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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Church Seeks to Bar Former Minister


By Diane Brown

© 1992 Patuxent Publishing Company

Before the Rev. Elaine Dowell entered the courtroom last Friday, she sat among a small group of supporters who felt she hadn't gotten a fair shake.

In a letter dated Aug. 3, Dowell was informed that her membership at First Baptist Church of Guilford had been dissolved by a quorum of members during the quarterly business meeting on July 17. and that her license to preach there had been revoked. The letter further stated that she would be treated as a trespasser if she entered the church.

On Aug. 9, Dowell entered during morning services, police were called and she was charged with trespassing.

On Friday, the church was seeking a permanent injunction to bar her from entering the church, following the expiration of its temporary injunction on Aug. 21.

"I just want the exoneration of my name and reputation," Dowell said in the midst of her supporters. "I just hope to have the Christian community, especially Baptists, take a look at the situation of abuse against women clergy and begin a grievance process in which people in the church have redress."

By her own admission, Dowell has had problems at First Baptist for years, calling her relationship with the Rev. John L. Wright, the church pastor, "antagonistic."

She told Judge Cornelius Sybert Jr., "(Wright) wants me out of the church, out of the Baptist denomination. They (the pastors) can make or break you. That is the shame of the Baptist church."

But Charles Fuller, Wright's lawyer, who is also a trustee at First Baptist, noted that the issue was "a simple matter of trespass," and did not concern church doctrine.

Dowell claimed that she had done nothing to warrant exclusion, but Wright charged that Dowell had been insubordinate to him, disobeying his order not to enter the pulpit, and that she had written at least one "threatening" letter to him, saying "my daughter would see me lying in the casket." Dowell did not deny she sent the letter to Wright.

Dowell further claimed that the church did not follow proper procedure for barring her. She noted that the letter she received barring her was signed only by Wright, and not by other officials of the church, and the corporate seal was lacking.

"I have Maintain(ed) that Baptist church business should not be conducted like secular business, but but based on the Bible," said Dowell. "It should be conducted spiritually." That lack of spirituality, she contended, results in confusion and chaos (at First Baptist)."

Countered Fuller, "The chaos is partly because of Mrs. Dowell and her letter-writing." Claiming that the church is a corporation, "This is the corporation's business," said Fuller, "and it's not about the doctrine of the church. This is not Rev. Wright's decision, This is the decision of the church. The property belongs to the corporation, and the corporation decided we don't want you here," he said, looking at Dowell.

Judge Sybert should make his decision on a permanent injunction by tomorrow.

Source: Patuxent Publishing 8/13/92 Howard County Times (MD)

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REPRINTED by Rev. Dowell

Les Kinsolving
Talk Show Host



The Baltimore Sun quotes 62 year-old Rev. John Wright, of Howard County Maryland's First Baptist Church of Guilford, as saying:

"Let me make one thing crystal clear: I'm not gonna let white folks tell us how to run this church."

That is surely a surprising racial statement. For we were not aware of any major (or even minor) movement or conspiracy of "white folks" to try to tell Pastor Howard* how to run his church.
*Article correction: Mr. Kinsolving meant to say, "Pastor Wright." /revld

So, I teleponed the Rev. Mr. Wright--who surprised me by asking me to FAX any questions--under our letterhead--which I did, asking:

1) Since you have confirmed to me by telephone the accuracy of the Baltimore Sun's quoting you as saying: "Let me make one thing crystal clear: I'm not going to let white folks tell us how to run our church," and since your church has a board of trustees who are responsible for the buildings and finances of the church, my questions--which you asked me to FAX--are as follows:

l) Are the said "white folks" allowed to worship at First Baptist Church of Guilford, or is your church racially segregated?

2) If the said "white folks" are not barred from attending worship services, are they ineligible because of their skin shade to be elected to your board of trustees?

Pastor Wright responded to both of these questions by saying: "I do have a white deacon." So I went to my third question:

" If some of the said 'white folks' are elected to the board of trustees because the congregation believes that they are devout and friendly Baptists, and that "In Christ there is neither slave not free" and in the words of We Shall Overcome: Black and White Together, do you have the power as pastor to rule that they cannot run the church as trustees because their skin is too light?"

Pastor Wright's response was ingeniously astounding:

"When they become members, they're no longer white folks--they're Children of God!"

There's just one very big problem here--which regards the millions of Maryland taxpayers who are still "white folks"--and thus non-Children of God--because they have not joined Pastor Wright's Amazing Church of the Instantly Darkening Skin.

For the General Assembly of the State of Maryland has appropriated more than one quarter of a million of the taxpayers' money (from mostly "white folks" and therefore non-Children of God) to build Pastor Wright a community center, that his church, rather than the State of Maryland--will own.

This begs the question: Where is the American Civil Liberties Union? Where is Americans United For Separation of Church and State? Why has there been no sound of protest or potential litigation to stop this use of the taxpapers' money to build the Rev. John Wright what is in effect a parish house?

Will he be allowed in this State-of-Maryland financed building to exclude the Rev. Lainie Dowell of Cloumbia, Md. who was licensed as a minister at First Baptist in 1985?

The Baltimore Sun quotes the Rev. Ms. Dowell as charging that she was arrested and barred from the church for trespassing--because she dared to criticize the national board of the NAACP and the National Baptist Convention--both of which organizations have been discovered to have criminals, or the criminally indicted , as directors.

The Rev. Ms. Dowell told the Sun that Pastor Wright: "Cannot be depended on to tell the truth if his life depended on it. I have been trying for the last six years to have the government investigate the false charges made against me."

When asked about this--which the General Assembly really ought to investigate before sending the money--Wright replied: "I have no comment about that."

Still another question the General Assembly should ask before sending the money: Will the Rev. Mr. Wright use this Maryland-taxpayer-paid-for-community-center-of-his to assemble supporters of Louis Farakhan--as he did during the alleged Million Man March?


Uninhibited Radio
with Les Kinsolving
Les Kinsolving is "AM 680's" un-labeled show host! Just when you think he's conservative, he's liberal. And just when you think he's liberal, he's in the center! From proud, vociferous patriot to opinionated social commentary to winsome, mischievous devil's advocate LES keeps audiences on their listening toes! Les is also a Nationally syndicated, Pulitzer Prize nominated columnist! He brings knowledge, scoops, foibles, hard-facts to an involved, rapt audience Monday-through-Friday!

More About WCBM Radio and Les Kinsolving Talk Show

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NOTE: Rev. Dowell reprinted this page from the WCBM AM680 Radio Website to retain it for the file. Rev. Dowell did go to Annapolis, MD, and -- at the last minute -- succeeded in halting that Maryland legislative session's proceedings to give the church money to help finance their new church building project. The church project has not been completed to date (2014).  Rev. John L. Wright died and was buried. And the church died, as the Lord had me prophesy and which Rev. Wright had discounted. However, God is real, and all God said He'd do, came true. /revldowell    

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Minister arrested in church

Dowell removed in cuffs

Doug Miller
© 1992 Patuxent Publishing Company

Police arrested a defrocked minister of the First Baptist Church of Guilford during services Sunday, removing her from the church grounds in handcuffs and charging her with trespassing.

The Rev. Elaine Dowell, licensed by the church in 1985 as a minister said she spent about three hours at Howard County Police headquarters before being released on personal recognizance.

The Rev. John Wright, who in addition to being the church's pastor is head of the state chapter of the National Asociation for the Advancement of Colored People, told Dowell in a letter dated Aug. 3 that Church members had voted to revoke her membership in the church and her license to preach the gospel.

The move, according to Wright's letter, came in response to Dowell's "failure to adhere to the directives of the pastor and disruptions to the service."

Wright's letter also warned Dowell to stay off church property, and told her she would be treated as a trespasser if she ignored that warning.

Dowell Monday acknowledged receiving the letter and said she had intended to stay away from the Sunday service, but "the Lord led me to go. I went there about 11:30. If I had planned to go, I'd have gone around 10:30."

Dowell said Monday that her expulsion from the church was the culmination of Wright's personal vendetta against her. She contends that the method by which Wright achieved her ouster was in direct violation of the church constitution and bylaws, and that Wright's contention that the church body voted her out is "a lie."

"The church body was not notified. A lot of them didn't know, anything" about the move to excommunicate her, including Dowell herself, she said. Dowell added that, according to church rules, removing a Minister requires a special meeting for which the congregation and the minister in question must be notified five days in advance.

The meeting during which Dowell was voted out was a regularly scheduled quarterly meeting on July 17. Dowell said such meetings generally are not well attended by church members, but that "I was told by a good source, a first-hand source, that (Wright's) men came prepared to vote me out it."

Dowell said her feud with Wright has been brewing for years because she resists what she sees as his dictatorial rule over the church. "Reverend Wright said in 1989 he would destroy my ministry unless I did what he said. He wanted me to shut up and do what I was told."

She said he has tried to intimidate her and others in the church. "There's a thing in the black church called 'preaching on' people, where you say things about a person from the pulpit without saying their name, Dowell said. Through this method, she claims, Wright impugned her character without having to defend his accusations.

Dowell cited as one example of Wright's heavy-handedness his directive that she stop sending "prophetic letters" to church members. "I'm a prophetess," Dowell said. "I've predicted everything, including (the expulsion)."

Dowell said Wright's rule has created a severe rift in the church. "I was threatened," she said. "One member threatened to hit me in the face."

Dowell said she chose not to move on to another church because "there's no relief in any of these (black Baptist) churches" from sexist, authoritarian church leadership. "Somebody has to hold them accountable."

In 1988, Dowell began a newsletter for black Baptist women clergy called Zion's Gate News Digest. She said this week that the task force she formed the following year has elicited many stories of patriarchal despotism.

A woman who answered the church's telephone Tuesday and identified herself as Wright's temporary secretary said Wright instructed her to tell a reporter he would have no comment on the matter.

Police spokesman Sgt. Gary Gardner said Tuesday that police responded to a call from the church about noon Sunday. James Mott, chairman of the church's deacon board, and attorney Charles Fuller told the officers at the scene they had repeatedly asked Dowell to leave, Gardner said.

When the officers again told Dowell she had to leave the church, she again refused. The officers then escorted her from the building and arrested her for trespassing. She offered no physical resistance, Gardner said.

An officer drove Dowell back to the church parking lot after her release and waited while she retrieved her car, Gardner added.

Mott, reached by telephone Monday, declined comment, referring calls to Wright.

Fuller, who said Wednesday the church has retained him to deal with the Dowell matter, declined to comment on the specifics of the dispute, citing pending litigation.

Fuller said he currently is seeking a court injunction to keep Dowell away from the church.

He called "erroneous" Dowell's contention that the method of her removal broke church law. He said the church constitution has no provision for special meetings for votes on revocation of a minister's license, and that Dowell was removed in accordance with applicable rules.

"The constitution clearly was not violated, Fuller said.

Fuller said Dowell has tried to undermine Wright's authority as pastor, "Her freedom of speech was certainly recognized," he said. However, "the church is a corporation, and the pastor is the president of the corporation, He is the person who speaks for the church."

Source: Patuxent Publishing 8/13/92 Howard County Times, MD

Note by the Site owner: The Howard County Police who came to the church did not handcuff Rev. Dowell. There is a "Letter to the Editor", which she sent to the publisher and they also published it. Copy is available upon request. Secondly, Rev. Dowell was never "defrocked"- not by the church nor the court, as erroneously reported. But Rev. Dowell is still a Minister. /revld

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Challenger of churchmen full of spunk

By Gregory Kane


IT'S THE sheer spunk of the woman that I like.

Lainie Dowell, who will open her own church in Howard County on May 10, backs down from no one. The Rev. John Wright of First Baptist Church of Guilford in Howard County had her tossed out of the congregation in August 1992 for allegedly "disrupting" the service. Police escorted her from the property. Dowell says her only crime was "refusing to shut up and do as I was told."

See what I mean? Spunk. How can you not like the spunk of a woman who writes about liberal black leadership:

"If I owned NIKE, I would take every sneaker I ever made and kick their holier-than-thou butts because they use 'black' as a badge to pick on 'whitey' and cry foul when the brother points out the specks in their eyes," she wrote in an essay.

In January 1990, Dowell fired off a testy letter to Benjamin Hooks, then executive director of the NAACP, protesting "sexism in the black Baptist churches in the U.S." and charging the Rev. Emmett Burns, then a regional official of the NAACP, with excluding female pastors.

In July 1993, she sent a letter to then-Gov. William Donald Schaefer, portions of which are reprinted below:

"Dear Governor Schaefer:

Several years ago, I wrote to tell you, Mayor Kurt Schmoke and Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks that the problems we have across our state and this nation among the African-American population have been caused, primarily, by the lack of accountability of the NAACP and the black Baptist ministers, many of whom are in top leadership positions within the NAACP.

"Who oversees the accountability of the NAACP? To whom do the black Baptist ministers answer for accountability? These black leaders need to get their own houses in order before they are allowed to continue to snoop in other business and government files and shout them down in public about their discriminatory practices when they discriminate in the worst way with impunity and have been doing so for years. They are the new 'untouchables,' the black mafia who go underground, lie, cheat and steal and will look you in your eye and lie about what they have done."

Dowell considers herself a prophet. In this case, she was indeed prophetic. Soon the Rev. Ben Chavis - now Nation of Islam Minister Benjamin Muhammad - was head of the NAACP. He was ejected under a cloud of scandal and accused of misusing NAACP funds. The Rev. Henry Lyons, president of the National Baptist Convention USA, has been charged with theft and racketeering and accused of taking church money for his personal use. Dowell apparently wasn't just whistling Dixie in her letter to Schaefer. But her critics dismissed her as something of a loony.

Actually, she's more like the women prophets in Ayi Kwei Armah's novel "Two Thousand Seasons" who urged African men to abandon sexism, corruption and slavery before they destroyed their society. The men didn't listen, with disastrous results.

Dowell has long challenged the sexism she sees in the Baptist church.

In 1992, the Rev. T.J. Jemison was president of the National Baptist Convention USA and came under fire for kowtowing to Mike Tyson - then accused of rape - to get a large donation. Dowell was interviewed by the Washington Post about the matter.

Jemison's support of Tyson, Dowell said, was "typical of the sexism black women encounter regularly from some Baptist clerics" and "illustrates a continuing lack of regard for women."

Wright chided her after the April 1992 article appeared, Dowell recalled.

"Only the pastor speaks for the church," Dowell remembers Wright telling her. Then, according to Dowell, he wanted to know if she had contacted the Post or if it had contacted her.

"I don't have to tell you that," Dowell says she answered. "You don't tell me when you talk to the press."

With two wills this strong, a parting of the ways seemed inevitable. Wright is known for having more than a bit of spunk himself. The Dowell-Wright clash shows what happens when irresistible spunk comes up against immovable spunk.

A Howard County court handed down an injunction that prevents Dowell from setting foot in Wright's church, one she has sought to have lifted on grounds that her removal was unjust and based on falsehoods.

For those wondering why she doesn't simply forget about the injunction and move on, she has a revealing answer.

"I'm a pit bull on matters of injustice," Dowell said. "I'm not going to turn it loose until it's the way it's supposed to be."*

Source: The Sunday Sun, Baltimore, MD. Pub Date: 04/19/98.
*I pursued Justice in all these church cases (1992- ) and, on Monday, July 1, 2013, I finally  received Certificates of Expungement of all those false charges the FBCG church brought against me in the Justice system! Those records were totally wiped out, as God is my Judge and Provider, in whom I trust for all things in my life.   

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Meet Rev. Lainie Dowell

Jesus is my umbrella for all seasons.
*I pursued Justice and on Monday, July 1, 2013,
I received my Judicial Certificate of Expungement
from the false charges filed by Pastor of Home Church!

Photo of Rev. Lainie Dowell at home.
Five-Fold Minister

Religious Affiliation- Christian Baptist Cleric - Since 1985
Political Affiliation- Republican - Since 1984
Civil Rights Advocate and Community Activist over 50 years

Groundbreaker with ongoing life experiences during
the mid-1950s desegration era and in the following areas:

Family (1940s - maternal and fraternal)
School (1940's - education remains ongoing in everything))
Work (1960's +)
Political and community (1960's - present)
Ministry (1980's to present)
Participant in, and co-Founder of, various Beauty Pageants - Md
Former Member-Secretary, Maryland Suburban Mass Choir (Interdenom)
Member of Clergy and Christian Ministerial Advocate - (1985 to present)

Rec'd Honorary Botony Cross Award from The Md SCV
Member, On-Call Clergy, Local Hospital
Pastor to Pastors - Clergywomen Ministerial Advocate ( 25+ years)
Founder, The first Clergywomen Support Network-Resources on internet
(1996-present, Estab. "Firebrands-of-the-Lord Christian Clergywomen")
Former Member and one time Sec., NAACP, Howard County, Md, Branch
Former Member and one-time Asst. Sec. to local Pres. of NBC Inc. and affiliate Ministerial organizations.

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Godmother of an Interracial Family
Life-long resident of Maryland - African-Cherokee Descent
Family Genealogist w/ her history researched to 1843, to date
Worldview developed through natl and internatl friendships


Spiritually, Five-Fold Minister - Wearer of the Mantle of Office of Prophetess
Spiritually, she is the first woman licensed to preach by Rev. John L. Wright, Pastor, in 1985.
The church, at that time, had celebrated an 87-year history of The First Baptist Church of Guilford, located in Columbia, MD.  In 1996, Rev. Lainie Dowell established the first internet support network/resources for Christian Clergywomen and called it, "Firebrands Christian Clergywomen Support Network/Resources, because political correctness and sexism manifested all throughout God's House across this nation. That Godly direction resulted in Rev. Dowell introducing Erasinity, which is a brand new, never before known word given to her by the Holy Spirit along with the meanings and applicable derivative words.

Moreover, through God's grace, Rev. Dowell is~

Not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Full of faith in God as a Christian Clergywoman.
Free-thinker in Jesus, her Lord and Personal Savior!
Highly Favored of God!
Friend to the Friendless - Empathetic and compassionate.
Faithful to serve any and all where God guides.
Frequent guest on The Laurie Roth Radio Show.

Some Noteworthy Contributions to Society via Newspaper articles about this Christian Warrior Woman of God ~


"Dowell Sees The Face of Jesus" Testimonial by Rev. Lainie Dowell

*"Minister Arrested in Church" by Doug Miller.

*"Church Seeks To Bar Former Minister" by Diane Brown

*"Pit Bull Challenger of Church Men Full of Spunk" by Gregory Kane.

*See Article written by Les Kinsolving  about Dowell and her court battles to alleviate problems in the church and the community. Les Kinsolving, a White House correspondent during the administration of President George W. Bush and Barack Obama, as well as a noted radio personality.


Dowell exposed Rev. John L. Wright's documented political abuses used to try to defeat her ongoing quests for Godly Ministerial justice. (Sept. 4, 2008 court document - excerpt)

The First Baptist Church of Guilford (MD), was sued by several different contractors (mechanic's liens) for failure to pay for work performed. Their next court date, October 3, 2008, 9 a.m. EST, HoCo Circuit Court. The church removed and no longer had online their notices and photos about their so-called "ongoing" church construction.

Oct. 3, 2008 - More Church and MD Government Corruption Afoot!

Their contractor's lawsuit included complaints against them during my lawsuits but they never once contacted Rev. Dowell to let her know. And, the late evening before the show cause hearing, they came to an agreement. Rev. Dowell only found out about it when she went to the courthouse the next day, where she learned that her case against the church was cancelled by consent. She did get a copy of their agreement from the Clerk's office (1 page). How are we to deal with courts that are corrupt? Just keep documenting and filing briefs. Somebody is bound to read those reports one day who will recognize that injustices were committed, with impunity. Even if we are no longer on this earth, justice always prevails.

Years ago, Rev. Dowell had written, also, to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and she spoke out about the many problems with the Black Baptist denomination during that same period that Barack Obama is now known to have sat in his congregation (Rev. Jeremiah Wright whose own father is a Baptist Cleric, as is was Wright, Jr.). Obama did not speak out against the Black Liberation Theology era. In fact, we now know that he, in fact, had pushed it on the church for monetary reasons via. Its outlined in a retrieved copy of a paper Obama wrote during that time using his Saul Alinsky doctrine methodology. Yet, during all that time (1980s- ), Rev. Dowell had never heard Barack Obama's name mentioned among any of the ministers either on the local or national scene or by any politicos -- until Barack appeared at the DNC in 2004, to give a speech. We have to wonder why Barack has not produced anything about his mysterious past and why he persists in labeling anyone else who speaks about it as being people who are trying to smear him.

The links cited above include various other aspects about Rev. Dowell's experiences in fighting against the Black Liberation Theology being preached where she served as Associate Minister and advocated nationally for affirmation of Black Baptist women clergy during the 1980s and beyond, during a time when that was not a widely accepted practice in the Black Baptist churches. As well, Rev. Dowell's ministerial advocacy has long been extended to all Christian Clergywomen, Clergymen, and laity (male and female).

The collective personal, religious, and political work involves continuing to speak out against civil rights injustices and any unlawful practices whether they involve homosexual attempts to gain "special rights," and in the areas of Pro se litigation, academia, legislative, medical, banking, debt collections, housing, voting, land management, poverty, school curricula, or prayer support, networking, and resources.

From teen years to early adulthood, she was a Jehovah's Witness and while she loved serving the Lord, their stringent man-made rules gave her cause for pause. However, before Jim Jones and his temple came on the scene, she dropped out of JW's when she decided she had to maintain control over her own mind -- and she stepped away. Nevertheless, so entrenched was their propagandist training that it took her 20 years to get rid of and to dispel her fright of the future that had gripped her life.

As a middle-aged adult, she became affiliated with AMWAY but for only a short while because of their stringent man-made rules, also. Once again she decided to maintain control over her own mind rather than go along with the crowd.

In her 40s, she associated with the First Baptist Church and the NAACP and voted for the first time in her life during the Reagan Administration. And, she continued to maintain control over her mind and met with more problems in both organizations. She does not subscribe to the HERD mentality. And, when she became free in the Lord Jesus, she began to understand why she is free.


Rev. John L. Wright, Pastor, (73 yrs old) died and the historical church was now meeting in a neighborhood school while the church construction still remained incomplete just as Rev. Dowell had prophesized by God's decree and warned Rev. Wright, but he refused to believe it or obey.

Extracurricular Activities:

A self-taught piano player. A self-taught artist, pastels.

Composed music and Dedicated an original musical album to her youngest granddaughter, Hannah, before she was born eight years ago (As of May 2014). Composed songs dedicated to her grandson, Thomas, five  years ago (As of May 2014). We now have another grandson, (Jak Jak), three years ago. (As of April  2014). We have a beautiful granddaughter 29 years old. A proud Godmother, also, to two beautiful daughters.

Wrote and Composed A Christian Musical (dialogue and song). (unpublished)

Wrote and self-published, over 40 Christian books, to date, made up of her original poetry, prophecies, and parables. This is just one url of self-published books: http://www.blurb.com/user/store/clergywomen

Compiled and created, to date, over 50 video montages, using music and graphics from other sources. Hosted at You Tube - Clergywomen.

The following description of Rev. Dowell is Reprinted from the Daughters of Eve Website. Copyright © 2000 By Tywebbin.creations.

"Rev. L. Dowell is known as a modern-day Sojourner, Rosa, Harriett, because she has continued the fight on the front lines without the support and voice of many Christian Preachers (male or female). She has continued fostering credibility for the black woman clergy in the church and all Clergywomen around the world. Fighting to end sexism and racism in the church and communities, she strives to lift up downcast Preachers (male and female) who have been treated as outcasts by their own (both clergy and parishioners alike).

Many of these Preachers have kept silent in the face of oppressive situations. They have enjoyed "comfortable" battles, if engaging in any at all. They have not lent their voices to the cause of justice and God's liberty and mercy for all and, in fact, have either ignored or told others to "shut up, be quiet, be seated, go away" who have gone up against the establishment.

She is a David (even though very much a woman). Injustice in the church is Goliath (male or female). "Giants do Die!" Mountains do move and get out of her way. People do come down off of their self-appointed thrones in their little kingdoms. God alone is Sovereign. God is not a man that He would lie.

Rev. Dowell says, "If you truly want to see a 'Daughter of Eve,' hold her feet to the fire. Hold her accountable instead of holding her up, when she is not. Keep the mission and the message and the messenger in the forefront whose name is Jesus. Daughters of Eve breed sons and daughters of God in their loins of Living Water-- as disciples of Jesus. God births the sons and daughters into His Kingdom. Daughters of Eve (male or female) nourish them with the milk and meat of God and watch over their souls, bodies, spirits lest they be carried away by the wolves of this life. Daughters of Eve go down into the ground crying, "Even though they slay me, yet will I trust you (God)". Daughters of Eve truly reflect the light of Jesus in the eyes of the Master. And I say to you, as Daughters of Eve --- keep on shining!"

As a longtime member of the Christian Clergy, her ministerial gifts, and callings of God are many, which also include the healing and deliverance ministries.

Her motto is: "I'm not going to let up until I'm let down into the ground."

clergywomen and clergywoman have remained her ONline identities since 1996.
Commentary: http://www.voiceink.blogspot.com/  

Since 2011, she has maintained her original self-published books (front to back). http://www.blurb.com/user/store/clergywomen

Since August 2012, she has a radio broadcast. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/clergywomen

Her Ministerial life is on duty 24 hours a day. She delights to serve. She prays for you all of God's continued peace and blessings.

Contact: revldowell-clergywomen(at)erols.com  (No Spam) Replace "at" w/ @  
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama Coronation by Dems


By Rev. Lainie Dowell

With apologies to the Reverend Jesse Jackson for the Democrats' pick of Barack Hussein Obama as the first black Presidential nominee while continuing to viciously reject him as a schemer. It seems the Fourth Estate has become the new voice of all American citizens to bring about change through their own wide-spread access to the world. They have appointed themselves as the new unelected decisionmakers in America.

Under far different circumstances, tonight could have been a truly momentous occasion on the American political scene. Instead, we have witnessed confirmation that the Democrats will allow anything and everything to take the place of truth in order for them to attempt to win the White House at any price.

"By acclamation," was a motion placed by New York State Senator Hillary Clinton and that contingency, on the floor of the Democratic national Convention being held in Denver, Colorado. And, with those words, the state delegate counts to nominate came to an expected, pre-arranged halt. And Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL) became the first black man to ever become the Presidential nominee.

Stained through and through by his shameful character, attitude, and policies which still remain unarticulated by this supposedly articulate man. And, it is a signal of what lay ahead for this nation, as Obama flaunts his arrogance in the face of all those who vehemently objected to his nomination to a position for which he is not qualified.

America, I am deeply ashamed for the black people who have not enough sense to realize they have given us less than our best who have pressed for this mess.

Aided and abetted by Senator Clinton, herself, add to that farce the mainstream media that, for reasons known only to them, actually believe they have fostered civil rights by advocating for Obama in the name of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all those who marched and died for the cause of truth and righteous indignation. Has it occurred to anyone that whenever you have to cheat to win, you start out as a loser?

Now -- on to the Republican Convention and Senator John McCain (R-AZ). I pray the citizens will be able to understand there is no confusion as to who will be the better choice for America to be our President in the White House.

Keep on researching. The truth is out there and it's going to take a heavier dose of it to get through to Americans that Barack Obama's chief weapon is to shut down debate by starting a controversial topic and then blaming those who address it by shamelessly labeling them as the instigators!

America. This nomination represents shameful behavior in the midst of the Shameless!!! The name of Obama shall go down in the annals of American history as the one who pulled the greatest sham of all on America. Worst, yet, Former President Bill Clinton spoke and reminded us why he was named, "Slick Willie" during his eight years in office.

While the dems are accusing the Republican Presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, of becoming the third term of the current President George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and the rest are feverishly advocating for Obama's readiness to occupy the White House based on him operating from the standpoint of his (Clinton's) own pitiful record while he was in office. And, if that wasn't bad enough, Clinton cited a laundry list of all the things he had done in office, which actually helped to turn this nation upside down -- but he attributed those failings he cited and more to the Republicans and, specifically, the current Bush Administration.

I hate liars with a passion. They are deadly and destructive, because they instill distrust and dislike in people and situations that ought to be trusted. And, I would be hardpressed to have to think about going through the next four-to-eight years of Democrat spin and deception. Nothing less than another total Republican upset will do for Election 2008. God grant it to be so.

A Reminder -- 8-29-2008 - Friday

"Nothing less than another total Republican upset will do for Election 2008. God grant it to be so." - August 27, 2008. -Rev. L. Dowell, Five-Fold Minister

http://www.voiceink.blogspot.com/2008/08/obama-coronation-by-dems.html (And, today, so it begins!)

I am praising and thanking God to the highest for this ray of sunshine! It just feels right! And I'm smiling a whole lot, too, since very early this morning (EST) when Fox News -TV started announcing this totally surprising Election 2008 upset, Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), as McCain V.P. Pick! All aboard!

As one newscaster said earlier, "Obama WHO?"

Happy Birthday, Senator John McCain! Welcome aboard, Governor Sarah Palin!

God bless America!
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Election 2008 Change That Thrives on Hope

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Dedicated to American Senior Citizens Who Remember When. . . .

The news is here and it is good. Begin to prepare now to cast your vote in November. Read on.

Do not be taken in by the deception of those who maintain that America is broke and broken. She is not!

For, if America is broke, then how is it possible for all of those electoral candidates who claim that she is, to rake in billions of dollars from individual citizens and businesses? And, if America's spirit is broken, then how is it we witness hundreds of thousands of people filling meeting halls and stadiums to go hear those same candidates who break forth with the vilest messages, which would dampen even the strongest spirit towards America? How, then, could both of those accounts be true? To some, it might sound right. But not to right-thinking people.

The voting question is on the table right now. And the candidates have already stepped up to the polling place. But the voters are lagging behind despite this 2008 Presidential campaign which has gone on for at least the past four years. Certainly, we find that to be true for Barack Obama, since he delivered the keynote address in 2004, during the Democratic National Convention.

Now, with just about three more months to go in this election, this is the time to make up your mind about whose side your ballot will come down on. For, when the last pundit has pontificated and the last news report has been put to bed, this nation will stand between either freedom or ruination, depending upon the choices which will be made by its citizenry.

The good news is that, even at the last minute, before the voter comes out of the voting booth, it will not be too late to stop and consider the consequences of the choice you have already demonstrated in the name of freedom which, in reality, might very well translate to being the wrong choice for the good of America. Take a second look before pushing that lever.

The Mark of a Nation

The mark of a nation whose primary purpose is to remain a certain modicum of civility and as the grand recipient of the blessings of our heavenly father is a willingness of her people to provide ongoing leadership that has expressed a willingness to serve Him and them in such a way as to bring clarity to the goals and purpose of a people who want to be helped to make this nation and them to excel.

In America, this land that is hailed worldwide as the leader of the free world, it has been long understood throughout the earth how it became known as such.

Historically, beginning from the foundations laid down by our forefathers in faith and a righteous belief in God and carried from there to this day, that history lets us know that somebody has done something right. And common sense ought to dictate America's tendency to carry on that righteous tradition and heritage in order for us to remain firmly grounded and fully appreciative of the riches we have been blessed to receive as a people.

No one who has chosen to denigrate this Constitutional background and to rely on their own meager mental resources can ever hope to change this nation for the better, because they have already disclosed by their personal actions and words that they really do not believe that America is great or that she can become even greater. Beware!

So, we are American and we reject any and all of their bogus attempts to put her down!

So, we have chosen to strive to make her the best of all the rest, and she has lived up to the name until this very day.

So, we must never allow the gleam of America's eye to be plucked out of her socket by the narrow mind of anybody who has placed all of their trust and faith in a man who has jumped upon the world's stage only to deceive a multitude of people, including those who have sworn an oath to protect this nation.

The democratic voting process of "one (person) one vote," and that, by secret ballot, is key to the eternal pages of America's history. And, this key must be preserved from either domestic tamperers or any foreign entities to twist it out of shape.

We have watched from afar and from up close, too, by way of television and news reports, as so many of the people of the United States of America have gloated over the changes that Sen. Barack Hussein Obama has maintained he will bring. Yet they have no idea what sort of changes Obama has in mind to change America. And, unlike his Kenyan cousin, Raila Odinga, Obama has refused to give a clear definitive answer to that question. And we note that Obama and Odinga are already on record as having entered into partnerships awaiting activation for when Obama takes hold of the White House and the budgetary process to push through his failed United Nations Global Poverty Bill of more than $50 billion dollars of taxpayer money for Kenya, his true adopted homeland. That must not be allowed to happen. And, it will not happen, if citizens are willing to get informed.

And, therefore, if Obama can change America in the least bit in any way he alone decides, then he will be enabled to forge a wedge between this government and the people of which this government is formed. And there will be an undoing of the harshest kind to America, if Obama were to be elected as the next President, because he has already been instrumental in changing various election rules even in the midst of voters trying to abide by them. Ask Sen. Hillary Clinton. Better yet, ask her loyal supporters who have refused to go along with Obama's behind-the-scenes actions to knock her out of the race she was winning and, in fact, did win until he and his staff threatened superdelegates into switching their votes to him in the midst of the incomplete race. Atrocious! Yet, he has gotten away with it. What he does not understand is that he might get by but he won't get away.

It seems that nobody can or will speak up against it whenever he makes a wrong turn on the political scene. And, if he can wield such puny power over so-called strong decisionmakers now, just think about how easily he will be able to talk people into going along with him to change other rules and laws, whenever he arbitrarily decides to do so, with impunity and without accountability. But, that must not be allowed to happen. The vote is the key.

Moreover, the handwriting is on the wall. Writers online and offline are bumping into one another with all of their researched evidence against Obama's candidacy. And, although many of his supporters and many more onlookers are blinded by his dazzling and fake smile, they must not be allowed to take the reins of America into their hands.

This nation has become a bulwark for all that has gone wrong in the world; and, yet, all those who are victimized throughout the world are able to come and to find enough room on these shores to be taken in and sheltered from tyranny elsewhere.

As we go forward, let us not be deceived into thinking that Americans need the settlements of strangers to these shores more than they need us such that we would forge ahead to find them a place here whereby they could go on to overtake and overcome all of the good that we have tried to do on their behalf to help them have a better life. Understand?

The World Needs to Know

The world needs to know that America is still here and that she is stronger than even our weakest enemy gives her credit for being. So, then let us who know her strength pick up our own selves and go on to give her the biggest boost of all and give her all our praying hands upon her blessed head of this nation, which is the elected President of the United States, our "one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

And may that leadership arise from out of the entrapment of deliberate lies and deceptions designed to keep Godly leaders from leading us onwards and upwards to the summit of America's greatness that awaits her people up ahead to greatly benefit so many in the whole world, for all are welcomed.

She Waits For Her Day! And, America Hears and Responds, as follows --

Come and meet me out in the midst of every storm and I shall eclipse them every time.

God bless America. America bless God!
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama With the Standoff To Block Him

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Photo: Raila Odinga and Sen. Barack Obama in Kenya, Africa.

Whose President will Barack Obama be?

Will he be America's, Africa's, Indonesia's, or the entire world's President? What, exactly, are his plans for America on the world stage?

Are Americans really ready to elect a black man and install him in a highly sensitive office merely on the basis of his race or color? Just how low can we go with Michelle's "honey" and "baby daddy?"

When will Americans demand trustworthy elected leaders who will do the job they have sworn under oath to get done? Housecleaning time is here and now. The bar is too low.

Why do the media make so much over the fact that Obama and his wife and pundits who graduated with law degrees are lawyers if, in fact, their law licenses are no longer active by virtue of their stepping aside to work in another field? And, therefore, in many states it is against the law for them to even dispense legal opinions or practice law without a license or to hold themselves out to be lawyers without having an active, updated license with legal permission for them to practice law. No one is above the law, not even lawyers.

Why do Congresspersons and Senators who know that they are no longer actively practicing lawyers receive so much credence to enact and pass legislation which adversely impacts the lives of American citizens, with impunity and without accountability or recourse?

Now is the time for voting American citizens to stop playing around with America and our future. Who looks out for our rights to protect them from the abuses by those in authority, whether political or spiritual and whether local, state, or federal? Lawmakers are having a field day at the expense of the lives of Americans both at home and abroad whose needs go unaddressed year in and year out --- unless the news media believe it might make a dramatic, noteworthy story to draw viewers.

Well, it seems to me that Americans are at the water's edge and it is time to sink or swim or drain the swamp!

At such a time as this Presidential Election 2008, it is critical that we sweep aside political correctness to have this nation remain as a respected, strong leader in the free world with all of the rights and privileges pertaining thereto for her citizens.

Do we need "Change?" Or Do we need to change?

The following has long been a charge sounded with many incoming newly elected administrations; however, with Barack Obama we have seen too much proof from his own lips that he will lead this nation into its most vulnerable position than at any other time in its more than centuries old Godly Constitutional Republic.

Obama does not need to be the President of the United States of America and he must not become such. And, among so many reasons to block and stop him, here are a few, as follows:
  • Obama has proved to be untruthful about his own childhood.
  • The man has reevaluated his life and found it to be far less than what Americans expect from any man of the highest order, which is the President of this nation.

Further, Obama has taken it upon himself to reinvent himself with a mantle that is more in keeping with a man of substance where there is none found in him.

And why would Americans fall for such a ploy?

This is the question which is most asked, as Obama hurdles through the mind (sic) fields he continues to set in place to confuse and distract the people who have the temerity to want to dig further into his background to get at the truth about who he is, where he comes from, and where he's going and wants to take us?

Somehow he keeps dodging any questions that matter when assessing his character and integrity.
  • One such question he needs to answer decisively is what exactly does he mean by the word, "Change?"
  • The second such question is just how close is he to his cousin Raila Odinga in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, and his plans to enable him to totally control that government?
  • The most important question of all which Obama should answer is whether he has made any kind of a deal with Odinga to partner with him and his corrupt government to combine our nation's resources with Odinga's; and, then, turn his back on America to work on solving Africa's problems but with many more American taxpayer dollars?
  • The question I most want answered by Barack Obama is how did he happen to have written out the same plan for America that Odinga wrote for Kenya? Then Obama must answer this question regarding the Constitution of the United States -- Does Obama plan to leave it intact? Or will he work to change the American form of government into a parliamentarian form and set himself up as prime minister with total control over every phase of this government, including his oversight of whomever he appoints to step into the Presidency in his place in order to set himself over the United States Congress and the United States Senate?

    Will Obama work to change the laws and courts to make it legal for homosexuals to enter into traditional "marriage" and civil unions?

    Will Obama work to overturn the "Don't ask - Don't tell" policy against gays serving in the military?

    It appears that Obama has already answered most of these questions at one time or another during his run for the Oval Office. However, Americans must remain aware that, should Obama be elected President of the United States, the price we will pay as a nation is ruination and total destruction of America as we know it.

    Rowe vs Wade -- Infants yet unborn will never have the chance to live under an Obama administration, because his own position as a pro-choice advocate is firmly set in stone.

    There will be plenty of reasons to never allow Obama to be in control of the United States legislature and the budgetary oversight. And, what is more, even if Obama voluntarily took a lie detector test, he is still not to be believed.

    Nevertheless, he has taken the word of all those in the know about him and advocated it either be ignored or pooh pooed as lies and smear tactics used to create fear in the listeners. As a result, those who do know the truth of the matter and report it have been scoffed at by Obama and his hired supporters and attack dogs who have no compunction about "blaming their victims" for those things which they, themselves, have engaged in. Mind games is their raison d'etre and they are good at it.

    Many journalists and pundits in the mainstream news media have aided and abetted Obama in his quest by their speaking for him instead of remaining as objective journalists who report the news about Obama's stated intentions and his demonstrated means to an end.

    The "Change" which Obama is talking about has to do with the most incidious kind of all. Entrance into the White House front door in much the same way as Vladimir Putin, of Russia; Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela; Obama's own "homeboy-cousin" Raila Odinga, and others that Obama has already set dates in place to openly meet with them as the President of the United States. He has already said that is what he would do as soon as he takes office. Believe him! Do not excuse him.

    Obama has worked his African heritage ancestry from America to Hawaii to Indonesia to Pakistan to Russia to Africa and all other countries in between without accountability. And he is now back on the Mainland where he has come close to realizing his "Father's Dreams" of disassembling the free world, of which America is the leader.

    Come after me, Obama, with your attack hounds and it is just the proof needed in the light of day, as you creep in the dark of night towards all of those you perceive to be your enemies and whom you wish to silence by the full weight of the law and police authority. And, as has been said, "If they take me in the night, they will come for you in the morning."

    We need to elect that person in office whose very heart cries out --- America oh how you long for patriot hearts that love without deceit and deception. And there is a black man in the pipeline whose days shall come to serve. But he will be on the side of America, Godly truth and justice, and the American people will need not fear his intentions.

    Now, dear reader, if your heart faints at the very thought of a President Obama and his wife, Michelle, then you must let that hesitation be your guide. Obama is a slick playa and he will bring out all the playa haters from under that proverbial bus he threw them under along the way to the White House just to get there. But, then what?!

    Too many citizens have already expressed distrust and disdain for that man during his candidacy. But, the man who steps into the Office of President must bring along his honor, integrity, trust, dependability, accountability, patriotism, and Godly values and virtues. That national Office is not a "partnership."

    The late Former President Harry S. Truman realized and said, "The buck stops here." Not even his beloved wife, Bess, or his teen daughter, the late Margaret Truman Daniels, was the ultimate decider of any responsibility entrusted to President Truman by the voters. His strength and character came from God and he knew it.

    And, if we have no such assurances coming from Obama, then we must let that lack of hope within our hearts towards his candidacy guide our votes against him in order to be able to go on to being fully at peace at the end of this year knowing that America is at long last residing once more in the safe and secure hands of a true patriotic candidate without having any residual doubts or fears about where he stands. And, that it is John McCain, whose faith and patriotism which has remained firm and unwavering for the good of America beyond party line, party affiliation, and self-interests.

    God Bless America! America Bless Our God!
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Saturday, August 23, 2008



By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Saturday, August 23, 2008, at 1:00 a.m. EST --

Fox News - TV Cable, ahead of the forthcoming text announcement about Sen. Barack Hussein Obama's pick for Vice President, states it has been confirmed that Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) who will be the one introduced during the Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado, next week.

Let us recall that Biden, just this past week, walked around his property with his 89-year-old mother and even drove off in his automobile and yelled out the car window, "I'm not the guy!" He was responding to reporters' questions about whether or not he had been notified if he was selected by Obama for the VP slot.

One prospective, deliberate prevaricator in the White House (Obama) would be more than enough. But there was no reason for Biden to outright lie, when he was personally confronted by the news media. It would have been much better for him and the country if Biden had simply said, "No comment." This morning, Fox News is also reporting that Biden had only heard he was the pick moments before the Associated Press made the announcement. However, Obama had said earlier in the week that he had already made his pick and would announce it, the news said, on Saturday morning around 4 a.m. EST.

Take note, also, that Biden has a reputation for smiling a wide, bright, toothy grin while he is seething in the direction of many an unfortunate man or woman who had been seated in front of a subcommittee he either chaired or sat as a member.

Biden will grin ear to ear, look an opponent in the face, and slit their throat while never changing his expression. This ought to prove to be a more than interesting convention to watch and Democratic campaign to defeat.

Who wants to have either of these men as the President of the United States??? Let the research continue!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Wages of the Masses Are on Hillary Clinton But McCain Shall Prevail

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

The final blow to the Obama promotion!

The final period of political and physical unrest is over.

All over the world people are waiting for the outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election and, unlike in previous years, there has never been a viable candidate in either a black man or a white woman such as in the current contenders, Sen. Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL) and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY). And, with them has come, also, controversy and a rare unknown source of rivalry such as never before seen.
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Obama on Slavery and the Constitution

This morning I came across this site and thought it might prove interesting, if you haven't already seen it or heard the radio excerpt or full broadcast with Obama as the guest. I also left a comment on that site and have included a copy of it in this email (below).

Resource: Chicago Public Radio Blog - "Barack Obama wearing his professorial hat" posted by Josh Andrews, Director, Internet Strategy, Wednes., July 30, 2008.

Url: http://apps.wbez.org/blog/?p=372#comment-875
hosted by Gretchen Helfrich and ULC historian Richard John.
University of Chicago Law School (ULC)

See my comment No. 18. --

Its always good to hear a person’s ideas within context of the times. How ironic that this radio interview took place in Sept. 2001. I am finding it difficult to forget that Obama called our Constitution an “imperfect document . . . ” and stated that it shows ” Blind spot of framers,” which, Obama also said, continues today.

His continuing mindset leads me to question his potential role as U.S. President (if elected - Nov. 2008). And it lends credence to his campaign rhetoric and plans to “change” America — by starting with the U.S. Constitution, even as unthinkable as that might sound to right-thinking Americans. Beware and take care of what Obama has said throughout his state, national, and international presence. And believe him. All ongoing documentation and his actions show that he is not the man for the highest office in this nation. And that remark has nothing to do with the color of his skin, as he would have Americans and the world view depict as such.

Get informed on this side of the ballot box, because the other side of it would be too late.

Comment: Rev. L. Dowell – 21. August 2008 @ 4:11 am
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

McCain at Saddleback Church: The Push I Needed!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Saturday, August 15, 2008, 8-10 p.m. EST

Rev. Rick Warren, Pastor - Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California.

Forum Hosted Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), separately, in what was termed, "A Civil Presidential Forum."

Sen. John McCain's responses left me with a giant push towards his candidacy that I had not felt since the beginning of the 2008 Presidential Campaign --- that is, until tonight. I had known that my election choices were not sterling among any of the Republican candidates, apart from Former Gov. Mike Huckabee. And, after he was disqualified, I was left with none of the others to vote for, and especially not Sen. John McCain.

That is, until tonight, after viewing McCain's participation in the forum. He was strong, straightforward, hopeful, and presented a vivid example of what it means to live by faith and works and without compromise.

As for Obama, he lost me near the outset, when he responded to Rev. Warren's question about when life begins. Obama said he couldn't speak to it from the viewpoint of theology or science and said, "that is above my pay grade." I wonder if he felt that way both times his wife told him she was pregnant with their daughters? I wonder if he gave any thought to their life when they saw their first sonogram? I wonder if he ever told his family and friends they had to wait until each of his children was born before he could pronounce that they were human? I doubt that.

And, for the rest of Obama's time that he spent responding tonight to Rev. Warren's questions, I felt that Obama was being very careful to give the assembled, presumably majority Christian audience only what he thought they wanted to hear in terms of his personal faith as (so he says) a Christian. And, in response to the question about evil, Obama quickly turned his response to say that America is evil.

Both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama are well aware of their differences and have been for some time. It would appear that Obama has not learned from the Senior Statesman's instructive rebuke when Obama first came to the Senate. The letters are posted on Obama's U.S. Senate website and, for me, it painted a picture of a youthful person who had not yet come into his own but who wanted to take over. And he still does.

One example is how an Obama surrogate appeared on Fox News cable 54 tonight following the forum and tried to say that McCain made a mistake by saying "$5M" to him represented being "rich." But that is not what happened and, as McCain had stated earlier, that, indeed, was going to be used against him, when he had made it plain that he said it in jest and had immediately stated as such.

Another example is taken from Obama's U.S. Senate website to show how Obama's response during the Warren Forum about his working on a bipartisan ethics bill was disingenuous, and that dialogue follows for those who won't go look it up:

Reprints follow ---

Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain Exchange Letters on Ethics Reform

Monday, February 6, 2006

February 2, 2006

The Honorable John McCain
United States Senate
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear John:

Thank you for inviting me to participate in the meeting yesterday to discuss lobbying and ethics reform proposals currently before the Senate. I appreciate your willingness to reach out to me and several other Senate Democrats to discuss what should be done to restore public confidence in the way that Congress conducts its business. The discussion clearly underscored the difficult challenge facing Congress.

You and many in the Democratic Caucus have played a major role in reform efforts in the Senate. In fact, the Indian Affairs Committee hearings you led were instrumental in promoting public awareness of the culture of corruption that has permeated the nation's capital.

As you know, Senator Harry Reid and others in the Democratic Caucus have taken an important step by introducing " S. 2180, the Honest Leadership Act, which imposes many of the same disclosure requirements for lobbyists that you have proposed, while also strengthening enforcement, eliminating "pay to play" schemes, and imposing more restrictive rules on meals, gifts, and travel that Members and their staff can receive from special interests that advocate before Congress. This bill, which now has the support of 40 members of the Democratic Caucus, represents a significant step in addressing many of the worst aspects of corruption that have come to light as a result of the Justice Department investigation of Jack Abramoff.

I know you have expressed an interest in creating a task force to further study and discuss these matters, but I and others in the Democratic Caucus believe the more effective and timely course is to allow the committees of jurisdiction to roll up their sleeves and get to work on writing ethics and lobbying reform legislation that a majority of the Senate can support.

Committee consideration of these matters through the normal course will ensure that these issues are discussed in a public forum and that those within Congress, as well as those on the outside, can express their views, ensuring a thorough review of this matter.

Given the state of affairs in Washington, we have a historic opportunity to make fundamental changes in the way our government operates so that the actions we take as public officials are responsive and transparent to the American people. Thank you again for your interest in this important matter.

Sincerely, Barack Obama
United States Senator

February 6, 2006

The Honorable Barack Obama
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Obama:

I would like to apologize to you for assuming that your private assurances to me regarding your desire to cooperate in our efforts to negotiate bipartisan lobbying reform legislation were sincere. When you approached me and insisted that despite your leadership's preference to use the issue to gain a political advantage in the 2006 elections, you were personally committed to achieving a result that would reflect credit on the entire Senate and offer the country a better example of political leadership, I concluded your professed concern for the institution and the public interest was genuine and admirable.

Thank you for disabusing me of such notions with your letter to me dated February 2, 2006, which explained your decision to withdraw from our bipartisan discussions. I'm embarrassed to admit that after all these years in politics I failed to interpret your previous assurances as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in politics to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble. Again, sorry for the confusion, but please be assured I won't make the same mistake again.

As you know, the Majority Leader has asked Chairman Collins to hold hearings and mark up a bill for floor consideration in early March. I fully support such timely action and I am confident that, together with Senator Lieberman, the Committee on Governmental Affairs will report out a meaningful, bipartisan bill.

You commented in your letter about my "interest in creating a task force to further study" this issue, as if to suggest I support delaying the consideration of much-needed reforms rather than allowing the committees of jurisdiction to hold hearings on the matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. The timely findings of a bipartisan working group could be very helpful to the committee in formulating legislation that will be reported to the full Senate.

Since you are new to the Senate, you may not be aware of the fact that I have always supported fully the regular committee and legislative process in the Senate, and routinely urge Committee Chairmen to hold hearings on important issues. In fact, I urged Senator Collins to schedule a hearing upon the Senate's return in January.

Furthermore, I have consistently maintained that any lobbying reform proposal be bipartisan. The bill Senators Joe Lieberman and Bill Nelson and I have introduced is evidence of that commitment as is my insistence that members of both parties be included in meetings to develop the legislation that will ultimately be considered on the Senate floor.

As I explained in a recent letter to Senator Reid, and have publicly said many times, the American people do not see this as just a Republican problem or just a Democratic problem. They see it as yet another run-of-the-mill Washington scandal, and they expect it will generate just another round of partisan gamesmanship and posturing.

Senator Lieberman and I, and many other members of this body, hope to exceed the public's low expectations. We view this as an opportunity to bring transparency and accountability to the Congress, and, most importantly, to show the public that both parties will work together to address our failings.

As I noted, I initially believed you shared that goal. But I understand how important the opportunity to lead your party's effort to exploit this issue must seem to a freshman Senator, and I hold no hard feelings over your earlier disingenuousness. Again, I have been around long enough to appreciate that in politics the public interest isn't always a priority for every one of us.

Good luck to you, Senator.
John McCain
United States Senate

February 6, 2006

The Honorable John McCain
United States Senate
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear John:

During my short time in the U.S. Senate, one of the aspects about this institution that I have come to value most is the collegiality and the willingness to put aside partisan differences to work on issues that help the American people. It was in this spirit that I approached you to work on ethics reform, and it was in this spirit that I agreed to attend your bipartisan meeting last week. I appreciated then - and still do appreciate - your willingness to reach out to me and several other Democrats.

For this reason, I am puzzled by your response to my recent letter. Last Wednesday morning, you called to invite me to your meeting that afternoon. I changed my schedule so I could attend the meeting. Afterwards, you thanked me several times for attending the meeting, and we left pledging to work together.

As you will recall, I told everyone present at the meeting that my caucus insisted that the consideration of any ethics reform proposal go through the regular committee process. You didn't indicate any opposition to this position at the time, and I wrote the letter to reiterate this point, as well as the fact that I thought S. 2180 should be the basis for a bipartisan solution.

I confess that I have no idea what has prompted your response. But let me assure you that I am not interested in typical partisan rhetoric or posturing. The fact that you have now questioned my sincerity and my desire to put aside politics for the public interest is regrettable but does not in any way diminish my deep respect for you nor my willingness to find a bipartisan solution to this problem.

Barack Obama
United States Senator
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obama and All Liars Who Really Do Lie and Cheat

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Photo (l-r): Sen. Barack Obama and Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright

Obama hear the Word of the Lord!

"But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." -Revelation 21:8

"Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word. You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me." -John 8:43-45

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"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves." - Matthew 7:15

"For false christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect." -Matthew 24:24

What is wrong with Sen. Barack Hussein Obama's Candidacy in the Election 2008 Campaign?

It isn't the color of his skin as much as it is the color of his heart. His heart is blacker than his skin could ever be. And that is what it is about him which repels true believers and all men and women of good will. He has no recognition of what is the truth and what is a lie which comes out of his mouth and heart and which he engages his volunteers and paid supporters to conduct in the public arena against all who would dare to speak up to say that he is a liar.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GENOCIDE: Come Back to American Hope and Change

CAUTION! This page and a related link (below) may be triggering for anybody who has experienced the aftermath of genocide in one way or another.

Disclaimer: To alleviate possible misunderstanding, I must add that I was proofing this article to post, when I heard the tv interview come on with Dr. Jerome R. Corsi (i.e., on Hannity and Colmes). The information I am presenting has been extracted from my own research. And I have neither touched nor read Dr. Corsi's book. Much of what he states is exclusive is already known and I am prepared to present my drafts and documentation. I regret this notation became necessary; however, it could present a challenge to my credibility and commitment to the truth, if not included.
-Rev. L. Dowell.

GENOCIDE: Come Back to American Hope and Change

photo: Mkosa Kabila's Kenyan website.

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


Kenya's babies deserve better! Weep and pray for these innocent little ones. We do care!

When I was a child (some months ago), we had a saying when other children would hurt our feelings, which was: "When I stop crying, you'd better not be here!"

Aren't you tired of crying over all of the dead and dying that leave you behind to mourn? And who will be left to mourn your passing?

Isn't it also about time to ask yourself, "Is genocide on its way to America?" Don't be so quick to answer.

America is considering a Luo candidate as our President and we have a large Kenyan, African, immigrant and citizen population here. Many Kenyans living across America and those living in Kenya, Africa, had expressed distrust of our primary campaign when it looked as if Obama would not become the presumptive Democrat nominee. Their plans included starting off with a large rally in Texas and, from there, touching every coast.

That's how badly they want an African President in America by the name of Sen. Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL). And I don't believe too many Americans knew about that plan for them to go out in our streets. They were prepared to claim that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) had stolen the primary from Obama.

What you are seeing in that evidential photograph (above) is just one horrible part of the violent aftermath of the 2007 Raila Odinga-Mwai Kibaki Election held in Kenya, Africa. That is the homeland of Sen. Obama's paternal family, and he traveled to Kenya as a sitting United States Senator in 2006 and 2007. There, he spoke out publicly to support and to influence the candidacy of his cousin, Odinga's, attempt to become elected as the new President of Kenya; and, if need be, to even attempt to overthrow the government of President Kibaki.

Obama is not an Ambassador of the United States. Does he have dual citizenship (i.e., U.S.-Kenyan)? If so, has he renounced one or the other and does he have the papers to prove it? Did he ever lawfully declare one over the other as his primary homeland? How did he presume to get involved with a foreign nation's political affairs to such an extent as he had done? Where do his loyalties lie? What promises, if any, has he already made to the Kenyan government to make them "partners" in the affairs of America's Constitutional government? We know that Obama's cousin, Odinga, has been found to have signed a secret Memorandum of Understanding in which he was set to tear the Kenyan nation apart before he was found out and, allegedly, discarded his plans.

If they knew, would the Democratic Party leadership reveal it to the American people? I doubt it. They would no more tell it than they did about former President Bill Clinton or, now, former Presidential candidate, John Edwards. They kept it to themselves for the sake of "winning the White House at any cost," even if it eventually meant destroying America.

Too many questions, too little responses, and much too little time to squeeze all of them out of Obama before the November election. And why should we have to do that?! Either he does, or else he should be completely disqualified from contending for the Office of the president. This is not about fun and games. This is about life and death!!! Ours!

Obama was joined in that attempt to help Odinga by American author-consultant-tv pundit Dick Morris and his lawyer wife. The Kenyan election records final report shows that they were among the contributors who made substantial monetary contributions to Odinga's 2007 election campaign. Morris claimed he had represented Odinga as pro bono. Yet, he turned around and gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars? Why? And why has he not been queried on that point and also about his part in the resultant Kenyan violence?

For, when their combined plans failed to oust Kibaki, many of the Senator's Luo tribesmen accused the Kibaki government of rigging those election results and out came their machetes and up went fires to kill as many of the Kikuyu (i.e., members of Kibaki's tribe) as they could, including their women, children, and infants, even as they took refuge in a church.

And, while Morris and his wife fled from that country, it went up in smoke, hundreds were murdered, and thousands were displaced from their homes as a result of the Luo's murderous rage against the rival Kikuyu tribe just to get back at Kibaki.

What is more, in the midst of the 2007 Kenyan tragedy, Odinga, who says he is a cousin and the Kenyan "partner" of Sen. Obama, used as his bargaining chip to stop the violence, a compromise agreement presented to the Kibaki administration as another form of government. There, Odinga would be made a new Prime Minister and both he and Kibaki would share in a "partnership-coalition" government instead of in a democratic form of constitutional government with Kibaki at the singular executive head as the President. If you've paid attention, you will recall that Obama continues to talk about heading just such a form of government in this country (i.e., partnership and coalitions to rule over citizens by committees and subcommittees that Obama will hand pick). And this nation will be led, as he says, (in the Socialist form) "from the bottom up instead of from the top down." No President. No Congress. No Elections. No Term Limits. No Consensus. No Constitution. No America!! Based on the evidence, who can even try to refute that and more would happen to us?

In Odinga's new parliamentary system, Kibaki would become a figurehead President and Odinga would make all the executive decisions, as its new Prime Minister. And that is what they agreed to do. Obama is quoted as phoning Odinga during that time and telling him to do it to make a good impression for the Kenyan public.

The Snopes.com website has labeled as false and has denied that any such payments were made by Obama, as alleged. And, they added, "The real subject of this message is Barack Obama, however, and virtually everything included therein about him is either unsubstantiated or demonstrably false."

However, I have found the organization that was identified by the Kenyan government in their own final report as "Friends of Senator B.O." (i.e., Barack Obama). That organization and the Chairman and Treasurer are from Chicago, Illinois, and they are linked to Sen. Obama's Headquarters in Chicago.

Until recently, "Friends of Barack Obama" records could not be found among the campaign contribution records. But I uncovered the copies of the original records from the Public Integrity site to substantiate the allegations of those writers of that message which snopes tried to denounce as false. I contacted them for their reaction to my article but have not gotten a response.

Could this scenario with the Kenyans and Scopes portend the fate that awaits America, if Obama is elected as our President? What is so hard about telling the truth, if you know it? During a press conference held in Africa for Odinga to introduce his plans for Kenya, in response to a question put to him he stated (supposedly in jest, because the audience laughed), that Kenya had beat the United States of America, because they (Kenyans) already had a Luo President but he just had not been sworn in yet (speaking about Obama).

Moreover, Obama's plan for " change and hope " has been exposed as being the same plan as Odinga's for Kenya, with a few exceptions left out of Obama's further plans, which Americans would have rejected out of hand and never would knowingly support.

The World Needs to Know And The Mainstream Media Keeps Mum!

Despite the vivid warning signs flashing for quite a few years, the most frightening of all is that Americans can be so gullible in the face of deception. After seeing many changes throughout our history, there still doesn't seem to be the impetus needed to place Americans on the alert about where we are headed and I have personally come down out of the pulpit as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did to proclaim that there is such devastation as never before known in our homeland.

There is a storm of monumental proportions headed our way and, yet, the citizens have refused to take heed.

This nation has opened wide its doors to many nationalities and creeds which are unlike our own. When America called out for "the hopeless tempest tossed," there really were those who came. And now America has proposed that the immigrants just come and be taken in along with their customs and traditions, legally and illegally.

In reality, there is nothing which cannot be overcome by example. However, Americans have taken upon themselves those foreign customs brought in which have damaged our own. We are a nation at war. We are on the precipice of a troubling turn of events in the world between Russia and Georgia. And our President and his cabinet are addressing it. Yet, the news media are encouraging presidential hopefuls Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Obama to weigh in. Radio and TV pundits are injecting themselves into the discussion but they are without enough information to be credible.

There would be no need to have a caution, if our laws were stringent and much more restrictive, to say nothing of being adhered to by the elected officials.

The Men and Women Elected Leaders

The congress and the state legislators are our bane of existence and this is why. Every chance they get, there is a new law which they have created to enable them to seek to have the advantage over those who voted them into office.

Those who are elected have sought to make careers and stepping stones to higher office for themselves. They have created positions of influence whereby if they cannot accomplish what they have in mind, then they just call on a partner and it is done for them. Many times this is a cause for concern, because it is done in such a way as to circumvent the laws over which they have been given oversight.

Many times this has resulted in political collusion, graft, fraud, criminal activities, and serves to undercut the integrity of the constitutional protections politicans were elected to uphold.

If there is a way to put a stop to it, then it would have been done. Instead, it is a trend which has escalated. Jails were built to restrain such actions and they are not just for what we normally consider a criminal to be. They are, by comparison, penny ante crimes. But nothing compares to a trusted official who breaks the law and then knowingly, willfully, and deliberately denies doing it.

Trust is a condition of the heart. America is full of broken-hearted people who are wandering aimlessly trying to get back their hope and trust. But, there are people who are scavengers who pounce on that kind of vulnerability which is never realized by the unsuspecting victims until it is too late to do anything to combat it.

Americans have a chance to forge a hedge of protection around this great nation and to keep faith with the Constitutional plan set out by our forefathers.

All of those who are feeling hopeless about where the nation is headed will be even more so, if Sen. Obama has his way. His plan is already set in motion and we, the citizens, are being led down the path of destruction by it.

His plan is his way of fulfilling every dream of the radicals who have longed for the destruction of America. And, in her place, they want to see their own unforeseen visionary plan to take America captive and to release their own push to rule the entire world. And, like "genocide," this is another concept Americans, in general, cannot fully grasp, because for too long those who want to see us fail as a nation have continued to pound it into the heads of Americans and the world that we are the ugly and ignorant who are suckers easily led and easily persuaded that we are the lowest of the low.

Then they withdraw all that makes America great and keep the American people penniless through heavy taxation. The positions that we once held have been shipped offshore, which is to say, to foreign nations. Then we are told to cut back on what we eat, drink, wear and drive. And advertisers join in to make the deception appear to be the reality.

Our nation is hungering for change and for a plan to believe that it will create hope once again. And, unless we are prayerful and wake up to the many leadership failures which have overtaken this nation, there will indeed be no other recourse but to stand by and watch the flood of terrorism and socialism become the fabric of this Republic.

The fever-pitched Election 2008 campaign leaves hardly enough room to sit and think about all of this but, if you stop and look, you will see there really is nothing to think about unless you are one of the intellects or elitists lodging among the perpetrators who are manipulating this entire format.

Then be forewarned! America must never become so complacent and open that her compassionate heart would land her in the form of depravity such as never before envisioned. And, if we -- as a nation -- accept as a viable candidate for President, a man who refuses to own up to his own words and, instead, sets up various websites and organizations and hires people to defend the indefensible of what he, himself has said or done, then Americans are deceived. For, this is just what Obama and his "fight the smears" website are being used to do, which is to smear the people who expose him and provide substantial documentation to substantiate their allegations against his candidacy.

To the point!

We need trustworthy, dependable, Godly leadership who will not make backroom deals in the dark and then smile wide in our faces in the daylight. Sunlight is what Obama has said and Sunlight is what we demand from him!

America has spoken!

She wants to remain free.
She wants to remain a light in darkness.
She wants all who love freedom to look to her as a trusted haven of hope and not as a firm dictatorship.

There is a choice which lies ahead.

Join in the fight for American values and traditions or else become swept away by all those who MUST rule the world with impunity and leave no recourse to appeal.

Oh and by the way -- It is just that serious.

Related information: "Chronicles of the Kenyan Genocide," by Mkosa kabila

WARNING! This site may be triggering for those who have experienced or know of such like treatment.
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Copyright (c) 2011 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.


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