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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elena Kagan, Obama's Pick For SCOTUS Is
A Liar And She Must Be Rejected!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


Senator Coburn's role during the hearings offered real hope for change to save America from interlopers and liars brought into the White House by their leader, Barack Obama. Anybody who knows wrong from right and truth from lies knows you cannot ask a liar if they are telling the truth. What response would you think you'd get? Certainly not one that could be counted on as being truthful.

Anybody who does just a speck of research will understand that Harvard University is not the esteemed scholarly institution most politicos attribute to it. Else, why have we been overwhelmingly confronted with so many of their "graduates" and "professors" from the Harvard Law School who cannot tell truth from fact and fiction?

Kagan is being interviewed under oath and she still refuses to be candid when speaking to the Senators about her stint as Dean of the Harvard Law School. She is the one who brought back the policy on the campus to ban our military recruiters and kept them off campus. Yet she insists upon denying she had anything to do with that. However, news videos and articles reporting on that matter at the time prove otherwise. One such resource to look up as a matter of proof is "Women In Higher Education," January 2005, p. 4. The article is entitled, "Harvard Bans Military Recruiters Again," and that notation specifically states that Dean Elena Kagan is the very one who announced the return of that "ban" policy and her intention to carry it through.

The United States Senate confirmation hearing being held now to either confirm or reject Elena Kagan, is a national embarrassment. the Democrat chairman of the Judiciary Committee has made no secret of the fact that he sees Kagan confirmed and seated in the Supreme Court of the United States as an Associate Justice. But she is a liar like the man, Barack Obama, who nominated her for consideration even though she has no experience as a Judge.

We can only pray our Republican representatives know the background of Elena Kagan and refuse to let the highest court in the nation be further denegrated by trying to put her on it in the same way they did Sonya Sotemayor. After all, these are not people selected to be judges but associate justices. And, if they cannot be trusted to honor the Rule of Law and the United States Constitution, then America is truly watching the death knell of this nation.

America, we can and must do better. We can no more believe Elena Kagan than we could Barack Obama. Of course they are going to be less than truthful to get what they want. How many more examples do we need to cite before getting it?! Watch it unfold.

Congress has to clean house and IMPEACH BARACK OBAMA NOW!


I signed this important petition to recommend that the U.S. Senate does not confirm Elena Kagan for SCOTUS.

I know this is an important issue for America, and I want to encourage you to go to the petition site and add your signature, too. It's free and it takes just a few seconds to get it done. Join with others to call for the U.S. Senate to:

"Reject Elena Kagan's Nomination to Supreme Court"
Website url: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/rejectelenakagan/
click here

Thank you!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Clergywoman Pitbull Warns Colleagues to
Not Accept Obama's Way Over God's

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

The United States Constitution has recognized our God-given rights to have freedom of speech and freedom of religion, among other recognized freedoms. However, over decades, each congressional assembly has chipped away and revised the meanings so much that Americans are left to fend for themselves as to what does and does not constitute violations of the constitution. Unfortunately, the government has taken over so many of our rights that, in 2010, under the Obama Administration, it has become commonplace for them to do exactly that, as it pleases them; and many such acts are not even lawful.

On the one hand citizens are being told there is a "Separation of Church and State," while on the other hand the state has interjected so much of its secularism into the affairs of the church. And that includes even determining what is and is not a church to force religious organizations to be approved by the government in order to become tax exempt.

In recent years federal, local, and state legislatures have criminalized certain acts under the Civil Rights and Human Rights statutes, rolling in what they call, "Hate Crimes." All of those laws are designed to silence, particularly, Christians who preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and the only way to gain God's salvation. At the same time, our government has introduced bills into law to protect homosexuals and Muslims and others of all stripes -- except Judeo-Christian Americans. In fact, our elected government representatives have become so "internationalized" that they pay more attention to foreign affairs than domestic. What's more, Americans seem to be missing the fact that the government is moving us closer to becoming subjected to the United Nations laws and giving up our sovereign rights as citizens of the United States of America.

Obama Nominates American Clergy to Commission on International Religious Freedom

When I recently saw the televised and internet headlines which read, "Obama Nominates [Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson] Cook for Religious Freedom Ambassador: Obama also intends to nominate Felice D. Gaer and William J. Shaw as members to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom," written by Sarah Pulliam Bailey (June 15, 2010), then as a Christian Woman of the Cloth, I had to respond, because too many men and women of faith are going along in lock step towards all that is far removed from God's will, way, and Word. If that were not so, then we would not tolerate an increased ungodliness all across this nation and in the world.

I posted a comment on the "Christianity Today Political Blog," but I believe I must now enlarge on the warning that I posted there on June 28, 2010. Christians continue to lose too much precious ground in America by trying to smile through the destruction and by not wanting to understand Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 KJV.

I have personally known both Rev. Dr. Johnson-Cook (aka Dr. Sujay) and Rev. Dr. William J. Shaw for well over 20 years. And it appears the reported invitation from Barack Obama to Rev. Dr. Sujay and Rev. Dr. Shaw is more than rumor, but they may be headed for congressional approval. Therefore, I would remind my clergy colleagues just how real God is. There are so many preachers we have known, loved, served with, and also rebuked who have gone on to glory. Nevertheless, we know that many of them knew enough not to play with God, the things of God, or the people of God (i.e., If God alone called them).

This manmade position being offered for my clergy colleagues to serve on the United States Commission of International Religious Freedom reportedly also mandates that in order for Christians to serve, they must first either deny or not state that Jesus Christ is "The Only Way." That policy (albeit unstated) will take them further away from God and not draw them or anyone else closer to Him. And, given that the Obama plan includes literally taking steps to wipe out all knowledge of our Judeo-Christian faith and of our God from off the earth, I would caution neither of you to be deceived into thinking that this sinful man's "honors" will ingratiate you to God or to the people of God. It will not. Look how far from the faith popular opinion has caused the corporate church body to stray. These are the days when too many people still have no idea that God is real and is alive; yet, they believe that by their merely speaking, they are preaching. These are the days when gospel songs are used in televised commercials complete with church-robed choirs bopping to the beat of detergent sales. The church needs to show God's power more than ever before all puny mankind who have control over nothing, not even themselves.

Remember your faithful walk of old, as I do. And understand that, if you accept this United Nations mandate from Barack Obama, many people will be led astray by what you will be asked to do in order to remain in that position, up to and including blocking the church door. Please decline this role and glorify our God by continuing to live and to freely preach the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ only as God Himself has called us to do.

Here is another reminder for you of how far the Lord has brought us. Don't slip now. Is it worth it to "gain the world and lose your soul?" I know Rev. Shaw, that "You know the story!" Even if politicians continue to try to mimic the preachers all day, they will still go down into Hellfire and brimstone, if they have not heard from heaven. Do you want that previous statement to be called a "Hate Crime?" Are any of you willing and able to say you will not be silenced on the matter of our faith? Decision time is at hand. Fence sitting time is over. Jump on one side or the other. Don't straddle the fence of faith. Life or death by God's hand is the result, and no one should have as their excuse to God that nobody told them. I just did. See the reprinted article quoted below about how God moved within our denomination and why our God is still not pleased with what is going on in the church today:


The Baltimore Sun Article Collections

Challenger of churchmen full of spunk
April 19, 1998 By GREGORY KANE

"IT'S THE sheer spunk of the woman that I like. "

[Rev.] Lainie Dowell, who will open her own church in Howard County on May 10, [1998] backs down from no one. The Rev. John Wright of First Baptist Church of Guilford in Howard County had her tossed out of the congregation in August 1992 for allegedly "disrupting the the service. Police escorted her from the property Dowell says her only crime was "refusing to shut up and do as I was told."

See what I mean? Spunk. How can you not like the spunk of a woman who writes about liberal black leadership:

"If I owned NIKE, I would take every sneaker I ever made and kick their holier-than-thou butts because they use 'black' as a badge to pick on 'whitey' and cry foul when the brother points out the specks in their eyes," she wrote in an essay.

In January 1990, Dowell fired off a testy letter to Benjamin Hooks, then executive director of the NAACP, protesting "sexism in the black Baptist churches in the U.S." and charging the Rev. Emmett Burns, then a regional official of the NAACP, with excluding female pastors.

In July 1993, she sent a letter to then-Gov. William Donald Schaefer, portions of which are reprinted below:

"Dear Governor Schaefer:

Several years ago, I wrote to tell you, Mayor Kurt Schmoke and Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks that the problems we have across our state and this nation among the African-American population have been caused, primarily, by the lack of accountability of the NAACP and the black Baptist ministers, many of whom are in top leadership positions within the NAACP.

"Who oversees the accountability of the NAACP? To whom do the black Baptist ministers answer for accountability? These black leaders need to get their own houses in order before they are allowed to continue to snoop in other business and government files and shout them down in public about their discriminatory practices when they discriminate in the worst way with impunity and have been doing so for years. They are the new 'untouchables,' the black mafia who go underground, lie, cheat and steal and will look you in your eye and lie about what they have done."

Dowell considers herself a prophet. In this case, she was indeed prophetic. Soon the Rev. Ben Chavis -- now Nation of Islam tTC Minister Benjamin Muhammad -- was head of the NAACP. He was ejected under a cloud of scandal and accused of misusing NAACP funds. The Rev. Henry Lyons, president of the National Baptist Convention USA, has been charged with theft and racketeering and accused of taking church money for his personal use. Dowell apparently wasn't just whistling Dixie in her letter to Schaefer. But her critics dismissed her as something of a loony.

Actually, she's more like the women prophets in Ayi Kwei Armah's novel "Two Thousand Seasons" who urged African men to abandon sexism, corruption and slavery before it destroyed their society. The men didn't listen, with disastrous results.

Dowell has long challenged the sexism she sees in the Baptist church.

In 1992, the Rev. T. J. Jemison was president of the National Baptist Convention USA and came under fire for kowtowing to Mike Tyson -- then accused of rape -- to get a large donation. Dowell was interviewed by the Washington Post about the matter.

Jemison's support of Tyson, Dowell said, was "typical of the sexism black women encounter regularly from some Baptist clerics" and "illustrates a continuing lack of regard for women."

Wright chided her after the April 1992 article appeared, Dowell recalled.

"Only the pastor speaks for the church," Dowell remembers Wright telling her. Then, according to Dowell, he wanted to know if she had contacted the Post or if it had contacted her.

"I don't have to tell you that," Dowell says she answered. "You don't tell me when you talk to the press."

With two wills this strong, a parting of the ways seemed inevitable. Wright is known for having more than a bit of spunk himself. The Dowell-Wright clash shows what happens when irresistible spunk comes up against immovable spunk.

A Howard County court handed down an injunction that prevents Dowell from setting foot in Wright's church, one she has sought to have lifted on grounds that her removal was unjust and based on falsehoods.

For those wondering why she doesn't simply forget about the injunction and move on, she has a revealing answer. "I'm a pit bull on matters of injustice," Dowell said. "I'm not going to turn it loose until it's the way it's supposed to be."

Article Pub Date: 4/19/98 "The Baltimore Sun." Authored by Gregory Kane.

Nomination of Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook and Rev. Dr. William J. Shaw , June 15, 2010
International Religious Act, 1998. Amended by Pub. Law 106-55. Pub Law l06-113. Pub. Law 107-228.
105th Congress of USA (H.R. 2431)
United States Department of Justice, Overview
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Band of Angels That Will Destroy
Barack Obama And His Band of Thugs

Rev. Lainie Dowell

A Prophetic Voice Arises Yet Once More.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see."
Read -Revelations Chapter 3 vv. 14-22 KJV

There is an ongoing devious plan underfoot to discredit the United States of America and there is a traitor in the White House by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. When I originally began to disclose Obama and the DEMS' heinous plan in mid-2008, I was lambasted and castigated and called everything but a child of God. Nevertheless, I am God's child. And, although my archival messages contain the proof, none paid attention to my prophetic voice until Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski came along and copyright infringed and plagiarized my online work about Obama and published it as their own under the title of "The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial (their word) Presidency," Copyright (c) 2010 by Globe Pequot Press, Guilford, Connecticut. (April 2010) Now what?! Obama is still in office.

Blogosphere Warnings About Barack Obama, President of the United States

My original warning was so urgent that I have continued to sound just that alarm about Obama without ceasing and without regard for however I may or may not be perceived by others. My ministerial background speaks for itself and God knows He has brought to pass all that He has had me to send forth from Him, even this.

Here is just one such vivid example. Watch and see People of faith ought to be on the battlefield without shame.

The mainstream media apparently has become numbed by the many instances of unbelievable warnings they have received from even the current Blogosphere; but, in the final analysis, we will all benefit from a matter at hand in which the law has fully revealed a conspiratorial plot involving the current President of the United States with more to come besides the Blagojevich case now being tried in a court of law.

Until now, there has been an uncanny response by the media to give Obama a cursory look. However, in the matter of Blagojevich, we are able to glean a picture of such a sinister plot in the way the government operates that we have a more than even opportunity to start anew and to correct all of the corruption we have witnessed over many years coming from out of Chicago, Illinois, and all across this nation from among our elected and appointed officials and their staffs.

Let it be henceforth known and understood that none of those illegal laws coming from out of Washington, D.C. now will be obeyed. The only thing the perpetrators can be assured of is a jail cell for all who have entered into such an evil plan to obliterate this nation and to continue to try to utterly take down the financial structure of America and all over the world and turn it over to Islamists. Have our men and women and allies suffered on battlefields and been wounded and died in vain? Not so! Not so!!

There is no way Americans will ever let Barack Obama and all of his illegitimate czars command a plan in our government and lead all the bureaucrats into a place of control over these citizens. The American people are awake now. The United States government is under severe attack from the highest office of the nation, and not since the late former President Richard M. Nixon and his plumbers have we come so close to losing this nation to traitors from within and without of the highest order.

Our elected officials seem to think we can afford to wait until November 2010 to pursue Obama and his thugs. However, they are in our faces right now and he, as their leader, has given no indication of his intentions to cease directing that pack of wolves from stepping up their attacks against the American people. Congress needs to be reminded they have also taken an oath to defend our Constitution and to protect us from just such evil intentions as Obama displays daily, much to our dismay. Our elected representatives need to be reminded that Americans have no obligation to be placid and that a man in Obama's position has no right to expect that we would be.

Now is the time to remind American citizens what it means to "Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for ALL" (who are either born here or enter upon these shores to live under our constitutional rule of law. Nobody -- not even an elected President -- has any right or authority to take it upon himself to unilaterally change that mandate, with impunity and without being held to the strictest accountability. But people such as Obama are, for some unknown reason, being allowed by our own elected leaders to totally destroy the national foundation like a wild, unruly child. But, what he is tearing down cannot be so easily replaced and now is the time for Congress and men and women of good will to call a halt to legislation until the Executive Branch gets straightened out and Obama is turned out straight away.

Barack Obama believes the whole world has anointed him to take America down. Indeed, he has had a lot of help from many quarters, including regions where there are terrorists who are watching and waiting for his signal to come forth and take over. And, if the eyes of the nation are opened wide, they can look and see how many Muslims have stepped out of the shadows and begun to press for Sharia Law and the Muslim faith to overtake this, our Judeo-Christian nation. That is not their right to do so but it is our right to make sure they won't do so.

Many people are at their wits end to find out what it would take to stop such devastation. But, in the circles of many other areas around the nation, we see so many of our precious liberties being dismantled in the name of the law. Yet, the law is flawed and only God Himself would be the arbiter of this matter. For Obama has decided to move to make everything that is illegal and ungodly to be legal and secular by enacting any Executive Order that suits his fancy or by bullying and blackmailing and forcing legislators to enact laws which he wants to legitimate all that the people have rightly rejected. He rushes this nation towards dictatorship and we ought not stand for it.

As much as people refuse to believe that God is warning the nation and the world to repent and turn, the world shall see it unfold and be afraid when even more destruction will come upon the earth. 'Til now, the politicos and professional folk have acted as if we have no God. They are fools! But we are not so foolish as to go along with them in their blaspheme. And we know that none of them is able to do what God has done nor to undo all that he has suddenly brought upon the earth in so many ways to turn them who fear not God or anyone.

Mankind has lost touch with heaven and have relinquished their senses to the devil. All they want is control and the greed for money and power has overtaken them and turned the nation into utter ruin. And although most of the people still have most of their faculties intact, many are afraid to stand up and to speak out. But even those who do boldly speak out are belittled and ridiculed and ostracized. But can any man save even himself?

Barack Hussein Obama Is Taking the Nation Backwards And Not Forward

There is a reason for so much havoc, and we shall see the end of it all, if the Lord tarries. But at the most opportune time of all, we shall surely see the man, Barack Hussein Obama and all of his minions fall from grace and be recipients of their just rewards. Obama has said he wants to reform America, but historical accounts tell us that he is taking the nation backwards.

All of us are at the mercy of the true and living God and that is why Obama has done all he can to wipe every evidence of God from the minds of our little children. And, if for no other reason than that alone, Obama should be taken out of office immediately.

Be that as it may, we do not have to stand by and watch this nation and its people faint from so much terrorizing coming from Washington, D.C. Everybody within the sound of my voice ought to put down the paper and turn off the television and put feet to their prayers. Nobody in America who has the desire to follow after Obama should be allowed to remain in this nation to deliberately wreck it and kill off our people who have had enough.


Oh how the bells will ring out for freedom and sing so loudly in the hills and plains and meadows and valleys such that the sunshine will fill up every dark space. And the faces of our children and elderly will, likewise, light up once more and spread the much needed real hope and change across this land and renew their own pledge of allegiance to this nation to never ever allow such as Obama and the DEMS in leadership who have their own interests at hand to put the nation on the trail to Hell.

Be that as it may, Hitler and his foot soldiers were scoffed at early on, too. And anybody who doesn't understand a new Hitleresque terror has arisen on these our shores will surely suffer the most, because they are the ones who have encouraged Obama every step of the way to keep on doing what he is doing to destroy our nation.

God have mercy on America. And that, through our Judeo-Christian faith everywhere, ought to be our prayer and we ought to fight to bring the power of God down upon their heads to show them just what and, most of all, who has made America great. I am talking about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and none other.

Keep Our Nation Above All the Rest! For ours is a nation that has supped with the Lord and enabled so many others to join in. But Bland and Bland and Bland is the meal of any other that professes to be of God but is not.

The political commentary from the christian p.o.v. stands on the Word of God without fear or apology and invites all who believe likewise to do the same. It is time to kill off all areas of political correctness and not America!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

War Is Hell But ObamaTrauma Is the Furnace

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Military, civil, criminal, marine, judicial, congress, senate, executive lines are blurred. And, in order for anybody to know what is the law de jure, people have to make some official mad to find out. And, if there is no law on the books to address the so-called offense, then our elected and appointed leaders will make one up on the spot and act right away to enforce it and mete out their made up sentence without delay. Under the Obama Administration, important decisions take place in terms of hours instead of weeks and months, all because he deems decisionmaking to be his alone to make.

During the heat of the battles that are being fought where military members of our own flesh and blood are lying in wait far away from home in the midst of the sandflea-infested grounds of Iraq and Afghanistan and other parts long forgotten but which remain inflamed, Obama has the nerve to feign hurt feelings because General Stanley McCrystal, a man of war that he chose to oversee the battle, may have used a moment of respite to feel free to vent. Or, as the case may be, to have allowed his staff to feel free to vent. And armchair generals in air conditioned rooms far from the thick of battle have taken aim and made parting shots on TV and in national newspapers calling for General McCrystal's head to roll. We don't need terrorists to do that job, because community organizers like Obama and his minions and mouthy radio and TV pundits do it every day, which is to say -- find some little thing to create a big media skirmish as an excuse to get rid of people who stand up and speak the truth about them and their ongoing destruction of America.

Barack Obama's forced resignation of General Stanley McCrystal should have been the other way around and, If anybody had to go, it should have been Obama himself and not McCrystal. If the United States Senate were to conduct any credible, objective, oversight into the life and times of Obama, he would not ever be able to withstand such scrutiny. Yet, he remains in the White House Oval Office unvetted and unverified and illegitimate as the one with the authority to say who comes or goes and even who lives or dies upon his sayso.

Obama had assigned General McCrystal to oversee what was his own personal vision of a "kinder-more-gentler" friendly war in Afghanistan during the most fiercest season of the battle. And he has practically demanded that our military put down their weapons of war and to look enemies of the United States eye to eye and not fire until after the enemy got off the first shot. Has the whole world lost its mind? In the current month with one of the largest numbers of military casualties and injuries, Obama and news pundits allowed their hurt egos to get in the way of protecting our men and women fighting for our right to live free, speak freely, and to die free. And not only are our military men and women battle worn and weary but also their commanders, including General McCrystal. What has Obama got to be tired about that he has to take a "vacation" every week or so?

Barack Hussein Obama Does Not Care! Who Doesn't Know It?!

Should we be surprised that a journalist from "Rolling Stone" magazine would have found his way into the inner USA military circles in Afghanistan? Not when we consider how hard and fast the Obama Administration has gone after the young voters to swell their own voter rolls. Congress would do well to schedule an interview with that young man to answer some questions about how he happened to have gotten permission to even travel with top military leaders. Somebody higher had to have approved it. Don't you think? Funny thing about ObamaTrauma is that all who are inflicted with it develop sudden memory lapses.

We do not live in a Monarchy, or democracy. We live in a democratic Republic where the people have the power. Nevertheless, "Whatever [Obama] wants, [Obama] gets." And he gets away clean. Americans! Obama does not care about you or your God. In 2008, it seemed as if the entire world exploded into one mass fever pitch of excitement about the "hope and change," as articulated by a small black man named Barack Obama. At the same time, just as many people enjoined the battle on the domestic front to keep Obama from taking the White House keys to the Oval Office as -- not the doorman, but the President of the United States of America; and thereby, the leader of the entire free western world. He has rewarded all those who supported him by selling them into slavery. And they love it. But not so with God's people who are determined to fight him every step of the way. And the warning goes forth daily, Obama! Let God's people go!

What else will America lose from our rich treasure all because Barack Obama does not know what he is doing without his traveling podium to shield him and the national press to defend him? Right now he has forced citizens to live in a parallel world. Obama and his thuggish DEMS continue demanding apologies from anyone who speaks the truth about his hellish state of events while they are the ones who remain unapologetic, unforgiving, and in denial about their many gaffs. How low will they go before the United States Constitution and the Rule of Law scream, "ENOUGH!" After all, Americans have buried more than enough men and women and attended to just as many who were wounded in order to keep alive our freedoms. And by all that is Holy, we will not watch anybody bury our foundations of faith and of our country. It is not that people are not standing up and speaking out but it is that Obama and our elected leaders and the news media are not listening to our calls to IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

The nations around the world have arisen against us, because they view Obama as weak and indecisive. And he is all of those things. Our national leadership has failed us. Our national pride has all but left us. And our national place in history has been left askew. These are the days in which we find ourselves longing for the days of old. But those days were simply not appreciated as the nation went through them. The national leadership has betrayed our trust and the people who do not fathom themselves to be leaders have been forced to step up to overthrow all of them.

Nevertheless, is one option any better than the other (i.e., the old ways vs. the new way)? As we face down the massive national upheavals among all these situations with which we have been confronted and have overcome, this is one that is heads above all the rest. And there are many men and women in the nation who are poised to take back the reins of the nation to lead her in the paths of righteousness. However, the leadership has also continuously passed into law all those things which would make it difficult for anybody to do so.

These are the days of death and devastation. These are the days of denial and demonization. Obama has turned the whole world upside down. In America, there was no doubt that this is a free nation made up of laws and consequences for breaking them. Instead, in this century which was to let all of the brilliance of mankind shine, the opposite has occurred. The darkest minds have clouded all that our elders worked so hard to accomplish for the future generations. The future is now while tomorrow waits for our ObamaTRAUMA indoctrinated youth of today to come down the road to meet up with it and arrive already to capitulate to their sinful evil ways.

Because of the propaganda sprouted by Obama and his thugs, our children's children will find nothing amiss up ahead when they see two men together and two women together walking arm in arm in a lover's embrace. They won't recognize either the outside or the inside of a church building or its purpose. They won't have "In God We Trust" on buildings or coins to remind them this is a Godly nation. They won't need teachers or classrooms, because they will be self-taught by age five. They won't need church services, because they will be served at home via the internet and secularized podiums complete with advertisements. They won't have to go out and get a job, because the government will pay them to stay home. They won't have to go collect payments, because they will be deposited into their collective bank accounts. They won't have to shop for food or clothing, because they will grow their own food and make their own clothing from leftover garments or join community nudist camps. They won't have to worry about funeral expenses, because they will be buried in their backyards. It is an outrageous and damnable scenario.

Moreover, all of this is likely to occur, if Barack Obama continues to be allowed to wield the pen to write his illegal Executive Orders into law even long after he has all but disbanded our United States Congress, torn up our United States Constitution, and stomped down all remaining vestiges of our once proud, free, Godly nation. And that is exactly what will happen if they shut down every voice and cut off every avenue which would allow truth to go around the nation and the world unencumbered by anybody or anything.

Minds That Defy Sanity And The Works of Evil Have taken Over

If the law truly mattered, then Obama and Biden and the Clintons and their political dregs of society would not still be in their positions of authority anywhere in this nation or around the world. One positive aspect of all of their blatant dirty dealings with the American people's lives and livelihood for so many decades is that we do recognize and understand that "What goes around comes around." And all of them will be the recipients of so much worse than they have meted out against this nation. And, no matter how much they try to utterly stomp down the laws of mankind, the laws of God and His justice will never die and they will all surely roast in Hell beyond what they have made into a hell on this earth.

It may appear that almost everybody has remained oblivious to the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, good and bad, God and Satan. For, if they were not oblivious, then they would not hesitate to get the United States Congress to step out and put Barack Obama in the hot seat of contention right now. But not everyone is oblivious. Obama is not above the law. He is subject to the rule of law and the Constitution in that position even more so and he must be held to the strictest accountability for his abuse of power and acting under the color of law to circumvent congress in order to write his own form of laws and to put them into affect without either Godly scrutiny or Constitutional oversight.

Plenty of people know that General McCrystal was wrongly hung out to dry but Obama will be rightly ousted and it has to be done. However, for some reason too many of our legislators remain beholden to the knowledge of what it means to have a president in the White House rather than what it means to have the right man as the President to inhabit the White House. They have failed to take into account that it is a position which represents a place of honor and respect for that position. At the same time, our leaders demonstrate daily that they don't know how to respond to Obama who occupies that position but does not have any respect for what it means.

If Barack Obama knew what it means to be American, then he would never try to destroy this nation but he would do all he could to build on to the foundations of old.

If Barack Obama truly knew what it meant to be a child of God, then he would never be able to slip in and out of his dastardly deeds to set in motion all that is against what has transpired to make America great.

Instead, we are told by the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and others we trusted, to watch as:

  • Lies have become what appears to be true.
  • Rights are no longer God-given but manmade.
  • Brave men and women who have fought on foreign and domestic battlegrounds are now treated as enemy combatants and enemy combatants are being hailed as heroes.

If Barack Obama ever knew how much Americans love this nation then he would turn around and walk out of that Oval Office and turn the keys back into the hands of Godly leadership.

If Barack Obama could not see it, we the people understand right well that he has a short time to be in the White House, because if the majority of the people who have not cheated at voting would have their say, then Obama would be on his way out today.

People of America already know that we have a severe problem but that in the midst of what we see, many in leadership have turned their backs and shut their eyes to the ensuing degradation. For has anything good and great come out of the Obama Administration being in charge of this country's treasuries and treasures since he took over in January 2009? Not once has he given any indication that he cares for America or Americans. Even worse, far too many from the Republican Party have also joined in with his destructive band such that the American people are betrayed and pressed down from all sides with impunity and without accountability.

The upcoming Election of November 2010 will surely set the pace. Patriotic citizens will see to it that Obama will (possibly) serve out an entire term but no more. The people of America have heard the awful sounds of destruction coming from out of Washington, D.C. The government is literally building fences to surround the White House and they are punching out interior walls to make room for miles of cables being strung throughout the bureaucracies which are scattered across this nation; and, dare we say, the entire world. The news reporters refuse to tell us about this ongoing construction or ask the Obama Administration why they are building fences there instead of mending fences in America and building tall fences around our state borders that surround Mexico? The Obama Administration is determined to keep citizens in the dark and to stifle all voices of dissent. But the voices of the citizens are not going to be silenced.

A Prophetic Word of the Lord God --
The Sound of Obama And The Edicts of Heaven to Him About His Ungodly Agendas

Though it has gone on long enough, it shall be all over in an even shorter period. The White House shall be cleared out and fumigated. The stench of evil has filtrated the walls and all of the floors have been touched with the sound of voices plotting to bring ruin to anybody who dares speak against them. God is able to keep all of their harshest edicts and rinse them totally in every one of them that they have sent forth to destroy others.

Rev. LED Dowell and Dr. Laurie talk about Gen. McCrystal & Barack Obama and current events
URL: http://www.therothshow.com/show-archives/june-2010/ (Click on June 23, 2010, Hour 2)
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama 2010 White House Census Revisited Update

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

This is a follow up to a commentary I wrote on April 3, 2009, about the chaos of the 2010 Census under an Obama Administration. The comment was in response to a current update I received from Dan Zanoza, Founder-Editor of RFFM.ORG. The response I left on his comment form follows,

Mr. Zanoza,

I am honored you invited me to contribute *** to the exchange. *** If it hadn't been the Obama Administration, I might have been intimidated thinking the FEDS or IRS would show up at my house to lock me up if I refused to answer. But knowing Obama's lack of character emboldened me to not be bullied or afraid of any of them. God's truth is empowering.

As for my day-to-day health, I find myself becoming more impatient with each passing day. There seems to be no respite from the overbearing Obama Administration. Worse, because our elected leaders are allowing him to continue overstepping his constitutional boundaries while acknowledging that's just what he is doing. We have no advocates. It seems people are beginning to nod their heads in agreement with Obama instead of not allowing themselves to be taken in by his deception.

What makes it worse (for me) is how so many self-professed Christians are beating up on others that are sounding the alarm bells to stop Obama now. Even worse is that Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski stole my work and published a book (best seller). It is so, because the comparison between them will lead directly to specific portions of my previous articles not to mention that 95% of my work contains the same thesis throughout. Now I am faced with legal action against them to reclaim my body of work as the basis for their recent "discovery" which would "shock" and "surprise" the reader who had "to be informed" about it. Well, this internet has kept me on my face before God since 1996, and my documents bear witness to the veracity of my allegations, so my conscious is clear. I hate liars with a passion. As far as I am concerned, they are murderers, because they will kill every part of a truth left standing. For us --- truth outweights and stands out against every wicked way. So that's how my day goes. Trusting and depending on God. I pray for you and your wife, because you are living in the belly of the beast (Illinois). But that's what is needed --- praying saints such as you to intercede against all of that evil.

Praying and thanking God for you and your wife and for your unshakeable faith.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! YOU DESERVE IT!! God knows the hearts and intents of all things, even this.

Read: "Obama White House Moves 2010 Census to 2009,"
(c) 2009 by Rev. Lainie Dowell (Date: April 3, 2009).

Read current article about U.S. Census Takers published by RFFM.Org .

Click to: Republicans Committee on Government Oversight.
See "Whistleblowers," Washington, D.C.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama Lied. Uncle Sam Died.
Lady Liberty Cried. Lady Justice Sighed.

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Ole Black Chuch (sic) folk way back when used to love to sing, "I don't believe He brought me this far to leave me." They were not talking about President Abraham Lincoln, President Theodore Roosevelt, or President Ronald Reagan. In fact, they knew that no leadership from any governments of this world would ever be able to provide the solutions to any of their struggles on this earth. Therefore, faith in the God of America and the entire world strengthened their weak backs, healed their aching hearts and filled their empty bellies, sheltered their babies from every stormy gale, gave birth to hope when it looked as though all hope was gone and would never return. And, so America's God steadied the Ship of State and lifted her passengers upright every time it was being steered aground by greedy, power-hungry, narcissistic leadership who came onto history's page looking for their best chance to play God.

Barack Hussein Obama, though, takes the cake! Who is he? Where did he come from? How did he get here and from where and when? He has rejected everything America stands for. He has denied the living God. He has displayed disdain for the very men and women who have volunteered their lives to serve in the defense of this nation at home and abroad. Yet, this is the man who has wormed his way into the highest place of honor in this nation, which is the Office of the President of the United States.

Nonetheless, America is at her lowest point ever. And this is because of a man who exploded on the national scene as if shot from a cannon by multiple "global partnerships," and by many individuals who have remained strangely silent, as Americans wonder aloud how this man could be set upon our nation to pull it apart and destroy it, as Obama is doing, with impunity and without accountability. However, it is no surprise to me, because I have said this was his ultimate agenda since I first became aware of his presence in mid-2008. And, what's more, I am still waiting to hear from Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski or their "people" regarding my complaints about their copyright infringement and plagiarism and publishing of my original work warning about Obama's plan to circumvent our constitutional government and make himself "president in perpetuity, if that were possible." And, in 2010, the "two Kens" took my ongoing thesis as their own without my knowledge or consent for their own personal gain and aggrandizement. God knows.

Generally, people laugh and discount or make fun of what they do not know or understand. What's more, it is usually a nervous laugh, I think, because even though they are unsure of what it is they believe, they subconsciously believe it really is, indeed, the truth of the matter. Years ago, it used to be called "mother-wit." It later became known as "common sense." And today neither of these two traits is found among our leaders, which is important for the health, wealth, and general welfare of all who live in this nation.

More than ever, people need to be able to discern heavenly from demonic and truth from lies. And, more than ever, today is not the time for anybody to doubt the existence of God or to make fun of those who know and believe in the reality of the true and living God. Why, even Obama has enough sense to understand he cannot stop the flood of oil from gushing out uncontrollably beneath the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, it appears that all of his "Yes We Can" chants and devoted followers of his mantra have become disillusioned with his hope and change. Instead of an all-powerful leader, he has turned out to be a pathetic little man who has an honorable position which he is bringing down lower than dirt. Whereas he had fooled people into believing he could walk on water, now they understand he can't but that he can drown in a teacup of water.

What a difference time and seasons make in the character of mankind.

American seniors, especially, have worked long and hard to be able to enjoy their "golden years." Many may still be tattered, torn, and bedraggled, but they have struggled for too long to not be rugged fighters and survivors. And I would daresay that Obama's days of trying to play boy wonder will not go on forever. Moreover, America and Americans will surely struggle against his unholy agendas until that one last push that will ensure that America remains free and Godly despite Obama's lying promises and his illegal and deceptive laws he continues to push beyond the pressure points and patience of this citizenry.


Americans who made us proud! Many of them are dead and gone but they lived a life to leave a lasting legacy of faith and hope that none of us can afford to so glibly dismiss and forget. We need to hear from those people who have walked through the floods and fires of the true and living God of America. I'm talking about the ones whose eyes swell up and their hearts nearly burst with pride at the recitation of the Lord's Prayer, the Holy Scripture, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the singing of the National Anthem and the songs of Zion.

And talk about the depression years? People may not have had much money, if any, but they knew how to patch their worn out shoes with cardboard to cover the holes on the bottom of those soles and to pin up their tattered clothing and still walk on for one more day. There was not much food to go around and many of their elders went to bed hungry. But it was a certainty that somebody's momma prayed beside her bed or chair as the moon shone through the tiny opening of her room which we learned to call "a window." American and proud! Strong stock!

No matter how hard the people worked -- who had a mind to work, all of their work may have appeared to onlookers to have been in vain; but they would not be deterred. From sun up til sun down, dusty dawn to dusky day and sightless midnight, they knew it was for but a brief moment in time and that soon everything was going to be all right. Their faith gave birth to hope and hope gave birth to a chance for them to make a change for the better for themselves and others, too. And even though they felt the searing pain of disappointment and saw the heavily scarred hands and wiped away the stinging tears falling from their weary eyes, they still had hope of a better and brighter day despite the darkness of the hour around them.

Struggles would beset practically every household on every block but Sunday mornings was reserved for their best of the rest of the week. The people who sat in church pews and the persons who stood behind pulpit podiums met up and got caught up and away to heaven for a word from the Lord. Where are those days? Americans did not have everything they could possibly want or need, but they were truly rich. In 2010, however, a new generation has practically everything they could possibly need or want, but they are poor not only in spirit but in body and pocketbook, because they have walked away from America's God and don't even know the truth from a lie.

History is not dynamic. It is static; and, when taken in context of the times over which it has evolved, a mere partial picture emerges to provide a glimpse of what that moment will ultimately become -- but that's only in part. As for Barack Obama, he is a man who is trying to make his place in history. However, nobody can ever know what true history is. Why not? Because neither history (i.e., "his story") nor herstory (i.e., "her story") will totally unfold where they will live to know it.

History only begins after the last breath of the very last person standing is expelled and they are no more. For as long as even one person remains alive on earth, history is still in the process of becoming. And who will be left on earth to record that very last day? No one. God alone will judge every bit of it, as only He is able to do so.


My beautiful late mother used to say, "Even a dog gets tired of being kicked. Even he will bite you back sometime!" And while our elected leaders stand around and just watch as Obama systematically dismantles every vestige of this constitutional Republic, what would we do, if Uncle Sam suddenly gave up and died? Here is a prophetic voice from the Lord for your consideration and deliberation. Listen with me.

Weep America! Wail you ingrates! For no other has served his country as well and has earned all the praise and honor for that service longevity. He has neither been neglectful nor needy in all these years. He just got tired and died. He laid his head down on the pillars of faith and whispered, "Good-bye." But none saw it but Jesus. And none heard it but Jesus. And, in the throes of his last breath, Uncle Sam told God that he couldn't take any more.

He said, "Lord, I've had enough. Please don't make me stay. Create for me a home up yonder where You dwell and where I have longed, myself, to reside. But if I remain here on this earth, I might turn tail and run with the goats who pretend to be sheep -- and the sheep don't even know the difference any more."

Uncle Sam told God, "When I was just a wee lad and my father came to pick me up in the cradle of my days, he looked down upon me and made a pronouncement which has kept me in good stead. 'There,' he said. 'Son, you are going to make me proud and I know you will never forget. The God that I love and serve has never failed me yet.'

And soon thereafter I turned around and found I had outgrown my clothes. I was too tall and my pants were too short. My shirt was too tight and the sleeves were, too. And, before I knew it, the time had come for me to go off to war. Where I went is where I prayed. And God knows He answered each and every one. How could I not give Him thanks?

I never resigned my post. I never shirked my duty. I never winced at the sound of gunfire. I never ran from the drums of FREEDOM! I never caved to the pressures of being away from my family and friends. I never forgot where I came from. I never even asked for this great honor. I never dreamed I would be so proud to be called, 'America's Uncle Sam.' That is, until this time in history, when the young folk have disdain and no respect for the red, white, and blue. They do not respect either the life or the language we have struggled with to create 'One nation under God, indivisible.' They do not fear God with a Godly fear. "


"Lady Liberty," Uncle Sam went on to say. "Even she has hung her head and lowered her lamp. can they not see?! Can they not hear her weeping in the moonlight where she languishes all alone? Why do you suppose that river where she lives has risen so high? It is because of all the tears she has shed. And, as they flowed, they have met up with the riverbank as they rolled down her face. That color of her facade is not just from old age. It is the personification of her rage about how Americans have ripped out their historical page.

America! America! This land that I love. Americans! How could you not love her as much?

Lady Justice has shielded both of her eyes, and her scales have shifted out of balance. Have you no shame?! They are my sisters. Nurtured at the same breast. One on the right and one on the left. Oh, how could you watch as they have faded from malnourishment? Have they become so old that the youth now believe they are more mature than my sisters are?!

With just one stomp of Lady Liberty's foot, the Island where she stands would be no more. With just one flicker of Lady Justice's wrist, the scales of justice would tip and all creation would be condemned and damned to Hell where there is no justice to be had and death reigns over all who dwell therein."

Uncle Sam has said, "Good-bye."
Are there none who will stop and cry?
Has he not kept true to his roots?
Has he not been trampled on by your boots?

Take them off and look and see.
Uncle Sam gave his all for you and me.
And if the bottoms of your boots are splattered with red, white, and blue,
Then Uncle Sam got sick of all that foolishness from you, too!

This is a Judeo-Christian nation and while Christians debate and fuss and discuss among themselves the veracity of the statement, Islamists and other foreign entities are buying up our choice lands and buildings in America to take them over. And they are aided and abetted by Barack Obama and U.S. Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN), a Muslim, who has aided in the writing of bills to introduce Sharia Law and Islam as the national way of life IN AMERICA!!!!! Keep on not believing these reports and see, as Ellison works with CAIR to train Muslims to run for elected offices to increase vote power enough to complete their ultimate agenda, which includes changing the U.S. Constitution and form of government and religion. They are raping America and crushing her children with the blessings of the one who claims to be President of the USA. Obama has to be impeached now! And that conclusion is also based on legitimate constitutional and evidentiary grounds.

I am giving prayerful thanks today and every day for being free!
I am giving thanks to God for who Jesus is and for Uncle Sam and what he symbolizes.

God bless America! Americans, do not ever fear to openly bless our God!

Copyright (c) 2007. Rev. Lainie Dowell. The Mountainside Ministries.
Columbia, MD. All rights reserved worldwide.

My "Uncle Sam Tribute" was received through the Holy Spirit on Wednes., Nov. 21, 2007, 8:37 a.m. EST
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Journalism is Killed By Obama Administration - No R.I.P.

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


When you shut the mouth of the so-called, journalism "troublemakers," you'll succeed in putting the fear of the government in all those who might want to say something which is contrary to the government position (read, "President"). And, so, the paid media sat mum with their eyes straight ahead. Perhaps somebody may have come to her defense as a journalist and commentator and I must have missed it? But our "free speech" gatekeepers had better beware, because the Obama administration is inching America closer to the tact of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, which is total takeover by government. Right now, our Congress has been afraid to speak up and tell Obama
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reprint: Save America - Salvation Through Truth

NOTE: This editor received the subject email (below) from Rev. Dr. James David Manning on Monday, May 31, 2010. It came after she had sent her own prophetic article about Obama. Read both articles and note how the Holy Spirit has sent the confirmation of both messages related from afar and without collaboration to show the move of God in America. Rev. LED Dowell


My Fellow Americans,

I believe The Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit without any mixture of error for its matter.

The Holy Bible addresses slavery as a legal social nation building method. That slavery was forced upon the Jewish people in the Old Testament and was sanctioned in the New Testament by God's most prolific apostle, Paul. While the Bible supports slavery as a nation building practice, it condemns abuse and brutality of the slave. It also sets limits on the length and tenure of slave holding (Deuteronomy 21:1-6; Colossians 3:22).

The historical facts cannot be disputed, that the American Blacks who are the descendants of slaves are a far greater people because of slavery as compared to their counterpart Africans who lives in Africa and never tasted slavery.

In historical hypothesis were all Blacks left in Africa, and no slavery had occurred, the Africans in Africa would be much worse off than their present state of being. That same hypothesis demonstrates that descendants of the American slaves have added trillions to the African economy and increased life expectancy by as much as twenty years.

The one single truth that no American or African dares to speak and most do not understand or know is: The African, The American Slave and his descendants are wholly incapable of building a nation, or an on par with an European civilization. He is also wholly incapable of admitting this truth or understanding why it is true.
Egypt was the one nation of note, but because of the idolatrous worship of the sun god RA, they were smitten with blindness and all their historical notes were destroyed.

They then wandered down into the Sahara and the Congo carrying no knowledge, history or skills other than superstition and tribal warfare. Except for the sporadic mentioning of large warring tribes such as the Mandingos, the Zulus and the Songhai; they built no cites above two stories, no buildings without reeds, and with twenty five thousand miles of sea shore no sea worthy vessel, ever. The great city of Timbuktu was built by Muslim slave traders who prompted the Europeans to both colonize and procure slaves from these defenseless people.

Today, the descendants of American slaves live far better lives than the free African who never was in chains. Yet, he has not been able to build a civilization or nation that is purely his own. While he lives in the world’s greatest nation his portion is always a Ghetto. So rare is the ability of the descendant slave to build a nation or civilization is the Super Bowl championship of an all Jewish football team. The two just do not exist.

The advent of Barack Hussein Obama, the son of a free African; born of the womb of the daughter of an unemployed white drifter has set the truth and salvation of the African and the descendant of slaves back to Congo and superstition tactics.

America is on the threshold of completely falling apart. The building of an Islamic Mosque at ground zero represents, we have forgotten the God that built and blessed this nation from sea to shining sea. We now allow other gods prominence, a form of disunity and divisions at the highest possible level.

Mr. Obama and wealthy Kabals have prostituted Dr. King’s work and have turned his dream into a black nightmare.

We, Americans are a ship on a stormy sea with a blind captain and a deaf crew. Like Egypt and Rome the anointing has moved and it is only a matter of days before the destroyers take the treasure of this nation given to the destroyers by our very own children who know not Joseph.

Salvation of our nation and the Black man is not simple, but it can be accomplished through suffering. Tell the Black man the truth, and tell all Americans to fall on their knees and repent of their sins, turn from their wicked ways, humble themselves, and God will hear our prayers and heal and save our land. He will also loose the curse and promote the true Black man to become an American.

Click here to watch "We Want Justice"
Click here to watch "The Red Phone Has Rung"

In His Royal Service,
Dr. James David Manning
A Natural Born Citizen

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Powerful Anon. Women's Motto *Adaptation*
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