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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Barack Obama And The Wisdom Of The Ages Have Clashed,
And God Has Won

"We the people are the
rightful masters of both
Congress and the courts,
not to overthrow
the Constitution but to
overthrow the men who pervert
the Constitution." -Abraham Lincoln

Rev. Lainie Dowell   

This nation has been gravely attacked and its attacker is Barack Hussein Obama. And, yet, he continues to be excused from the viciousness of his adverse actions which have brought on so much unnecessary pain and severe problems to the American citizens. Even during previous years, when Obama remained undercover and out of the national eye, he was a community organizing leader who helped train people to undermine our Constitutional democratic Republic and culture.

As a result of the domestic warfare Obama wages against American citizens, in the worst way ever, we have been given a glimpse into just how much people really do not know or understand either the Word of God or God, Himself. For, if they really knew God and the fulness of His power and their authority through Jesus, then they would never let anybody intimidate them into going against all that is Godly and of God; and, then turn around and declare to any who would listen, that our God, nevertheless, is pleased by it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It has come to this. Since the past half century or so, not only have legislators illegally removed the Bible, the pledge of allegiance to the flag, input from parents, and even the name of Jesus  our Savior and Lord God from schools and the public arena, in general, but also from the lips, minds, and hearts of so many citizens all across this nation. Overtime, both elected and nonelected political figures have misused the Bible and our constitution as their excuse to undermine and eliminate our Judeo-Christian faith all together. They have abused their police, legislative, executive, and judicial powers to unlawfully write us out of our foundational divine rights.

Since America is known to be a nation of God and the rule of law, how could unscrupulous men and women get away with insinuating their outrageous intrusion into our lives for so many years? When men and women of God have stood up and objected time and again, they were labeled as ungodly troublemakers and anarchists, and they soon found themselves standing alone against people who were determined to rip up and discard every shred of decency and orderly societal and Godly values from the fabric of America and to do it by force of laws which have never had the consent of the governed. Nevertheless, they were passed and citizens were further burdened illegally.

Everything that once was forbidden has now become what has been made to legally prosper the perverse and profane in this country. That means all that is done against the will, word, and way of God is what is consistently latched onto by the masses as being acceptable and is being codified into American  jurisprudence. But, that mindset has been and will continue to be the cause of so many untimely deaths now and to come. However, it will be the promises of God which will flood the earth to show that our "God is not a man that He would lie," because every wicked way will be punished by the mighty hand of the true and living God.

What Makes the Obama Administration Unconstitutional Also Makes It Illegal 

Barack and his wife, Michelle, have come this far only because they deliberately lied and took steps to hide the truth about themselves and their sinister purpose from the American people. And, when the truth was revealed about them, they denied it, lied about it, and blamed and shamed any who had exposed them. They even went so far as to set up a "Fight the Smears" website to label as liars all patriotic people who love God, country, family, and truth. Many of their protestations, subsequent to their taking up residence in the people's house, have been documented to show that the two of them should never have been allowed to occupy those premises, much less bring along their shady friends with them.

Those perpetrators have all but completely torn down every vestige of hope and faith in God all across America. But their most vile planned way shall be their downfall, because Americans are not as Godless and as gullible as they might think. Many people heard the words to expose the Obamas' true agenda and to denounce them before Barack was nominated and elected in November 2008; but the American people got caught up in an Obama PR - branding frenzy and disregarded the warnings such that Barack and Michelle have occupied the White House in vain and their brief time there has been to no avail. America has not failed. They failed!

Both of the Obamas along with their seamy friends have only succeeded in destroying the foundation and that shall surely be restored once they have all been removed. Then, the Church of the Lord Jesus shall move in a mighty profound way. And a mantle of God's grace shall fall yet once more upon the earth such that no evil shall penetrate it ever again through any underhanded fraudulent schemes perpetrated against citizens.

The wisdom of God is where we have found ourselves, in 2011, as God's people in a land of perversion and demonic possession. And, no matter how hard they may try, not one man or woman can ever form their own faith in themselves, because "within them is no good thing."


Marvel not, for it is in the hands of God Almighty

Barack and Michelle Obama - those two perpetrators and all of their "partnerships" - may believe they have gotten away with their deception, but they cannot expect to get away with their deception for too much longer. Likewise, all of those people who continue to do their bidding and have deliberately shielded them by heaping more lies upon their lies concerning their true agenda for America, will most assuredly be punished along with them, as lawbreakers.

Their "partners" are the people who came and formed a hedge of protection around the two most evil people ever to walk upon this earth, because so many people had put their trust in their phony hope and change propaganda deliberately used to pull the unsuspecting people into their deception and fraud of all time to ever be committed against America and the world.

Let us be crystal clear. They made a mockery out of faith and along the way scorned true believers and made laws which were contrary to the laws of God and man. And, such laws must be repealed and stricken from the books. Left only as archival remembrance of the man who shall be named in my book and throughout all time as "Barack Obama, America's First Elected Traitor President."

Barack and Michelle Obama made a mockery out of God and installed secularism into the House of God to say that all of the people can worship together and combine their faiths. And all the while their goal has been to raise up Shariah law in the nation and the world to take over every aspect of our life. Furthermore, they persist in denigrating and decimating this nation's foundational Judeo-Christian faith. God forbid!

A Continuing Prophetic Word of God to Barack and Michelle Obama

Under the watchful and wakeful eye of Almighty God our Father, none shall ever suffer as gravely as those two shall. And it is written where they have made for themselves a place "where their worm shall never die."

The man, Barack Hussein Obama, has succeeded only with condemning himself in the eyes of God Almighty. All of the world knows practically how God is loving, merciful, and kind. That has been shown to be true in so many ways and for so many years. But, it is also true that the God we serve and witness to so many people about, is a God of wrath and justice.

"Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay."

Those who remind us of that Scripture in the face of murder and mayhem committed against them only do a grave disservice to those who are victimized by those aforementioned heinous acts. For, they no doubt already know those words to be true. And, what if they wish to petition God to avenge them? That, also is Scriptural and true. God is the Righteous Judge.

In the last day of life, Barack and Michelle shall look back and see how real our God is and how true He is to His Holy Word, which "has never returned to Him void. But His Word shall accomplish all that He has sent it out to do," whether they or anyone else believe it or not and whether they or anyone else heed it or not. For the God we serve is alive; and, unlike those idol gods that come and go as they are worshipped by disobedient mankind, our God shall never cease to live and be the true and living God over all things.

And, how shall they know this is true and of God? This Word shall be confirmed by Almighty God as He has done so many times before! The hearers of this prophetic word shall see the hand of God move. And all who understand shall shudder and take it to heart, for they who know the way of God are among us.

Be Forewarned

Marvel not, for the hand of God has it all under control. And, if Barack and Michelle and their dear friend, Oprah Winfrey, were honest with themselves and others, they would openly admit how much they really do fear the true and living God. And, they would step back from their innermost, deep-seated, self-deception that they are gods; and, therefore, they are above the laws of God and man.

Be that as it may, this Word has gone forth in all the universe and scoff at it, if you dare, but when it does come to pass, there will be more than enough proof that none but God did it and no other.

NOTE: After I finished writing my prophetic article, above, I visited the African Press International (API) site and was surprised to see the published comments by Chief Editor Korir, which states (in part) that Barack Obama is "Kenyan born" and that a "Mombasan Imam . . . will soon hold a press conference on the issue."  I haven't heard anything about this from the American press, but with our God, nothing is impossible -- even this.

Click on the linked title below to read more.

(Signed) Rev. LED Dowell, Five-Fold Minister
Founder-Editor, Voice Ink News Commentary

REVEALED: President Obama is a lucky man – The Kenyan born ruler of the American people

Posted by African Press International on April 13, 2011
By Chief Editor Korir
Verified by Chief Editor Korir, as follows:

Thank you for your interest. It is a true account.
Korir, Chief editor

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obama Advocates For The United States Of Africa And For The Total Destruction of The United States of America

For story on the above picture, see retrieved article
Coin Collecting News - http://www.coinlink.com/News -


Rev. Lainie Dowell

America is in serious trouble and people are blowing whistles from out of every corner of this nation to warn the American people to look no further than towards Barack Hussein Obama as the perpetrator and traitor. Not only that, but so, too, are all of those people who join up with him in their mistaken belief that "Might makes right" and who believe that the Executive Office of the United States is autonomous such that anybody who is elected to serve as President of the United States will have no accountability to anybody -- not even to our Constitution. But, that is not so!

No more supposition. No more spin. No more political correctness. No more pushing aside the United States Constitution and the American people! Are we a nation of laws? Or are we a nation of "let it all hang out" and "Do your own thing?" That mindset is what got us in this grave condition. What's more, it could never work in this land, because Americans love our God-given freedoms and liberty too much to let any man or woman snatch it away.

Time is up! And, it is past time for Americans to fully stand up and call for Barack Obama to be pulled down now in accordance with the mandates of the United States Constitution while it is still intact. 
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Obama And Cohorts Have Taken American Meekness For Weakness But He Is The Traitor

Rev. Lainie Dowell


Anybody who speaks out against what they may have perceived to be the obviously unconstitutional tactics and policies of the administration of Barack Hussein Obama are made to feel as if they have a target on their back. Truth is, they do! And at the other end of the bulls eye is Obama, himself, making ready his aim to release the bow and the arrow. By now, there are not too many Americans who can claim they don't know about Obama's community organizer days. In fact, he, himself, bragged about it during the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign.

I daresay, not too many people had ever heard there was such a thing as "community organizer," including me,  until the appearance of Obama on the national scene. Then it soon became apparent that what most of us believed to be American freedom and liberty was actually the result of a long-time sinister plot of manipulation, propaganda, and illegal force of legislature by elected leaders and their lobbyist arms used to move American citizens around where they wanted them to be like so many chess pieces on a small, square board.

For the most part, until that revelatory nugget, we were open, loving, and giving of our time and treasure whenever and wherever they were needed. And we freely did so without being suspicious or giving any thought to receiving anything in return. We did not need the government to enact laws to force us "to take from the rich and give to the poor." Neither did the rich need man-made laws to force them to help the poor. Moreover, Americans still don't need any such laws to force them to do the right thing!

Now, in 2011, after just a scant two years under Obama's administration, America is operating in a profoundly crisis mode the likes of which has never before been seen or heard of at any other time in U.S. history. How can I make such a seemingly outrageous statement as that? Because, despite the many close calls throughout our national history, this is the very first known occasion when Americans have seen a man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim disguised as an American and as a Christian, who now operates out of the White House Oval Office - in the people's house - sitting under the official Seal of the President of the United States of America.

Even so, by now it has become clear that he got there by deliberately, knowingly, and willfully lying in order to perpetrate a fraud on this nation to hide his true purpose for wanting to gain such an envied prize for himself and all those behind him who have waited in the wings for decades to totally destroy America. And now they are in their long-awaited position to get it done by way of Obama's traitorous hands. After all, who would believe it possible that anybody who aspired to that position would betray an entire nation with impunity and without remorse for any lack of accountability for such a grave responsibility as that?

Weak Americans?! Perhaps Obama's handlers believed that once he appeared, all that Americans and the world would see in front of them would be this articulate, well-spoken, well-dressed, well-educated, well-meaning Black man of white parentage and international gravitas and that all they could leave undone would be proof of his American Citizenship. But, their continued lack of proof of Obama's citizenship is the part of their plan that Americans have given the most attention to. What's more, with the passage of time, its more than likely that not too many Americans will accept any document from Obama as proof, even if his family suddenly discovered a signed, sealed, document in the lining of his own late grandmother's well-worn travelling trunk.

Nevertheless, this nation has become almost unrecognizable as Obama continues to try to forcibly squeeze citizens out of their God, homes, health, wealth, security, faith, family, truth, and peace such that all constitutional and God-given freedoms are becoming blurred, elusive, and evasive. And, if Obama is allowed to continue his agenda without stopping to heed the disapproval of true citizens, then any present and future generations will have no understanding of what it means to be American, for there will be no America left for them.

The 2012 battle cry of the not-so-meek-or-weak Americans

Instead of Republicans and all people of good will worrying about Obama's re-election campaign or even about all the money that he has already gathered into his coffers and which he will continue to illegally collect from all over the world, our national outcry has to be Impeach Him Now! And our outcry has to also include, Show Us Your Birth Certificate! For, until and unless Obama has produced the requisite constitutionally mandated valid evidence as decisive proof of his American citizenship, then Americans everywhere will have no other alternative but to continue to publicly demand that Obama would also not be allowed to file any more election papers or to contend for "re-election" in the United States of America. And this, too, shall be our bold battle cry as we move forward to the Presidential Election 2012!

Are Americans so meek and weak that they have invited seditionist takeover?

Over time, shadowy figures have entered into our nation, and they have lurked in the seamy underbelly of society where they created a niche for themselves and their pals to crawl into. There, they remained unseen as they wormed their heinous and diseased plans throughout so many more crevices within and without this nation's foundation such that they have all but succeeded in weakening, crippling, and victimizing so many people's minds across this nation and they have placed them in such a vulnerable position to get them ready for takeover by outside forces without having to call for military intervention. They will only have to walk on in undeterred, because the President of the United States is their buddy; and, after all, they are his invited guests and he holds the keys to the White House gates. And midnight guests of Obama will be able to advance with the assurance that the force of law and their national security is in his hands on their behalf. But we shall see.

A review of the archival documents and a clear-eyed look at the current events surrounding him, show that not only has Obama revealed himself to be a traitor and an enemy of America but he also has ushered in the most enemies ever known to have been out in the open and who boldly and arrogantly stroll the halls of the White House by his illegal permission. So, not only are the chief enemies of  America hammering in the last nails of her coffin but also too many of her own people are hoisting their hammers to help the enemies of this nation to complete that heinous job. And far too many others are standing by watching helplessly even as their own coffin closes around them, too.

Most Americans have begun to awaken to the gravity of this situation, and they have opened their mouths to share their suggestions about how best to achieve viable solutions toward instituting lawful accountability, enforcement, and penalties to be lodged against Barack Obama. He swore to uphold the United States Constitution and to represent all Americans as the President of the United States of America. However, all we have observed is him constantly circumventing the edicts of the Constitution, Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch, the Military, and the overall rule of law.

As patriots and law-abiding citizens, we have to demand nothing less than Obama's adherence to the United States Constitution, which is our forefather's mandated instructions to all generations from the time it was put into place as a foundational document. It lets us know that anybody who seeks to stand in the Office of President of the United States of America shall be a natural-born citizen - not naturalized nor native-born - but fully qualified to serve in that capacity only by verified birth in these United States of America.

American citizenship is too precious to allow anybody to take it for granted. What's more, the United States Congress has to stop and take a look at the legal meaning of the term, "Traitor," and make that the certitude it implies. Nobody should be able to get away with conspiring to overthrow this nation's constitution, democratic Republic, and society by reason of their citizenship or by whatever office they hold. And, any person who would do so must know they shall receive American retribution of the harshest kind meted out by the Halls of Justice. And no matter how long it might take to get that job done, it shall come to pass.

Americans trusted the election process to protect and ensure our rights

How could a combined Congress and even the Judiciary turn a deaf ear and jaundiced eye in view of the fact that the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party, in particular, have blatantly flaunted their corrupt election tactics in the face of election officials? They are all supposed to be on guard to ensure that our election process remains free and not flawed by corruption of any kind which could skewer election results. Instead of getting better, it gets worse.

Anybody who contests for either an elected or appointed office anywhere in this nation needs to be reminded that their loyalty must be solely committed to this nation without compromise, doubt, negotiation nor equivocation and not to any other individual or organizational entity. It does not matter where the candidates may have come from, our constitution has to be the mainstay. Moreover, at the rate America is declining under Obama, that loyalty edict should also include dog catchers, trash collectors, street sweepers, and everybody else - even if they are languishing in their ivory towers. No one is exempt from obeying the laws that are constitutional and in accordance with America's traditional and moral values.

Everybody who claims to love America needs to call for the Loyalty Oath to be brought back into the national purview and to demand that it is enforced. In Illinois, where Obama has adopted that state as his home, there is such a loyalty oath form to be signed during their election campaigns; but signing it is an optional and not mandatory process. Illinois election records show that Obama is one candidate who refused to sign their Loyalty Oath. That is unacceptable for a nation that prides itself with having free, fair, and open elections with vetted candidates.

So much more has to be done to strengthen our election laws instead of having the elected officials conjuring up new technological methods to get over on the system and the man. Well, right now, the man is Obama, and he is the system that needs fixing. But too many people who are in positions to politically and legally stop Obama and anyone else who has repeatedly ignored voter laws, are remaining silent at their posts.

Hence, the election laws have become so weakened that we can no longer have confidence in the overall process. Instead of taking the time to help correct the election process all across this nation, there are citizens who are expressing their desire to do away with the Electoral College. I do not subscribe to that position as a viable solution, because it is not the process that is the problem as much as it is the elected officials and judges who are allowing that process to continue to be watered down and to be of little to no affect.

At what point could Barack Obama have concluded Americans were weak?

Obama remained in the background for a long time and he wreaked havoc even from his unelected position of community organizer. He had a lot of partnerships and years of living both inside and outside of America in order to observe how ours is a nation that is full of pride and patriotism. Yet ours is also a nation determined to help anybody to become somebody, because we are the people who know the greatest Somebody who can help everybody. But, I wonder at what point Obama could have decided that Americans were a weak people who could be so easily deceived? At what point was it that Obama decided he was ready to put it to the test before he could move into place to take over as President and Commander-in-chief even before he would bother to prove whether or not he was a natural-born American citizen?

When could Obama have concluded Americans were weak pushovers? 

Was it when he was touted as being the first Black President of the Harvard Law Review knowing he did not earn it?

O.K.? Except that in the telling, Obama also did not disclose the fact that the decision-making body had to take quite a number of votes before they finally gave in and okayed him as their choice. And he knew their decision to select him had nothing to do with his grades, because it was reported that "he didn't even make the grade." It has been documented that Obama was (s)elected to that honored position at the Harvard Law Review solely because he was Black and because Affirmative Action was the byword of the day for the Institutions of Higher Learning.

Was it when he rejected the thought of becoming a law clerk following his Harvard Law School graduation? Even though he basically went back to being a community organizer and a lecturer, when he ran for the Office of President, he was forced to relinquish his license to practice law anywhere in the United States. Those court records stated the license was "voluntarily" surrendered, but his records are sealed from public view. Yet, he still became the President of the United States of America.

Was it when his wife, Michelle L. Robinson-Obama, was also deprived of her law license by "order of the court" in 1993? Yet, knowing that her court records were also sealed from public view, she still became First Lady of The United States of America. In addition, following Barack's election as President of the United States, somehow her court order has gotten changed to indicate that her law license had been voluntarily surrendered instead of the original "ordered by court." And her court records are still sealed from public view.

Was it when Obama approached Emil Jones in the Illinois State legislature shortly after he had been elected as a state senator there and personally suggested to Mr. Jones that he could use his influence to aid and abet him to get elected into the United States Senate? Then, after giving it more thought and, upon Obama's request, Jones saw the light and made the decision to help him. Eventually, Obama walked into the United States Senate in the same way he has walked into many a position, including into the Office of President of the United States while citizens look on as anything but meek, weak, and mild.

Was it when Obama was able to somehow get his own and his paternal and maternal family histories scrubbed from the public records? Why? Because Obama has remained a man with a mission to destroy America which was placed in him from the outset of his birth. What's more, waiting in the wings right now are his well planned Muslim - Islamic - Shariah - Black agendas to help him do for all of them what they have pushed Obama forward to get done. And his mission remains for him to complete that task of breaking down America so they can usher in all of his personal, new, global partnerships comprised of individuals and organizations, of which George Soros plays a prominent role in this undertaking. 

Was it when Larry Sinclair came forth after years of silence and held a public press conference, which was recorded by the prestigious C-SPAN TV cameras, in when he disclosed his sexual and drug trysts between him and Obama in the back seat of a chauffeur-driven auto and once in a room, when Obama showed up unexpectedly at his door.  

Was it when Larry Sinclair, at that same press conference, further publicly alleged his documented belief that Obama also had a sexual relationship with - and was responsible for the subsequent murder of - Donald Young? He was a choir director-church member of Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.'s church where Obama was also a member at the time. Obama has never refuted any of those  allegations which were documented by Sinclair. Yet, Obama was elected to the Office of President of the United States knowing that Sinclair's videos were widely disseminated and viewed by a lot of people. 

Was it when Obama held a secret meeting with friend and then United States Senate colleague and candidate, Hillary Clinton, at Senator Diane Feinstein's Washington, D.C. home in the midst of the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign? Following that meeting, Hillary surprised everybody with a press conference in which she suddenly announced she was dropping out of that race. Although it was widely believed she had as equal a chance at winning as Obama, she publicly dropped out of the race and turned all her supporters over to Obama's campaign. Many DEMS were so disappointed by her actions that some of her supporters cried and others created new political organizations. Following Obama's election, Hillary now serves as Obama's Secretary of State instead of being the possible President of the United States.

Was it when former President George W. Bush invited Obama and his team into the White House following his 2008 election but before his January 2009 inauguration so he could "hit the ground running?" Yet, Obama turned around and feigned not knowing anything about how to handle what he brashly termed "all the mess." And Obama had the unmitigated gall to continue saying that he had  "inherited all that mess from Bush" long after he entered the Oval Office as President of the United States of America.

Do Americans really love America, when they can watch as one man rips out her heart and keeps on grinning and destroying America and her people?

There are plenty of documents about Obama which show that so much of his life has been manufactured. However the accounts reported in this and many of my other articles I've written can be substantiated by verifiable documentation, if or when challenged. However, Obama's supporters have done nothing except to try their Alinskyite methods of shaming, blaming, and naming opponents with words suitable only for the toilet. They have nothing to provide which is suitable for debate, much less civil discussion. You see, they have been taught to viciously tear the heart out of America, which is Godly truth. They have been taught to assemble like a pack of wild wolves to bolster their courage to attack their prey.

Now, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, they can assemble very quickly through his ongoing emailed calls all across this nation and the world for them to start the circling no matter where they are. That's the only way they know how to express dissension -- which is to say, to intimidate, blackmail, and project onto others what they are thinking, saying, and doing. It is not a pretty sight. 

See something, say something -- If you can find anybody to believe it 

How is it that so many reportedly learned men and women with all of their money and influence have allowed Barack Obama to wreak havoc all across this nation with impunity and without accountability instead of pulling him down?! 

Worst of all, it continues to be a bone of contention for many American people that Obama has failed to abide by the United States Constitution and used his ongoing abuse of the Executive Order privilege to circumvent the Congressional law-making body, to appoint nonvetted czars over the vetted officials, to allow regulatory agencies to also bypass the legislative body in order to illegally create laws from their own unconstitutional rules and policies, and to repeatedly ignore calls for him to present the lawfully mandated proof to substantiate his half-hearted claim that he is a natural born citizen of this nation. 

Obama has reportedly spent millions of dollars in attorney fees alone just to keep his birth certificate, passports, health, and higher education records hidden from view. Why are the lawyers and political leaders impotent to the point where Obama is in a position to dismantle even Congress and the Judiciary? He is able to do all of that simply because he is "The President of the United States," you say? Well, that response is not good enough. Nobody is above the law, including and especially not Obama and all his cohorts whether they are inside government or outside standing beside him to spur him on.

The meek Americans have never been that weak. Obama needs to go now, because he is close to achieving his ultimate goal against America. We don't have time to wait for Obama to show some signs of remorse or that he has been misunderstood, because neither is true. Obama is all we have uncovered about him and so much more. He is evil personified and he has helped to wrought HELL throughout this nation and all around the entire world. 

Everything evil, he endorses. Everything Godly, he rejects. And Americans have the nerve to act as if they have no knowledge of what Jim Jones had done at Guyana and about how other crazed men have exhibited a Messianic Complex much like Obama's and his mentor and friend, George Soros. In fact, Soros is known to have confessed to his having such a complex by which he has broken up and destroyed nations, including the old Union of Socialist Republic (now known as Russia). And, even during that time, Soros always had his eye on America along with the Islamists who planned from many years ago that they would capture their prized enemy -- AMERICA; and, thereby gain bragging rights about placing Shariah Law into every nation, including this one. 

Until all the Godly people across this nation who are affiliated with law associations and Church leaders -- male and female -- come together with one voice and join with all of us who have demanded since before, during, and after the 2008 Presidential Campaign, that Barack Obama is impeached in accordance with our constitution, we can expect to actually see the fruition of his callous hard-hearted, outrageous, traitorous, and evil destruction of all the Godly constitutional freedoms which have been preserved and left to us by our forefathers. And thanks be to God, we know that not one member of our military ever served in vain in any battle  fought on behalf of Americans everywhere.

The Prophetic Voice Arises

I declare and decree that God will never allow that day to come when America will be dismantled by Barack Hussein Obama or by any of his national and international cohorts. And I pray Americans will vow even more so then when the late former President Richard Nixon was ousted and forced to resign from the Office of President of the United States, that they will never ever allow anybody or anything to get that close to betraying our government again!

Regardless of how much community organizers have been trained to demonize, polarize, and isolate any and all who stand up against their evil by shining the Lord's light of truth full force against it, they shall not prevail. For Americans are meek and humble before God Almighty but never weak when standing forthrightly before puny man who has no regard for either God or man.

We know and have seen how, with one tiny breath of His, our God stops entire nations and wipes entire communities aside. We fear Him who judges and dispatches death angels as well as comforting angelic hosts. We fear not to speak to be heard so that, in the hearing, all men, women, and children shall shudder and quake. And no man will be able to protect them. None but God.

Therefore, to Barack Hussein Obama, the one who has not known either our God or His people who move in the fullness of His power. Take heed! We beseech our God to pull the covers back and expose every wicked scheme that is bubbling in the halls of the people's house where you preside and hold court with the same enemies against whom our brave men and women are away battling against on foreign shores to help keep Americans safe and free.

Therefore, beware what you do to God's people or encourage others to do. "What is whispered in the dark shall be shouted from the rooftops." For God knows how close the enemies plans are towards striking once more inside of America. And more Americans than not have expressed there is no confidence in where your loyalties may lie. 

Take the American citizen's meekness for weakness, if you must. But, take not your own self too serious in the sight of Almighty God, because we know our God has the last say over every say so, and most especially yours. And we invite you to ask your deceased mentor and mentalist, Saul Alinsky, about that. That is, when you get to Hell where he and all of his followers wait for you along with all of his other followers coming from behind. So, you can see that Americans in this, our Judeo-Christian nation, are neither a weak generation nor have we reared a weak generation who will assuredly come forth and inhabit the lands given to us by God. 

To all who love God, family, America, and all people of good will, we the called of God will continue to "CRY LOUD, AND SPARE NOT!" So be encouraged because we shall prevail. 

God bless America is our heartfelt prayer in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Americans praise God is the reply!
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Barack Obama Has Turned His Back On America - Again!

Rev. Lainie Dowell

Not only has Barack Obama turned his back on Americans but, in fact, Obama has never had a heart for the American people. But there is a way to give back to the nation and the entire world. First, the citizens and Congress must understand how we got to this point as a nation laboring under the likes of the ungodly, unAmerican, unnatural Obama.

The solution is one which most people do not want to hear, because it represents a tribute to the former President George W. Bush. And, certainly, a man such as he is what we need to have once more in the position of President of the United States of America. Former President George W. Bush is a man who has a heart after God's own heart, and he was and continues to be unmercifully demonized by Barack Obama from a deep-seated place of envy and greed. As a result, ever since Obama came on the American national political scene, he has engendered nothing among citizens except bickering, strife, confusion, chaos, division, poverty, and misery in every area of American life -- all at the same time.

Americans are known for having in place, and abiding by, the rule of law which scholars and researchers have verified and recorded over the centuries of our existence as a nation. Therefore, this dreadful condition has struck hard against a free people in America, because Obama has shown himself to be a man with a severely observable personality disorder that was set in him as a child who lived in a dysfunctional home of mixed parentage and of family and friends centered around the Muslim faith, hatred for America and, to let him tell it, atheism. His training from childhood has worked to ruin him until this very day and beyond, such that he actually believes he has a right to take whatever he wants even if it means he has to lie, cheat, and steal to get it. And we know the aforementioned traits are the characteristics of the devil himself whom Jesus said, "comes not but to kill, to steal, and to destroy."

Decisions Obama continues to make as President go well beyond the political on into the spiritual realm; and, unless the grievous conditions he has created which impinge upon the Constitutional religious rights of American citizens is addressed through God by our faith in His word, will, and way, then this untenable situation will become even graver than it already is. For, it appears Obama and all who follow behind him to give him the accolades suitable for none but God alone, remain unaware that our God is able to sustain us, protect us, defend us, and avenge us from all evil. What's more, the United States Constitution and God's Word the Holy Bible, shall continue to be our weapons of warfare and will never be destroyed. But, lest anybody is deceived, so, too, will our weaponry more than likely consist of real human weapons used for our defense.

How Did America Become So Disjointed, Chaotic, And As A Shadow of Herself?

Come and be whatever you choose to be in "the land of the free and the home of the brave" has remained the call going out across this land and across the oceans into so many other lands. And the people came and still come. Some through legal means. Others through deceptive means. And still others have come by way of their own cunning and stealth and remained secreted in order to await their devious preplanned opportunity to strike at the heart of America's ideals and, most of all, to viciously go after her people. When Obama first became the President of the United States in January 2009, he refused to listen to the Godly and wise counsel humbly given to him by the late Statesman, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV). In his waning days of life, while he was still able to participate in the government, and as I had previously commented upon as follows (and which we all know how that turned out),
"Senator Byrd wrote to warn Obama to be mindful of the United States Constitution and to not continue to appoint "Czars" into his administration and not to give them authorizations without first going through Senatorial vetting and oversight." Quoted " Obama and DEMS can go to Hell! Our God Will Stay Our God!" (c) 2009 By Rev. Lainie Dowell. (October 8, 2009) http://www.voiceink.blogspot.com/2009/10/obama-and-dems-can-go-to-hell-our-god.html

Not only did Obama butt heads with the esteemed Senior Senator Byrd but also, when Obama first became a United States Senator, even as a freshman, his modus operandi was to try to elbow his way into top leadership in that body. He came to that position with the mindset that he was far more superior than anybody else near or far. Furthermore, Obama brushed off sage advice given to him from long-time Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). The Result? Obama stepped up his stiff arming and bull dozing Senators while continuing to snipe at then President George W. Bush who was serving the American people in times of war. http://www.voiceink.blogspot.com/2008/08/mccain-at-saddleback-church-push-i.html

What is the problem with the man?

Obama has never made a commitment to this country and to the true and living God of our Judeo-Christian national heritage nor could he. Instead, Obama had already made the commitment to serve Satanic forces and that is where his power comes from. And, as puny as it is, in the hands of a traitor serving in the White House, that puny power from a puny man such as he has done tremendous damage over a relatively short time.

Much to our chagrin, Obama continues to do all that he can to further cut God out of our national life. At the same time, he and all who go along with him, have lumped all religions into a conglomeration and subjugates the Judeo-Christian faith to them. He shamefully derides the Christian Clergy and the Jewish Rabbi but at the same time advocates activation of the Islamic Muslim faith and Shariah laws and, also, for reparations for Blacks. Moreover, Obama hopes these laws will become the impetus for change in the entire American rule of law, which he had deliberately failed to communicate to the voters when he ran for the Office of President in 2008.

Obama has shown that he has nothing of substance in him. He is shallow and mouthy! Take a page out of his book and see how he thinks. In fact, he is arrogant enough to publicly disclose his contempt for this nation and people for whom he has taken several oaths to defend and protect. First as an Illinois state Senator. Second as a United States Senator. And Third as the current President (2011).

Many people have yet to understand how Obama's mind works, but he is chopping down America on purpose and by design in order to help make way for another super power in the world other than America. He is satisfied he will be able to destroy and utterly kill off America by 1,000 cuts or for as long as it takes him to complete the final chop in the nation's foundation even as he believes he remains unexposed. Yet, not only this nation but also the world has seen Obama at work against us; and various organizations are continuing to actively work for him to fail. But why?

It most certainly has nothing to do with his race or color. Obama has no leadership skills and he remains content to be propped up by others around him who gladly remain in the background, as they work together to bring down America. What's more, Obama has no people skills and he has hidden his inadequacies from himself for so long that not even he is aware of his failings. And that spells danger for all who encounter him. Yet, puppeteering appears to be coming mostly from among the people who profess to be the learned professorial types who have allowed themselves to be used by him to be able to advance his ownself from his role of community organizer to that of the President of the United States of America, the position from where he can do the most damage to America and for which he has demonstrated his intention to do just that.

The Time Has Come To Finally Make A Decision About Barack Obama

Obama has engaged in the crimes of perjury and false swearing every step of the way without accountability or consequences being imposed against him. But people of God have not been deceived no matter how much Obama pretends to not hear our despair about his denigration of that honored elected position. And, if he believes he will be re-elected in 2012, then he has a bigger ego than even he knows. And, what's more, Americans who love God and this country will never allow him to get by with using the people's Oval Office center of government to pry loose the United States Constitution from its Godly foundational purpose or forging ahead with his delusional plans to take over total control of the lives of the American people.

Obama would have us to believe that he has been the puppet behind the many puppeteers who are around him pulling his strings; but, he is the one who has consented to playing that role as a cover up for his actual purpose. So, now, we must get a hold of the plain truth and let it sink in throughout America, which is that Obama may have turned his back on America, but God has turned His back on him and all who follow his lead. And, because God does not play, I do not play and neither can any who are serious about keeping America on the right course which is pleasing to God and beneficial to all mankind.

There may be one full and final test for American citizens to consider. People need to ask how Congress would react, if Obama decided to try to write an Executive Order or put through a Constitutional amendment that would delete both the Congressional and Judicial Branches of government? For, the way things are evolving, who knows? Perhaps Congress may capitulate and take to the airwaves to try to convince citizens that Obama has the best plan just so they could remain somewhere around the seat of power, the Oval Office. God forbid.

I believe that before that nightmarish scenario could ever have a chance to be put into affect, we would witness a reaction from all across this nation such as never before seen from patriotic Americans hitherto known to be a meek and mild people who love God, family, country, and their ability to reach out to serve the unmet needs of so many others both at home and abroad.

The truth about Obama has been revealed. He has been uncovered. His entire facade has been shattered. We have seen his ugly underbelly which seeks to totally destroy America and her people. And that will never happen!


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