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Saturday, March 20, 2010

T R A I T O R, Thou Name Art Barack Hussein Obama

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

America is suffering from a deadly love affair with Barack Hussein Obama. And, as every slick, scheming, fast talking lover such as Obama knows, you can only win that game when you can first get the law on your side, whether by blackmailing them, slipping a few dollars or so in their palms, or by falsely accusing them and projecting onto them as law abiding keepers of the law, all those unlawful misdeeds which are actually being perpetrated by the accuser and not by the accused as charged. And, then, despite protestations of innocence by the accused, the accuser goes forth to lead the masses against them and taunts them with chants of, "Me thinks thou doth protest too much." What's more, generally this is the time when here-to-fore sophisticated Americans are induced to forget all about the American doctrine of "innocent until proven guilty," and they take off running to go fetch the rope.

The difference today could be that Obama knows the politically correct zinger is to accuse anybody who would even use such an illustration of being racist. On a recent Sean Hannity Show (Fox TV), one noted Black Preacher on that panel said he's taken to calling the White House, "Big Mama's House." And then a young blond blue-eyed panelist from Occidental College became offended and accused him of being a racist for having said that. But, my late mother used to say, "If you don't know something, you'd better ask somebody."

The statement made by the Black Preacher guest was his assessment as he sees it based on real experience. If the truth be known, there was a lot of wisdom in that statement which was overlooked by the panel, because all they could see was that Obama is himself a Black man in the Office of President and, therefore, any objections and complaints are based solely on that fact. Talk about color and everything else goes by the wayside. Yet, tell that to the many prisoners in jails all across this nation. They'd be in pretty good shape if they did some of the things Obama has done and continues to get away with, instead of being thrown into jail.

Furthermore, to let Obama tell it, the "tired and poor" of not only America but the entire global community have elected him to be their own personal taskmaster. In reality, America elects a man to be President of only the U.S. Obama also believes he is tasking Americans and the world to cater to his every whim to tear down America's Constitutional foundation and to build up the world, especially the Muslim world, without question or comment from anybody because, after all, he is "the President of the United States of America." And, the people who are most in need of help, although beat up and battered by him, they continue to see Obama as one long-legged, swaggering, smooth talker who can do no wrong in their eyes -- such is their blinded mistaken love which has adversely affected this entire nation.

Those bedraggled souls have overlooked Obama's beatdown, because they simply can't resist his phony flashing smile, practiced deception, outright lies, and his ill-gotten wad of taxpayer dollars big enough to choke a horse. But, what about all those who have finally had enough of his lack of responsibility, accountability, and credibility and who want out? Well, they can go tell it to the Judge in the Domestic Violence Court, if they can find any lawyers who are willing to take that case or even to find just one Judge who will hear that case against him. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court is our arbiter of Constitutional crises, but those who are battered (i.e., the American citizens) and their lawyers (i.e., the local, state, and national legislators) have to take their case forward no matter what the cost and insist that it is heard and litigated in their favor, if justice is to prevail in America.

Barack Hussein Obama, the one who is working overtime to pervert our Constitutional democratic Republic and justice, thou name art Traitor; and, because of that, many American patriots all across this nation are rising up to fight very hard against the blueprints of Obama and his chief staff traitor, Rahm Emanuel, to not only reject their planned health care takeover of every aspect of American life, but also to reject Obama's total agenda as Traitor in Chief.

Worst yet and even more crucial than almost anything else is the fact that, as Commander in Chief, Barack Obama has betrayed the honor, service, and duty of every man and woman and their families across this nation who have ever volunteered to serve in our military and who have been killed or horribly wounded in defense of America's Constitutional, capitalist government presiding over a free people. By that same Constitution, it is known to have been more than a hanging offense for the likes of Obama who has brought in his thugs to help him to betray the trust and confidence of this nation they have all sworn an oath to preserve whole and free for now and for future generations. As a result, Obama has created an untenable situation in that those same military personnel who are under his command will likely return from fierce battles to a homeland in which even they will not be afforded the same freedoms they have fought and died for on foreign shores.

Americans are awake now. Yet, how is it Obama is still in the White House with his finger on the secrets of what it takes to keep America safe? He has never been vetted as much as even any low-level government workers! Worst, yet, is that Obama and his close friends and associates are given the run of the White House and they have not been elected or fully vetted. As one recent vivid example, Beyonce (the singer) and her husband, Jay-Z, and their entourage placed on their website a photograph showing them seated around the table in the White House Strategy Room (i.e., War Room) with Jay-Z seated at the head. Imagine! The Obama Administration has no regard whatsoever for the security of this nation or about the seriousness of the Office of the President who, by the way, is not above the law or exempt from judgment for the way he handles that Office. They are much too young to remember "Loose lips sink ships!" After all, America is still a nation at war, and the Obama Administration has been too lax with considering our military is still waging it.

Although Obama has continued to push his Socialist/Black Power/Muslim agenda through the American legislative process, it is being done without regard for either the wishes or best interest of the nation. Especially not for those people who recognize they are the main ones who are being targeted by this government with wringing tax dollars out of their pockets to pay for the privilege of keeping their miserable (but unwanted) lover happy.

When all is said and done, America shall not fail, because truly patriotic Americans shall never fall under the perverted spell of a so-called "Constitutional" scholar by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, who could not even hold on to his own worthless certificate to practice law. That man has outdone Benedict Arnold in his place in American history.

The American people cannot afford to waste time playing their insane game of stick it to the Americans. For, this is not a game to any people who love God, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Through the advent of the Obama Administration, we are witnessing the importance for every citizen to remain vigilant about the people they elect in the first instance. The Obama faction had years of patience to wait before they could strike against America from inside the seat of government. Now they are in a hurry to do as much damage while they can, because they know that the American people know they are traitors who have taken office through their deceptive practices. Obama even placed online a "Fight the Smears" website to dispel all of the documented truths revealed about him by investigating bloggers. Even working, highly paid TV, Radio, and Newspaper journalists scoffed and sneered at internet bloggers, commentators, and pundits. But now that much of the late-breaking news has come from these same internet pundits, journalists have tried to take over the social networks and, may I add, with Obama's blessings and proposed government regulations.

Americans cannot afford to patiently wait for November 2010 to take back the ballot box. The truth be known, there is more than enough documented evidence against Obama and everyone who swore an oath to protect America knowing they had no intention of adhering to it. The case can be made to oust them, impeach them, recall them, as indicated, and to finally cleanse every wicked false swearer from every venue of government who have no intention of keeping our nation safe and as the greatest leader of the free world.

The U.S. Office of the President is to be respected and honored; and, without a doubt, it generally has been until the man in that Office has proven he has no respect for either the Office or the nation and that his actions cause harm and work to bring America to her knees in the eyes of the world. It is then, that not even the President of the United States has a right to claim that the same Constitution he rejects is to be the glue that holds him to the Oval Office until he is ready to let it go. Such mistaken man-made dicta will make a mockery out of the rule of law and condemn this nation into cascading down the hillside of dictatorship, poverty, death, disgruntled citizenry, and ultimately, revolt such as never before seen in our time. History has borne this out as true even as current events both at home and abroad serve to illustrate it to this present-day generation who, for the most part, still refuse to learn the lesson.


God has richly blessed America for centuries. As a result, we have prospered as a nation and gained a good report around the world. To our chagrin, we also became envied and the target of other nations who want to destroy America and place themselves above all nations. Unlike the arguments of the likes of Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly (any unelected) and other Americans who were trusted to help keep America safe --- the fault for the downturn of events is not because America is a strong, rich nation. Capitalism is not a bad thing, as they are trying to make it out to be. Desiring the best in life, to be the best, and to have the best is not a vain thing. Balance is the key. A lack of balance has eroded our traditions, morals, mores, and values. While those in leadership with money are pulling it out of the pockets of those who have to fight to get every cent, those thieves are living large and banking on their elected or appointed positions to keep them above the clutches of the law they have been unable to buy off or kill off. Not so.

All across the world, generations past have suffered under the heavy hand of illegitimate leadership. Present generations still suffer from atrocities being caused throughout the world by children of past generations, such as Obama, who lived under dictatorial rule. Future generations of Americans will have neither Republic, faith, nor future to look forward to -- unless this our generation of the past finally and decisively stand to let it be known all across this nation and the entire world that Americans will never go along with anything or anybody who is determined to usher in dictatorial rule over us -- a free Judeo-Christian people who respect others' rights but will fight against any who would subjugate our own and do it without permission or apology.

We the people have no moral or legal duty to obey any unlawful dictates or mandates which have been derived from illegal acts of government even with their authority to enact laws. We recognize abuse of power, obstruction of justice, malfeasance, and every other underhanded trick in the book which authorities have used to empower themselves, with impunity. Yet, historically, even such lawmakers and executives have eventually met up with legal redress, imprisonment, imprisonment and/or impeachment. Why, then, would Obama and his minions even think they would be exempt from such a punitive recourse, unless they also believed they could induce the American people to continue to believe their many false accusations made against the Whistleblowers?

The Obama administration has enlisted our very own "free press" to wage war against us. What's more, he has gone so far as to set up his own press office and send press releases to certain news organizations, install his own loyalists as czars and overseers of every government agency and bureau who answer to none but him, and he has systematically squeezed out even the journalists who have taken to warring against us on his behalf. To date, it appears, he has personally taken control of the U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, Governors, and the U.S. Commerce and Treasury, as well. The elected Democrats delight to do his bidding, with impunity and without accountability. He has even taken actions to make the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Supreme Court to appear impotent and answerable to him. That is dangerous and deadly to the American Constitutional foundation and it has to be addressed as such.

There came a time during the Nixon Administration's "Watergate" era, when I first feared my government. It seemed as though they were untouchable. And, now we know history has proved they believed they were. I remember praying so hard that Nixon would be ejected from the White House. I remember thinking about him, "He wants to be King." But America does not have Kings or Queens (at least not the Royal kind), and there is no one person in government who is not accountable for holding true to the United States Constitution.

Historically, Americans learned long after Nixon's resignation and last helicopter ride taking him away from Washington, D.C. as President, that an emissary had been dispatched to inform President Richard M. Nixon about impending impeachment proceedings to be brought against him. And, as a result, Nixon decided to resign and he became the first American President to do so. If ever there has to be a precedent-setting textbook case made for impeaching a sitting President, Barack Hussein Obama -- to date -- has presented the most likeliest of all such findings of facts and conclusions of law for all time. His case would surely be "the mother of all legal cases" in American history.

Obama is following in the footsteps of his Kenyan relative, Raila Odinga, a dictator and Prime Minister of that nation. As a United States Senator, Obama travelled to Kenya to work for and to help get Odinga elected. That, alone, should have been enough to have gotten him expelled from the U.S. government, because Obama's interference in a foreign government's election also resulted in the aftermath of thousands of people being killed (including many children), because of the results of that particular election. Nevertheless, Obama returned to America with Odinga's "BluePrint for Change" under his armpits and used it as a blueprint for his own run for the Office of President in America. I wrote about the comparison of those two documents and it was very chilling, because our form of government is not the same --- until Obama decided to make it so! But I had already reported that was his intention from the outset.

Now, after having been elected in November 2008, and installation into Office January 2009, Obama has set about in just one short year to try to actively turn America into a parliamentarian-coalition form of government instead of adhering to our Constitutional democratic Republic of a representative form of government. He has appointed U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, as his Prime Minister, and such a role in itself is illegal in the Constitutional American government. Despite all of this and so much more besides, we still have to sit by and hear so many radio and TV pundits, elected leaders, newspaper people, and even Obama's "tired and poor" insist that we must wait until the November 2010 elections to vote them out?

Where is it written in the American Constitution that any elected official of whatever position -- much less the Office of President of the United States -- has to be given a "wait and see" head start, after they had already taken a very public and arrogant running start towards tearing down the foundation of this nation --- and they had made it known from the outset? It must be the case that even citizens who have reached the age of more than 100 years would likely be hard pressed to recall anything like what we are experiencing with the Obama Administration ever taking place in this country.

That delay is being called for by Obama advocates, because they know that by November 2010, it will be too late to stop all of the life-altering changes of the Obama Administration along with their work to destroy America -- not for the sake of Americans, but for their own personal gain to manipulate and control this entire nation. For what?! So they will be able to boast that a Black man was the first to ever do what no other Communist or Socialist or Black Muslim or Black Nationalist could do and just to hear all of those advocates say in modern-day America, "RIGHT ON, BROTHER!"

You must see by now that this is all about Race. And, because their Race is all about people of color, it is to be achieved by "any means necessary," even if they have to lock arms with whom they have regarded as "a white devil" and wrap themselves up in the suit of suitability to get it done. Notwithstanding the fact that they refuse to hear the warnings against it at their own peril and to understand that true Americans love this nation beyond race, color, creed, religion, or national origin. You remember? Those are the once clearly stated guidelines to distinguish right from wrong and truth from lies and moral from immoral and Godly from ungodly. That was then. And America has to find her way back to those days of when societal mores had real meaning and need very little interpretation or censure.

Obama and every person who has gone along with him to advocate the overthrow of this government are proof-positive they are the ones who are the traitors and not any of those who have sounded the alarm to get somebody to stop them from succeeding with their planned devastation. But, today, they have managed to bring together their coalitions and global partnerships and communities to try to outdistance even legitimate American citizens.

Even the ballot box is in danger and has been for a very long time. Nothing shall be as telling as during the upcoming electoral races all across this nation. Yet, the Progressive faction now want to make same-day election applications available for people to vote in America. They want to open up the internet for people to vote from (even) as far away as Obama's voice can find them? Yes, Obama is a taskmaster of the most cunning kind. Saul Alinsky wrote "The Book of Radicals," but Obama came along years later and, even as a child with the help of various friends, relatives, and university-types, picked it up, practiced it, and taught the contents to so many of those who are either in the White House Oval Office today or who are on their way in the front door past the armed guards.


Many of the people who are serving in the Obama Administration today are not even Americans either by birth or by heart, including Obama. They have obtained passports and citizenship papers under false pretenses long after others in past generations had convinced this government that it is all right to make special laws for people to claim dual citizenship between America and their own native land and to also excuse them from taking an oath of loyalty to America for as long as they claim and retain American citizenship.

Why wonder why American life has gone down to a disgraceful level

You cannot expect to have the same high standards of living when elected leaders come in from places where anything and everything goes which inures to their own benefit but not to that of the people whom they were sent to represent. You cannot expect to have the continuation of the high standards of American life, when "strangers and foreigners" come into government and bring with them their self-same ideologies and practices which led to the downfall of their own nation causing them to seek refuge in America.

Over time, such deceptive actions of government officials and their political financial sponsors merged. And now political financial backers and lobbyists have taken over completely after bringing in their doctrine of "political correctness." After all, who wants to be seen out of step with the masses? No wonder they fought to have our vocabulary changed to conform to their own lifestyles so that now many once free, proud, respectful Americans feel obliged to have to start their conversations with, "I don't want to offend anybody but . . . ." At the same time, the atheists, homosexuals, progressives, Muslims, you name it -- feel free to say anything they want to us any time they want -- and even other Americans dare us to open our mouths to speak in reply.

"Discrimination" is another often misused word right up there with "politically correct," "racist," and (dare I say it?) OK perhaps -- "N-word" will suffice for now. But don't you see? Even church folk claim, as they put it -- "You can't JUDGE nobody!" And, lo and behold, they'll begin to judge that same person they had chided. What's more, their statement is not even Scriptural --- but they don't want to hear that, because too many Preachers are tongue-tied and fear man more than God to tell them the truth of what God says about who God is.

Progressives used to be called Socialists until they latched onto the Democratic Party and forged their own platform to gain legitimacy among the electorate as they awaited their time to move.

They used the force of law to tie up the tongues of Americans long before they even appeared out of their closets and then proceeded to tie up the hands and feet of Americans in order to lead them wherever they wanted them to go whether or not THEY wanted to go in that direction.

They came into our churches for votes and money during electioneering time and have taken over our churches to bribe the man-called Clergy to encourage them to make "tolerant" citizens out of a people of faith so they would accept anything decreed by government officials as being lawful and as something any "good Christians" would believe and do. I know its true, because I have fought against their agenda a long time.

I remember one time, years ago, I came into the pulpit for service and found a deacon had placed a female in the pulpit. She had come to the church that day, because she was running for a prominent office in our state. When I looked, she was sitting there with her legs crossed (in a dress) and her handbag on her lap looking for all the world like, "What do I do now?" I motioned for the usher and directed that she be given a seat among the parishioners. After all of this time, politicians and churches still do not understand that you do not play in God's house. Still they do it now as then and it is all about the money and political clout. Is there any wonder why citizens cannot get the help they need when they contact political officials? You have to be connected to a prominent church or well-heeled Pastor (off the people's money). I'm not bitter, I know truth and I have had to fight long and hard to tell it whether anybody wants to hear it or not.

They have had Clergy buy into the notion of "Separation of Church and State," while the secularists who pushed for it, worked even harder to make the State the people's God. Shame!

They have continued to allow many one-time esteemed Halls of Learning to award tenure to the loudest instructors who boldly teach against living the American way of life to our young people.

They have allowed secular, commercial, and religious leaders and their boards to use the industry, communication, health, financial, and union lobbyists to assume the role of (non)elected leadership to make policy and to dictate the procedures for carrying them out all across the nation; thereby circumventing the Constitution and the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate. There can be no justice whatsoever where the keepers of the law are, themselves, unjust and are allowed to continue with impunity and without accountability. Thereby, leaving no areas of redress for the victims of societal wrongs.

They have come so far --- but We the People are rallying all across this nation to permit them to go no farther. For America shall forever remain "the shining city on the hill."

For too long, American voices have been shut out of the political process by shrewd tricksters who invoke the law as a form of punishment. They are those who have tried to confiscate "truth, justice, and the American way." They have cloaked themselves in the way of law-abiding citizens only to pile drive their way into the Constitutional structure of governance; and, at the same time, to declare themselves to be the truth tellers and labelling the truth tellers as liars.

It is time for state governments to come to the rescue of the nation. Governors ought not have to threaten to separate from the Union, and lawmakers have no need to resign their legislative seats. In fact, if they do, that is exactly what Obama knows will give him more power to unilaterally appoint his own loyalists who would support his personal agenda to ultimately place himself into a permanent - albeit unconstitutional - position as the President. We have come to the time when our states and representatives are pleading helplessness to be able to stop Obama's destruction of America. And, therefore, it becomes incumbent upon We the people to take up the fight to keep America free and to not stop until the people are vindicated, Obama is impeached for treason, and America is restored to a safe, strong place in the nation and the world.

King Solomon has rightly said, "There is nothing new under the sun." There has always been some person who either thought themself to be God or to be above God. And they have managed to convince masses of people to follow them in that belief. Yet, their "god" will die and their plans will go into the ground with them. I wonder how much longer will people be deceived who have so much education at their disposal? Perhaps that is the case that they have come to believe they know it all.

To all, I say --- Do not fear the message which the messenger brings but fear the time when the messenger ceases to sound the warning. Because, whether they hear or refuse to hear, they will be without excuse to say nobody told them that God is real. That our God lives. And that He is the God of love, judgment, and of wrath.

So many dictators and leaders throughout history were brought low by God's almighty hand. Surely Obama has set himself up for a mighty fall in which all mankind will come to understand that none but God Himself is in total and complete charge of all things concerning all mankind and everything in this universe. They may continue to laugh and scoff and say that God is dead, but our God lives and He always has the last laugh. Whether any of mankind lives to see it come to fruition or not, we know God well enough to know that "God is not a man that He would lie."

My America, dear sweet homeland that remains pregnant with dreams born of freedom's song and drenched with the blood of embattled kinsmen who long ago defied a far off Monarchy (England) in order to establish and to help keep our nation as one flooded with free Godly men and women who will forever challenge all threats to their great Divine inheritance, which surely comes from God alone. God Has Blessed America! America Bless Our God and do not fear!!

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