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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama Wages War Against Our God,
And He Should Tremble

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

People are falling all over themselves trying to justify Barack Obama's position as "the first black" President of the United States of America. But they have forgotten where he came from (i.e., if they ever knew). But, they don't know simply because he has refused to come clean with the nation and, instead, has shown himself to be untrustworthy. What's more, he has not travelled that far from his old ways and doesn't intend to do so. And, when we consider whatever part of what we do know about Barack and Michelle, his wife, and their global "partnerships" used to help them lie, cheat, and steal their way into the White House, then all these sordid conditions which have overtaken this nation, and though unwelcomed, are not all that surprising.

The world population has met its axis of evil in every part of the world. And although many of the American people thought former President George W. Bush was evil (and I did not agree with their assessment), but about Obama, I have come to believe there is none so vile (evil) as Obama. Even though he is currently the United States President, he fails to understand there is no way that he can disregard the Constitution and the form of governance laid out in it, and remain without being held to the strictest accountability.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

NAACP Is The Pot Calling The (TEA)Kettle Black!

Rev. Lainie Dowell

I am not a spokesperson for the TEAParty; but, if anybody has an inside view of the NAACP and their losing tactics of many years, I do. The DEMS and NAACP have a long-standing love affair with one another -- especially during the voting season. White politicians who never seemed to have the time to step foot in a black church found time during election years.

Its a well-known edict that says politics and religion do not mix. But they certainly do make for strange bedfellows (i.e., the black church and the elected politicians of all hues).

For decades, many black Pastors who wanted to increase their church size and coffers have learned that in order to achieve their financial goals they could cozy up to local, state, and national politicos (including the President of the United States).
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

REPRITUKSKY - Barack Obama Take Heed
The Prophetic Voice Speaks

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

I had just finished recording a brand new prophetic word given to me from the Lord. Then I turned on Fox Cable TV and Glen Beck was on. He was interviewing Rev. Stephen Broden, Pastor, Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church, of Dallas, Texas. Rev. Broden is currently a GOP candidate seeking office in the 2010 election. And I bear witness to his spirit that he is a man of God.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barack Obama and His Glory Days Are Past

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Americans are not quitters. Barack Obama and all of his thugs shall be ousted from the seat of government, because there is a meeting underfoot somewhere which will be sure to put them out of office. Even though the mention of the name, Barack Hussein Obama, brought along shouts of jubilee everywhere he went and sent shivers down the leg of Chris Matthews (MSNBC-TV) during the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign, now that same shiver is the result of a serious cooling off period all across this nation. Over time, this has become a nation running over with back stabbers, ingrates, and mindless takers who have no regard for anyone but themselves.

In many corners of this nation and of the world, also, America's darling child, Obama, has already worn down his phony welcoming smile and rambunctious swagger. The world has had a chance to take a good long hard look at our man in the White House and many do not much like what they see looking back. For, if ever there was a shyster in the marketplace branding and packaging his wares after the likes of Superman and all of his imagined power, it was Barack Obama.

To let him and his wife, Michelle, tell it, he was the man who could do anything and everything but fail. But, after all of his cheerleading, propagandist touting of "Yes we can!" and much talking about "hope and change," it would appear, however, that his media-driven brand has lost its luster. And the tarnish has run down the streets of America so fast that not even Mr. Clean can help to restore him. So sure was he that Americans would overlook anything he said and did that he started out of the gate at break neck speed to try to break the bank and the backs of America.

After a mere -- fully -- a mere short time in office, Obama has found out how necessary it is for him to have had the right experience for such a huge responsibility. It must be sinking into him by now that he can no longer blame the previous administrations and the past events that occurred across this nation for what is now totally in his own bailiwick. It has not been that long ago that Americans and others across the globe heard him proclaim in an arrogant way that he was the only hope for American reforms and changes from all of the previous let downs. In 2008, Obama could not even wait to get into the White House before he assembled his team and scattered them across the nation and the world before he was officially installed into the White House Oval Office.

Have we so quickly forgotten that following his nomination by the democrat party, he took steps to declare himself the head of that party and began an immediate move of the entire Democratic National Convention into his home state of Illinois? President Bush was still the President, but Obama saw himself as the man in charge. He was the man who would beat the foes of America away from our gates. He was the "money man" and the "people person." It seemed as if the whole world lay at his feet or so they would have you to believe. Nevertheless, Obama continued to flaunt a determined demeanor that he would either break America or die trying.

Never in all my years have I witnessed such a blatant attack by any President of the United States of America to come down on the American people themselves. It is as if voters had brought in an outsider and handed him the reins while they tried to settle on a real candidate. And, that is just what has been done. That is, by those who had fallen for his spiel.

There can be no other excuse, except that this black man was better at speaking than Americans were at listening. And there could be no other person as conspicuous as Obama than Hitler himself. He had also fooled the people from the outset of his taking office. But in the same way now as then, with all of the available documentation, warning bells were set off; and Obama and his co-conspirators just smiled more and talked louder. That is the way of death, doom, and decay; and Obama is leading with each stroke of his pen to take over every aspect of our life. With all of the warnings, Obama and his thugs are emboldened rather than repentant.

The election process. The legislative process. The judicial process. The Office of the President. The citizens.

Too many have gone the way of the Roman and Greek Empires of old. All of the moral turpitude and Godly character that resided in America have lessened. And our elected leaders are telling us to wait until November 2010 to address the decadence still underway at the hands of Obama? Republican leaders are fighting against one another and are either excusing Obama or making excuses for him and condemning one another. What is wrong that they cannot see it? The whole world is in the grips of Satanic forces that have blinded so many and they stumble along in their blindness.

Democrats have changed our language and many Republicans and Independents in the church and out on the street corners have joined in to cheer them on. Democrats now speak of "morals" as being the right of a woman to murder babies in the womb, and they also encourage people to rush to bury the sick and elderly in an early tomb. They do not hesitate to call truth a lie and a lie their truth. They do not hesitate to call wrong right and right wrong. In the same vein, they do not honor the physical differences that separate a male from a female person and a boy from a girl. In their mad rush to destroy America, they spew their ungodly perverse lifestyles in the pathways of our children's young minds and teach them that whatever they want to do is perfectly all right because there are no boundaries and there is no accountability to anybody but to themselves. And then they legislate their filth into law, as if that makes it all right. But it is not all right and anybody with an ounce of character, faith in God, and a little knowledge and wisdom ought not be ashamed or afraid to say we will not be deterred from God's way.

If this is America, then we need to apologize to our forefathers and ancestors for what she has become.

If this is America, then we need not ever try to solve anything again because under the Obama Administration our nation will be past resolving anything by the time election November 2, 2010 rolls around.

Standing up, speaking out, and praying will save America. And so, too, will getting all of the people ready to fight as one against all of the corruption which has taken over. And that is what happens in America when people are taught that anything and everything goes. But that, also, remains to be seen.

Americans have been scattered for too long by trying to be all things to all people all over the world and not paying enough attention to the home front. As a consequence, every person wants to be the boss and do everything. But, Obama has already made that mistake and people who love God, family, and country need not do the same. Everybody has a role to fill and when you don't know who you are, there's always going to be somebody to tell you who you are. There is never any excuse to have a strong, patriotic, Godly nation such as America brought down low as the lowest of the low have done in less than two years and more than at any other time in history. But we must also remember that the DEMS did not just become the Majority Party and neither did Barack Obama just get into government.

Nevertheless, Obama and DEMS maintain the Republicans are the "party of No!" However, it is they who have refused to work together on a bipartisan basis for the good of this country. After all, the Obama-Acorn-Alinsky-Project Vote, global, one-world partnerships did not just spring up to infest this nation with their Socialist-Communist-Marxist-Atheist murderous ideology (singular purpose). But patriotic Americans have always believed the United States Constitutional oath of office vowed by elected leaders would hold this nation in good stead. Until now! That is why it is unfathomable that people have continued to elect representatives who utterly refuse to take that all important stand to correct the wrong-headed way in which Obama is violating his oath of office, usurping congressional power and authority, and breaking down societal values and our constitutional foundation.

What are they waiting for?! Obama's Militia made up of foreign forces and his martial law edicts to confine us and surround us like herds of penned up cattle? And all the while, the people who have the microphones and printing presses are telling us to not say anything. Yet they remain silent. Well, keep silent and our prayers will bombard heaven such that not even the days of Sampson will be remembered as God's greatest show of wrath against those scoffers. And, as we say where I come from, "If Almighty God gives this people a pass, then He ought to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah." And we know that will never happen.

This is a message about coming together and taking a committed stand as one force. Taking back America involves an act of complete and total dedication. We know Obama's days of self-imposed glory are gone. Which will you choose? Fighting one another or fighting against all of the attempts of the Obama family of mafia types who want to finally destroy America and all of her glory?


"Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build. Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." -Psalm 127:1 KJV

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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Rev. Lainie Dowell

Who doesn't believe that it is time to stop the war on the homefront among ourselves?

What is going on in America? Oh I know. Pull the societal standards down so low that people will pay no attention when you get down and dirty and join in with the crowd. In fact, the instigating onlookers may even wonder what took you so long to "get with it?" Well, I don't like it. Now we even have Senators sitting in the people's government chambers speaking out arrogantly, publicly cussing, and being disrespectful to the American citizens watching, and to one another. They have also turned crucial hearings into a circus act when, in these troublesome times, we need serious, thoughtful solutions and strong Godly leadership at the helm. But, if citizens and officials keep acting like vigilantes going after whistleblowers as if they are the enemy, then we won't have any official advocates to lead the battle on the domestic front much less to advocate for our military fighting on foreign shores to help keep America free.

As if it wasn't bad enough that we find ourselves having to wade through all of those many deliberate attacks being hurled all over the place by Barack Obama and the DEMS against everything America holds dear, now we have to duck and dodge vicious attacks coming our way from our own side of the poliltical fence by all the squabbling over a provable statement made by the GOP Chairman, Michael Steele. Have Republicans been around the democrat party so long that they have begun to think and act in the same crass and illegal way as so many of them do? This ongoing disregard for the Rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution has to stop!

Republicans And Media Are Going After the Wrong Black Man. Is Steele Their Scapegoat?

Don't these Republicans and the media who ought to be honored to have free access to a national and international audience understand they are abusing their privilege to be a voice for positive change in America? Instead, they have become apologists for Barack Hussein Obama with all that he has deliberately and purposely done to destroy our constitutional foundation and to utterly destroy America. What's more, GOPers shamelessly allow him to continue to do that, with impunity and without accountability. Yet, not one GOPer who has told the truth about Obama and his direction for this country has done so without their being called a racist, hatemonger, and homophobe, followed by a call for their apology and resignation, and whatever else devious minds can conjure up to try to get rid of them and, thereby, hold on to the DEMS majority in the legislature.

Worst yet is how Obama and his "partnerships" are able to lead the nation down the same community organizer, lobbyist, propagandist, Alinsky-Socialist path while projecting onto others what they, themselves, are guilty of doing. And now Republicans are trying to join their wayward agenda of political destruction. They are shamelessly leading a public mob towards trying to oust GOP Chairman Michael Steele and to disrupt that organizational structure at a crucial time in this nation's history. But they are going after the wrong black man, because Steele spoke out and told the truth about Obama. Indeed, Obama did choose the Afghanistan War over the Iraq War; and, therefore, the Afghan War is Obama's war, as both Obama and Steele have said.

Anybody who cares to take a few minutes to either google or visit the youtube site can quickly find out that Steele told the truth about Obama and his stated attitude toward the Afghan War. What's more, archival publications reveal that Obama himself had announced that he chose the Afghanistan War over the Iraq War and that he promised he would pursue that course, if he were elected President. Somebody needs to go back and reread that portion and run, don't walk, to the nearest search engine. Better yet, why not just pick up the telephone and call Obama or one of his spokesmen and spokeswomen and ask them? Pray they haven't developed a memory lapse, too.

So-called learned politicos such as Karl Rove, Bill Kristol, and Liz Cheney have been joined by Fox Cable TV pundits and other Republicans (elected and unelected) to call for Steele to apologize and to resign. Why, should this be when not only has Obama smashed our United States Constitution into the dirt but he has also made no secret of it? And, yet, Obama remains without those same GOPers and media calling for his own ouster. Now it appears that our (once trusted) Republicans in leadership and media types have gotten down into the mud with Obama and his Chicago thugs. But have they forgotten that Republicans have strong backbones?

This is not a time for any politically correct genuflecting and flashing of teeth and gracefully bowing out in a cowardly fashion! In fact, we need many more who are in leadership positions to grow a spine and stand tall against such outrageous behavior. Why? Because if the truthtellers can be so easily intimidated into shutting up and slinking away, then where does that leave the people who elected them to defend us in "the land of the free and the home of the brave?" BRAVE is the key. Stand tall and refuse to be silenced. Wherever truth leads, follow it and shout it from the rooftops, without apology or fear. I have an elderly Christian woman friend who puts it like this, where she says, "Before I take it back, I'll add to it!"

Senator Robert C. Bird (D-WV) - The Last Living U.S. Statesman

Whether anybody wants to accept it or not, the late Senator Robert Bird (D-WV) was the last living statesman in the United States Congress, and I fear Statesmenship died with him. One thing we know about him is how much he loved God, his family, and this country. He had the utmost respect for, and knowledge of, the Rule of Law and the United States Constitution. He also knew how to keep the government in order when elected men and women were in session to conduct the nation's business. They knew they could count on him to hold them accountable, when needed.

Senator Bird was tough but he knew what he was talking about and he was a gentle man but strong, dependable, and trustworthy. That's why I periodically phoned his office in Washington, D.C., just to let his staff know how much I, as a Republican, appreciated him. More often than not, he was right, as many a freshman legislator and President found out. And he proved he knew how to give a speech from the Senate podium from a piece of paper that went straight to the heart. And that's because he knew his subject in his heart. Nevertheless, our so-called scholarly types continue to talk about a certain matter pertaining to him that Senator Bird had long since repented for. Oh yes, they all have a long memory when it comes to others but it becomes short-term where their business is concerned.

God bless the late Senator Robert C. Bird (D-WV). Long live the United States Senate and the entire United States Congress in accordance with God, national pride, and the United States Constitution.

Republicans and all citizens in the public eye have a duty of care to check their facts before rushing forth to lynch somebody. That's what I said. And, if Chairman Steele or anybody else continues to apologize for telling the truth, then America may as well turn out the lights on the Fourth of July and close up the nation. Truth is as truth does. It cleanses and refreshes and makes room for healthy growth. And, that is what is now missing from America, particularly since Barack Obama and his "appointees," "czars," and "nominees" took over the keys to the White House. Obama even had the nerve to make a joke about the "Red Phone," while giving a presser during the visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. I have yet to hear anybody comment on that outrageous "gaff."

As long as I've been grown enough to know about politics, I have never heard one United States President so much as mention "Red Phone" publicly, Not even in a whisper. Others would talk about "the football," but I thought Obama, as President, was acting like a child with a new "secret," that he couldn't hold in any longer. How many other "secrets" are coming from out of the White House?

Are Obama and his Chi-thugs the only people in America who are being given so many opportunities to finally tell the truth before anybody will step forth to call for either their ouster, resignation, or impeachment and trial for telling so many provable lies to this nation? That would appear to be the case and it is a sad commentary, indeed, on how low America has fallen in the eyes of the nation, the world, and -- most of all -- God. Obama and the Dems deny they are responsible and they are delighted to see this distraction to, hopefully, permanently move Steele out of their way. They know Steele is a formidable opponent on the battlefield in this fierce fight for the life of America. And I say to him and all such Patriots, stand your ground, as I know you will.


How quickly people forget (when and what they want to). Anybody who paid attention to the 2008 campaign and could read far beyond Obama's podium speeches, could not help but recall his stated commitment to wage war in Afghanistan, but they do not care to know the truth of the matter. Yes, Obama chose that war just as he chose to step into the White House. He did not inherit anything. Nobody died to leave him in charge. America is still alive. And he also willingly chose to put himself in that position while claiming he was up to the job. He cannot continue to put the blame on former President Bush or anybody else. For, when Obama raised his hand on January 20, 2009, and took that all-important oath of office, he was it! He wanted it and yet he has done all he can to try to disprove that he is responsible for all that comes his way as that office dictates, even to this very day.

Here is a vivid sample to thump somebody on the head and wake them up to the truth of the matter concerning this disconcerting and unnecessary go-around about Michael Steele and his chairmanship, where Obama himself had said the following in the Washington Post newspaper in August 2007 (quoted below in part):

In his most comprehensive statement on terrorism, the senator from Illinois said that the Iraq war has left the United States less safe than it was before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and that if elected he would seek to withdraw U.S. troops and shift the country's military focus to threats in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

When I am president, we will wage the war that has to be won," he told an audience at the Woodrow Wilson Center in the District. He added, "The first step must be to get off the wrong battlefield in Iraq and take the fight to the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Source: Read full article here Washington Post , by Dan Balz, August 2007.

Another online resource can be found to respond to the dispute at: Read how on August 1, 2007, Obama speaks at length about the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, as he moves towards the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign.

John Fund tried to put forth the right perspective, when he was interviewed on Fox News on July 3, 2010. Despite Fund's near agreement with all the other detractors, he at least recognizes how disruptive it would be to remove Steele from his post at this time. At the same time, we could not miss the fact that the detractors have reached all the way back in his past for what they considered were other misdeeds by Steele to try to justify ousting him now. But he had undergone a tough battle and had stood a legitimate election to get accepted into that post.

Many people who are now screaming for Steele to be pushed aside were not elected by anybody and they act as if they could care less about digging for the facts. That smacks of a lynch mob mentality to me, because they practically bragged about circumventing Steele's authority to lessen his political role for the GOP. These political jobs are not a contest where people phone in to pick and choose their favorite. But could it be that Steele is their scapegoat to take the place of Obama whom they act as if it would be a sacrilege to hold him accountable for not upholding the United States Constitution and for not leading this nation in the way our forefathers set forth and for which he has taken various oaths for which he agreed to obey and to adhere to but has failed to do so (i.e., Illinois State Senator, U.S. Senator, and as President of the United States)?

I want to see all of the loudest among them -- media included -- go jump on Obama to make him get his act in order. After all, isn't he supposed to be the one in the most prestigious office of all but who has so much left to be desired? Like Obama, some Republicans are now trying to micromanage everybody else's business instead of getting out of the way and letting people do their jobs as long as they're fighting to get their job done right. If only those same scoffers would just tend to their job (albeit as unelected pundits) and stand up for the truth no matter where it lands. People need to either speak now or be silenced forever right here in America under an Obama Administration, where his Executive Orders are narrowing the field of liberty every day.

The news media and pundits have forgotten their purpose and want to be the news rather than report real news. They act as if they were the ones elected, and too many continue to try hard to affect national policy. And, if that is what they want to do, then they need to get up out of those news chairs and run for office, themselves. And they'll find that it only looks easy to the onlookers, because the previous United States Presidents, the Governors, and the elected officials made it look that way. But that was because they knew what they were doing. So, while all of this infighting and disrespecting one another continues, Obama and his international "partnerships" are conspiring to utterly destroy America. And, from where I sit, they are very close to their finish line and they need to be stopped.

Keep on trying to fight and silence and ostracize the people who try to sound the warnings and you prove you really do not have all the facts at hand about the dangers we face in this nation. The half has yet to be told right now. And keep on sleeping with your eyes wide open and shutting your ears to whistleblowers. And by the time you begin to see what is really happening in Washington, D.C., it will be too late to turn it around and then you can kiss America good-bye. Stop helping the unAmerican interlopers to kill off our freedoms. Speak up!

Republicans really don't need to be so quick to jump on Patriots like Steele who are working so hard to help return America to her once brilliant self. So, now, I wonder who will be the first person among those false accusers who will be big enough to apologize to Chairman Steele and to think twice before speaking out to condemn and confront any other person without bothering to offer any proof of possible wrongdoing. Anyone?
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