, your response speaks for itself where you project onto me what your mind is all about and not mine and you totally neglected to address the real issue about [your website] and the double-standard which has not one thing to do with my religion when [your website] has and does publish such written material. And the problem if there is one is not with me, as you seem to want to believe. That will be shown to be the case.

I truly regret your misunderstanding but the thing speaks for itself, if challenged by you or anyone you may choose. I hope you think the Obama Chicago Way is worth selling your soul for because you have hooked into it more than you know even to the point of not knowing that we can do nothing without God in every area of our lives. And if you choose to be my enemy - as you have said - then you never were a friend - and my spirit knew it to be the case all the time. I forgive you. And my mind is clear and at peace.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry"

The internet publisher responded to my email, and it is quoted, as follows, where he said --

"Then go about your way...your diatribes have given me pause as to your mindset. Hate is a very ugly thing. Education isn’t.

Now, in order to not escalate this I am going to block your email.

Have a good life."

Attacks Against Christians And the Audacity of My Godly Hope

Following that, there can be no doubt that I do not subscribe to the notion of separation of church and state. To me, that would be like Christians removing their spirit depending on what doors they have to enter through. That is impossible, since we did not put that spirit in us. We acknowledge the Holy Ghost did it and we who know Him do not reject Him.

Too many Americans have been quiet for too long for the sake of peace. Consequently, they have been cheated out of their faith and been forced to pay for the privilege of having their minds bent, their backs broken, and their arms emptied of justice, respect, integrity, faith, and the truth. But, I will continue to challenge for the change, which will give Americans who want it -- Godly hope, strength, peace, and prosperity.

What good does having money and a higher education do, if it means only bragging about it instead of stepping up to make a difference in each individual's life for their pursuit of happiness? No wonder Ph.D. has come to stand for Poor Helpless Dummy. Those people who try to stamp out our faith cannot even help themselves. They just bluster through and hope everybody thought to be beneath their station in life cannot see through their deception. And when we do step out to say "The Emperor is not wearing any clothes," they immediately want to retaliate and send forth their crooked forces to pluck out our eyes.

At what point do Christians listen and hear and stand up for what is Godly and pleasing to God? We have been fighting to combat the ungodly culture wars for every generation long before this time. Nevertheless, abortions are taking place more than ever before, homosexuals are erroneously becoming known as being "the norm" while they tell heterosexuals that we are abnormal. They have taken God out of our schoolhouses, churches, businesses, government agencies, courthouses (no more swearing an oath on the Bible "so help me God"), our homes, recreational pursuits, and even out of the environment -- to let the Leftist tell it and their sympathizers agree with them.

In 2009, we are faced with the Obama regime and the tenuous downfall of America, as we knew her to be. Now, we are in the fight of our lives and too many Christians have enjoined the battlefront on the side of the demonic foes. Is anybody listening? I am madder than hell that Americans -- Judeo-Christians -- believe that we are to sit on our hands and let the devil walk in and usher us over into all of their filthy habits and deadly culture.

None of the various Christian organzations have been successful in turning this whole ungodly mess around. I believe it is because they do not believe God because they do not really believe in God. And that is because they cannot see God with their naked eyes and they cannot hear from God with their own natural ears. Still, they can see the evidence that God IS and, yet, they reject Him, anyhow.

All in all, I know the One who really CAN, WILL, and SHALL. His name is Jesus. And when all is said and done, His name will be the only one on the lips of all who look and see the Lord's coming destruction upon their own heads. And, unless they can stop that of their own volition, then who are they to say that we must not say the name? Say the name!

But, if you cannot handle the truth, then stand back out of the way. God's Spiritual Warfare is real!!!

UPDATED THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014  (See also)

To: Tea Party, Patriots, Conservatives, etc  who plagiarized and copyright infringed my close to 300 ObamaWATCH political and religious news commentaries and who lied and denied it are in CHECKMATE! You lied to - and about - Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Lois Lerner (Director), Department of Justice (Eric Holder), Department of Treasury, and about me. God is still on the Throne. He is real. He is alive. He sits high and looks low. He sees. He hears. He knows. And God moves in season and out of season. Your blind guides caused you to commit FRAUD in Federal Court, in Congress, and to the public. Cover up is what gets deceivers every time. In God's perfect timing, HE will rip the covers totally asunder and reveal to the nation what you have done and continue to do to me these past 5 l/2 years. And it shall be done all to the glory of Almighty God who directs my path. I do not play with God, the people of God, or the things of God. Repent and Confess.

Rev. LED Dowell, Christian, Five-Fold Minister, Wearer of the Iron Robe
Wearer of the Mantle to stand in The Office of Prophetess
Ministerial Advocate of Christian Clergywomen (1988-present)
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Powerful Anon. Women's Motto *Adaptation*

Powerful Anon. Women's Motto *Adaptation*
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