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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dr. Laura, Don't Quit Now! Take it UP!

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Read: "Sarah Palin supports Dr. Laura . . Over N-word Controversy:
Don't retreat . . . reload!" NYDaily News, By Aliyah Shahid
Staff Writer, August 19, 2010

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

This latest public fight about what constitutes racial as opposed to racist remarks leads me to believe that before too long the American people will become incensed over even the use of the current California governor's name. I just remembered that years ago I watched a morning TV program where the black boxing great Mohammad Ali (formerly known as Cassius Clay) was a guest.

After the host had introduced Arnold Schwarzenegger as his next guest, Ali then piped up aloud and said, "OH! Schwartz-A-NIGGER." [true story] Ali then proceeded to break down Arnold's last name according to his own translation. And a good laugh was had by all in the studio. At that time, I had wondered how Arnold really felt about that moment. And it might not be too late to ask him about that now. He's probably forgotten it himself.

Let me ask you this. How many of you saw that program or even remember it now? I can't even recall the name of that prominent host or the name of that program. So, you see, people have short memories who have lived long enough to overcome such outright disrespect of others by remembering later in life how they were taught to use old-fashioned self-respect, common courtesy, and commonsense respect toward others. And until and unless all of our children (individually and collectively) are taught those social graces and have seen them demonstrated, then we will still find ourselves continuously fending off this same unresolved issue of race instead of having to constantly teach new generations that there is a big difference between the concepts of just trying to talk about race and going ahead to practice racism.

It is past time for people of all ages and races to know exactly what constitutes being a bigot from that of being able to openly and honestly discuss any issues of bigotry among a civilized society. Instead, what we find are too many people whose only reason for living is to pile on others with their crowd mentality. They believe they have a "constitutional" right to blame, shame, and accuse people and sentence them to a boycott and isolation and poverty on matters that have nothing whatsoever to do with either legalities or their resultant penalties which, in fact, are nowhere to be found in any law book. They are working outside of the law.

Dr. Laura Baptized Deeper Into The Crucibles of Hate and Fire

Dr. Laura Schlessinger has long been rightly described as a prominent conservative radio talk show host and author. She has worked hard at her profession to achieve credibility and notoriety as a public figure whose voice has emboldened many, angered many others, but she also helped many more people than those found among either of those categories.

If Dr. Laura does not continue to use her first amendment and God-given rights on her radio program where she has great access, then she will only have capitulated to those people who have long agitated for the departure of her voice from the public stage. Furthermore, if Dr. Laura left after having been fully baptized in the crucibles of hate and fire to the point of making her want to give up her radio broadcast, then she will ensure only that she will become a blip on the radar of time and only a brief memory, at best, when the steam blows over. Therefore, she needs to hold on to where she is and become even more bolder in speaking out the truth.

When Shirley Sherrod's remarks were recently taken out of context and she was fired from her government job, reporters went back and found the context of her remarks and she was hailed as a hero, forgiven, interviewed on many programs, and even promised a brand new promotion in government (if she chose to accept it). As of this date, she reportedly has not been willing to accept the government's offer of a new promotion unless black farmers are also helped.

But, in Dr. Laura's case, her words were taken out of context, also. Yet, many reporters, pundits, and politico foes have failed to correct the record or to dig deeper into the fundamental issues surrounding the inability of a mature people to have a civil discourse among the races on the subject of race. Many articles written about Dr. Laura's controversial radio broadcast failed to print the name of her "AA caller" (i.e., African-American, black female). It was she whose on-air question sparked this ongoing controversy swirling around Dr. Laura's direct use of the word, "Nigger." However, she did not use it to demean or accuse either her caller or her audience. She had tried to make a salient point; and, in view of the outcome, it appears Dr. Laura's point was well taken. She observed how it seemed that only black people could use that now infamous word, "Nigger," but that white people or any other race could not use that word.

Dr. Laura answered a question put to her by a young black woman and she was once again subjected to "the politically correct court of public opinion," which carries no force of law. However, it can do a lot of personal and professional damage to anybody who is subjected to it. Many times, there are various so-called "news reporters" who will get it started, lead the way forward, and never turn back to apologize or retract anything to let their audience know when they have reported their own untruthful version of "the news." So it is done, I believe, once again, in Dr. Laura's case.

Who was Dr. Laura's "caller" and what is her name? Nita Hanson. Where is a copy of the transcript of Dr. Laura's radio broadcast taped on that memorable day? Why would that caller phone to speak with a white female therapist for help on a live radio broadcast knowing that she wanted to discuss a problem she was having with her white husband's friends and relatives using the word, "Nigger," and other terms she took exception to being used around her?

Exactly what was her purpose in phoning Dr. Laura's public radio broadcast, if she couldn't withstand the truth from a professional woman whom she apparently knew to be equipped to help her? It is still not too late for that caller to consider asking herself what has kept her from satisfactorily addressing that particular issue of race in her own home and within her own interracial family?

Did she think Dr. Schlessinger was not supposed to ask her about the circumstances of her situation or to not use that term, herself, in soliciting information from her about it? Did that black female caller ever ask her own family members to help her with her own "race" situation? I don't believe those name-calling attitudes by her white husband's family and friends (if they occurred) would have become manifested only after she married her white husband. Who and where is he? And, even if that might be the case, then why would she decide to place herself in that situation in the first place? Did she think she could either ignore the situation, live with it, or else change THEM after the fact?

Even if that caller had previously reached out for help elsewhere but didn't like any of the recommendations she may have received, perhaps she should have called on Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson or Barack Obama's ACORN pals to help her to take care of the situation.

Dr. Laura, Don't back down. Take it UP And Run With It!

Using the word, "Nigger," was not thought to be a cuss word by most black parents years ago. If that were the case, they would have sentenced their children to their bedrooms for the duration of their childhood and sealed their windows and doors so they wouldn't hear it. But they sent their children out of the room when they listened to and laughed at their phonograph recordings and the radio shows of the late Richard Pryor and the late Redd Foxx, because of all the other trash talking that followed that particular word they used in their act! To be sure, their entire acts were untamed for young ears; and the parents knew it and shielded their children from what was called, "their party records."

Both of those comedians and many others like them had gained and lost lots of money for their coffers. And they made a lot of people laugh until they cried, because of their personal usage of that (now censored) familiar word. But seated among so many of those Pryor and Foxx listeners were the very same black leaders who are right now trying to censor everybody else and shut them up from using that word, even during a discussion towards resolution or by repeating it for clarification. They prefer, instead, to force all grown folk to say their new, made up babyfied "N-word" in much the same way Rev. Jesse Jackson and the late Mrs. Coretta Scott King introduced their new term, "African American." And black folk and everybody else have been confused about what to call us ever since.

No problem. I am an American and proud of it!

My mother and father and family have already raised me in the admonition of the Lord and in citizenship. And not one of those black men was anywhere around whenever black folk sought help from anybody in the time of trouble. Those same men who are still alive today are still finding newer ways for them to cause issues of race to antagonize and to divide the American people in a heretofore settled race situation. They were all out for only themselves and they remain so today!

Why should grown up folk cower in the face of their outrageous cowardice and their toothless edicts, which carry no force of law no matter how many hate laws they might try to illegally pass in order to prepare citizens for their oncoming coup? Everything they are trying to do in the name of "civil rights," is being done against our constitutional foundation and faith for them to try to lend credence to their own civil wrongs against humanity. (Yes, you may quote me)

When the United States Supreme Court had the temerity to allow Americans and strangers to urinate and defecate on the American flag and rip it to pieces; label homosexuals as qualified to have special rights; allow porno flicks to be freely displayed in public; approve of gutter words to be spread across every channel in this nation; and mandate that sexual predators could freely walk our streets day or night, then it seems to me we have a much larger problem in America than fighting people who are trying to shut our mouths from speaking the truth about all these things. However, if we ignore their illegal actions taken against us and refuse to allow them to control us, then they will get the message and soon fade off the scene. And our faith, family, and culture will be much better served by having them fade away when they realize that we the people of America will no longer be patronized or forced to apologize or capitulate for our speaking what is true.

Moreover, if the word, "Nigger," had been so offensive to so many black people for so many years, then why didn't those black men with their years of loading up church coffers for their pockets, using political leadership of all races to cover up their corruption, and stealing taxpayer dollars of every denomination, step in to stop those name-calling "perpetrators" themselves while they were still alive? It is because, while they were alive then, none of those in leadership wanted to step on anybodies monetary toes.

And, today, those same black male leaders are showing all of these younger black, gullible males how to foster their own brand of control over citizens through the ballot box. Barack Obama did it, so why not them? But thank God they are all failing to meet the test, because they are playing a dangerous game of trying to see who can be the slickest man about town. And, what's more, many of them are finding themselves languishing behind bars (i.e., those who are corrupt and think they are not accountable to anybody for their actions). And that also goes for the females who are following in their crooked footsteps. That "Nobody is above the law" is more than just a slogan and not even any President of the United States is exempt from obeying the laws of God and man, with impunity and without accountability.

Here We Go Again!

During the time when many prominent black women civil rights activists lifted their voices and called, begged, and pleaded for racial derogatory terms being used about black women to cease from among our youth, many of the black leaders joined the youth to reject their call at that time. And, now many of those black women we heard from are dead and gone. But the children of those same men are now highly educated and well fixed in the professional realm off the backs of many blacks. Still the black race has not gotten rid of many of the remaining impoverished communities (black, white, red, or yellow).

Yet, even now many of the "edumacated" (sic) blacks still get offended at the sound of the word, "Niggher?" (sic) And how many other people who hear that word, even as written here, cringe, blanch, and slink away from any person who uses that word in 2010, simply because it has been pronounced as evil by people who have said and done far worse?

But we must remind all of them like our parents told us in the heat of the struggle for real civil rights, that word only meant "an ignorant person," or "a piece of wood." And then our parents let us continue on our way in life towards being "All that we could be," in the name of Jesus. And the reason we are able to stand firm today is because we are firmly planted in His truth far beyond any plans that man had in store for us no matter what race they might be.

The leadership of today cannot do it that way, because this battle is all about them taking control and having it their way. No more and no less. These black leaders today didn't want to step on their comedian friends' money parade back then. And, if they can continue to control citizens on just their own say so alone and without having the benefit of going through any legal actions taken by our legislature or judiciary, then why bother with those branches of government at all has to be their way of thinking. Every time citizens give in to their unstated, made-up-on-the-spot illegal policies and pronouncements out of their fear of black leaders, whether they are elected or are not qualified to run for any local, state, or national, office and to be accepted, then every constitutional right we have will have been subjected to their fake coalition-parliamentarian-grassroots fiats. And the people will get used to that form of governance. We will no longer have our democracy of the American Republic of representative government.

We find ourselves living in a make believe society of grown up folk acting like little children who have so little regard for one another, themselves, or any other people living around them. They have never been taught to respect their elders so they have no respect to give to any one at any time. Yet, they want to demand respect from everyone every time. And not by asking for it outright but by projecting onto other people their own outward fears and inward hurts through their threats and intimidation toward others in order to force them to conform to their ways through unlawful use of their gang mentality.

Such are the cowards that Americans have raised up in the midst of a nation of plenty, whereby all the children ever had to do was to ask them for something, lean back, and then look to be waited on by their parents knowing that they were too afraid to say, "NO!" to them out of fear that they might lose their children's love, if they denied them anything, whether they could afford to give it to them or not.

My Authority to Weigh in Comes From God and My Family

I have a loving interracial family and I have also had many interracial and international friendships for many decades. The question of race may have entered into our initial conversations with one another but love, common courtesy, respect and our ability to talk together openly, honestly, and forthrightly has been the glue that has sealed every attempt against anybody or anything trying to break us apart as a family. And, so, it has never happened nor will it ever be the case. My grown children and grandchildren are able to get along with anybody. That is what it means to know Christ Jesus and to grow up in Him.

But, in today's societal climate of integration and higher education, it boggles my mind why this particular issue of race has exploded on the societal scene once more. Except to say that it is done to split apart this nation thanks to Barack Obama's ongoing agenda to destroy America in order to create a subservient, third-world class of people on the western front.

Too many Americans have misunderstood the ideology that says we are all equal and that life has to be fair. Neither of those sayings is true. Some people are more advanced than others. Some are more wealthier than others. Some are in positions of authority which places them over others. And this is where the problem comes in for a nation's people. Whenever either men or women who are in positions of authority have not adhered to the will, way, and word of our God, they begin to think they have placed themselves into those positions. And they begin to believe they can misuse their authority to abuse any and all who do not go along with what they say.

Dictators are not of God but they are of Satan. Even our rule of law forbids any in leadership to misuse their positions of authority to abuse anybody. Unfortunately, by then, their minds are too far gone for them to ever believe they will get caught and punished. Despite the many past and present examples of failed leadership, they refuse to believe they will ever be caught and suffer the same fate as others. And, that's why it is important for Americans to not allow anybody to change the history of how we arrived by Judeo-Christian principles and the United States Constitution of our forefathers, which have stood the test of hundreds of years growth.

Our government doesn't care anything about your constitutional rights to petition, phone, write, fax, email, visit, complain, and "rant" to get relief. Right now, the Obama administration is literally building walls to act as their defense against even having visitors to go up the steps of the Capitol much less the White House. And, if Obama gets his way, all the internet social networks, television, radio, telephone, and every other technological form of communication he is hooking into the Oval Office will allow him to cut off any communication, PERIOD, any time he feels like it! And none of those who follow behind Obama will ever stop fighting to control every area of our lives until they have worn down every defense and strength of anybody who is on God's side for "truth, justice, and the American way" (Quoted: fictitious character, "Superman").

How much longer are Americans supposed to allow those hurt feelings coming from each new generation of whiny children of yesterday to spill over into our Godly peace and prosperity?! They never had to live through an entire moment of personal terror or intimidation without help to overcome it; and, yet, they have now become the domestic little terrorists and intimidators in their homes, churches, communities, and in our government office buildings!

Don't ever let Americans (regardless of color, race, sex (male or female), religion, national origin) become ignorant revisionists who want to rewrite our history to suit their personal agendas, which they have designed to make themselves stronger and citizens weaker. It is time they understood that we who are still alive have remained by God's will to expose their erasinity. And we will continue to let those who try to change and do away with our history know that they shall fail; and, in the same way as the Obama and Dem's progressive-socialist-community agenda, they shall never prevail.

This is not the time for Dr. Laura to push her microphone away and step back. This is the time for her and everybody who loves God, America, family, and truth to pull their microphones closer to their mouths and lean in to use them like trumpets to sound the alarm to every man, woman, boy, and girl across this nation that in order to be free, they must first wrestle themselves away from the real slavers of their lives starting first with themselves!

Dr. Laura must not quit now that this controversy has bashed through the gateway to the American race issue more than at any other time. The national media missed reporting her main point regarding this issue; and, yet, in context, her point has to be made, heard, and addressed towards closing that scab which was picked open once more and left festering by Barack Obama when he appeared on the national political stage during the 2008 Election for President as a black illegal undercover Socialist candidate.

However, what does it take to convince people to stop playing with our freedoms and constitution? God in heaven will show them, because I have taken it UP, and the Lord's hand is coming down!

In the meantime, we will keep on praying and getting in touch with all of those elected and nonelected leaders all across this nation to let them know we are not at all pleased with what they are doing to our country. As well, it is now time to let newcomers know that America is the last bastion of freedom and that Americans near and far are not willing to allow anybody to (mis)use our own laws against us.

NOBODY is free to do whatever they want in America or any place else. If it were not true, we would have no need for legitimate laws for the good and decent order of a prosperous and Godly society, which we have. People of many nationalities have been welcomed on these shores, and they made the choice to come. But they must also adhere to our laws and respect the faith which caused us to have a great nation. Nobody has the right to either be born here or to come here and change America into what they have left behind in other nations. They must understand that now is their time to make a choice.

Our government says that dual citizenship is fine with them. But we the people know that living in America does not mean having separate nations set aside throughout the United States. That way of life is neither feasible nor conducive to maintaining a stable and just society. When people understand that we are not a weak people and that our love of God and country is not for sale, then perhaps they will really begin to understand why every true American patriot remains ever so ready, willing, and able to jealousy guard all of it from being unlawfully changed and destroyed by interlopers masquerading as American citizens. All those who believe they can do that really don't know our nation's history.

It remains true today more than ever before that the only race which really matters is the human race guarding our electoral races during each upcoming election year in America. It is time, once again, to consider wisely and prayerfully before you pull that lever to vote on November 2, 2010, as a legal citizen and as a person who is lawfully registered to vote. And, if you want to do that, then commit to full citizenship and all that comes with it.

REMINDER: Vote in 2010 as if it were 2012!

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