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Friday, April 30, 2010

Barack Obama's Transparency Is Showing

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

To all those persons who are concerned, and rightly so, about the direction Barack Hussein Obama is taking this nation, I would remind you that he is just a man. There is a way to remove Barack Obama from office and it is in God's hands to get it done.

If the record that we have on hand about his life is correct, then this man has grown up in an environment in which he was the director instead of the directed. He is used to giving orders and having them obeyed and followed at his direction. It would appear that very few, if any, had ever had enough courage or temerity to say No to him in his life. He became used to having his way, with impunity and without accountability. And it still shows today.

However, that man who presently occupies the White House Oval Office is not as mysterious as he supposes and others seem to try to lend credence to in order to perpetuate their myth about him. His life is an open book and, thanks to this electronic age, even the pages he ripped out are not entirely unknown. Take for example his birth certificate. For all of those who refuse to pay attention to his blame and shame game, the matter is clear. His cover up in that regard, instead of keeping opponents at bey, has spurred them on to get to the bottom of his quest for secrecy about crucial events surrounding his entire life. Even those close to him may be unaware of his full story. Yet, he contains it all in his brain.

The man who would be President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America came into that position because he had duped so many into buying into his made up autobiography. Overtime, that narrative became a blur even to him and got all tangled up in fantasy, which appears to have continued until this day. Furthermore, it would also appear that he is hard pressed at times to know the difference between fact and fiction. Any mind that is as fanciful as Obama's has got to be placed on exhibition. Indeed, it must be placed in the centermost region of all that he professes to be. For, without adulation and adoration, his best plans will remain dormant, unfulfilled, and without the necessary power to become "all that he can be," as played out in his mind.

The worst thing a person who aspires to greatness can do is to become tucked away in a darkened room and remain totally ignored. Barack Obama had many years to be focused full time on what he planned to become in life. And what we are witnessing in him in this present day is the culmination of his heartfelt desire to enjoy full control over even that which he has no legal authority -- such as over the lives of free individuals or the authority over sovereign nations.

The Office of President of the United States is not one where that occupant has total control. There are constitutional boundaries which do not permit anyone to arbitrarily and unilaterally take it upon themself to suppose it to be all right for them to circumvent the rule of law to merely accomplish their own personal plans and purpose. They have taken an oath to faithfully and diligently conform to the Constitution and to the nation.

Throughout time immemorial, God has proved Himself to be God all by Himself. And, the nation will find that there are so many more people God has chosen to get out the trash more than the human mind could ever comprehend. But in God's perfect timing, we know that God Himself will sweep Obama and all of them out of the White House just like he did to Richard M. Nixon, who had personally taken upon himself so much liberty while serving in the Executive Branch of government, that he acted as if he believed he was the sole arbiter of all that occurred in this country without having to go through the checks and balances of representative congressional leadership -- members in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate, and the Federal Judicial Branch. Instead, Nixon was to become the first man to resign from that office in humiliation rather than have to face proposed impeachment proceedings against him.

The entire story about Barack H. Obama is full of gaps. However, such an ambitious undertaking as his cannot remain hidden and encased in the shadows forever. And, in order for anybody to be able to sort out his facts from his fiction and the real deal, we would have to be able to have the documentation which he has kept from being examined in the formal vetting process of this government. Whether or not those in a position to do so have called for it, they are bound to protect the U.S. Constitution and to do all that is within their power to ensure any candidate who aspires and, indeed who is privileged to become elected to serve in the highest office of this land, meets the mandatory requirements. Few though they are, adherence to that qualifier is vital to the ongoing legal governance of this nation and its citizens.

By now, there are so many people who know so much about Obama's past and no more. But it is being uncovered bit by bit by watchdogs and investigative bloggers of which I am proud to be counted among them. In the final analysis, however, Barack Obama will be found to have outsmarted himself, because his friends and relatives are still around today who do know a lot about his sinister makeup. And they will no longer be able to keep it to themselves after it finally sinks in that, in the long term, they could also very well be considered as accessories to the fact, and partakers with Obama in collusion, conspiracy, and even obstruction of justice and treason. What a heavy load to bear and what a burdensome weight to carry around for so long on top of the rest of the cares of this world?

The world has more than enough people who are made in the likeness of Satan to be able to cover all of those who follow and protect Barack and his wife, Michelle, and their many Socialist - New Progressive - Communist partnerships and corporations. They rode in on the shadow of secrecy but when they are driven out, everybody will be able to see their corrupt makeup and feel a great sense of relief by their sudden departure.

For now, Barack Obama's transparency is showing. So, take a good look, because the entire world is looking to peer inside to see his shallow soul, too. And, if all we can do as a nation is to lament his ascendance -- or at least in his own mind -- then all that will ever happen will be for citizens and the world to watch as he destroys our nation. However, many more Americans have awakened to Obama's ultimate goal. And none of us will rest until he is removed from office along with all of his Chi-thugs with him. Moreover, if nothing else he and they will come to fully understand that America's God is far Superior to any they can ever find to bow down to. And they will never be able to legislate out from among us our faith in the Lord Jesus and any of the moral traditions and mores of this Judeo-Christian nation. Both the Barack Obama household and that of their friends and associates will call out and it shall be their last breath, for they have failed to heed the voice of our God in the day of His appearing in the midst of their back room double dipping and dealing to deceive the American people and, indeed, the entire world -- much to their shame. Moreover, they had better be very careful about what they do to God's people.


THUS SAITH THE LORD, Obama has a way but his is not God's way. And what's more, he shall never be able to get away. For thus saith the Lord, Marvel Not, for I the Lord thy God hath spoken and so it is. And it is so. Amen. And there is this --

Tell the world that the Lord shall be manifested in the earth such that none would be able to refute, dispute, or deny it is He who hath done it and not another. Amen.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bill O'Reilly And Fox Cable TV SPIN ZONE

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Dear Mr. O'Reilly:

I was deeply troubled by your recent televised contention, along with Megyn Kelly, that Lt. Col. Lakin was out of order because he was refusing to take a duty station without knowing if he had a legitimate and Constitutionally approved Commander-in-Chief, namely Barack Hussein Obama. To date, Obama has never been vetted -- even as a sitting state Senator from Illinois, because that state does not require a candidate for office to prove their qualifications to run for elected positions. Likewise, Obama was not vetted to prove he was qualified to run for elected office as U.S. President.

Your conversation with Megyn was beyond belief and showed your ignorance and lack of investigation into the matter of Obama's Birth Certificate, school records (there he only submitted a one-page document during the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign. As far as the birth certificate -- the document you referenced was long ago refuted as being not legitimate. Not only was it a copy but also a falsified document without validity. Yet, your bold contention was that birth certificate was the basis for your determination that Obama is a natural-born citizen of the United States.

I have watched your show for a long time, but since Obama came on the scene something has happened to you. He can do no wrong. And you either. That's the insufferable attitude that comes across the screen. At least do your own investigation and have documentation to back up your statements -- many of your audience members already have proof that Obama has not been truthful concerning any of his statements. Your audience is much more intelligent than you seem to give them credit for being.

Yours truly,

Sent to Email Address: oreilly@foxnews.com
April 26, 2010
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Susan Estrich Thanks NY Good Samaritan

Reprinted From DentonRC News
Photo: Susan Estrich by DentonRC News

Included, below, is a link to a heart-warming story printed in the DentonRC Internet News in which noted attorney, TV pundit Susan Estrich had taken the time to write a letter of thanks to an unknown stranger who stopped to help her recently, when she was suddenly stricken while "power walking." To me, that is a reminder that until and unless a catastrophe occurs in people's lives, they go hurriedly about their business never thinking something major will get in their way.

I like Ms. Estrich, because although she may not express my own opinions about politics and life in general, she is respectful and is capable of smiling while disagreeing and then moving on for fellowship after the bell has rung. I hope readers will take time to go take a looksee at the DentonRC Internet News site and read her letter. And I pray it reaches the subject of her thanks. I do believe it will make your day, too. Remember, nobody is exempt from sickness and death so it really does pay to be kind and find a better way --- or to go your way to, perhaps, try another day to "come now and let us reason together."

God's continued blessings to the anonymous woman who came to Ms. Estrich's aid.

Click on this Denton RC Internet News link to read their original article:

Founder-Editor: Rev. LED Dowell, Five-Fold Minister
Voice Ink News Commentary
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Election -- An Open Letter To News Media!

Reprinted from
Silent Thunder's Heart on Fire!
Archives, September 18, 2004.

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

I was refurbishing my other websites when I discovered this walk down memory lane. It is relevant today, because - as some wise person said, "The more things change, the more things stay the same." And bless my soul if this message isn't back around in 2010. Read it as I first wrote it and see if you don't agree. Perhaps you may have already come up with a solution about how to impress upon the mainstream media (MSM) the importance of being an objective reporter and not to inject themselves into the stories trying to, themselves, become celebrities. This also proves that some people refuse to grow up and behave accordingly.

This article, below, begins and ends now as it did when I wrote it in the Fall 2004.

What are the journalism schools teaching today? Why is it that profession has become bastardized and prostituted for the sake of "exposure?" Today's news reporting has become about entertainment. I will gladly settle for a return to the good old days when reporters were content to read "copy." But now we, the public, are inundated with talking heads, including the paid "analysts," aka reporters, who continue to argue their own personal views with their guests in the guise of conducting an on air "interview."

The worst possible body blow to American democracy began the moment somebody decided that large corporations could swallow up little news "shops." Suddenly, in order to read a story about a common, ordinary person, they had to first do extraordinary things. For example, Columbine and that whole season of school violence; Monica Lewinsky; Linda Tripp; Scott Peterson, and so on while otherwise good deeds go unreported. But I digress.

Why doesn't somebody tell the news pundits that we are in a time of great historical importance? I will! Listen. This nation is at war. Our men and women are fighting in a life and death struggle far from home and do not need to have our enemies hear on the same airwaves as theirs that "We are in a quagmire," or that "We are losing the war with no chance of winning," or that our President "is incompetent." Here let me say, "Shame on our Congressional leaders who spew this rhetoric that borders on the very edge of traitor." America, we need to restore that word and meaning back in our vocabulary along with others that are pointing to "Duty, Honor, Country."

How do we get the message through to the media that they need to view this election and the Office of President as being serious. The media have no respect for the office or the one who occupies it. President Bush is the leader of the free world. He is not in competition. This election process is not a beauty pageant. He is not a CEO of a corporation. Yet, he is too often referred to in ugly terms by "interviewers" and their guests. And his cabinet members are treated as "just one of the boys or girls." Not only that but our leaders permit it. It is time to let the news people know they are to "report" the news not to "make" the news or make up their idea of news to force feed the public and then act as if they, themselves, are elected. Think about it.

Pay closer attention to news and see how the media does more than play devil's advocate. They interject their own suppositions and views into the story. They have forgotten what it means to be objective. They have become so arrogant as an industry that they have removed funds for investigating sources preferring to rely on the "first in - first out mentality," most often in the guise of "Late Breaking News!"

News Media-- Why won't you take a look at yourselves! You are shameless and I am shamed by you and ashamed of you. You are setting the wrong example for young and old who tune in. Instead of being an example of civility, honesty, and professionalism, you are presenting as a serious threat to the civility and moral Godly society our brave men and women are earnestly fighting abroad to maintain not only for us at home but also for the whole world. Salute our military! That starts with our Commander in Chief President Bush. To do any less taints your tribute.

You need to respect our nation's leaders. Likewise, to our elected and appointed leaders - including those in local, state, and federal offices - stop acting as if you do not know right from wrong. Why won't you take a stand for what is right and show all those who do not believe there is a difference between right and wrong how to respond or not respond when confronted by it? Stop doing all you know how to adversely affect the outcome of this privilege to vote for the party of our choice.

Down with all of those polls and informal responses that are taken as legal! When President Bush took office, he told the American public that he does not operate according to polls. Did you forget that he also promised there would be no "leaking" from his administration (the way it did in the Clinton administration)? And, speaking of the time President Bush took office --

Did you forget that former Vice President Al Gore is the first one who took the election results to court?

Did you forget that was what led to appeals and, ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court?

Did you forget that none of the many ballot counts and recounts in Florida came out in favor of Mr. Gore?

Did you forget how some of the outgoing Clinton staff deliberately left the offices in shambles and removed the "W's" off of all of the typewriters? Look it up.

When was the first time such atrocious conduct was reported? I believe that was it. And the Democrats have continued their dirty tricks, with impunity. Until now. Watch and see. It will all be revealed. Then maybe the news media will get back to being about the professional news business of ethics, credibility, and present facts that are actually true.

As for me, I thank God every second for allowing me to be born during the time I was. I have a frame of reference. I grew up knowing loving grown ups in my life who more than taught me about "God, Mother, and Apple Pie." They demonstrated love of God, self, others, and, certainly, for America and all her blessings.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Barack Obama -
The Enemy of State or The Chief of State?

Photo: Barack Obama bows to Japanese Emperor

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

This is an impassioned message which will also be a stern warning about Barack Hussein Obama and the American people.

To all the world, it may appear that the United States of America is on the decline. Yet we know that we are celebrated as a resilient people albeit hard nosed and, at times, hard hearted. And, though many authors have written long books concerning where we are headed as a nation, the writing on the wall is premature and somewhat pessimistic.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Prophetic Word
Barack Obama Has A Call From God. That Call is Repent!

Rev. Lainie Dowell

This particular article is unlike most of those I have written. It is a prophetic Word. It is political in nature but it comes totally from a Christian point of view. *


Barack Hussein Obama and the earth. In that man is a worm and it shall surely die. That seed inside of Barack is one of Satan and he is never going to be saved because his mind is reprobate. He does not have the mind of Christ and his heart is far removed from God.

There is no rhyme or reason to what Obama has placed on the world stage, except his motivation is self-actualization. The man has an angle for everything he undertakes, but the methodology makes no sense because it has built within his mindset -- and within all those around him to advise him -- that with the treasuries of the world, the one with the most gold wins the whole pot of gold.

The enemies of life are greed and gluttony and glamour. These three are the root causes of envy and strife and they lead to inequality. For within the realm of possibilities, there is no room for those qualities, if success is the goal. Moreover, although the White House is full of opulence and historical context, it is no good, if the occupier is filled with loathing. And therein is the problem Americans are faced with in Obama's leadership. He demonstrates, daily, a real hatred for America and a disdain for her people and their God in this Judeo-Christian nation.

The man, Barack Hussein Obama, is incapable of loving anything or anybody (but himself). In his mind is only the trigger that allows him to take and not give. In him is little to no substance. And, if he were to fall who would miss him --- really? And all those who do say they like Obama are, themselves, without substance; and they feel the need to latch onto the little bit he has in order to complete themselves. But, the world has no need for such an individual and, indeed, history has proved that to be true. For, as the poet has said, "They strut their hour upon the stage and are no more." However, when they are removed, all the grief and pain they caused is also removed with them. And that is the hope and change we, as believers, can count on.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see."

The spiritual advisors of Barack Hussein Obama are prone to whisper sweet words to soothe his troubled conscience (and their own) when what he needs is to hear from the true and living God. As he struts across the stage of life in a pompous way that exaggerates piousness, his inner soul drags the ground such that his flesh peels away from his bones to reveal the filth of the man, which is covered up now by high-priced garments and shoes.

But God has an x-ray machine like none other that is known to man. In fact, God is the x-ray machine. God looks and sees the innermost depths of the soul of man. For God is the One who has created all things. So then, when will mankind ever stop trying to be God to man? We know that our God is a jealous God and that he is never going to allow blasphemy to go without His response. When all is said and done, and when all the dirt and dust is settled in the grave where your body is placed, the only place you would want to be is either pointed in the direction of the Heavenly Gate. Or, the alternative is to be pointed in the direction of hell and eternal damnation. Then let God hear you say that the Lord hath not said.

Barack Obama and all those in leadership need to know there is nothing that man can do to bring about peace on earth apart from God. For the Lord Jesus is our peace. He is the Prince of Peace. And he is God. What's more, all the debates among mankind are of no affect because whoever tries to disprove that God exists is long gone from this earth, but God remains. Who can refute that with any degree of credibility?

Furthermore, when from deep in the inner recesses of the mind and heart come a resounding, "Not so!" that forever "Not so!" of man comes back to man from God. More than ever, God is the One who alone solves every unsolvable situation in the entire universe. Although God is unseen by human eyes in the natural, God -- nevertheless -- is seen by all those who are born again from above, as Christians know and believe that transformation comes from none but God Himself.

One other important thing many humans miss (whether Christian or not) is that God is God whether you see him and whether you know him or not and whether you like him or not. The truth is that God is God all by himself and man is a mere blip on the screen of life. Man is certain to fade and fail and be no more seen upon the earth. Moreover, God shall surely see them where He shall judge all things.


The world has long known the Lord will return but what is left unknown by God is the time of the Second Coming. Indeed, there are those who still await God's first coming. And there are those who do not believe God even exists. Therefore, in the brief sentences below, I will tell how we know God does exist and that he is who he says he is.

If God did not exist, then who was it who set the world in motion in the first place? The world was here when you arrived. And the world will still be here when you leave it for the last time.

You are in the grip of the unknown One who keeps watch over your soul, which is mortal and is subject to death. God is He who keeps you in the very depths of life and death, because you are not capable of keeping your own self -- not even for a split second.

The world has in its inner core a piousness that seeks God. However, the leaders chosen by mankind have looked after their own interests and not mine, saith the Lord God of all. In them is no good thing. They fail to heed my warnings. They fail to repent and understand that I the Lord thy God am in the room. And yet once more is the word which was sent centuries ago to a cruel and unjust people.

The Word of God is in the midst of my people, saith the Lord God and the voice of God still rings throughout the land.

Call of God to Barack Obama to Repent

Look no more unto the hills for the Lord has flattened them and there is now no hiding place for cover. In the plains shall I call you and assemble you down in the valley. And there shall you watch all the power and glory of the true and living God come to fruition before your face. Then say that I the Lord thy God hath not done it. Be that as it may, I have once more sent it and it shall be found true.

The whole world shall be faced with the decision and it would do well to consider wisely and prayerfully.

Can mankind save another life apart from God? Indeed can man save his own life even with God? Which answer do you desire? The road to heaven and life or the road to hell and eternal damnation? For when you scoff at things you no not of, then you bring upon your own head the wrath of God. Then so be it.


*Rev. Lainie Dowell is a member of the Christian Clergy. She is a Five-Fold Minister and that prophetic word (above) comes through her Mantle of The Office of Prophetess. Documentation is available to substantiate her Ministerial call has been confirmed. The prophetic Word delivered by her to whom God has sent it has all come to fruition over time. Further documentation exists which also shows that those who did not receive that prophetic Word sent to them and rejected it --- have died early deaths because of their disobedience -- not to her, the one who delivered it to them, -- but through their disobedience to the One and only God who had her to send it on to them. The most recent such case of death, exactly as she prophesied years before, occurred on January 28, 2010.
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A Prophetic Word
Barack Obama Has A Call From God! That Call is Repent!

VISIT TODAY around 11:00 a.m. EST, when I will have recorded The Prophetic Word of God's Call to Barack Hussein Obama and all world leaders . Our God is not asleep. He is on the case. And our hope remains in the Lord Jesus. Nobody can ever change that as a matter of fact and God's truth.

Thank you and God's continued peace and blessings,

Rev. LED Dowell, Five-Fold Minister
Standing in The Mantle of
The Office of Prophetess
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Project Virginia Got it Right
And My Response


(See the link added here by permission of  Ford O'Connell, ProjectVirginia.com)

Rev. Lainie Dowell

Today, I came across Project Virginia  -- ( http://www.projectvirginia.com/ ) where I read an article by Ford O’Connell, Co-Founder. It was a brief but power packed message to Republican leadership to stop the public infighting, particularly around the contributions. I believe everybody who reads it should circulate it and the sentiment and get busy about working to bring America back to its strength and leadership in the free capitalist world. God knows we need strong leadership to get the job done right and right now. I highly recommend it to you all. It is entitled, The Wrong Message: “Give To Us NOT The RNC”, by Ford O'Connell. (http://www.projectvirginia.com/)
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Powerful Anon. Women's Motto *Adaptation*
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