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Sunday, September 20, 2009

OBAMACHAINS and The World's Pains

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

"The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win."
Quoted: Marxist site, Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels, Founders of Marxism

"In any case, the bureaucracy can be removed only by a revolutionary force. And, as always, there will be fewer victims the more bold and decisive is the attack. To prepare this and stand at the head of the masses in a favorable historic situation - that is the task of the Soviet section of the Fourth International."
Quoted: Leon Trotsky, Founder of Leninism

Even if Barack Obama had not been elected in 2008 to serve in the top office in the free world, the Office of the President of the United States, he - with the help of the DEMS and New Left, aka the Progressives - would still have worked to advance the communist agenda in America and the entire world. He had a lot of help to get where he is and none so helpful as from among black people of all stations of life.

If you notice Barack Obama's demeanor when he speaks into a camera, you'll understand that his main message is not directed to American patriots but to his waiting comrades in America and across the globe. He is not being opposed on the basis of his race. He is black. And what's more Obama knows that to be true. And, contrary to all the many charges of racism being hurled about from his side of the aisle, Obama also knows it is more than just the white folk who oppose the ongoing actions of the Obama Administration. Americans have come together to take to the streets across this nation to save this nation from Obama's unconstitutional and ungodly revolutionary takeover attempts such as never before experienced in the contemporary domestic life of Americans.

A Challenge to the Young Black Folk Chained to Barack Obama

There is still no free lunch. However, your meal tickets have already been bought and paid for many times over through the broken backs of your grandpaps who were hunched over while working in the hot, steamy cotton fields, steel mills, and shipyards; and, also, through your grandmammies who worked in cotton fields while hunched over with the weight of babies on their backs. They went from there to being hunched over hot washing tubs scrubbing dirty clothes for others, and kneeling down on hard dirty floors getting up that dirt for a meager day's pay just so your momma and daddy could live, eat, grow up, and bring you into this world. They all made it through prayer, the grace of God, and hard, back-breaking work. They have come from out in the cotton fields with no pay whatsoever to moving up to work in corporate boardrooms with more money than you could ever think about. And they did it just so you could have a much better life than they. But you want more without ever trying to make your contribution to the family and the world or even so much as to give back a "Thank you" whether sincere or not.

Many of you have gained access to the finest schools in this nation and the world. You have acquired the best that life has to offer in terms of faith, clothing, food, shelter, transportation, education, travel, and lots of money in the bank. And now many of you think you have arrived and that you can leave behind the common sense training your family and life have tried to teach you. However, lessons learned are no good until and unless you take them to heart; and, also, commit yourself to reach back and teach forward, because as long as one lags behind, you will never arrive.

As long as you refuse to listen to anybody else who speaks with your best interest at heart, then you can climb every rung of every ladder in this world and outer space, but you will never reach the top, if you do not learn that no matter how high you climb, you will always have to start again at the first rung from that place each time. That's one little known law of life that comes with living. Patience cannot be bought at any price. It comes with going through and overcoming the hard times. And hard times will surely come and stick around as long as you live above this ground.

When the bombs are falling all around you, that is not the time to begin to build a bomb shelter. Life experiences are there to prepare you to withstand adversities that seek to make you go astray. And, as King Solomon, the wisest man on earth said, "There is nothing new under the sun." You who are looking for peace, respect, prosperity, and the chance to have your voice heard in the midst of so many voices, need to know that you are being heard -- and seen. The noises you hear around you have come about because those voices you hear have not been truthful, and others are trying hard to stop them from going forth to corrupt you who remain waiting to come forward. You must stop, look, listen and -- yes -- even make judgments now. There is a definite difference between what is right and wrong. With right thinking there is peace and harmony. With wrong thinking there is chaos and confusion.

Slaves used to beat their sons and daughters in their huts and fields, because they knew that any disobedience to their Master slaveholder meant the difference between life and death. And, because they did not want their children killed at the hands of the Marsta for even signs of disobedience, many slave women picked up the strap themselves knowing they, at least, would have mercy and stop woppin' the child at some point in that brutal training. Today, many of the black children are rejecting even the loving training. Some might hate their parents, pastors, leaders, and overseers. But just look around and see. They are still alive and making their way forward in this life. How do you think you made it thus far?

Many of you are still depending on your folk for not only the necessities of life but also for those things you want knowing you do not need them. Yet you receive them. You need to go back! Repent. Start with telling your folk "I am sorry." Many moms and dads have silently sacrificed so much and pushed you forward by their prayers, as you well know.

In too many homes, moms have to scrape the bottom of the pot to give you the last drop of food and they lick the residue off the spoon while praying to God that you got your fill. Dads have jumped down into a whole lot of ditches and dug deeper holes just to work to make a decent wage to take care of their family. They worked even knowing you resented them coming back home late at night from work and asking you to take out the trash. Sons and daughters are a blessing from God from the start. But parents make them accursed when they either make excuses for their children's failings along their life's journey or else jump in to clean up their messes. But hard work and hits and misses never killed anybody who wanted to be somebody who could help everybody. Do you know who you are? Have you asked? Have you conducted a genealogical search? Do you know that you are somebody?

Don't Be Quick to Jump on A Wagon Based on Race Alone

Stop and consider. We know that we have raised highly intelligent young people. So we know that you know a hustle and a scam when you see one. Yet, you have gathered together like lemmings to run towards a steep cliff to the Pied Piper, Obama's, tune of "Yes We Can," instead of opening up your ears to understand his true message that the "We" does not include you. This is all about Obama and him putting over his planned agenda to CHANGE the United States Constitution and HOPE you aren't smart enough to catch on before he accomplishes that sinister plan. If that were not so, he would have had no need to falsely accuse people of "smearing" him while knowing they were telling the truth about him. What's more, had Obama had America's interest at heart, he never would have thought to conspire to turn this nation upside down -- shove it down our throats -- and expect to not meet up with opposition from Americans of every hue.

There has been a lot of talk on TV, twitter, blogs, FOX TV (mostly), newspapers, and workplaces about how Barack Obama is violating our Constitution. Nevertheless, Obama continues to nonchalantly strip away the political boundaries placed by our forefathers. Our legislators have stepped aside and allowed him to do that even though they know he is not above the law any more than previous white presidents or any man, woman, boy or girl. And, Obama ought not get a pass on the basis of his race, black.

No excuse is good enough to not hold Obama accountable for the rampant chaos and division which has surfaced in America worse than during the dismal days of black power, black nationalists, black Muslims, KKK, Jim Crow, and during the detestable days of separate restrooms and drinking fountains according to race. We are far removed from those horrible days; and, yet, it is this black man, Obama, who insists upon taking all of us back from where our God has brought us FROM.

Indictment of Blacks Who Refuse to Break Free of OBAMACHAINS

This racial division did not start with Barack Obama. However, it will not stop until and unless all Americans reject out of hand all those hyphenations being used to define us as a nationality other than as American, period. In a mere eight months and counting, Obama has yet to demonstrate his intent is to adhere to his Oath of Office to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic." Instead, he presumes to create a nanny state with him as the father. We are grown folk. He cannot raise us and ought not continue to dictate to us what cars we drive, houses we purchase, foods we eat, doctors we see, salaries corporate execs set for employees (not communist "Worker"), school curricula taught our children, or anything else pertaining to our personal lives. My late mother used to say about people like that, "His mouth is in everything but a hearse." Don't you ever stop to wonder why the legislative and judicial branches allow this danger to continue among us?! Have you ever written or phoned to ask? Does anybody you know have a backbone to at least say so?

America is not now nor has it ever been some backwoods banana republic. Americans of all races, creeds, and colors continue to demonstrate their refusal to allow Obama to unilaterally tear down our American traditions, values, morals, and mores with impunity and without accountability. He and his wife, Michelle, have arrogantly stated in so many words that America was nothing until they got into the White House. Really??? Americans, if you do not prepare ahead for the days to come under Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel's management along with all their unelected czars, then once they fully reveal the truth of their entire agenda, it will be too late to try to turn back the trampled pages of our Constitution. What I want to know is what made them ever think Americans are so gullible that they'd let them get away with it no matter how many people they summon to come when they call via SEIU, ACORN, and their lobbying from out of the White House?

Today's black youth really do not know anything about racism, except perhaps from what their frustrated college and university professors may have told them. Many of whom have probably never experienced racist acts themselves. And thank God they haven't. But having black citizens throwing around the term, "racist," at white folk while pressing for laws to drop from the American vocabulary the term, "Nigger," and other such words they falsely call "hate speech," and find to be offensive to black people will not only NOT help to bring about racial harmony but it will also serve to silence all the people in a land where we value freedom of speech so much that it was made an integral part of our Constitution by "Divine Providence" centuries ago.

The answer to people getting along with one another in America is to check your own self; and, also, to not be afraid to hold others accountable in accordance with the laws of God and mankind that are in place to enhance the nation's promise of "liberty and justice for all" instead of legislators continuing to create laws after the fact to punish every small infraction, because one person said their feelings were hurt because of what somebody said either to them or about them. We already have laws to rectify that.

Now is the time for everybody who loves America to get up and come out against these gangbusters who are creating havoc across America directly from the White House, Capitol, and Senate; and, as well, from local and state capitals and legislatures in the nation. Our freedom of speech will never die so long as one American who is born in this "land of the free and home of the brave" lives to protest tyranny no matter from what quarter it emanates. Our liberty comes from God and is affirmed by our Constitution. The only way anybody can take our God-given rights is if we give them. And I refuse to turn loose what God has given me. God will be here long after all of us are carried off, including any leaders who believe they will live forever. For those who ask, "Where is your God?" I say boldly that God does not force Himself upon anybody. "Seek Him with your whole heart" and you will know beyond any shadow of a doubt when He appears to you, too.


The questions Americans are raising not only about Barack Obama's birth records but also his school records, transcripts, passports, and papers from when he was a "Harvard Professor," are key to knowing his constitutional position, credibility, and trustworthiness to serve in the Office of President. Those issues ought not be left dangling with many question marks hanging over our heads, especially as Obama continues to sell out our country. Is he American or isn't he? Without verifiable proof, we won't know. Later will be too late.

Moreover, it is nonproductive for anybody who has refused to look into Obama's recorded past to lambaste people who are uncovering and revealing documentation to alert citizens about Obama's truly evil agenda for America. Everybody has their piece of this Obama puzzle and many are still working to put their part into their crucial place on the board. Speak up now. Maintain your God-given free will and individuality in a place among so many, because later will be too late, if you don't!

Pass it on. God bless you. God bless America.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


By Rev. Lainie Dowell



I am making a forceful case to support United States legal reform before any further attempts are made toward creating health care reform. America is in a drastic Constitutional crisis right now. And too many officials and legal persons in positions of authority continue to create havoc in our nation in order to obstruct justice and the rule of law and detract us from moving toward concrete solutions. Even when citizens have acquired supportive documentation to help them to win their case in any courthouse in this nation, none of it does them any good, if some lawyers and government officials choose to disregard their evidence out of hand. As a result, citizens are suffering loss of homes, property, speech, religion, due process, and their life.

Even where too many people have presented substantial documentation to plead their cause in any court of law in this nation, unless they have a lot of money to retain an attorney and then have to plead with them to take their case, justice remains elusive. Lives are devastated. The nation suffers from an uptick in criminal activities. America's light fades. But, it will never fail.

Instead of encouraging American citizens to "Be all you can be," because -- as Obama said so many times on his campaign trail, "Yes we can!" However, the Obama Administration has constantly belittled this nation even on the global scene. And, Americans are told regularly that we have not done enough to help lift our country from the economic disaster which was exacerbated by Obama's excessive expenditures even after he publicly admitted the nation is bankrupt. "We have no more money," he said during an interview early in his term of a mere almost nine months.

Watchdog citizens who have repeatedly sounded the Constitutional alarms before, during, throughout, and after the 2008 Presidential election campaign were subjected to taunts by unprofessional journalists and pundits who should have been doing their job to research, investigate, and objectively inform the public. In too many instances, that did not happen. Nevertheless, we have come to a crucial crossroads in America's history and it is time for Americans to rise up with one voice and say, "Enough!"

ACORN and the Obama Administration have placed this nation in a needless dilemma

The transparency promised by the White House apparently means their documents and actions will be placed on their websites but that interested members of the public would have to take a wild guess at when and where its located. And, if citizens cannot find the information, then the attitude of this administration appears to be, oh well?!

At any rate, that seems to be what this Democrat-controlled administration would have us to believe. For, Obama, his key staff, members and czars, and the chair of Congressional Subcommittees feign ignorance about what they ought to do with the current devastating information on ACORN which has been gathered by two courageous investigative watchdogs working along with Big Government. They have shared their tapes with the Fox TV Cable News station which, in turn, shared the same with the public to explicitly expose the ongoing corruption involving ACORN and co-conspirators, to wherever it may lead. There is corruption all across this nation, which must be addressed and resolved.

To make a long story short and to get this information into the hands of the public and with the proper authorities to create another groundswell of action, against all perpetrators, I will provide links to critical government information which ought to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt to every American that we have been bamboozled long enough.

The White House, The Congress, ACORN, Journalists --YOU LIE!

The links below must be read closely and carefully to understand why ACORN must not conduct their own investigation into their alleged corruption. Indeed, because of the new amended law signed by Obama on May 20, 2009, the matter is now out of their hands based on the documentation. The reader will understand why Attorney General Eric Holder can no longer refuse to investigate ACORN and to take corrective actions against them in accordance with the law. And Americans will have a clearer understanding of why Barack Obama, the sitting President and Commander in Chief, should either resign or be impeached right now for violating his Constitutional Oath of Office "to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution." He has no credibility! He is not trustworthy. He lacks the confidence of the American citizenry. Read on.

On May 20, 2009, in the East Room of the White House, Barack Obama, the President, signed into law, "The Helping Families Save Their Homes Act and the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act," (aka FERA). Overall, what this law does is to decisively take out any guess work about how the government agencies are to handle any such cases such as ACORN's that come before the appropriate government agencies. ACORN clearly comes under Obama's recently signed, amended law. In one instance, the remarks Obama made before he signed it stated, in part:

"Well, standing up for the American people is exactly what we're doing here today with two bills that I'm about to sign --- The Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, and The Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act (FERA). These landmark pieces of legislation will protect hardworking Americans, crack down on those who seek to take advantage of them, and ensure that the problems that led us to this crisis never happen again."

In his remarks, Obama then, goes on to name, as follows,

"my good friend, Chris Dodd . . . and Senator Richard Shelby. (Applause.) . . . and then on the House side, Chairman Barney Frank and Representative Maxine Waters . . . have done a great job. (Applause.) And I want to thank Senators Patrick Leahy and Chuck Grassley, as well as Representatives Conyers and Bobby Scott for leading the way on the fraud enforcement bill. (Applause.)" He goes on further to say, "And I am grateful to have Harry Reid here, as well as Nancy Pelosi, who could not be here, and the other key members of Congress for assigning these measures the urgency that they deserve and that the times demand."

Furthermore, Obama states,

"The other bill that I'm signing today gives prosecutors and regulators new tools to crack down on what's helped cause this crisis in the first place --- and that's the twin scourges of mortgage and predatory lending.. . Banks and lenders must end the practices that added to this mess. Individuals must take responsibility for their own actions. And all of us must learn to live within our means again."

That statement is PRICELESS coming from a man who took an oath of office to help us continue to live in what has become known as the leader of the Free World! Americans have learned to dream big, reach higher, and "go for the gold," but Obama now wants to break our federal bank, redistribute wealth, make the rich poor and don't care if we don't have any more as he and his wife, Michelle, and their "girls" and friends live large on taxpayer dollars --- trillions in fact. Well, Americans have worked to be the best and to have the best and to give the best. We, as a nation, have learned to strive for better, and we certainly will not settle for less than and become bitter, especially from outrageous edicts coming from the pens of our elected, appointed, and anointed leaders who have absolutely no regard for Americans.

I suppose some may ask, Can we talk about it? NO! We have found that talk is cheap around the capitals of this nation emanating from the Capitol and White House. Talking time is over. If we stayed around their table of greed any longer, we will have the rug pulled from under us sure nuff.

If the reader(s) want to make a definite difference, they must thoroughly read these documents and references to which I have provided links and rally around the cry for this administration to drop their push for Health Care Reform (aka ObamaCare) and for them to begin immediately to work on legal reform --- starting with letting local, state, and national leaders in authority from the President on down know that not one person is above the law, including them.

Niceness has its moment but being frankly blunt while wielding the sword of truth will get the appropriate results right -- and right away. No Americans need to lay awake at night wondering if our leaders are plotting to punish them for demanding truth and compliance to the Constitution and to the law (i.e., both God's and man's).

Please contact me for further information or references and, I might add, unless another author cites this article and sources when they report theirs based on it, I will call them on it. Get busy and dig deeper. I know there is much more documentation out there (and in my files) for overall follow up pertaining to so many other governmental areas the administration keeps ignoring.

I take this bold, steadfast stand, because too many people purportedly calling themselves professional journalists have sneered at us bloggers and watchdogs. We need to have urgent national distribution and contacts, because this information we have acquired (and more) herein provides answers to some of the legal procedural questions many of our attorneys are sitting on and the solutions we need to put into place before 2010. Now is the time for us to put ACORN and all other such corrupt entities out of business and help put us back on track as a balanced nation.

This is not my usual expected and completed commentary. However, in the interest of time, I have provided the bones of the problem for you who want to make a definite difference right now. So, please go and put some meat on these textual bones and shout it from the roof tops. Lets all work together to reclaim America to her Godly self. God bless you. God bless America.


These sources were gathered from: (c) 1996-2009. Holland-Knight LLP. All rights reserved. (see the following main links)

"FERA" and "Helping Families Save Their Homes Act" signed into law by President Barack Obama, on May 20, 2009.

"FERA: New Fraud Enforcement Statute Will Apply to TARP Recipients."

"FERA Amends Criminal and Civil Statutes, Provides increased Funding for Government Efforts to Combat Fraud." [Guidelines which appear to apply to ACORN, too.]

"Expansion of the Civil False Claims Act Under S. 386" - March 16, 2009, etc.

Read more. . .

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's Bootblack, Bailed Out!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Earlier this year, Barack Obama introduced Van Jones to the American people and the global community as his newly appointed "Green Czar." However, Obama also admitted there was neither a job description nor any definitive plan for Jones but that it was still being formulated by the White House. Yet, Jones' true purpose remains illusive (hidden). Until recently, Van Jones was touted as being "the current Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality." (Quoted Mayor David Coss, State of the City Address, Tuesday, August 11, 2009, Santa Fe, New Mexico).

In fact, Jones is the man who recently, proudly boasted that "Barack Obama will not only save you, but he's gonna save the whole wide world." (Quoted Van Jones, panelist, State of the Black Union, Los Angeles Convention Center (CA.) Jones also said, "Watch his (Obama's) genius." Further, Jones glowingly reminded those attendees about Obama's "Symbol of the Rising Sun." Jones further stated that Obama has "put $500M (stimulus money) for job training, green jobs. Jones said, "That's one-half billion, if they're willing to learn green jobs." See Youtube video.

During another occasion, Jones told an audience of youth that "I love Obama . . . I'd pay money just to shine the brother's shoes." Interestingly enough, he also told that audience that "Not only is Barack Obama not going to save you, but you're going to have to save Barack Obama." (Quote "Greening the Ghetto" by Elizabeth Kolbert (c) 2009.) Doubtless this was a time that Jones never saw the bus coming in his direction much less had any inkling that he would be thrown under it like all the other questionable friends of "Senator" now "President" Obama. And the bus is still coming.

[Note: I freely admit it is very hard for me to use the words, President and Obama in the same sentence, and I do not apologize for it. -Rev. LED Dowell, commentator.]

To let Jones tell it, we could easily deduce that Jones is telling us that Obama is all about being black -- and green (meaning money through newly created "green" industries). Americans ought to be asking how Obama could so soon forget his widely touted speech in which he concluded, "This is the United States of America." He would have us to believe race does not enter into it. Yet, these are the ones who stir up racial issues even though they have mixed children and relationships (including Jones). Why, then, do they continue to foment racial hatred?! It is called, "divide and conquer."

More to the point, as of Sunday, September 6, 2009, whatever Jones used to be called, he is now the White House's ex-Green Czar. Fox News TV reports that Jones has resigned, effective immediately, because of what he terms, "lies and smears against him." Now, I wonder which part of his history was a lie or smear? And, I might also add, which part of Obama's stated and written history was a lie or smear?

Halt Barack Obama's Speech to the Nation's School Children on September 8, 2009

Barack Obama has announced his intentions of speaking to the American school children on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. Fortunately, his unspoken and unknown purpose immediately became suspect and the public outcry from the national citizenry may have halted his so-called education agenda. Parents need to understand the position on education which has been co-authored by Obama's most notorious "green czar," Van Jones, regardless of how many news pundits who support Obama have continued to label the opposition as "the mob, vicious, mean spirited, hateful, tea baggers, right wingers, etc."

Parents and educators have a legitimate reason to be adamantly opposed to Obama going after their school children. All one has to do is read a publication purportedly co-authored by Van Jones' and the picture will become very clear. The copyrighted reference outlines the way in which our government (Barack Obama administration) will take steps to propagandize our children and to individualize them apart from their parents' responsibility to watch over them with care -- not the government. This administration must be told in no uncertain terms that their interference will never be allowed to happen in this nation.

In order for the reader to get a glimpse into the mindset of this administration, all interested parents and citizens need to be sure to obtain a copy and read the following Source Citation co-authored by: Randal W. Boldt, Melanie Witzel, Chuck Russell and Van Jones. Title: "Replacing coercive power with relationship power." Reclaiming Children and Youth 15.4 (Wntr 2007), p.243(6). General One File. Gale. Howard County (MD) Library. The reader can either access that text online directly via the Gale database or else obtain the entire content which can be purchased from Amazon. It will be well worth your time to check it out to see just where this nation is leading childhood education and development. It is a precursor to the administration taking complete control over children and adults and forming a "Nanny State." If we cannot protect ourselves as adults, then how will we be able to protect our children? Public schools need a thorough overhaul. Citizens need to demand quality and excellence as in days of not too long ago. Instead, the overall desire for academic degrees, educator salaries, and school administrative costs are cheating our entire nation out of quality education for our children which will hold them in good stead for years to come.

We are losing our children. And all citizens need to take back the full responsibility of our children's education regardless of what the PTA, Teachers' Union(s), superintendents, teachers, and the government say. They have already gone far afield of teaching the fundamentals (reading, writing, arithmetic, history, social studies, geography, art, music, physical education and Godly values).

The Obama Saga and all that the Americans are faced with have tried and tested our patience for many years. However, Americans have given Obama all the profound "watch and grow" time that we know how. And, yet, we have watched as Obama grows all the more bolder in proceeding with his Socialist agenda throughout this nation. If we were in the market for a leader who would do all he could to destroy our nation, I assure you that Barack Obama would be the last person we could choose out of hundreds who stand ready to rob America of its Godly Constitutional foundation as a Republic with her representative democratic government in place. Obama and his political and legal minions know that we are a nation of laws. Yet, they remain the most lawless of all, with impunity and without accountability -- until the people rise up and let them know we have had enough of their corruption.

Still here we are. And there he is.

If the White House was black, all those who are black would be mad as a hornet, because they would swear it was painted black to denigrate the black race. But does that make any sense? No! And neither does it make any sense for blacks and other racial minorities or anybody else to believe just because it is the White House don't nobody have any rights but the white people who are elected to serve in it. Understand? It appears that, in Barack and Michelle Obama's frail minds as well as those with whom they have surrounded themselves, they are unable to see past the color of the skin to see "the content of (the) character." For, if they really understood the character of the man -- the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -- they would be more than grateful for all the marching and dying that was taking place when they were too young to even know the meaning and history of the word, "black," used to describe us as a darker race of people.

America is Under Siege From Within Our Government

Barack Obama has an insatiable appetite for power. He is in the position but the position is not in him. He embodies the ultimate 1930s New Left Progressive, secularist, socialist, communist agendas which were soundly defeated as a form of government in the United States by the patriotic American people. Obama knew the only way he could attain the Presidency was to perpetrate a fraud on the American people by commission and omission. If he had told the truth (or admitted to the charges against him during his various election campaigns), he never would have been widely accepted into the Office of President much less as a state or US Senator.

Now, after a mere eight months of being in office, Obama shows himself to be the pitiful combination of a political Jim Jones, a would be Emperor who is not wearing any clothes, a "Waldo" who is lost inside of America; and, with him, are many of his co-conspirators, including Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is known to be one of Van Jones' most notable mentors. It is she, more than most, who is responsible for him being in the White House with his green agenda. Public reports make it clear that Jones met Pelosi in California in 2007. And it was Jones who personally dropped the "green" concept on her during a meeting. But, Pelosi readily adopted his concept and him for the keynote agenda of the entire Democrat Party. Jones' agenda is not a surprise to Barack Obama, who now resides in the White House office which has the clout to finance this farce and direct policies over objections of the American people.

The Progressive New Left has come "from out of their closet." They are conducting an all-out war against the conservative Right morals, traditions, morals, and mores. The ultimate leader of that "movement" is none other than Barack Obama. By aiding and abetting Obama to occupy the White House, they accomplished the last piece of their convoluted puzzle to take over and remake America by being in the position of tearing her down with the help of his many questionable friends, foes, facts, and frightful agendas to ensure their success, because he now headed the government from the White House.

Apparently, what Obama did not count on was that he would have to face freedom-loving Americans who would rise up and take back our nation from Obama's many private coalitions comprised of university professors, lawyers, scientists, economists, politicians (local, state, and federal), grassroots community organizers, students, unions, and his handpicked czars who are allowed to bypass congressional vetting and report directly to him in the Executive Branch with no other accountability. What's more, they are given authority above and beyond the Obama Administration Cabinet which was properly vetted.

Suffer All Little Children Who Come Unto Van Jones, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi

Van Jones' input in Obama's ears was not limited to energy and soliciting billions of dollars for the advocacy and creation of a new job market specifically catering to the predominantly minority population and young people in particular. Although many of our Congressional and Senatorial elected officials have been remiss in their duties to protect the American people from such fraudulent actions which are constantly being uncovered from within the White House, much of the $770B+ stimulus money has been sent oversees to help Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother to have her family house outfitted with solar panels. The Senator Barack Obama School has similarly been recipient of the same "gift." As well, Obama's paternal grandmother is quoted as saying "Also, we now have qualified youth in the village who can help with the upkeep of the [solar, energy] systems."

We need to know just who is subsidizing these "qualified youth" in Africa.

We need to know if US taxpayer money is being used to support Obama's grandmama in his home country, Africa.

The Press Release from GREENPEACE, further states, "Abigail Jabines, Greenpeace Solar Generation Campaign Coordinator, is 'calling for rich countries to contribute US 140B annually to support climate adaptation, mitigation, and forest protection in the developing world." (Quoted: America's Progressive Community, August 20, 2009, Press Release, Greenpeace, "President Barack Obama's Grandmother Joins the Solar Generation in Kenya.")

Betrayal By Elected and Appointed US Officials and Their Staff

Barack Obama is not the only American leader who is denigrating our nation every opportunity he gets. His public service TV ad about food banks talks about how so many people are starving in America and puts me in mind of what we used to call, "third world countries."

Too many of our elected leaders and their staff are continuing to betray our trust. On every level, those men and women appear to have some misguided notion that Americans will have to accept whatever it is they decide to do to us via legislation rather than what they can do to help us. But, once they get the money and masses of people to help them get voted into office, they soon forget all about their constitutional Oath of Office. They manipulate the law in such a way so as to protect their own personal and political, unlawful actions. In public, they may speak words they believe will assuage citizen concerns. But, in private conversations, they continue their ongoing plans to legislate the opposite which they know would never be acceptable, if they told the truth about their "hidden agendas." They seem to have forgotten, also, that they are not above the law. Perhaps we need to build jails especially to house corrupt political leaders?

It is not too late. We have to turn this arrogant, political mindset around whereby we are shunned when we try to contact our Representatives and Senators (local, state, or federal) for their help. As Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham continue to exclaim, "Elections have consequences." However, I stand by the fact that so, too, do violations of the US Constitution have consequences. Moreover, Barack Obama has accepted into the White House, many individuals and organizations that would otherwise be unable to get past the security based on their ideologies and records. Americans are aghast and Obama remains seemingly oblivious and dismissive of his appointees' lack of character or trustworthiness -- his own leading the top of the heap. And, when they are out, they need to be all the way out -- gone -- without access to either the White House or his ear. We shall see.

We need to step up the call for diligent government oversight and their enacting of the penalties to everyone who takes their political office and their constituents for granted and who willfully, deliberately, and knowingly abuse their positions of authority to harm the Republic of the United States of America. Perhaps, then they will finally get the message that, although an elected office is available to all, everybody is not able to meet the challenge and need not apply. This is not a beauty contest or a celebrity confab. This is the critical plan for diligent oversight of all citizens beyond race, creed, or national origin. [Please let nobody mistakenly write me to say I left out sexual orientation, because I will have to tell you how it should have never been included in the first place as a right. And I will add much more to it, as I have done for the past couple of decades. -Rev. LED Dowell]

Call your Congressmen and Congresswomen and your Senators to voice your "No Confidence" in Barack Obama. Let them know you want them to start impeachment proceedings against him for blatantly violating our constitution. Let them know you also want people who have "policy and legislative" power bestowed upon them by the Executive Branch, to be fully vetted before having access to the White House and other parts of government. Otherwise, they are lobbyist and a part of Barack Obama's personal lobbying organization, "Organizing for America," which is under his personal auspices and, therefore, illegal. Please join the other citizens who have signed the "No Confidence Petition" which I started during the 2008 election campaign. Thank you.

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Powerful Anon. Women's Motto *Adaptation*

Powerful Anon. Women's Motto *Adaptation*
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ObamaTRAUMA FIVE Years Hence!

ObamaTRAUMA FIVE Years Hence!
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