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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rev. Dowell Guests On The Roth Show

I have been privileged to guest on Dr. Laurie Roth's nationally syndicated radio show to share comments on the air with her that blessed my soul and encouraged my heart.

Despite the ongoing attempts of the Obama Administration, media, and politicos to berate the American people and to denigrate our Judeo-Christian faith, the Roth Show features guests who refuse to hide from whoever is trying to destroy our nation. And, in these times of critical "change" and false "hope," they demonstrate their commitment to foster the Godly values, traditions, patriotism, and truth we have come to know and love in America. The Roth Show is an oasis, a watering hole, where listeners are refreshed and strengthened by their faith to stand up and speak out for the cause of truth and justice.

As one of Dr. Laurie's many guests, I have included, below, the link to my latest conversation with her immediately following the Illinois Senate vote taken to sustain the impeachment and subsequent ouster of Gov. Rod Blagojevich and the installation of Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn as their newest Governor. Included in this hard-hitting, hour-long segment are our remarks, also, concerning the Bail-out, the Stimulus Package, etc., and it offers some solutions to turn back the Obama drama now before it is too late. Is there any wonder Dr. Laurie is called, "The Annie Oakley of the Air Waves?"

Take a look, listen, and link. Pass it on. You'll be glad you did. To access our recent subject conversation, click on link to:
The Roth Show Archives. Access the program calendar for January 29, 2009, and toggle Hour 2. (hr2jan2909)-Guest Rev. L. Dowell.

Be encouraged, because our God is still on the Throne and it remains His alone. May God continue to bless you and America, too.

Disclaimer: The sentiments expressed herein reflect those of the author and remain without apology.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama's State of Mind vs United States of America?

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

By now, most Judeo-Christian Americans ought to know the difference between the truth and lies. And, if that is so, then what makes just as many of them refuse to stand up and demand the truth and stand against lies told by our political leaders who have been elected to represent us as their constituents? In fact, why would any Christian be afraid to speak out and just say, "NO!" in the face of any of their ungodly orders? Why do so many Christians act as if they had no control over whether or not they would be accountable to God for doing what is right or wrong?

We know that God wants us to obey those who have rule over us, because all authority is of God. At the same time, believers forget (if they ever knew) that we are to discern and to not follow behind abusive authority to the gates of Hell and beyond on their sayso. Just what kind of leadership are you following? And why?!

In this, the land of the free, why do Americans continue to watch as the deception, manipulation, and propaganda perpetrated by Barack Obama and the Democrats have taken hold of Christians and anybody else who will dare to stand up against their deceitful practices? Despite the alarm bells, Obama and his agendas have advanced him and many of his male and female friends from the former Clinton Administration right back into the White House Oval Office in 2008.

Why haven't the Congress and media inquired into Barack Hussein Obama still campaigning? Since when has a United States President exhibited such brazen temerity to publicly work to form his own separate political PAC while serving in that office? Why is Obama allowed to create and maintain his very own coalition from all across this nation and the global community, too, following his election and taking an oath to become the President of the United States of America?

Why is Obama allowed to repeatedly circumvent and disregard the law and is able to activate his former campaign's extensive email cell phone list of millions of people in order to personally order them to lobby Congress for his agendas upon his command?

Obama announced to the nation and the world from Rick Warren's Saddleback Church "debate" with Sen. John McCain and, again following his election, that he will not allow lobbyists in his administration, he knew he would no longer have any use for paid lobbyists who were not under his control. And, whether or not he would become the President, his intention has always been to call up and use that grassroots coalition he has amassed to be his own personal volunteer lobbyist front and to disregard the United States Constitution whereby elected Congressional leaders were to legally and lawfully represent the people, and not by some think tank members called together by and appointed by the President.

I am a woman of God and I am here to let you know that even God Himself gets tired of mankind's foolishness! Not all Pastors are cowards. Not all Pastors are sleeping. Not all Pastors are moving on their own minds and not God's Spirit. But, it is just that too many citizens want to have it their way and they don't like what they are getting. Americans have rolled out too many highly educated, do-nothing humanist secularist scholars who look to their own book learning and revisionism rather than exercising common sense to make decisions (or not). They cannot even help themselves, because they love the prestige and money too much to lose it by saying one appropriate word in or out of season. So, how can you expect them to be able to help the people of God to come up out of this muck and mire?

Who are you following? Do you like what you see and hear permeating our land of the free that we love? Where are the brave? How brave do you have to be to say that you just cannot have it your way? How long will we watch as our babies are murdered both inside and outside of the womb by the imposition of manmade laws, with impunity? What will it take for Christians to stand together with one voice on behalf of those domestically abused and murdered women and men? When will the church just not consent to sanctioning unions between men and men and women and women or people and animals, as they choose? It is wrong. It is evil. It is ungodly. It is pure and simple, on its face, not to be--- ever! And, when will believers take a unified stand against our governmental leadership selling off America to foreign entities? And, most of all, where will all of those people who profess to know God meet Him, if He is not God or does not exist, as this nation's courts would have citizens to believe by writing it into law?

We were never meant to be beaten up, abused, starved and robbed of our rich, free, Godly heritage. That we are is a lie straight from Satan's pit of Hell with all of his evil demons. How can we stop them, if we do not acknowledge they do exist and that, as believers, we have the power and authority to stop it?

Praying for Obama's success on one hand as wicked as it is; and, on the other hand, saying that you cannot agree to what he stands for in that regard denotes a double-minded person. And, that brings in confusion and cancels out Godly results. God is not in confusion.

Obama and his minions may be deceived but are we? No! The White House must immediately cease from using Obama's ongoing personal political campaign tactics to solicit monetary donations and harvest email addys to build up their many secret "MOVEMENTS," as they call them, to be able to vote out the Constitution; and, in its place, continue to move in their own coalition government while we sleep believing Congress is on its job.


America has elected ONE President. Joe Biden is not the one. Harvard Professors and lawyers are not the one. Rahm Emanuel is not the one. Greg Craig is not the one. The global community and American citizens combined are not the one. Obama has shown he is not the one. We still do not know who he is or where he comes from; and, if the buck cannot start and stop with Barack Obama, then he needs to step aside now and not go one step further in that position. And if, to paraphrase the late former President Harry S. Truman, the heat is too hot in this nation's kitchen, then Obama needs to get out now and leave America to God.

Which of us expects to have a midnight knock on our back door from a secret police or military sent out by the current White House to shut our mouths and lock us away to keep down any dissent? Does anybody believe that it is not possible? Yet, in an Obama Administration with people who act as if they know nothing about former President Richard M. Nixon, what would you expect to happen, if they believe that they are untouchable by anybody and anything and send out their own press releases for the media to confirm it?


How can Obama be allowed to continue to have either a national or global movement, when he is supposed to represent all of the American citizens and not the global community? And how can Obama get away with mandating that Americans use many of his and Michelle's own personally run "Service" organizations under the name of "Change," many of which have received government funding? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Many of you may have already received the email, below, from the Obama Team Election campaign, with his blessings, and quoted below from beginning to end, as follows:


When Barack Obama was declared our 44th President, you didn't just revel in that victory -- you started asking what's next for this movement.

How is this unprecedented group of volunteers, grassroots leaders, and dedicated supporters going to help make change a reality?

More than half a million people shared their thoughts and ideas about moving forward, and we listened carefully. Last week, President Obama announced the creation of Organizing for America -- a group that will work alongside the President to support the agenda you fought so hard for.

You can be part of its first steps.

Watch a short video message I recorded with Mitch Stewart, Executive Director of Organizing for America, and learn more about this new organization you helped build.

You've already invested in the future of this country -- whether you voted, donated money, helped organize your local community, or got involved in countless other ways.

But right now, your participation in the political process is more important than ever. We'll soon be asking you to give whatever time or talent you can to support the President. With your help, we can bring change to Washington and the entire nation.

I look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead.

Thank you,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Questions or feedback? Contact Organizing for America at 1-877-922-4264.

Paid for by Obama for America


There you have it. It is not a pretty picture, and it portends far worse to come, unless Christians stop bickering among themselves and lambasting the people who are trying to help make America what we know she is -- a Godly, FREE nation which is pleasing in our God's sight!

Recently, Somebody asked me what I meant by saying "Our God." She said there is only one God. Too many who profess to be Christian have yet to understand that Satan is god of this world and he has his children and synagogue. There is only one true God but many manmade gods (little "g"). Our God is Sovereign. He is jealous, and we who are His are to jealously guard our faith in Him.

Photo: Obama Not President By Rev. Lainie Dowell.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spilling Ink Obama Post

Just saw the Don Feder "Liberal Lexicon" and it was right on target. I heartedly agreed with his Obama terminology interpretations. I recently got lambasted because of the latest title of my article about Obama. Never mind that I had spoken the truth and still have the substantiating documentation on file. Nevertheless, I will continue to stay on guard and stand against Obama and every other wiles of the devil who practice to deceive.

Here are some Obama terms for that Obama Lexicon that I just thought up ---

Pay for Play --- This is what they call a game of chance that comes in the guise of political legitimacy, but only if the politicos are rich enough and have a high-enough position in government to keep the States Attorney General and the courts from carting them off to jail after they get caught (before the money passes hands). Scams are always recorded on tape that is hidden in Bibles on their bookshelves (because elected officials would never know the Bible was there). And, when -- like Blago -- they actually do get caught on tape trying to wheel and deal, they are found to have cussed so bad that all anybody can hear are the bleeps. Pay for play? Election campaigns cost too much money and take up too much time (so lets cut to the bottom line). I'll take a chair. You'll take a chair. And we'll all sit in Air Force One together. Pay for play that's the only way we will all get to stay in the White House -- forever.

Community Organizer -- This is when somebody from outside of the community who never learned the street signs and house numbers comes to town and makes it their business to pulverize the neighborhood so that people who knew one another and associated would no longer be on the same page when it came time for them to discuss and vote on a community issue. And to ensure that there would be discord at the meeting, community organizers will bus in out-of-towners to really foul up things for good measure. Wallah! No more community. No more problems. Great job!

Want to see the Lexicon of Don Feder? Click here. Don't forget to come back again.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Barack InSane Obama And Community Organizer Mentality

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

In spite of all the warning signals and the evidence of his underlying intentions to strip away the foundational dictates of the hundreds-year-old United States Constitution, the awful deed is done and Barack Hussein Obama is the new American President who claims he has received a mandate from the people to govern. Shall we be silenced and further overtaken by him as a nation?

But, can that be so, when following the 2008 election, the nation has been shown to actually be split in half rather than leaning totally towards Obama's New Left, Progressive-Socialist agendas? Moreover, it still remains to be seen just how much Obama's race, accumulated coffers, celebrity, and the mainstream media (MSM) had to do with his present position despite his lack of experience and ability to govern our nation apart from ongoing committee input, polls, his own private coalition-grassroots organizations and political think tanks -- some of his favorite methodologies used in order to disregard the constitutionally empowered United States Congress.

Will The United States Congress Be Talked Into Disbanding?

Lest we forget. From the 2001 terrorist attack on America to his last day in office, January 20, 2009, President George W. Bush and an experienced Congress have kept America safe from further terrorist attacks. The outgoing President also showed common courtesy and respect towards then President-elect Barack Hussein Obama and called for others throughout his administration to do all they could to make for a smoother transition of their intersecting administrations. So, who in their right mind would turn around and bite the hand of the man who not only reached out to them personally but also, recognizing that our nation is undergoing trying times of war and economic downturn, called for Americans to do likewise?

President Bush has given Barack Obama every advantage to become prepared to step into the White House following his inauguration on January 20, 2009, unlike the way it was with his own chaotic transition into office immediately behind the Clinton years. Nevertheless, during a recently televised interview, Obama equivocated with his response when he was questioned about whether or not he would consider following through with the DEMS' ongoing determination to investigate and impeach President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney now that they are going out of office and Obama and Joe Biden are going to be in the White House. And, despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) previous assurance that would not happen and her apparently new change of mind on the matter, Obama has left the issue open to speculation as to which way it will go.

America is in serious trouble, because somewhere along the American academic route, social workers, social reform, sociology, and social services became confused and co-mingled with the term, socialism. In the midst of our government's putting into place a helping profession to respond to the ails of American society, all of that energy became morphed into being the means for dissidents to provide an ending of capitalism, democracy, and the Godly Republic of the United States of America.

Obama is "crazy like a fox," as the saying goes. During his training as a Saul Alinskyite community organizer in the early 1980s, he learned the tricks of the trade so well that we still see them in operation by him and with our congressional leaders today. They have bought into Obama hook, line, and sinker. And, whereas, in times past those tactics were considered to be treasonous, community organizers have worked to try to give some semblance of legitimacy to their picketing and lobbying by developing their own special interest grassroots coalitions to go into action at their beck and call.

Despite his young life, Obama is known to have personally interacted with all of those diverse UN-American groups (i.e., communists, socialists, Marxists, Black Nationalists, Black Muslims, Islamists, etc.) which could not have gained control of the Presidency since long before Obama was born, but they had the patience of mind to wait. And, inch by inch, they have all gained political clout, money, and people power.

In many instances, they boldly used government grant money for themselves which was given to their organizations in order to benefit needy citizens, except they diverted those funds to finance their personal political agendas and campaigns. Moreover, those groups were able to get away with it, because there was no competent governmental oversight or accountability. For the most part, those groups were left to oversee their own divisiveness.

They eventually pulled their best agitating leaders off of picket lines and enrolled them in colleges and universities to get their degrees in order for them to gain ultimate credibility with the American people and to be able to make inroads into the legitimate political process; and, finally, to be able to allow Barack Obama to walk into the most powerful position in the world, that of President of the United States of America.

Over the years, while the nation as a whole slept on in apathy and complacency, those aforementioned anti-American groups joined together to allow stuffing of our voting boxes. And by circumventing Federal Election Commission laws, their campaign funds grew from out of foreign coffers. Project Vote grew under its director, Barack Obama, to form grassroots organizations and coalitions, which help to account for his win in 2008.

They took several state election commissioners to court during the 2008 presidential election to further define voter qualifications to include homeless people's addresses as park benches, cardboard boxes, post office boxes, and wherever they said they happened to live. The record shows that, although the Federal Election Commission may have investigated some of those cases, they did very little to penalize or stop unlawful practices used which ensured Obama becoming the first black President of America. But, at what price?

Barack Obama the Patriot President Or America's Worst Nightmare?

Had the mainstream media adhered to its basic principles of being objective reporters, this nation would have received adequate information to have made an informed decision about which candidate was best suited to become our new President. Even when various bloggers and journalists worked to expose Obama's true damnable mission, they were either scoffed at or outright ignored by the national press and Congress, too. And, Obama's political manipulation and propaganda machinery went into overdrive to demonize the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress, both of whom failed to correct the record which allowed every gullible person to accept, as true, all of the specious and vicious lies the DEMS fed them about American values, culture, traditions, patriotism, and morals.

What Happens When the Anti-Anarchists Become, Themselves, Anarchists?

Many of us have continued to sound the warnings about Obama's plans to create everything that is ungodly and anathema to all that this nation stands for. We have remained outspoken against their blatant, ongoing treason and anarchy, socialism, communism, Marxism, and their plans to overthrow this constitutional government. We have remained ignored and we have been called the enemy. Nevertheless, we remain faithful to the cause of American justice and values, because we are American first and foremost. Yet, Obama would not hesitate to label us as anarchists, and his resultant unlawful penalties would be meted out without our having legal redress. What, then?! We recognize that far too many of our fellow citizens have served in the military. Men and women have either been wounded or died on battlefields near and far in order to help keep America safe and free.

Obama and the DEMS have called us homophobes, racists, sexists, unchristian, incompetents, and dangerous. And our own trusted Republicans in leadership began to fall in line and parrot them. Many Republicans have become politically correct apologists for Obama and the DEMS who want to bully us into making us fall in line with the Obama-Chicago-community-organizer way.

What is the Obama-Chicago-Community-Organizer Way? Governor Rod Who??

Community organizers know how to make inroads into communities before they take them over and make them into allies. The formula they have developed is to become seen as being one of your detractors in order to move in and make friends out of your enemies. Then tell them what they want to hear. And show the people what they want to see. Let them believe you're going to help them to become what they want to be. Then let them lead you to where you wanted them to be from the beginning. And, lastly, drop them in a lower position than you found them and never look back. Then pick up your mantle as leader and keep the little folk in line. After all -- they were willing to have been so easily led and, therefore, they must have given you leave to do to them whatever you wanted, with impunity and without accountability to make everybody as one under your leadership alone. Gotcha!!

The Obama-Chicago Community Organizer Way is a game of deception and "gotcha!" And, now, Americans will have a back row seat to the largest pay-for-play scam ever coming from out of the Oval Office. Just ask HBO, the Campbell's Soup Company, Pepsicola (i.e., Pepsico), Google, and every internet provider and TV and radio sponsors, and don't forget to ask universities, colleges, and law society friends of the Obamas (i.e., that includes Michelle Obama). Money is passing hand over fist to keep the Obama "brand" in the public eye.

And, thanks to the strong-arm tactics of Obama's long-time friendships, even Obama's Cabinet picks are being given a pass despite the glaring fallacies of their claims that they are providing the very best people for those crucial offices that America has to offer.

Obama and his friend and Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel -- with his own questionable behavior -- are being allowed to continue their political sleaze from the streets of Chicago and community organizer days. They know a great deal about how to make the poison appear delectable and feed it to the trusting, but hungry, souls even though it is they who have contributed to making life for others so unbearable that, for them, anything would be better than the communication isolation which they have had to endure at the hands of the 2009 leader of the free world, Obama.

It is this man and his minions of no accountability who now call for "the return to American values of accountability," as reported by Fox Cable News. And, yet, the news media continues to allow him to remain without accountability by covering up and making excuses for him when his dark-of-night deeds are exposed by even consenting to actually feast at his private table and come away satisfied to proclaim that Obama actually is, as he purports to be, the messiah and savior of the nation and the entire global community. How insane is that, when the other shoe has yet to drop?

Patriotic Americans have to remain vigilant and keep watch over just who is in charge in the White House Oval Office? Is it Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Michelle Obama, or Joe Biden? The handwriting is on the wall and can disaster be far behind?

We must never forget that, either. And we must do no less than to become the new agitators and strong defenders of American values, traditions, mores, morals, and Godly virtues as a Judeo-Christian nation. The difference being that the Bush Administration left free speech intact, whereas, Obama and his legal eagles are already scratching at the pages to destroy the very term, "free speech," and, themselves, to call for every legal means possible to distort and destroy that individual constitutional right. But keep on standing up and speaking out we will, must, and shall. American citizens must remain on alert to not believe they are standing up in isolation. They are not.

The sun came out on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009. It shone bright on Obama's parade, but it shall only preclude a dark, hot day in Hell that awaits the American people who remain beguiled and lost through trusting the gall of this man who would seek to make himself a self-imposed Monarch in the democratic Republic of the United States of America in opposition to the Constitution.

And what will the people do, if Obama decides to shut down the Congress and the majority DEMS allow it aided by moderate Republicans and two Muslim members and one socialist? What would they do, if he decides to disband the lawful federal military and recruit his own? What would citizens do, if he turns loose his personal outside coalition agitators against lawful citizens? What would citizens do, if Obama finally fulfills his father's dream and makes the dream of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a nightmare? Remember, both Obama's father and his stepfather were Muslims living in Islamic nations, when during his childhood, Obama decided he wanted to be President. But, of what country and laws still remain unspoken and unknown. And Obama still is not saying. But, nevertheless, here we are at the tipping point!

The American Way is Judeo-Christian and it is for us to declare and decree that we shall all remain free. For, as long as our God is on the Throne, we know and believe that our God is, was, and forevermore shall be eternal in the heavens and that He shall reign supreme over everything and everybody. Stay tuned.

"Sad, but true -- People turn to God, when all they have left is themselves."-Rev. Lainie Dowell.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama's DEM Revolution Advances As the GOP Gatekeepers Sleep

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Kool-Aid graphic by riehlworldview.com

Bernie Madoff is presently awaiting trial after having operated a Ponzi Scheme for decades in plain sight which has resulted in a whole lot of rich people losing their savings after it collapsed to the tune of $50 billion. But, although that devastation did not occur overnight, to let the mainstream media, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the courts, and the "victims" tell it, they never even had a clue. And, our entire nation is facing just such an economic disaster and much more with the advancing, incoming Obama Administration.And people expect us to sit back, relax, and keep our mouths shut?!
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obama Alert - Is USA Economy Being Politically Manipulated?

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Why did the United States of America have our beleaguered but brave military men and women join with coalition forces to hunt down and capture Iraq's tyrannical leader, the late Saddam Hussein, and kill so many more Muslim terrorists there, in Afghanistan, and around the world only to embrace a little-known man named Barrack Hussein Obama? And, why have many of our political leaders fallen under his spell and encourage the American people to accept him as our President?

The blueprint plan that Barack Obama has blatantly placed before the nation offers little confidence in our officials to be trusted enough to keep Americans safe and secure at home and abroad while, at the same time, purporting to protect us from "all enemies foreign and domestic."

Barack Obama has not proved himself to be worthy of our trust. And, yet, Americans are expected to capitulate and not call for him to do so. But, whereas former U.S. Presidents may have had many millionaire friendships, Americans, for the most part, did not have to lose sleep over whether or not they would open up the doors to America and let our enemies walk into this nation's capitol to take over.

Despite the many warning signs about Obama and his political and personal "associates" that have come before this nation, we continue to be hurdling head long into a catastrophe not of our own making. Rather, it is one in which the DEMS, as left-leaning, progressive Americans and their associates, have continued to blame fellow citizens who have already proven themselves to be brave and patriotic enough to stand up in defense of this nation's God and constitution.

Barack Obama has been shown to be a master manipulator and deceitful propagandist. Why do the Republican Party, their congressional members, and their leadership believe they have to emulate the Democratic Party's way of conducting the nation's business, when DEMS (as a group) have repeatedly shown they have no respect for our nation's rule of law even while taking their oaths to uphold the law?

Furthermore, if Obama finally succeeds in taking the keys to the White House, then Americans must understand they cannot take a rest. They must remain ever vigilant. For, even now as we keep watch, Obama -- the darling of the mainstream media and a guru to so many unsuspecting souls -- appears to have nobody he'd listen to who will tell him that Americans are not as gullible as he and his ilk may suppose.

Regardless of how many email addresses he has amassed in his database and despite their many ongoing attempts to utterly bankrupt the nation, we have peeped their hold card.


Obama seems to be playing it by the book. Just pick one. Start with "The Doctrine of Anarchism of Michael A. Bakunin," by Eugene Pyziur" (c) 1955. In it, Pyziur says something which should resonate with every American. On page 86, he writes, and I quote, as follows:

"According to Bakunin, a revolutionary conspiracy is unconditionally necessary for the successful leadership of a revolution. This is true not only of the prerevolutionary period. Also, during the revolution itself, the conspiracy should remain secret, or at least preserve its distinct exclusive character, and even after the victory of the revolution, it should not be dissolved.

. . .the folk is our army. . . . We only need to organize a general staff, which will help it [the people] to organize itself." The book goes on to say that, " . . . In the first article of the Catechism of the Revolutionary, we read 'The revolutionist is a doomed man. He has no personal interests, no affairs, sentiments, attachments, property, not even a name of his own. Everything in him is absorbed by one exclusive interest, one thought, one passion --- the revolution.' Membership in the secret society is not to be open to all comers, but to be based on cooptation (sic) after stern scrutiny." (footnotes omitted)

Even so, as we presently witness this costliest Presidency ever in American history, can we afford such a high price to have this black man to be the first one to fill that office? If readers consider that to be a racist remark, remember that it is they who have couched it in those terms. Obama and American bankruptcy are in your face now. Just don't turn your back to him. Read on.

!! A Must Read !!


United States A Bankrupt "Superpower"
Source: Islamic Voice, August 2008*
Written By Paul Craig Roberts (quoted in full, below)

The United States is living beyond its means. It is Japan, China and the Saudis who are propping its economy by buying Government security bonds. The war has depleted its finances beyond imagination, writes Paul Craig Roberts

In his famous book, The Collapse of British Power (1972), Correlli Barnett reports that in the opening days of World War II, Great Britain only had enough gold and foreign exchange to finance war expenditures for a few months. The British turned to the Americans to finance their ability to wage war. Barnett writes that this dependency signalled the end of British power.

From their inception, America's 21st century wars against Afghanistan and Iraq have been red ink wars financed by foreigners, principally the Chinese and Japanese, who purchase the US Treasury bonds that the US government issues to finance its red ink budgets.

The Bush administration forecasts a $410 billion federal budget deficit for this year, an indication that, as the US saving rate is approximately zero, the US is not only dependent on foreigners to finance its wars, but also dependent on foreigners to finance part of the US government's domestic expenditures. Foreign borrowing is paying US government salaries perhaps that of the President himself or funding the expenditures of the various cabinet departments. Financially, the US is not an independent country.

The Bush administration's $410 billion deficit forecast is based on the unrealistic assumption of 2.7 per cent GDP growth in 2008, whereas in actual fact the US economy has fallen into a recession that could be severe. There will be no 2.7 per cent growth, and the actual deficit will be substantially larger than $410 billion.

Just as the government's budget is in disarray, so is the US dollar which continues to decline in value in relation to other currencies. The dollar is under pressure not only from budget deficits, but also from very large trade deficits and from inflation expectations resulting from the Federal Reserve's effort to stabilize the very troubled financial system with large injections of liquidity.

A troubled currency and financial system and large budget and trade deficits do not present an attractive face to creditors. Yet Washington in its hubris seems to believe that the US can forever rely on the Chinese, Japanese and Saudis to finance America's life beyond its means. Imagine the shock when the day arrives that a US Treasury auction of new debt instruments is not fully subscribed.

The US has squandered $500 billion dollars on a war that serves no American purpose. Moreover, the $500 billion is only the out-of-pocket costs. It does not include the replacement cost of the destroyed equipment, the future costs of care for veterans, the cost of the interests on the loans that have financed the war, or the lost US GDP from diverting scarce resources to war. Experts who are not part of the government's spin machine estimate the cost of the Iraq war to be as much as $3 trillion.

The Republican candidate for President said he would be content to continue the war for 100 years. With what resources? When America's creditors consider our behavior, they see total fiscal irresponsibility. They see a deluded country that acts as if it is a privilege for foreigners to lend to it, and a deluded country that believes that foreigners will continue to accumulate US debt until the end of time.

The fact of the matter is that the US is bankrupt. David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the US and head of the Government Accountability Office (GAO), in his December 17, 2007, report to the US Congress on the financial statements of the US government noted that "the federal government did not maintain effective internal control over financial reporting (including safeguarding assets) and compliance with significant laws and regulations as of September 30, 2007." In everyday language, the US government cannot pass an audit.

Moreover, the GAO report pointed out that the accrued liabilities of the federal government totaled approximately $53 trillion as of September 30, 2007. No funds have been set aside against this mind boggling liability.

Just so the reader understands, $53 trillion is $53,000 billion. Frustrated by speaking to deaf ears, Walker recently resigned as head of the Government Accountability Office.

As of March 17, 2008, one Swiss franc is worth more than $1 dollar. In 1970, the exchange rate was 4.2 Swiss francs to the dollar. In 1970, $1 purchased 360 Japanese yen. Today $1 dollar purchases less than 100 yen.

If you were a creditor, would you want to hold debt in a currency that has such a poor record against the currency of a small island country that was nuked and defeated in World War II, or against a small landlocked European country that clings to its independence and is not a member of the EU?

Would you want to hold the debt of a country whose imports exceed its industrial production? According to the latest US statistics as reported in the February 28 issue of Manufacturing and Technology News, in 2007, imports were 14 per cent of US GDP and US manufacturing comprised 12 per cent of US GDP. A country whose imports exceed its industrial production cannot close its trade deficit by exporting more.

The dollar has even collapsed in value against the euro, the currency of a make-believe country that does not exist: the European Union. France, Germany, Italy, England and the other members of the EU still exist as sovereign nations. England even retains its own currency. Yet the euro hits new highs daily against the dollar.

The author was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is co-author of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

Noam Chomsky recently wrote that America thinks that it owns the world. That is definitely the view of the neoconized Bush administration. But the fact of the matter is that the US owes the world. The US "superpower" cannot even finance its own domestic operations, much less its gratuitous wars except via the kindness of foreigners to lend it money that cannot be repaid.

The US will never repay the loans. The American economy has been devastated by offshoring by foreign competition, and by the importation of foreigners on work visas, while it holds to a free trade ideology that benefits corporate fat cats and shareholders at the expense of American labour. The dollar is failing in its role as reserve currency and will soon be abandoned. When the dollar ceases to be the reserve currency, the US will no longer be able to pay its bills by borrowing more from foreigners.

I sometimes wonder if the bankrupt "superpower" will be able to scrape together the resources to bring home the troops stationed in its hundreds of bases overseas, or whether they will just be abandoned.



*Editor's note-- Keep in mind that the reprinted article was published on an Islamic news website located in India several months *before* the American people witnessed any severity of the economic problem and before taxpayers were hit with a $770 billion bailout demand later in 2008 during the Bush administration, and signed off by the majority of both the Republican and the Democratic Parties.

Who knew what, when, and for how long?
Who knows what is the best solution for America?
Who will stand together on the Homeland in defense of America? It is good to know that we are not alone.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obama and the Ugly New UnAmerican United States

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

If all that it takes for Barack Obama to reassure the American people that we will have better days ahead are a bank of unfurled flags behind him and delivering a left-over canned election speech, then Barack Obama's job would be done and we could have peace about his intent. But, as of now, all I can see is a little man being propped up by his unseen speech writers who are trying hard to make him appear Presidential.

The snakes are on the move. They are crawling all over the United States Constitution and slithering underneath the underbelly of all that has become seamy in American society, such as abortions on demand, bailouts instead of working economies, socialism instead of capitalism, union handouts and card check, same-sex marriages, medical suicide, universal healthcare, welfare, and whatever else comes down the pike that is outside of commonsense. And enacting those issues are forever changing the face of our "One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

Shame on America for allowing this nation to move so far away from Godly values, morals, traditions, justice, and truth. It is bad enough but not hopeless, as Obama would have Americans to believe. Even though those aforementioned attributes have been gutted from America like a catfish and it may appear that nothing remains but the decaying bones to stick it to Americans, nothing could be further from the truth. The fundamental foundation of the United States Constitution remains in place as a steadying factor for whatever may come or go.

Does anyone believe that America has become so low that she will accept anything or anybody but the very best to lead her people? Does America have to be brought down to her knees before she will wake up and show her strength to resist any such attempts to undercut her long history of being "of the people, by the people, and for the people?" Never. Not as long as the American people understand that the United States Congress stands between the Executive and the Judicial Branches of government to make certain the people they have elected to represent all Americans will not be undercut in any way by any unprecedented move by anyone to unilaterally change or go so far as to try to wipe out the entire constitution by instituting a coalition government like his Kenyan cousin, Raila Odinga did and then he made himself the Prime Minister with power and authority over the currently serving Kenyan African President. Don't think Obama would not try that in America. After all, he was instrumental in helping Odinga to get elected in 2006, when Obama was a United States Senator.


Of all the words that caught my individual attention during Barack Obama's speech on America's economy, those were the ones that gave me pause when I heard him say them. lt appears, by his own words, that Obama has made up in his mind that -- as he said -- "Only the government" is able to do for America what she cannot do for herself, which is to get her ownself out of the drastic economic down turn and deficits of the past few months and past administrations.

It is not what Obama said during his speech that is so disturbing, but it is what he did not say.

From the night of November 4, 2008, when Obama gave his acceptance speech upon becoming President-elect until now, his message tone immediately changed. During his primary and general election campaigns to become President, the buzzwords he made a part of his persona were "hope," "change," and "transparency." Yet, those are the very traits he has thrown under the bus in the Obama Administration. Will our congressional leaders have enough backbone to stand up against an attempted overthrow of our government? We need to know that.

Whatever happened to Obama's "feel good charge?"
Whatever happened to his "Yes We Can?"
Whatever happened to his "Be the Change?"
Whatever happened to his having "A Transparent Administration?"

There can be no "transparency" until Barack Obama or some tenacious investigator proves his place of birth and whether or not he is legally qualified to serve in such a prestigious office as the President of the United States. To date, Obama and our government have refused to get that done. So we remain mystified.

After building up the hopes, dreams, ideas, and ideals of the American people who bought into his campaign electioneering enough to elect him to the highest office in the nation, that of President, he still maintains that "It will not be easy, and we have a long way to go." Most people believed America had finally arrived with him as the first black President.

Obama's America Has A Blueprint for War on Capitalism and Individualism

During Obama's televised speech to the nation today, he spoke about having to "rebuild America." What he did not say is that, in order for his administration to do that, he has to first tear the nation down ---- gut it. However, do Americans really believe that he has to take it to that level? Further, he also maintains that in order to build up the economy, he has to take trillions of dollars away from American taxpayers to pay for it. Yet, he has not addressed the fact that taxpayers are on the hook for more than $770 billion dollars under the Bush Administration with a Democrat majority congress and much of it has not yet been spent nor has it trickled down to the taxpayers who need it to save their homes and livelihood.

What Obama's plan says to me is that once he has helped to totally bankrupt America, then Americans will look to government (read, "Obama") as the savior they thought him to be to rescue them. Then Americans would look to Obama for all of their needs.

Goal fully accomplished! Socialism. Communism. Dictatorship. Before anybody thinks that is not likely, take time out to think about Vladimir Putin, the Castro Brothers, Hugo Chavez, Hitler, Idi Amin, and other dictators, most of whom Obama has known about personally, such as the Indonesian Presidents where he lived as a child and the African leadership he has known in recent years, as a native "son of Africa."

Americans have to forget about wanting Obama to succeed, because even more than that, Americans must earnestly desire America to succeed and to continue to be American far beyond Obama's constitutional term in office. That is the success we can live with, and one that we must refuse to never live without.

In order to do that, first and foremost, our Congressional representatives must remain alert and not throw caution to the wind. They must be zealous to safeguard our constitution. If Obama totally closes off Americans from having individual access to the halls of government by continuing his modus operandi of having his "team" work their dark-of-night, under-handed deals on his behalf, which would never get to the people for their voice in the mix, and by transmitting all of their communications solely via their internet social sites specifically to their donors or inquirers registered on their email lists, then we can surely kiss America good-bye. For one thing, not everybody has a computer or wants to know how to use one. Besides, we pay a lot of money to use the U.S. Postal Service and we still can't get our messages delivered in a timely fashion. But we need to be able to maintain contact with our United States governmental officials. And how many times will Obama command Washington, D.C. or any other state in the nation to be shut down on a moment's notice so that he can wiz through our town in his brand new uparmored limo called, "The Beast?" And how many stories do we have to sit through just because America has a black President? Sounds like reverse racism to me, since they want to use that as an excuse when it suits them to do so.

Americans must not fall for that ploy. Stay awake! Stay alert! Stay prayerful! The story goes like this.

One Sunday morning, a young man decided he'd skip church and, instead, go for a long walk in the woods. As he wandered lazily along, suddenly a big, black grizzly bear came across his path. Fearing for his safety, the young man headed for one of the tallest trees in the forest and fiercely began climbing it. But, instead of that deterring the bear, the young man was horrified to find that the bear was climbing up that tree behind him just as fiercely as he. And, when the young man had reached the very top of the tree, he saw that the bear was still coming up after him sitting in the tree. At that point, the young man must have remembered it was, after all, Sunday, so he began to pray. And this is what he prayed --

"Lord, if you can't help me, please don't help that bear!" (-anon)

Barack Obama is up a tree. He is still working on the campaign trail giving stump speeches and unashamedly soliciting donations. Where is the Federal Election Commission and the Congress? Obama's "change" consists of giving more of the same, because the majority of his cabinet, to date, is comprised of the leftovers from the prior administration of former President William Jefferson Clinton, which includes his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, whom Obama has tapped to be his nominee as his Secretary of State. Now, how about that for "change we can believe in?"

Pray for America and for our nation to return to God. And, if you insist on praying for Obama, be careful what you pray for. After all, how do you think he got into that office in the first place?

What good does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?
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