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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Behold Obama's White Horse Err -- White House

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Stronger Indictment Against Our Overall National Leadership Who Have Let Race Trump Democracy and the Constitution For Obama's Sake Alone

America! None of us can think of a comment to describe the Obama Administration which has not already been thought, written, talked about, mulled over, you name it. Still we try whether we are heard or not and whether we are known or not. Nevertheless, to us, the important part is that when the history is recorded, we want our voices in the mix to show we were not all deceived and had said so even when many other voices united and came to the defense of Barack Obama in their attempt to drown out our voices of dissent which rose up in defense of America beyond race, creed, color, religion, and national origin. Besides, I have already written what I have said and Obama's actions have already proven all that has been said has been true whether they liked it or not.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An Obama Government? Congress Do Your Job!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


How much does the United States Congress think Americans are willing to take from the Barack Hussein Obama Administration without their protecting us? We cannot even get a direct response from our elected leaders. The government offices that are paid for by taxpayer dollars have gotten worse as the day is long.

Government employees act as if they are beholden to the man in the Office of the White House and not to the Constitution or the constituents. What is going on across this nation is criminal. People are speaking out against the ongoing Obama Constitutional violations and so, too, are a few legislators; and yet these legislators have the temerity to turn their backs and cover their ears to not see or hear --- but without a doubt we know that they know what is going on across this nation. Barack Obama is in their face every day lambasting and berating them and they cower in the name of respect for the office. But I declare anybody fit to occupy that office would never knowingly, deliberately, and willfully spit in the faces of constituents with such distaste and disdain for the American way of life. That is, not if they know what constitutes the American way of life. Well, we do!

The occupant of the White House Office of the President does not ever have Constitutional authority to circumvent the authority of the United States Congress and Senate to arbitrarily and unilaterally haul in a bunch of his own lobbyists to bully Americans - especially in such a partisan way. And the current occupant, Barrack Hussein Obama and his co-horts Michelle Obama (wife), Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, and his overloaded office of his appointed misfit czars and thousands of his so-called "volunteers" have all taken to our streets and airwaves in just over a scant ten months of Obama in office. And, like ACORN and SEIU, they continue to bully and steamroller every area of our lives and even our death dates with the push of their so-called "Health Care Reform."

If Congress doesn't speak up then it is time for them to hear the roar of the discontent all across America and, I daresay, even across the battlefields on foreign shores where our brave men and women wait for Obama to make a decision to help save their lives while they sacrifice for our Constitutional freedoms.

After I published my last article about the ongoing Obama government takeover of the world wide web via Web 2.0 and other software groups via the social media sites across the Net, my Comcast internet TV and computer internet access mysteriously went down and was not attended to for six days. It was caused, we found out, by a tampering with our outside "TAP" box. Yet, they kept making excuses and changing the date to come out to take care of it. Finally, I phoned one last time and laid them out and somebody came and connected us to the internet again! It is a sin and a shame when we cannot trust our government to come to our aid and don't even see the reason to try anymore. But I am sure that is just the way they want it in the White House.

People are talking about "Wait until 2010!" But do they realize that it is not until the end of that year and that by then America won't even be recognizable. Who said the President has authority to run our lives as if we were the children? Not even their two girls or that dog have as much of a leash as he has presumed to put onto the American people. It is outrageous and enough is enough.

I cannot understand how the auto dealerships allowed Obama and his Chicago gang to take their stock away and, in most cases, handed them over to other dealers down the street from them, without even putting up a knock down drag out fight. Many of those dealers had the money, paperwork, and the folk to stop it. They should have still been in court to fight it, if need be. We don't tell abused victims to go back to their victimizers and neither should grown men and women expect to embrace anybody who victimizes them -- including the government. WAKE UP!

Then Obama jumped on our banks and took complete control over them under false pretext that the government had the legal authority and the Constitutional "muscle" to muscle in on their businesses. And worst yet, the bankers allowed them to do it without even calling for an audit of not only those banks but the entire Federal Reserve.

How could our corporate "giants" sit in front of Congress and allow themselves to be berated and told they were greedy and too rich and had to give away their wealth to the less fortunate? Then we watched as they apologized and got up and allowed the "government" to take over their businesses. But who has benefited financially from all of this? Barack Obama and the very staff and Congresspersons who had berated them and backdated the laws to make them give back the money they had contracted to earn for their work in the company. That is not right! America is a CAPITALIST society and anybody who wants to excel and have a certain economic lifestyle can do so. Something is wrong with the government, elected --- and not with the American people, neglected.


Just as we told Americans to wake up, so now do we shout it to our elected leaders. They have also taken an oath and sworn "So help me God," to uphold our Constitution. But, when do they intend to do that? Or do they intend to do that? Instead, the government is steadily locking citizens out of the process. However, Obama said he was going to have a "transparent administration." Well, believe it or not, we can see right through him. And any American citizen with an ounce of sense knows Obama can have no authority except the Constitution has given it to him or anybody else in government and this entire nation. He has overstepped his Constitutional boundaries.


In recent years, some elected officials have been chastised by Congress for even using a telephone at their desk to call a constituent or a stamp to mail a letter to a constituent, if it even remotely involved politics. Why is Obama treated any different when he has brought his whole personal lobbying arm of so-called volunteers into the White House and into the entire government and has made no secret of it? Now, Congress can act to stop this but won't. Why not?

Obama is still campaigning whole hog out of the White House all across America and the entire world. His purpose is to continue in that office while he closes his people in and closes Americans out. He is steadily building a coalition parliamentarian government to lead to him having a dictatorship. And Congress is allowing it.

Before you read the latest email I received which was sent by Obama, I want to know also why - when the President of the United States has to be a natural born citizen (and we are not altogether certain that he is) then how is it we have a man who has served in the Israeli Military serving now as a surrogate President in the White House? I am speaking about Rahm Emanuel. Why is he there in that White House Office making Presidential decisions that affect our very lives and what a mess they are making of this nation. Valerie Jarrett, the other right arm of Obama is Iranian. Why is she in the White House Office of the President? No wonder they believe they are the only ones who are authorized to act above the law. None of them considers themself AMERICAN! Now, where do we go from here?! I'll start with a "VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE" AND A CALL TO IMPEACH HIM NOW!

I don't know about you but I am not now and never will be used to having a person in the White House who is not trustworthy, and who is deliberately and arrogantly so uncaring. But he is wrong and who is going to tell him that? We only have one President -- not coalitions and not continuous electioneering and his own personal, private government within the United States of America government. Obama is slicker than "Slick Willy," his mentor and supporter and impeached former President William Jefferson Clinton. And, the end result of Obama's ongoing actions will be destruction of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Congress, and our FREEDOM!

That will not and must not happen. But, if Obama continues lobbying and campaigning and collecting worldwide donations, there will be no room for the election process to continue and no need for it to do so, because, if Obama has his way, he will remain in office in perpetuity. He makes up the rules as he goes along. And if he doesn't like the laws, he changes them to conform to his own will. And Congress allows him to do that. But Obama is a street thug and we know it. And we know he and his gang do not care who they have to destroy to force their illegal way. He puts America to shame. And you thought you couldn't stand rappers?

What follows is another one of Obama's lobbying emails I received which continues to flood email boxes across this nation from the White House. Read it and respond but this must be stopped! And you thought ACORN was bad enough?! Obama has demonstrated no respect for America. He and his team act as if they are above the law as they go about tearing down this nation and continuing to blame the previous administration of former President George W. Bush for what he has labelled "a mess." We never hear Obama or the DEMS or anybody else mention that Obama was in both the Illinois state Senate and the U.S. Senate during the Bush administration.

Pay attention!! At the very bottom of the following email of the re-named OFA, it states, "This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee." However, it is about - from - and signed by "President Barack Obama."



Rev. L. Dowell

It's late; I know you've gotten a lot of messages from us recently, and everyone here at OFA headquarters is pretty tired. But the last reports of calls and commitments are just coming in from events on the West Coast, and I wanted to share the news with you.

As you know, we set a big goal: 100,000 calls to Congress placed or committed to in a single day by OFA supporters and allied organizations. By 2:30 p.m., you had crushed it. So, we gulped and said let's go for 200,000, not knowing what would happen. But the calls just kept pouring in -- keeping phones ringing off the hook in congressional offices in D.C. and your representatives' district offices around the country.

Then, OFA supporters gathered in over 1,000 living rooms and community centers from Macon, Georgia to Missoula, Montana. You called hundreds of thousands of key voters in your community and got them to agree to call Congress and speak out for reform, too. President Obama joined in at a call party in New York -- and he had some amazing words of support for the folks like you who make this movement possible.

I'm looking at the numbers, and with almost all of the reports now in, the tally wasn't 200,000 calls placed or pledged -- it was 315,023. You did it.

Take a moment to watch the President's inspiring words to OFA volunteers on this incredible day.

Your voice was overwhelming -- with reports in the media of congressional offices "completely crushed with calls." CBS News described your effort as an "onslaught." And a congressional aide was quoted with a common response, saying their office was deluged by "pretty much non-stop health care calls from OFA."

You set a new OFA record, you caught the national media's attention, and you certainly put Congress on notice. But you know that's not what really matters.

The message I sent earlier talked about a woman, Jenny U., whose insurance company cut off her coverage because they decided her kidney donation to her sick daughter counted as a "pre-existing condition." What really matters is that today you brought America one giant, irreversible step closer to being a place where no one will ever have to suffer that kind of injustice again. That's what all the messages, late nights, and phone calls ultimately add up to. It's what makes everything we do together worthwhile -- and it's why we'll keep fighting together until the job is done.

Watch President Obama's special message to you from a call party in New York:

Thank you, so much, for being part of the team.


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

P.S. -- Here are just a few stories from "Time to Deliver" events across the country:

This evening I and three other volunteers got together and made calls. As I was calling, one of the women I spoke with told me that she was inspired by my story -- shared in the email earlier that day -- to get her entire family to call Congress. She didn't know it was me on the phone, but she said she just couldn't stop saying "this isn't right" when she heard my story. It gave me so much hope -- during the evening we made 213 calls and got 64 commitments to call tomorrow.

-Jenny U., Missouri Volunteer

Seeing the tally go up, hearing voter after voter agree to call, and listening to the real excitement people have about finally fixing this broken system, I was reminded why we do this. Each of us can only give so much -- but when we all do it together, we move mountains. Health insurance reform, here we come.

-Sean Knox, California New Media Director

I want to recognize the folks in this room -- and folks watching online -- who are helping us to do exactly that. And I want to thank all the Organizing for America volunteers for making calls, knocking on doors, and keeping up the fight. You know why this is so important. ... We are nearing the finish line -- and with your help, we're going to cross it.

-President Barack Obama

Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee -- 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. (emphasis mine)
This email was sent to me: --> revldowell [@ SNIPPED]

To unsubscribe, go to: http://my.barackobama.com/unsubscribe

AMERICANS! I ask you? Do we have a Constitution or not? Does Barack Hussein Obama and his Chi-thugs have the power and authority to violate our Constitution or not? From all I know about it, the answer is NO! He does not. /revldowell
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Monday, October 12, 2009

An American Intervention For Barack Hussein Obama

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

The kit gloves are off! Impeach Him!

Even though Barack Hussein Obama vehemently disavowed much of what Bloggers uncovered about him and disclosed to the American people during the 2008 Presidential Election campaign, to date practically everything Bloggers disclosed about him and his agenda has been confirmed and, many times, by him.

If Obama had been truthful during that campaign and admitted that his agenda for America was not Democrat but Progressive, he never would have been elected; and, in fact, he may even have been run out of this country as far as his little bones could carry him. No amount of high-sounding oratorical gift of gab would ever be enough for any reasonable, free people to delight in letting a potential slave master in the door to crack the whip over them. And Obama knew he would start doing that as soon as he got the keys to the White House in his hands. We watched as he started his term in office with his best imitation of a kid in a candy store with not two pennies to rub against the other. He didn't know which place to start but he already knew that none of it was his and that he couldn't afford such a priceless treasure, anyway. Still, he picked up the whip and started swinging. Now what?

The Obama Administration is No Exception

Barack Obama is the self-avowed Saul Alinsky community organizer of disarray and disorganization and he has not hesitated to let anybody know that is his raison d' etre. However, the President of the United States of America is not in the White House to be the President of the world, a community organizer, or to keep in touch with his own personal on-call "volunteer" lobbyists made up from various citizen groups and national and international "partnerships," as he has also prided himself and his team with doing. Rather, the U.S. President is the leader of America and of the free western world; and, as such, he is beholden to the dictates of the U.S. Constitution, his Oath of Office, and the American people. That foundational plan has held our nation in good stead for centuries.

It is imperative that, for the welfare and defense of this nation, Barack Obama understands that the 2008 Presidential Election is over. It appears he was pronounced the official winner on November 4, 2008. Furthermore, Obama needs to understand that it is past time for him to put aside his political campaigning from out of the White House Executive Office or anywhere else and for him to pay close attention to the business of governing our nation for the sake of all Americans and in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, which he swore to uphold when the Oath of Office was administered to him on January 20, 2009, and he lifted his right hand and said, "So help me God."

Obama and his Democrat-progressive-socialist-communist-Muslim Party have gone so far as to work hard to undermine our Constitution. They tried even harder to destroy previous administrations by working behind the scenes to propagandize, deny, lie, and call those they had falsely accused - liars for proving them to be.

Whether those political hacks have done their work from out in the streets or inside of the combined United States Congress, they and their corrupt gangsters came into the White House by knowingly, willfully, and deliberately spreading unsubstantiated untruths about - for example - former President George W. Bush and his previous administration even knowing our nation was at war. And, despite the fact that it is known they plagiarized the Conservative ideology and the Bush Administration agenda as their own, once those perpetrators were exposed, they turned around and labeled as liars the very ones who sounded the alarm against them. Yes. They have laughed every step of the way to the Oval Office. It was all just fun and games to them and it remains so even now. But their continuous lack of regard for the rule of law is not funny; and, in fact, they have hurt so many Americans in so many ways but they are callous and could care less. Their only desire is to grab more power and greed for as long as they can. And their battle cry is forget the people!

Instead of them bothering to offer any explanations for their unprofessional, unpatriotic, traitorous actions, they are continuing to join together to falsely accuse people of "smearing" Barack and Michelle Obama despite there being records to verify the complaints made against them - many indictments were recorded from their own mouths.

For now, Obama has stepped on to the national stage in the most prestigious position in the world and he has egregiously twisted America into his own heinous misshapen image of what he tries to convince Americans and the world that she is -- weak and broken. Obama knows that if America is not believed to be broken as he says she is, then there would be no need for him to say that he is taking steps to "fix" her when, in fact, he is the cause of the government breakdown and he gives no indication of letting up. He broke it. He cannot fix it. He owns the charge.

Whenever some brave soul stands up to say "The Emperor is not wearing any clothes," there's also going to be supporters of the "Emperor" to step forward to demand that they and everybody else take off their clothes so that the "Emperor" can be right even when he is wrong. This time, however, the only stripping away will be the fraudulent facade of Barack Hussein Obama along with his citizen enablers and all of the many local, state, national, and international American politicians. They have continued to support the erroneous belief that politicians can do no wrong and that they can do whatever they want to "We the People," their constituents, with impunity and without accountability or redress. Theirs is a serious misreading of the rule of law. In America, there is no such power or authority for the Executive Branch to unilaterally take control of every (or any) phase of American life. Yet that is exactly what Obama has undertaken to do with impunity and without Congressional oversight. But, of course, too many members of all of those coalition factions are experiencing their own problems with the law.

Social Media and the Brand New SOCIAL Obama Government in America

The televised Saturday Night Live (SNL) show, even in jest, is not the only communication outlet which has demonstrated its dissatisfaction with the ongoing falsified propaganda spewed out by the Obama administration, many members of which came along with him from the "slash and burn" philosophy of the former President Bill Clinton Administration. Do people really believe that comedy is the only way Americans can protest government abuse which has as its aim the total destruction of American values, morals, mores, and traditions?

Obama brags about his clever campaigning using social network sites. He is the first to have amassed millions of supporters and billions of dollars in contributions. Never mind he broke his word to follow the election campaign laws. And, it is through this newly enhanced and as yet to be legalized method of campaigning that Obama is already using to begin campaigning to be President in 2012. He knows that, by using this captive social media, it gives him every unfair advantage over politicians who dare strive "to play" by the election laws. And, if Americans are to have fair elections in the near term and future, then it is imperative for Congress to enact laws which will ensure that there is oversight over all aspects of the election process. If not, then the "Obama Way" will only ensure that he and anyone else who follows his methodology will put into place a continuing violation of the Constitution to deprive people of "one person one vote" and go directly to the count of the Electoral College. Just think about that!

For the diligent American patriots who have researched Barack Obama's background and also that of his long-time associates, there is no secret but that his personal political agenda includes taking over this nation as his own private play toy and without regard for our U.S. Constitutional form of representative government in this, our democratic Republic of three branches of government, and the military.

There is no secret that Obama's most dangerous plans known include documented evidence that he will also personally take over the heretofore free World Wide Web (aka, the Internet, aka the Web). Every day, ordinary Americans were denied input and shut out of overall access to newspapers, radios, and televisions whereby we would have access and be able to exercise our right to free speech to make our concerns known publicly, nationally and internationally. Obama seems to recognize that he cannot legally take over regulating speech on the Web, so he and his technical experts and corporate CEOs (many are his donors and friends) are steadfastly working behind the scenes to create for him a brand new "SOCIAL" form of government.

The computer takeover began the moment Obama stepped inside the White House. The wires are still being strung with plans to hook every governmental agency into the new system. Have you heard about it? Did the mainstream media report it? Do they know about it? Does Congress know what is going on beneath their noses? Does Congress know who is being paid to do the job? Have they been vetted? The work is going on, you'd think they would know. And, if they, then the American people.

Obama and his co-conspirator business partners are boasting right now about the fact that they are helping him to be America's first "Social" President - America's first community organizer President. No longer will the U.S. Constitution apply. It will be made null and void by their technical software and by the stroke of Obama's penned Executive Order. No longer will the U.S. Congress and Senate be relevant. They will be disbanded by a flick of the technical key and by Obama's penned Executive Order. No longer will any citizen have access to what is happening with this government if they do not own a computer -- except that, by the stroke of his penned Executive Order, Obama will make it mandatory that every household shall have a computer and the government will pay for it to be installed and maintained.

The planned Obama way is to eventually do away with the Judeo-Christian faith and to usher in a secular social gospel in which the religious spiritual terminology will be reserved for him and for all that citizens will do. Even now his technical people are being called "Evangelists" and "choir" who are striving to sing out of the same "hymn book."

The planned attack by the Obama faction includes making him the first "SOCIAL" President of America whereby all that is done will be through enhanced social media sites, including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogger, Google, CraigsList, and every other social website now in existence and yet to be created. And, if the Federal Communication Commission gives them the go-ahead and the brand new software is dispensed throughout the government and the nation, as planned, then there will no longer be free speech access in America. Moreover, any and all site owners who even think about opposing Obama's policies or anything else pertaining to him and his administration, they will then be arbitrarily and immediately shut down without any explanation or recourse for the site owner to go back online.Even now, everyone of us is vulnerable who speaks out about the plans of the Obama Administration. And where will we turn for redress? But, of course, if the Constitution is no longer alive, then how could there be any violation of it?

America - Barack Obama is the Cog in Our Constitutional Wheel

People might believe in Obama's slick "yes we can talk a good game," but that is a large part of our ongoing problems in America. Obama can talk a good game and he makes up his own rules as he goes along. It is a bad trait he has carried over to the Oval Office. We see it with the ongoing legal battles back and forth in Congress. He demands that they rush bills into law for his signature without their taking time to read them to find out what they are legislating. American people are not even privvy to knowing what the Legislative Branch expects them to adhere to as law.

What is taking place in our government is a matter of concern for the major political parties - Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and for all Americans who love God and country and who know that our Constitutional welfare and well being is dependent on God and the Constitution and not upon any man who occupies that position for the allocated time of no more than two terms (if elected). Furthermore, Congress needs to be alert and ready to take action to protect this nation, if Obama moves towards trying to follow in the footsteps of Zelaya, Chavez, Castro Brothers, Ah-mad, or anybody else serving in any elected position that is against our Constitution.

During my lifetime, I believe this is the first time America has had in the White House a small hurting child wrapped up in a man's body. Obama seems to be forever looking for validation. He wants to be the Kingmaker. In fact, he wants to be the King. What Barack seems not to realize is that America is not a Monarchy. He is not a King. Michelle is not a Queen, and their girls are not heirs to any throne. None of that kind of political structure has ever existed in America since when our forefathers broke away from the British Empire where the sun (used to) never set and they "established a more perfect union" in this part of the world.

Obama was elected to serve two terms in the Illinois state legislature as a senator. In 2004, barely sworn into the Illinois legislature, Obama immediately began to run for the U.S. Senate. Again, he won election but, in 2007, he began his campaign to run in the 2008 Presidential Election campaign. What does that kind of behavior say about Obama's stability, dependability and trustworthiness except that it needs close scrutiny?

Americans need to know that Obama's agenda is to rule by consensus and through "volunteer" coalitions under his direct control neighborhood by neighborhood and throughout our government. He arrogantly says "I AM PRESIDENT," and he says "I AM COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF" at the most inappropriate times when it is not even a question. He overlooks the fact that, to date, all he has done is to abuse the authority he has received from so many unsuspecting American people. In addition, he continues to abuse his Office to unilaterally and arbitrarily write Executive Orders into law without going through the Legislative Branch. He knows Eric Holder, who is his Attorney General, and all of their attorney friends will step forward on his behalf when they have to defend their actions before the Judicial Branch.

For decades, Obama and his friends of questionable repute have helped to complete the Democrat Party takeover by communists, socialists, black nationalists, black Muslims, Islamists, gays, and everything that is anathema to governing by the standards of God and our American Constitution. When he first entered the political arena via the Chicago, Illinois, political machine to become a state senator, he knew that it was to be - for him - merely a stepping stone to the White House. What's more, the latest news is that Barack Obama may also be considering a stint as leader of the United Nations in much the same way that he still maintains he doesn't know who nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize and he was surprised, humbled, and honored to have won even though he didn't do anything to earn it. And that is the sum story of Obama's life. It is the same way in which he now touts being the first black President of the Harvard Law Review even though, to this day, his classmates are still puzzled about how that came about.

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., God Has Not Dammed America

Americans know we are witnessing actions in this nation which are not sane - not rational - and definitely are not indicative of a people who cherish dependability, truth, and freedom. Yet, to add insult to injury, during the first nine months of Obama's looming four-year term in office, the Obama Administration has placed every area of our lives and this country on a path that is nonsensical; and it grows even more so with each passing day.

UNAmerican sentiment has been a long time coming; but, in previous years, patriotic alert citizens and groups have been successful in squelching it and then meting out appropriately lawful measures against perpetrators every step of the way. Now, at long last, it has become the task of this citizenry to finally reach back and clean out every misguided and corrupt area created by elected and appointed officials and their allies after their corrupt years in office. Likewise, it is time to announce that we know the United States Constitution is not dead and neither are Americans who have fought "to protect, preserve, and defend it at home and abroad."

God-fearing Americans have risen up to speak out and show they are no longer going to tolerate or participate in illegal and dangerous political games while politicians use us as a piece on their chess board to be moved, or not, at their whim where and how they say.

America! We have an ongoing constitutional crisis which can easily be addressed today just as it was years ago when the late President Richard M. Nixon and his appointees believed they were above the law by virtue of their "boss," Nixon, being the President of the United States at that time. We note here that many of "the President's men," landed in jail and Nixon became the first President to resign in order to keep from being impeached. He did not serve out his second term in office.

When we begin to recognize that America is in serious trouble, and that so many have come to that conclusion, that is the time for real hope and change, because we will have begun our journey back to the strong, fiercely proud Godly nation that we are and vow to remain such. America is on her path to, not tyranny or socialism, but to a commitment to turn this nation back to God.

Democrats must take back their party and work for America.
Republicans must find their backbone and stand up for America.
Americans must come together to take back our country to the glory of God.

Be encouraged.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama and DEMS Can Go to Hell! Our GOD Will Stay Our GOD!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Would we have ever believed that any American who loves God and this country would ever conspire to lead this "one nation under God indivisible," with the purpose of destroying all of her God-given rights and privileges that come "with liberty and justice for all?" No?

And, yet, Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, and their multiple national and global "partnerships," acquaintances, and friends too numerous to place in this commentary, had conspired decades ago to do just such a heinous thing.

Regardless of how much documentation has been unearthed to expose and reveal the truth about Obama's overall ungodly agenda, too many people disregarded the warnings and chose to believe the lies from Obama's Hollywood made up dramas which were fashioned out of the devious minds of his friends counted among the ungodly UNAmerican liars, cheaters and perverts who plotted, schemed, scammed, and jammed their way into our Godly foundational roots hoping to uproot every sign of our being a Godly Judeo-Christian nation and a capitalist society.

Obama has been aided and abetted by the "Chicago Way" of elected and appointed leaders who participated in "Pay to Play," ACORN, SEIU, the Columbia and Harvard University lawyers, national and global "partnerships," and his wife, Michelle Obama. All of them pounced on the moment of their opportunity to proceed with their Hitler-esque agendas of "Hope and Change." Then sight unseen and untested though it was, the people bought it.

Now we are wrestling with the devil full face and up front. And this is the smoke which Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator-friend of Barack Obama, smelled when he spoke at the 2008 session of the United Nations (UN) in New York. That "sulfur" was not from former President George W. Bush, as Chavez said. And, when Chavez appeared at the UN during the 2009 session, he announced that he didn't smell "sulfur" any more. But I believe that realization was because Chavez had gotten used to the Obama aroma and, because it was like his own, he would think it was a sweet smell and something that he could relate to. Mystery solved.

Our American Dream Is Not Obama's Nightmare

In the relatively few short months of Obama's time spent in the Executive Office of the White House, he has publicly joined forces with the merchants of death; and, Americans have watched to see his attempts to:

  • annihilate our God and our faith in God in order for them to introduce the secular into America as the Sacred.

  • denigrate our Flag and our love of country so they could stifle national pride, morality, and strength.

  • silence our voices of opposition and distrust in order to lead us like lambs to their unholy slaughter.

  • control our bodies, minds, souls and spirits in order to have us rely on them for our sustenance and very lives from before the cradle to the grave. Let us pray they have enough sense to realize they cannot control what comes after the grave.

  • redefine the terminology of our family structure and autonomy in order for them to allow perversion to flourish and become the order of the day to replace our Godly lifestyle with their ungodly, filthy sexual orientations of all kinds. Ask Larry Sinclair.

  • propagandize and indoctrinate our children, grandchildren, and all children to raise them up for the state in order to teach them to pledge their allegiance to Obama and join him to propagandize and indoctrinate gullible adults.

  • usurp our freedom of speech by underhandedly building a social media network to spy on communications and it is all authorized by Barack Obama, installed in the White House, and to be installed in every area of government such that even if citizens have blocking capability, they will still be able to override the block and easily hack into the citizen's computer system and follow the conversations in real time without any being none the wiser, except the perpetrators. Pay particular attention to this as yet publicly unannounced piece of information.

  • confiscate our property and redistribute the wealth to the have nots at home and abroad in order to squelch capitalism and to render America a socialist nation.

  • take every vestige of God out of our homes, churches, schools, and lives, and from off of our monuments and money in order to make themselves out to be our nation's god in the style of Jim Jones, David Kuresh, and in the manner of as many foreign dictators who have tried and failed. But, if they have not failed, they shall surely fail.

  • create laws designed to euthanize our sick and disabled citizens to save money from unnecessary health care in order to swell their own greedy coffers.

  • unilaterally change the United States Constitution and totally rip it up in order to institute their Dictatorship form of government in America, "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

  • The question of questions for Americans now becomes, "How much longer will Americans allow the Obama Administration to unconstitutionally control and oppress this nation before demanding action against it?" The nation deserves better and, certainly, our brave military who are defending this nation with their bodies on the line at home and abroad deserve much better from the man who would be called their Commander in Chief.

    Obama and his Democrat-chameleons deliberately cloaked themselves in the Constitutional "American Way" of Godly truth, honor, decency, scholarship, family, and faith. They have brazenly and repeatedly called God's truthtellers liars. They have stepped inside of God's house long enough to say that they went to church. They dressed themselves up in their stolen garb of intelligencia as if book learning was all they needed. They changed their coarse language and trained their twisted, forked tongues to sound spiritual. They have profaned the sacred in private while acting as if they prefer it in public. They have studied the Preachers' stance in the pulpits, learned their cadances, and gone away to rehearse their sermons, as if mouthing the words alone would make them children of God. They do not understand God's children know how to discern the heart in accordance with the way, word, and will of God and will never be so easily deceived.

    Nevertheless, there are religious people who have fallen under the spell of Obama's stealth deception and they have lined up to play their part in the debasement of God's house. Then these same people turn around and blame the called of God for the disarray of the church, when the truth is that they got exactly the type of leadership they wanted and not what God wanted for them and from them.

    The unholy alliances of the elite sect have played their waiting game very well. They quietly bided their time to strike America from the inside of both sacred and secular places that they knew they would never be able to gain entrance, except if they hid their true agenda from the American public. However, as soon as it became evident to the Democrat Party that Obama was going to make a run for the Office of President of the United States, the DEMS especially in the Black Caucus became so giddy at the prospect that they could not retain their secret plans to strike any longer. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) surprised even herself during a 2008 subcommittee hearing in the House of Representatives when she let it slip out that they were going to take control of and socialize the oil companies. Then Waters feigned ignorance about her statement when she was later asked to explain. Another member of the Black Caucus, former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) could hardly contain her contempt for the ongoing legitimate Congressional process. Her unprofessional conduct eventually led to her being rejected by Georgians as their representative. She continues to raise havoc wherever she goes.

    Just who is "The Spook Who Sat By the Door?" Who is "The Manchurian Candidate?" Who is the one who slipped through the crack and doped up the United States Congress (pun intended)? All of them did it who kept their mouths shut in the midst of such overwhelming government treachery. Even now, too many of our political and church leaders, including Republicans, profess they are not going along with Obama's unconstitutional ways of conducting America's business but they are, nonetheless, continuing to offer excuses on Obama's behalf every chance they get instead of reassuring the American people they will right these wrongs and set our nation back on track. Contrary to Obama's, the media's, and political leaders' protestation that this is not about Barack Hussein Obama, the researched documentation proves that it most definitely is all about him. Nothing gets past his nose without his eyes laid on it.

    Senior Statesman Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVA) is now too ill to maintain a diligent watch over the Senate. He did, however, write a stern letter to Obama following his November 4, 2008, election and January 20, 2009, inauguration. Senator Byrd wrote to warn Obama to be mindful of the United States Constitution and to not continue to appoint "Czars" into his administration and not to give them authorizations without first going through Senatorial vetting and oversight. Apparently, Obama does not feel the need to adhere to that savvy admonition from one who knows. Meanwhile, Obama's czars continue to receive handsome salaries from the government, have more authority even than his vetted Cabinet members, and are personally accountable only to Obama for their actions on his behalf.

    Is Congress so impotent that it cannot put a stop to this atrocity? Is the Senate so weak it cannot enforce the United States Constitution? Which ones, beyond political party affiliation, will adhere to their oath of office to hold both Obama and themselves accountable for adhering to their oaths? Are the American people so impotent and afraid that they will allow such "High Crimes and Other Misdemeanors" emanating from the White House to continue unabated? Most of all, are American citizens beholden to obey laws which are enacted by elected leaders in the dead of night and are packed with unknown mandates simply because Obama has said to the majority party, "Yes we can?"

    For readers who are interested in learning more about what is going on at the White House as relates to your internet social media websites (i.e., youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc.), investigate beyond the scenes of software companies and, in particular, WEB 2.0, to learn more about their close working association with Obama and their true purpose for government, which would work to ensure Obama's ominous planned retention of the American Office of President in much the same way as Hugo Chavez, Castro Brothers, AH-MAD, and others like them have done in their countries. This is why we cannot let up and be taken in by the Obama Administration and the democrat-socialist-communist-progressive political party. Here are the names of just a few software "partnerships" of his to get you started:







  • Obama and Dems Can Go to Hell! Our God Shall Remain Our God! And Americans Shall Remain Free From Fear and ANYBODY's Dictatorial Rule!

    A Spiritual and Physical battle is raging, and all Americans who love God would appear to be on the losing end. However, although that may appear to be the case to our precious children, grandchildren, and citizens of every race, creed, and color, who go to bed at night and wake up in the morning wondering what will become of America, I don't believe this is to be the end of our Judeo-Christian nation.

    Americans are a strong, Godly, loving people of steadfast faith who know right from wrong, truth from lies, God from Satan, saved from unsaved, and right from left. They will never allow America to be overtaken in the way that Barack Obama helped his cousin, Raila Odinga, to do to Kenya, Africa in 2007. Americans will not sit still and allow this beloved nation to become a Western Front Iran. America will never become a Central American Honduras or South American Venezuelan Dictatorship, or Chinese or North Korean Communist regime. Americans will never allow America to be ruled by Sharia Law or by any of Obama's Socialist dictates, before they step forth and demand decisive action against such a traitorous act against America.

    America, We Are Steeped In A Constitutional Crisis

    Obama hasn't met a camera he doesn't like, and he continues to campaign with every government position he has stumbled into. His immediate purpose now is to work towards the election in 2012. And, since he is known to keep a great record of his comings and goings, wouldn't you think he'd have a copy of his original birth certificate, passport records, personal telephone records, and academic degrees handy to prove he is a natural-born citizen? To date, he has paid his lawyers a lot of money to keep them well hidden and out of the public view.

    America does have Godly leadership that knows Americans will have their back once they stand up, such as Representative Michelle Bachman (R-MN) and former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) (the Pitbull and Rogue). May God bless them and send more like them to enjoin this battle on the homefront.

    If the DEMS' naysayers and their illegitimate supporters thought the Conservative teaparty movement held across this nation was merely what they term, "astroturf," then perhaps they will understand it better when the American people all stand together in the name of our Lord and Savior, take our rightful place, take back this land, and place it where it belongs, which is in God's hands and not theirs. And, to anyone who does not know the history of native-born Americans -- both living and dead -- then on their behalf, let Americans boldly proclaim, "AMERICA! LOVE HER OR LEAVE HER, FOR OUR GOD SHALL REMAIN OUR GOD!" Watch the video below. Click the link and go hear Rev. James David Manning give warnings for all Americans: ATLAH MINISTRIES.

    Take heed you who love America and America's God. For, if Americans lose their collective voice, then dialog will become a monologue. Let us continue to work together for a catalog of peace until God Himself calls time to be no more.

    God Bless America.
    Americans Bless Our God.

    Read more. . .

    Saturday, October 3, 2009

    Barack Obama At the IOC and the Metaphor For Failed American Leadership

    By Rev. Lainie Dowell


    "There are none so blind as they who will not see." (-quote)


    On Friday, October 2, 2009, Americans and the whole world watched the Chicago 2016 presentation before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. I watched it streaming live on the Internet via FOX TV NEWS early in the morning.

    First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama really exposed their leadership ineptness to the entire nation and the world. They appeared pathetic, arrogant, and lackluster, because both of them spoke only about themselves and their own needs. They failed in the attempt to bring the Olympics to Chicago, because they were not able to articulate the IOC mission, which is to direct the world's attention to the excellent skills and national pride of athletes as they compete for championship medals. IOC is not about either politics or self-pride and yet both attributes and more came through America's First Couple.
    Read more. . .

    DUMP OBAMA 2011

    DUMP OBAMA 2011
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    ObamaTRAUMA FIVE Years Hence!

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