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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bailout Statement Announced

September 28, 2008, 12:25 a.m. EST

Notes: By Rev. Lainie Dowell

The Negotiators came out smiling to make an announcement that the only thing left to do is to commit the agreement to writing .

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) followed by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV, Majority Leader)

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson thanked leadership and said the staffs will be working all night. "So far so good."

Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) "We're ontrack to doing something substantative."

Rep. Roy Blunt (R) Minority Whip
"These are difficult issues. Everybody showed lots of patience and I'm grateful."

Sen. Christopher Dodd (D)
Banking Committee Chairman thanked leadership for insisting they stay at it.

Sen. Barney Frank (D)
Offered a moment of levity.
Negotiation "includes genuine compromises. . . and everybody can go home."


Sunday, September 28, 2008, approx. 11:15 a.m. EST - Fox News Interview --

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), during an interview just now, has vowed to stay firm and not let U.S. taxpayers be sold out to socialism with the proposed $770B bailout. He reminded the interviewer that the agreement has not yet been signed. He said that plan by the Secretary of the Treasury and others is like putting a pile of dung on a door step, ringing the bell, and expecting the homeowner to come to the door and thank them. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: October 1, 2008 -- The U.S. Senate, with a late-night vote, passed an unsupported bill to put America on the hook for $700B+ bailout, as their response to the recent Wall Street financial downturn. Citizen's expressions of distaste and distrust were listened to by the House, which voted to reject such a bill. Now, with baited breath, citizens prayerfully await the outcome of another legislative try to get the same Senate bill passed in the House. (Socialism comes to America?)

Stay tuned.


Sunday, October 5, 2008 -- Well, by now the world knows how gullible this nation has been to allow the U.S. Senate and the House to pass a bill into law for $700B of taxpayer money, including a load of pork-laden gifts. God help us.

Stay tuned.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Loop Hole Effect - McCain or Obama?

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Reprint: New Media Journal

The Loop Hole Effect --
Whenever a leader has been rightly placed to lead, there is no need for them to have a loop hole inserted in their contract. - Rev. Lainie Dowell

During the first 2008 Presidential Debate with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), Obama said many things that made my eyebrows go up, but the one that has stuck with me is his announcement that he is working to bring about "Google for Government" to place all government dealings on the internet.

Should citizens and noncitizens far and wide be able to access every bit of essential government information without first identifying themselves? 
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Be That As It May - America Is Strong

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Reprint: New Media Journal

America! We live in a house of cards and our elected leaders are playing with fire. The voices of the American people are being ratcheted up to the level of sedition. America has become as a foreign entity. She is far removed from the proud days of our forefathers. And, in many ways, she is in a worse state than when they lived and scuffled and hustled to make sure there was a roof over our heads, food on our tables, clothes on our backs, and pride in our nation.

The pursuit of justice is becoming elusive. And, the more we talk about this upcoming election between Presidential nominees John McCain (R-AZ) and Barack Obama (D-IL), the more it gets worse and not better.
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

NY Times - News Alert

Sunday, September 21, 2008 -- 9:37 PM ET

Goldman, Morgan to Become Bank Holding Companies --

In one of the biggest changes to Wall Street in decades, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the last two independent investment banks, will become bank holding companies, the Federal Reserve said Sunday night.

Read More:http://www.nytimes.com/?emc=na
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

National Defense Concerns - Sen. Barack Obama

Rev. Lainie Dowell

Join me by sending letters of agreement.
To: Senator John Barrasso (R-WY)

Email addy: senator_jbarrasso@barrasso.senate.gov
Ed. note: senator_jbarrasso
(an underscore is used there)

Below is the email I sent to Senator John Barrasso.

Subject: NATIONAL DEFENSE CONCERNS - Senator Barack Obama

I am Republican. However, my communique is not intended to be partisan or alarmist.

My genuine concern is about why no one has reported to the American people that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is publicly advocating for government funds and other support for organizations that both he and his wife are intricately linked to, and are a conflict of interest.

During the recently televised "2008 Presidential Forum," Senator Obama introduced ServiceNation as a means to have "volunteers" to serve this government. That is just one of so many other corporations founded by Senator Obama's friends, Alan Khazei and his wife, Vanessa Kirsch, since the early 1990s, in which both Senator and Mrs. Obama still play a major role. Their latest corporation is called, "Be the Change," and it is an integral part of the Obama election theme. see: http://www.bethechange.org/

A closer look at all those structures reveal their purpose is to foment sedition and to create a socialist form of government and more besides. Please also scrutinize Senator Obama's "Blueprint for Change" and compare it to that of his [Kenyan] cousin, Raila Odinga's, "Change for Africa."

In actuality, their organizational ongoing theme is to amass millions of people here and worldwide to constitute coalitions and to generate monies which will be used to negate our constitutional form of Republic.

Those coalitions are already in action across the world to be used to influence political decisions in ways that lobbyists have yet to conceive, because the coalition leadership collects money from the government to lobby them. [Those specific coalition organizations need to be dismantled.]

What's more, there are so many of these corporations in use that, even if Senator Obama is not elected, those organizations would have more influence than either unions or lobbyists and even elected or appointed leaders.

Top-level American officials, whoever they may be, must sort all of this out before the November 4, 2008, election, because this is another potentially dangerous situation for America, which could also potentially create a constitutional crisis, if it is not looked into and addressed as a matter of national defense.

I placed the reasons for my concerns ONline to facilitate the telling, and I would be pleased to respond to any questions you may have. Thanks for your kind attention to this matter.

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Signed: /s/
Name and Address
Email Addy and Phone Number
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Faith With Fat Befriended By Faith With
Faithful Believers

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

The weather is a measure of how much the world needs to understand the difference between man and God.

The nation and the entire world have witnessed the flux between sunshine and storms. Yet, the sunshine has failed to impress upon mankind their need for gratitude when the storms of life appear on the horizon. We know how much mankind has missed when they compare their own failings to God and want to come out on top.

Then with all the fury of the winds and waters which come and overtake the land masses where mankind makes their home also comes the reminders that no one on this earth is ever strong enough to hold back the floods or calm the howling winds when they start to fall upon the earth.

What am I saying?

So much of what we are experiencing as a nation has to do with the fact that manmade education has ill served so many who have benefited from it. Their minds have become stunted in the throes of growth at the point where they can no longer look beyond themselves.

Be that as it may ---

At sometime or another they do come to a realization that all the time they spent trying to be immortal and falsely believing they have discovered within themselves the secret to longevity, their pointed versions of life fall apart when they realize they have come to the end of their breath and no doctor or medication on earth is able to prolong their days.

Perhaps if we had made a point of teaching that man needs God in every area of life, then we would be less likely to have to live among people who throw their own lives into the utter depths of Hell and won't stop until they take the entire world with them.

Preachers who know the Lord are preaching His word; but in these times in which we live, there is little regard for God.

Think about it.

Read also: "Why Is America In Trouble," by The Loren Davis Ministries. 2008.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Oprah Joins Obama-Biden Pile-On

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Oprah Winfrey Funeral Mask by David Edwards

I received an unsolicited email about the latest Oprah Winfrey show which included just about a frame-by-frame description of the horrible sexual abuses suffered by infants, tots, and many children at the hands of family members and strangers.

Many of those acts were recorded and placed in public view by sexual predators, which Oprah brought to the public's attention via her show. Before I responded to that email, I first deleted all of the writer's descriptive recounting for others to (as she wrote) get as outraged as she was. Then I sent the following email to everybody on that list (keep in mind I had received a copy of that email unsolicited).

I emailed the following response.

I received this email and I question Oprah Winfrey's sanity! Her recent programming could trigger all kinds of pains and emotions for people who may have experienced those atrocities and who may still be trying to work through them.

In 1993, Oprah helped to get a bill signed into law (i.e., "The Oprah Bill") without ever using such graphic illustrations. And with her money and influence, she could have gotten that message and that SB-1738 through this time without being that graphic.

I had planned to NOT watch Oprah's recent disturbing program for just the reason portrayed in this email (deleted). As well I have been boycotting Oprah because of her political stand and inexplicable reasoning she gave for not hosting "political" forums on her show because, as she says, she is supporting Obama (and that is after the fact of promoting his candidacy).

Work to Deter Sexual Predators

One way people can help to deter sexual predators in your neighborhoods and that of others is to contact your local state government to find out if they have a sexual predator watchlist and the means to warn citizens when sexual predators (male and female) move into the area. And, if they don't, then you must advocate for them to get that in place.

You can look up the link to the national sex predator registry online. Also, your state and/or local government can arrange to have automated calls directly to your home or cell phone to let you know when a sexual predator moves into your area. They can also direct you to the website for detailed information about them (photos, backgrounds, locations, etc.). Many are relocated near schoolhouses!!

I believe Oprah has (mis)used the Senate Bill 1738 "Protect Our Children Act," which is sponsored by Senator Joe Biden, for political reasons -- to deflect attention away from the ongoing positive press about the McCain-Palin election 2008 Presidential ticket in her attempt to help give breathing room to the Obama-Biden candidacy during their now failing election bid.

For those who are outraged, and rightly so, about what is continuing to happen to humiliate, maim, terrorize and kill our children -- Stand up and speak up whenever and wherever you come across it. Get involved! Don't hesitate to contact the authorities. And, if you are afraid of making a mistake about it, then determine to err on the side of the child(ren).

Pay attention to what you see and hear and to even what you do not see or hear or know. Parents have to work and they leave children of all ages with others. Please help to save a child's life by being alert to any abuses regardless of whoever, however, or wherever way it might be manifested. We can no longer afford to take these matters for granted. These are the terrible times in which we live.

For the recipients of this response -- I do not spam or retain your emails and will not pass them along beyond this post.

Likewise, I will respond to comments but I do not accept Flaming.
Thank you.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Critical Change and the Crucial Decision

By Rev. Lainie Dowell
Reprint: New Media Journal

The more I have read about Sen. Barack Obama, the more I am convinced that this man is a fraud and he is an outright traitor to this nation. And, yet he is running to become our President. Why? And why won't the MSM run the board on Obama's dear friend, Alan Khazei and his wife, Vanessa Kirsch, as they have done with news investigations of Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Bill Ayers, and others? The nation needs to know what role Khazei and Kirsch play in helping Obama to get elected and what will follow, if they succeed.

If Americans knew the "back story," they would shudder and get in a hurry and demand crucial questions about this ongoing Obama drama. This thing goes so high and runs so deep throughout the government and the nation that I don't know if anybody could ever stop it, with the exception of Gov. Sarah Palin working alongside Sen. John McCain, as the Vice President and President.


What I can't quite understand, with so much evidence documented to substantiate that premise, is why our government is continuing to allow Obama and his supporters to get away with it. Obama is steering America towards Socialism and all that it stands for, with impunity and without accountability. He is a definite enemy of the State who is fostering sedition, under the as-yet openly disclosed name of "Social Capitalists." They are (mis)using "volunteers" as their own governmental structure within this nation and around the world to help prop up socialism and illegally installed prime ministers bordering on dictatorships, the likes of which Americans have never had to endure, as a nation.

It is ludicrous to think that our government and citizens would find it o.k. to allow Barack Obama to get his hands on closely held top secrets while we have troops on the battlefield and not bother to vette Obama in front of the nation. This is a man who is known to have close ties to terrorists. He even sided with Minister Louis Farrakhan who went so far as to write to both Bush Presidents, in turn, (1) to implore GHWB to not go into Kuwait (Operation Desert Storm) and, later, (2) to implore GWB to not go into Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom), which was the stance that Obama took while he was a state senator in Chicago, Illinois.

Obama should never be allowed to get anywhere near to those military files. It is time to send all of these people packing and to investigate and be prepared to dismantle all of those corporations and LLC organizations formed under our noses for no other reason but to call a majority of liberals to overrule societal values, mores, and traditions! What is being taught to our children in these schools and universities is spilling over into our streets, and much of it is not good.

The evidence is overwhelming to support the premise that Obama is planning to overthrow our established form of government by continuing to amass coalitions of millions of organizations worldwide, volunteers, and dollars for their cause. He has already publicly said that his intention is to implement a military of civilian "volunteers," which is the buzzword for "Police State." And he will be in the position to finally gut our constitutionally authorized military and to dismantle it and the democratic form of this Republic in order to reverse centuries of what has made this nation great at home and abroad.

Today, America is being mocked by people close to Obama who are located in our homeland and in Africa, India, Saudi, Pakistan, France, Germany, Indonesia and other parts yet unknown to many of us, because Obama and the democrat leadership have done all they could to present America as a failed nation to the whole world.

And in the days to come when they ask what did you do to help keep this nation safe, free, prosperous, and Godly, what will you answer?

This is a personal choice. Yet, your response portends critical national consequences.-Rev. Lainie Dowell


There are a lot of reasons to not elect Sen. Barack Obama as the President of the United States, but none is as glaring as are his revealed plans for change. However, he, himself, and the news media have yet to fully reveal nationally to the American people the true underlying evolution of his quest for the highest office in this nation. Time after time, we continue to be blindsided by bits and pieces of information that come trickling down but are, subsequently, shut down by Obama supporters who shout "smears," "racists," "liars," "bigots," "not Christlike," and the like, at anyone who dares to expose their duplicitous intent.

During the televised September 11, 2008, Presidential Forum of the nominees, that presentation was supported and hosted by Richard Stengel, managing editor of Time magazine, and Judy Woodruff, a Senior News Correspondent. That forum came about at the request of Khazei to Stengel. And, it was aired in conjunction with a recent Time cover story entitled, "The Case for national Service." And, along with that change would come what is to be known as "ServiceNation one word).

During that recent telecast, both of the 2008 Presidential nominees were interviewed, but separate and apart from one another. And, the only refrain which kept swirling around in my head as I watched was, "This is a set up!"

In fact, during an early intermission, Fox News Anchor, Britt Hume, referred to it as, returning to "(T)his awful grilling" (i.e., by the forum hosts towards Sen. John McCain). And, what's more, Hume could hardly keep from laughing out loud from what he was witnessing at this supposedly informative news forum, which was turning out to be just another Obama lovefest by the main stream media (MSM).

It was evident that the sponsors of that farce had no intention of helping the public to understand the Republican and the Democratic candidates' political and societal views. It was planned and broadcast for the sole purpose of introducing and advertising (for free) the future implementation of Obama's plan to nationalize and socialize Americans and our democratic Republic.

Obama's Blatantly Unethical Conflict of Interest

Obama used that televised occasion to let this nation and the world know in no uncertain terms just what his plans will entail. The most glaring of which is his national support services. And all that is, is a stepped up version of socialist reform and the impending total destruction of the U.S. Constitution and our democratic Republic under a prospective Obama Administration.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, are intricately involved with all of those previously named organizations that they are blatantly lobbying this government to support, fund, and to legislate as mandated "volunteerism" (i.e., an oxymoron put forth by people who must think that Americans are morons. Obama's stated plan encompasses putting everybody to work as "volunteers" from the cradle to the grave.

Absurd, you say? Without evidence, you think? Without credence, you believe? Read on.

The Plan and Obama The Man

There is a definite difference between early advocacy of the Kennedy Peace Corps and the now ever-evolving coalitions advocated by Barack Obama, because his primary purpose of building such a political movement is geared towards taking over the United States government, period, compliments of an Iranian who is known to have talents in generating money and influence, particularly from the U.S. government.

For them, nonprofit, government, and private organizations are not powerful enough. They have not made it a secret that they want to take over total control. Who believes the American people would agree to that, if they actually knew how deep their tentacles go into the fabric of this nation and the world? It is a mind numbing operation, to say the least. And, if Americans find that so hard to believe this side of the election, then how much more effective will they be, if Obama is elected President? Too late!

Barack Obama is one of many of what they are now calling, "social engineer." And all of his lawyer buddies and various government supporters have been lying low at cross purposes with this nation for a very long time, because their belief is that building a national movement of many coalitions of people can facilitate their running the government better than any lawfully elected and appointed leaders could ever do.

Moreover, this "movement" Obama keeps talking about has acquired a lot of help along the way, mainly because of the gullible liberal news media's refusal to investigate and to ask questions about it and because there are way too many trusting members of the Judeo-Christian community who prefer to "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil."

So in love with their rhetoric are the news media that even though neither Barack nor Michelle, his wife, has been authorized to practice law for years, they are still being touted by others as if they were authorities of the law. They are not.

That forum which Time magazine hosted at Columbia University in New York was, indeed, a setup. Even Obama laughingly said during that telecast that he had "a home court advantage," after the rousing applause from attendees following his introduction, because that school is his alma mata.

What this nation and the world witnessed during the forum was another Obama trap; and it ensnared a lot of American onlookers including the Republican Presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain. On a day when Americans were remembering the terrorist attacks directly on our American homeland, this was the date Obama chose to laugh in our faces and to thumb his nose at us by way of letting us know that he cannot be stopped, because he has millions of people behind him now to push him through the White House gates into the Oval Office.

In actuality, that forum was a planned coming out party for Obama and his friends who have waited for the biggest payoff of a lifetime -- a national forum in which they could finally spread their own gospel of collective volunteerism which, when fully implemented, would become a government-mandated workforce with Obama at the helm as the change agent laughing all the way to their control over the national coffers.

During that interview, when Stengel asked Sen. McCain if he would create a cabinet-level position to oversee volunteers, as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) has already done, McCain forthrightly spoke out to voice his rejection of the government interferring to make volunteering mandatory.

However, Sen. Obama has insisted this is exactly what he intends to have happen in an Obama administration, if he is elected as President. And all of those coalitions which they have already amassed of millions of people and dollars will become their new change agents for how Obama's new goverment will operate, as he continues to say, "from the bottom up instead of from the top down."

Obama's ultimate intent is to form a coalition government just as he helped his Kenyan cousin, Raila Odinga, in 2007, to bully his way into trying to do in Africa. To date, Odinga is finding out that is not such an easy task and is facing down objections.

But, all of these plans are being developed by one book, in particular, entitled, "The Visionary Leader," by Bob Wall, Robert S. Solum, and Mark R. Sobol, (c) 1992 Prima Publishing, Rocklin, California, along with many other resources. I was fortunate enough to come across a copy of that outdated book recently, while browsing through my favorite second-hand bookstore. And, when I saw that title on the bookshelf, I immediately thought about Barack Obama and I knew it would be an invaluable read.


Alan Khazei is another prominent resource for Obama and his wife. Khazei is of Iranian heritage. He is a graduate from the Harvard Law School. He and his wife, Vanessa Kirsch, reside in New England and they both have been longtime friends of Barack and Michelle Obama. In fact, after Vanessa Kirsch and Katrina Browne launched a new organization in the early 1990s, by the name of Public Allies, Michelle Obama launched a satellite organization in Chicago, IL, where Barack had served on the board. When Michelle was appointed as the Executive Director, Barack stepped down -- but not away.

Public Allies subsequently began branching out with offshoots of AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, Voices for National Service, and the Leadership Practice in partnership with Northwestern University's Asset-Based Community Development Institute, of which Michelle Obama is affiliated ("assets" is a buzzword for "people").

Neither of those couples is a stranger to either of the Bush Administrations or to the Clinton Administration, including Sen. Hillary Clinton, who met the women at a reception she gave as First Lady. However, anyone looking on now would think that they are all strangers and that those couples are newcomers on the public political scene. Not so.

In an article published December 19, 2007, Kirsch is quoted as saying,

"We needed to create an infrastructure and organization that would bring those resources together. We'd help nonprofits and young people, and we'd create a whole nation of national service, of citizenship, of buzz about its potential. And we would begin to change the way Gen X was defined."

Keep in mind that Obama, Khazei, and their wives and many of their associates also make up Gen X.

Khazei, also, was quoted in that same article as saying, in part:

"In the future, change agents will have to be comfortable in all different sectors, both public and private. They'll have to be willing to work with the government, to work with nonprofit leagues, to work with businesses. We saw that everywhere we went. Even in China, which is communist and very much government-controlled, we found that there were people doing borderline nonprofit work." And, Khazei went on to say,

"The era of big government is over, and not just in America. The issue of government corruption was everywhere. But it wasn't that people were against the government or ready to throw government away. They were recognizing that they needed more nonprofits and businesses involved in addressing issues."

"Social entrepreneurs will lead change as politicians led change in the 1960s," Kirsch says. "But it's a different kind of revolution. It's not a revolt in the streets; it's institution building. But we don't have a system to take any of those innovations to scale -- yet. While we have social innovation that we believe in, and that has been proven, there's no system to take that innovation to scale. That's the next battleground."

(Source: "Social Justice - Alan Khazei and Vanessa kirsch," December 19, 2007, FastCompany.Com.

The U.S. News and World Report published an article entitled, Two Bright Guys, One Vision , by Linda L. Creighton, posted October 22, 2006, in which she quoted Alan Khazei, as saying,

"When people ask us for advice about how to fund an organization, we always tell them the same thing," Khazei says. "First, find a partner, then you immediately have a team."

"We just said we're going to change the world," Khazei recalls, "and damm it, people should just help us."

"We never wanted this to be about us," says Khazei. "We're frankly more ambitious than that. We wanted to build an institution that lasts way beyond us."

Enter Sen. Barack and Mrs. Michelle Obama And the Full Authority of the Looming White House

One of Sen. Obama's favorite sayings is, "What Americans have never been able to understand is that this election is not about me. It's about you!" (Quoted Obama upon his accepting the Democratic nomination in Denver, CO).

And, just as Obama has continued to do, Khazei also practically boasts about turning down a lucrative, influential position as a lawyer following his graduation, in order to become a community organizer.

Their currently designated out front leader to bring in the youth vote of Gen X is the hip hop singer, Usher. Keep an eye out for their ServiceNation Day of Action on September 27, 2008. And, Americans have to move now to reject this atrocious push by Obama and all of his "change-agent" friends to overthrow our government. They must use the same outrage that they demonstrated once they were, as a nation, confronted with black liberation theology, which had been around for decades but ignored by the media until after Obama's revealed relationship to Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., during the 2008 presidential primary campaign.

And, if Americans don't wake up and call a halt to Obama and his outrageous Blueprint for Change, then our whole national scheme will become totally unrecognizable beginning in January 2009.

If Americans refuse to listen to the many outcries against the Obama Blueprint for Change and finally reject them, then they must be prepared to be inundated with changes the likes of which have never before been seen across this nation.

That wandering man, Obama, has so many ties to islamists and terrorists, socialists, and black nationalists. He is their agent for change. And Obama's wife, Michelle, is in on it, too.

Michelle and Obama are under the entire plan. They are wrapped up in it tighter than a drum and both have been heard to say in a public forum that "We imagine a world as it is. Not as it should be." And, what exactly is that world we will wake to find under an Obama administration?


We may want to question David Gergen, director of the Center for Public Leadership, Harvard University (i.e., another Obama alma mata). Gergen is also a member of the board of Khazei's newly formed organization called, "Be the Change.

Gergen is also on the "National Selection Committee for the Innovations in American Government." He is a graduate of both Harvard Law School and Yale University.

Gergen is a television news pundit who has previously worked with both the Democratic and the Republican administrations. And, for me, I am convinced that his activities with Obama campaign supporters, such as "Be the Change," etc., should sound loud alarms about Gergen's lack of objectivity when he is rendering his political opinions on national television. During this critical election 2008 to elect a new President, in Gergen's eyes, Obama can do no wrong and Gergen doesn't hesitate to say as much.

If the United States government and the Democratic Party fail to see the dangerous elements inherent in the Obama candidacy, then let this information begin to refresh your memory. And then you must decide whose side you will come down on during the November 4, 2008, Election.

Enter 2008 McCain-Palin Leadership

The MSM have questioned whether or not Gov. Sarah Palin can be trusted to put this nation's interest first, but they should be asking that question about Barack Obama in view of his ongoing domestic and global ties which are questionable to say the least.

We need to endorse the steadfast leadership of true patriots such as Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin. She is one candidate who is proven to not be afraid of stepping up and speaking out and taking action against anybody and anything that would ever try to harm this nation. Gov. Palin will be able to see behind the false intents and shut them down. After all, if the Obama conglomerate has the best interest of the nation at heart, then why haven't they allowed the people in on it and to have an input and acceptance or rejection of their plans? I believe it is because they already know the vast majority of the American people would never ever approve such a plan and that would effectively shut off their avenue to assets of people, funds, other resources, and influence, as it should be.

Come on, people! Stand up and voice your choice. Time is running out.

The choice is yours.
The choice is life or death.
The choice is clear.

Email my letter of complaint to Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY). Thank you.


Get informed. Stay informed.
Pass it on.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can't Trust DEM?

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

By prearranged phone call between Sen. Barack Hussein Obama and Sen. John McCain, in preparation for today's solemn ceremonies of remembrance, the news media announced early today there would be no political talk out of respect for this Seventh Anniversary of September 11, 2001, attack on America via the New York Twin Towers.

As of the noon hour, however, we are hearing news reports about a luncheon meeting in progress between Sen. Barack Hussein Obama and former President Bill Clinton in his offices located in Harlem, New York.

I am puzzled.

Why would the senators make such a commitment to lay politics aside today; and, at the same time, we hear Obama agreed beforehand to having a political meeting with Bill Clinton on this day? It is a fact that almost anybody can meet whenever, wherever, however, and with whomever they choose. But wouldn't you think that "no political" events would include this much talked about luncheon between those two? After all, what could be all that important? Oh! Almost forgot Sen. Hillary Clinton, former presidential candidate in the 2008 election before she was kicked to the curb by their great and trusted friend ---- Senator BO.

I wonder what kinds of excuses will be used now, that is, if the news media decides to pursue this line of reasoning on their own.

From where I sit, I am reminded of the many times the Republican Congress (House and Senate) allowed themselves to be talked into voting for bills and amendments that went against their platform only to later be blamed by the Dems, when the results were rejected by the public.

If I have misunderstood, then I sho' nuff stand ready to be corrected.

Nevertheless --
"When will (we) ever learn?
When will (we) ever learn?"
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America Mourns in Dignity - 9-11

- My Tribute -

Rev. Lainie Dowell

America Mourns In Dignity

On remembering September 11, 2001
[I placed this memory ONline in the moment to remember it. And I do.]

That day captured the attention of the eyes of the whole world. And, yet, many averted their eyes and it is they who have resisted the truth of those dreaded moments.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Change the Environment and The Environment Will Change

Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D-OH)

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Dedicated to Representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones
Death came suddenly and took her in the midst of the battle


Yes, I am a Republican and Representative Tubbs-Jones lived and died a Democrat. She did not know me and I never had the privilege of meeting her, but her spirit was very much people-oriented. As I watched her work in the midst of so much rancor and confusion before, after, and during this election period, I noticed her radiant smile that came all the way from her heart.

She had a desire to be of service with a willingness to serve. With her, you sensed that regardless of any situation, there was a respite.

Barack Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party failed to take note, because their rhetoric speaks death and hopelessness from which there is no return -- to let them tell it. And, with them, there is the uneasy feeling that nothing anybody did would ever be good enough. There would always be a moving back of the "mark," which had to be hit. And our nation is better than that. This nation deserves better than that!!! Let Obama and his naysayers go their way and let the people use common sense and pray that he will not be anywhere near the finish line on Election Day 2008.

What a difference in Representative Tubbs-Jones. Her smile as she went about her work left no one with the after thought that she may have been trying to get over on you. She had a trusting spirit about her that let you know she would be sincere in her dealings with you. She instilled hope in this onlooker and, I am sure, others, too.

She served faithfully to the end, even being stricken while driving along, no doubt, while on the way to another opportunity to be of help to somebody else. And, now, her life has come and gone. The celebration of her life and death were attended by so many people -- many of whom she worked alongside. Still, I cannot help but wonder?

Why has not her sacrifice and that of so many others past and present not made a difference in how we treat one another?

What does it take for people to make a change in how they treat one another? Has this nation reverted so far back into being savages that the "kill or be killed" mentality has made a come back? Or did that nature ever die? We kill with our biting tongues and, when that doesn't do the job, we take out our pent up anger on the innocent, unsuspecting, victims whose only crime was that they wanted to live in peace.

How can it be that Americans readily tout the academic prowess of tyrants and so easily cast aside the common sense of the common man, woman, and child? Has too much education brought us, as a nation, to the brink of insanity? For, if higher education was all it took for this nation to realize change, then there would not be the need to promise it but to just act on it and get it done.

What kind of an environment do we want to live in is the question? And, how many generations will it take for us to achieve it is the dilemma?

Because of the nature of mankind, change is far removed from their capacity to bring about the kind of change which will make this world a better place for all mankind. The more we look to the past and cannot recall the difficulties it took to reach the future, the more we are bound to stay in the past.

Change is the request.
The willingness to change is the requirement.

Though we have come a long way to get to this point in time, the dialogue we hear today makes it seem as if we have not made any progress. Nevertheless, we have indeed come a long way. Therefore, we ought to know that, as Americans, we are obligated to help make this a better world and a safer place in which to live.

If there remain those who are not satisfied with this country, then the next boat is waiting at the dock. The next plane is waiting at the terminal and the bus can take you to the border where an automobile can drive you across on the other side.

There are many more people who want to live a quality life than there are those who refuse to fight for that right as well.

The times of change are here and now. Most people talk about change but they never move towards the change. In fact, whenever they fail to enact steps to make their much-talked-about change --- change, nevertheless, does occur. So, when we stop to think about the kind of changes that would be made if acted upon at the time of conception, we would be in a far better condition than ever before and so would those who are yet to be born in years to come.

For example, many of this nation's leaders have worked hard over centuries to bring about change for the better; but, if we stopped to think about it, we would realize not too many have ever stopped to tell the American people just what kind they intended their change to be and clearly delineate how they were going to bring it to fruition.

Legislators have a way of getting their way with their constituents, but I suppose when one or two people are elected to take care of hundreds of thousands in their region, there is bound to be a left out faction who will never be pacified.

The world has a way of bringing things into perspective. Grandiose promises made and out of scale visions pronounced are more than the mind can ever comprehend much less than the pocketbook can support. But, in the meantime, politicians still try to sell it to the nation that we can carry on in the time of lack just the same as we had been doing in the time of plenty.

After their election, the moment they step foot in the House of Representatives or in the Senate whether on the local level or the national level, they begin to get the sense that the only thing that will change will be themselves. However, they don't bother to tell the people who sent them there to make a change in their condition. And I daresay they quite possibly don't even realize they need to make a change in themselves first.

So, after the Election 2008 is over and the votes have all been counted up, and the newly elected candidates have been notified along with the rest of the citizens, the change has already begun to take shape. All we have to do, as citizens, is to step up and ensure that they live up to the promises they made to get the people to put them into office.

The bottom line?!

Change comes when the people recognize the difference between doing something to bring about the desired positive change and doing nothing to keep change from being progressive.

Change of mind can create the very best things when people can make up their minds to get together and be of one mind.

Rest in Peace, Representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

You are not alone. And your labor was not in vain in the Lord. It is only lost on the minds of those who seek their own vainglory from man.

Editor's Note: About two weeks before Congresswoman Tubbs-Jones' sudden and tragic death, I phoned her office and spoke with an assistant there. I felt she was the only one I could trust with my concerns that the Obama plan was dangerous to America. It was the weekend and I did not follow through to fax documentation. However, I am so glad I felt her spirit was open and trustworthy while she was alive.
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Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain-Palin 2008 - America Beloved of God Refreshed and Renewed

By Rev. Lainie Dowell
Reprinted: New Media Journal

Rash, noun
1. an eruption on the body
2. a large number of instances in a short period.(a rash of complaints)

1. to attack the reputation of:Defame (denigrate)
2. to deny the importance or validity of:Belittle (denigrate their achievements)

The 2008 Republican Party Presidential nominee, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) unleashed a plain rash all over the Democrats when he announced The Honorable Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK), as his Vice Presidential running mate in the 2008 election.

The Honorable Governor Sarah Palin
(Think out of the box and see if you can find in her name, A Plain Rash)

After knowing Governor Palin and her family for just the past one or two weeks as most of us do, already it causes us to view her as she views issues and circumstances, which is to say -- out of the box. When Senator McCain first introduced her to the nation, I found it refreshing to see her family accompany her down front and center with the baby and baby bottle, too. And her introductory presentation was strong and plain and full of substance. She was truly the right one chosen to represent this nation as a Vice President and Senator McCain is to be applauded for his selection. Let us continue to pray for their manifest victory in November.

When we start with her name, Sarah Palin, we can begin to understand why the Obama democrats have exhibited such an extreme dislike, disrespect, and disregard for her not only as a qualified executive but also as an individual. For when we break down her name with a visionary and not a jaundiced eye, then we will see how, to the dems, she must be A Plain Rash. And they have already learned they will never be able to get her to scratch their backs or grease their palms or dance to their out-of-tune requests. In fact, she even makes their itching ears run to find some place where they can get relief. And, that goes not just for the dems but also for the Republicans with itching ears.

And, when Palin shows up, they will all know there is no dermatologist anywhere who will be able to stop the itching that has taken over the entire democratic body and everywhere else where anybody in leadership wants to scam and cheat the American citizens whether in or out of her presence. They know that she is a straight shooter on The Straight Talk Express and her aim is good.

Oddly enough, it is mainly women who are skeptical about her leadership despite her demonstrated ability to lead at the highest governmental level, should that time come. The questions the women, in particular, ask of her and about her are embarrassing, because instead of doing their homework, those who ask those petty questions project their own inadequacies onto her and then excoriate her based on their own responses.

Qualified women in authoritative positions occupied predominantly by men make tough jobs look easy to the onlookers, because they do it so well. Unfortunately, many female onlookers get the idea they could do that job based on their being a woman, too. Therein lies much of the confusion of roles. Everybody can't be the leader at the same time. It's time to stop attacking and trying to disparage leadership that is working for the good of this nation and, consequently, the entire world in which we live.

News pundits such as Bill O'Reilly and media moguls such as Oprah Winfrey and other Hollywood and media types forget they are under the authority of government no matter how much money or notoriety they may have and that neither elected officials nor their cabinets are beholden to them exclusively. We can get more accomplished as Americans, when respect, common decency and common sense re-enter the American scene. It is a matter of common courtesy which is missing and which must be restored in the homeland.

However, somewhere along the way, too many Americans have erroneously believed their own press about the roles they have played in their own movies for which Americans and others pay to see, which fattens their bank accounts. So, when they abuse their citizenship positions of power, it is not cute. It is not funny. It is not smart. It is not the way to achieve unity and cohesiveness for this nation. And such actions set a devastating example for the young people who are looking for guidance when, instead, they see coalition factions which advocate takeover of the government.

The dems, as a political party, have moved so far away from truth, integrity, and love of God, self, neighbor, and country, that they cannot understand this new McCain-Palin team of renewal that has risen upon the American scene. And it is long overdue.

Hope Springs Eternal in the Breast of Americans

The springboard to American values and traditions and mores has just been retooled. The Republican Convention set in St. Paul, MN, this past week has refurbished the party and has given a fresh look to the way it will go from here on to victory in the November 2008 election.

I will leave the spinning about Governor Palin's personal and professional life to pundits and I pray they won't even think about trying to attack her spiritual life. God is with her. What I do want to address is the way in which the Republican women in leadership set the tone for women in general across this nation, when they stood up and boldly spoke out publicly against the misogynistic reports of the MSM and the dems in their feverish attempts to antagonize and intimidate Governor Palin and the Republican Party into tossing her aside before she could even get out of the gate good.

Even women news reporters had the temerity to pile on when the dems (male and female) tried to intimidate and run Governor Palin out of the Presidential race as the first woman to be chosen in the Republican Party by Senator John McCain to be his running mate. However, instead of running her away, what it did was to galvanize her and the women came forth and stated in no uncertain terms that they were not going to stand idly by and let that happen to her as it was with Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) during her bid to become the democratic nominee as Presidential candidate in the 2008 election.

The women who claimed to be feminist, however, did not come to Clinton's defense and they stood by and watched as her candidacy needlessly succumbed to the old boy network led by Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and his camp. Eventually, Senator Clinton stepped back and out of the race despite her apparent gains over Obama.

Needless to say, millions of Clinton's women supporters were disappointed that she chose to suspend her campaign and throw her votes towards her opponent, Obama. And, then, to add insult to injury, Obama turned to the failed candidate in Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) and selected him instead of Hillary as his running mate for election 2008.

After that blow, the race was never the same for democrats and their fractured party limped along until it ran headlong into The Straight talk Express of Senator John McCain and, now, Governor Sarah Palin.

The dems continue to take a backward look and appear to be forever hopelessly stuck in the past while touting hope and change. But Republicans realize that the work that lay ahead of us is a massive job; and, make no mistake about it, in the remaining couple of months building towards the November 2008 Presidential election, we will have an even clearer picture of who would make the better team to sit in the White House.

The schedules are set for the debates between these candidates in which they will be given an opportunity to further hone their messages around the issues and not personalities.

The righteous men and women will be looking to see who can they trust to keep America free, strong, safe, and Godly. The liberals who profess to be righteous will continue to stand on the sidelines and watch as their party has a field day with their skewered truth about society's ways of dealing with life which, in actuality, only acts to foster death and destruction.

In the same way the Republican women rose up and stood together against the MSM during the convention, the American people of all stripes must come together beyond partisan rhetoric and do what is right for America and her people.

Let us start with prayers and let us begin to step out in faith beyond mere words to placate onlookers. There is a renewed hope for America in the atmosphere. So let us catch hold of it and lift up this nation to the once great country she is known to have been and will remain.

Americans need not take America for granted and neither should those who remain on the edges looking for her to fall, especially if they are elected leaders who want to bad mouth this nation instead of doing their duty they took an oath to undertake to preserve and protect her and to work along with the Commander in Chief to see that America is defended "from all enemies foreign and domestic."

Americans who have become cynical -- Love America Again. Come On Home And Be Refreshed!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Misogynist DEMS and Governor Sarah Palin

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Reprinted: New Media Journal


Silence is around me and I don't know where the voices are landing. They are flailing around the internet but, apparently, the messages are landing amiss. Many Conservative voices are on the sidelines. You can't conduct a search online or offline about Barack Obama and all the twists and turns of his life without finding redundancy. Yet, publicly, he remains looking and sounding like a smooth-talking icon of what our next president ought to be but nothing could be further from the truth. I don't believe too many citizens want to continue under any negative, revisionist history (really, its erasinity ), which is espoused by the Democratic Party and their supporters. Conservative voices, for the most part, have remained in sync, but there is still a large segment of the U.S. population that do not believe they are the recipients of the "good news," about our "America the Beautiful."

This is not intended to bring a fault-finding, blaming, chastising message. It is a reminder that in order for us to reach people's hearts, souls, and any underlying desire they might have to do what is right -- then it is imperative that those who reach out not withdraw their hand once they reach back. Some might not understand that statement and be confused by it. But take it from me when I say that old addage, "Actions speak louder than words." (-Anon. to me but someone else may know who first said it.)

Republicans have to stop giving Obama credit for saying the comments about Gov. Palin's children are offlimits and, instead, applaud Sen. McCain for knowing everything about her history and selecting her anyway based on her qualifications, integrity and honesty, etc. We have found Obama to do what is expedient to help him get by. His remarks were disingenuous when he knows he has supporters and staff who will go out and throw barbs in his name! Wake up!!!

Dems have gone beyond demonstrating their "Sexism" by their treatment of Sen. Hillary Clinton to vividly portraying their outright "Misogynists" mindset towards Gov. Sarah Palin, the highly qualified Republican V.P. candidate selected by Sen. John McCain on his political ticket. Call it what it is and repudiate Misogyny wherever it rears its ugly head. I value messages that are followed up by actions which move us forward rather than propel us backwards into chaos and unsettled drama. Ungodly politics and unschooled news media are killing American values, truths, traditions while we hold our heads in our hands and lament this ongoing trend. People are on The Wall and it is crowded. Yet, there is always room for one more and Gov. Palin is the woman for the job and the time. Praise God for Sen. McCain and for Gov. Palin.

Christians who are on the battlefield for the Lord know that we already have the Victory in Him. God always confirms His Word no matter how long it might take for believers to believe it. It is so. And so it is. Stay tuned.

Praying as I go, because prayer is my fulltime preoccupation,

Rev. L. Dowell, Five-Fold Minister

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Monday, September 1, 2008

September 11th and the Breakthrough to Life of Change and Hope

By Rev. Lainie Dowell



How could we forget so quickly that life is precious?

Ever since Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has announced his choice of Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) to be his Vice Presidential running mate, we have witnessed how quickly the Democratic Party has turned from their platform of "Change and Hope," as espoused by Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL), their 2008 Presidential nominee.

Their party's ongoing, damnable rhetoric (yes, there's that word again) has turned from falsely debasing President George W. Bush for the past eight years and Senator McCain to recently denigrating Governor Palin for no other reason then the fact that she is a woman executive who is more than qualified.


And, they reveal how much their stock in trade for them remains winning at any cost. Truth is not a part of their language or agenda. They have said aloud they are for "change." But we must continue to ask what kind of change and at what price?


Help us to build back up this nation whose people are proud to be called, American and FREE! Come election time, begin to turn out every elected and appointed official who has stood up for tearing down our country by their Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Islamic, Black Nationalist, Hispanic, Atheistic, Homosexual, Pro-choice agendas. There is room for everybody -- but Diversity is a killer.

Immigrants, come, as Americans bid you to come and be free to partake of a land that welcomes all to its shores. But Americans will never tolerate those welcomed who would underhandedly work to enlarge our shores to encompass that which is anathema to what has made our nation great in the land.

The men and women who have collectively and voluntarily given their lives to the cause of freedom would not forget and neither must we who have been the recipients of their great sacrifices of life and limb.

Yet, we go about our day thinking that we have earned a right to disrespect and discourage anyone who chooses to take up arms in the defense of this great nation called America. We watch as bigoted naysayers continue to disparage all of that which has been and what has kept them away from the heated battlefields all over this world. Yet, their response is to turn a deaf ear to our protestations and calls for them to stop.

The world has not stopped spinning on its axis. But with each spin, someone has stopped turning with it, because they are no longer upon it. Death is a cruel master over which even the most astute physicians have no control; and, yet, mankind goes on with living as if they will never die!

The world has heard the many warnings from heaven and have gone on living as though the life of mankind is eternal even to the point of them fearing not even the true and living God Himself -- not even wanting to hear His name voiced by anyone on this earth. And how quickly they forget and begin to attribute all they know to their own puny minds!

The News of the Day From Out of the Depths of the Ages!

This is the month of the reminder of so many personal treasures which had lain dormant until that day America was attacked on our homeland. On that date, September 11, 2001, a gloriously bright sunfilled and quietly peaceful blue sky brought into our view a dark horror such as never before widely seen on these shores in real time.

It was so gripping that we could neither avert our eyes nor turn away from our television screens while we watched as an airplane tore through the buildings which housed businesses and people who were going about conducting their business.

In the midst of that day's ongoing assignments in the Twin Towers in New York City, death and the evil which has not gone unnoticed came into the lives of each and everyone of us whether from the United States or living in the far-reaching corners of the world where there were family members and friends who also looked on with us. And, yet, if it were not for our God, no one could live and make such boastful and braggadocious claims as we are seeing played out in the world.

Even so, too many puny men and women who scoff at the very nature of God to keep Himself hidden from sight because of his sinless nature and the sight thereof before a sin-filled onlooker would be entirely too much for them to bear in their own frailty and they act as if they do not know it.

There Is a Hope and a Change is on its Way.

However, as long as mankind believe they are the way to that day, ah how much they deceive themselves and all of those who blindly follow after them in their deception.

The man who believes he professes and that he has all of the answers inside himself is that man who is headed for a great fall. The United States of America - right now - prepares to elect a new leader to take up where the leaders of old have left off. Think about it! And not one of them has ever advocated any change which would take us as a nation from the presence of God and Godly values and traditions until this one has shown up who is named Barack Hussein Obama.

He has said he does, but we know that he does not know God nor the people of God. His demeanor is not exemplary of what this nation has stood for, which is to be Godly and to respect those who are in the place of leadership; and, in fact, neither are many in the profession of journalism and the resultant outgrowth of media which have placed themselves in the role of being arbiters of what they erroneously believe is the best course for this nation and have, themselves, become the harbingers of death and destruction of all that is right with this country.

How could they have all become so cynical and loathsome of truth, when it is they who have gone on to scholastically prepare to ferret out truth from lies and to uphold the truth wherever it may lead? They need to go back to school.

Americans and the World!

Let us not take our life for granted. We are, because God is. And in Him is our very existence. You might continue to turn up your nose and turn off your ears and turn down God's mighty hand, but it shall be to the detriment of all those who respond in such a way.

"There is a way which seemeth right to a man but the end thereof is death." -Proverbs 14:12

So, I speak not to the old heads but I speak now to the young and beautiful youth who have a chance to learn of change and hope which will take them into the pathway of great joy never before known in their lifetime. Obedience is the key.

And it is to them we must say, Keep yourselves in the presence of the Lord and allow Him to teach you of His ways which far exceed any that man can conjure up. Take a look at yourself and ask the following here-to-fore unasked question that contains, also, your answer.

Here it is --

"Lord, If there is more to this life than I am witnessing, then please teach me, for I am willing to rest in your presence to learn."

And so, dear citizens, our task is to fully bring to the Lord a brand new generation of young people who will need to know the difference between right and wrong and good and evil and life and death. And who will need to know, also, that teaching begins when the desire to learn comes in. Such teachers must also be taught by the Lord about how to teach His beloved.

No American who purports to lead this nation will ever be successful when they come with great speeches from their mouth and leave God out. Why else would their words be found to be so shallow? It is because their heart is hollow and it is far removed from God's own heart.

Let me share a very serious visionary prophetic word with you, if your heart can take it. And, if not, then press on, anyhow. God bless you.


VOTE Your Choice 2008 -- Just be sure that God is in it!

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