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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Obama-Soros Factor in the National Dry Run Up To the Kool-Aid Brigade

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

An Appeal to American Grown ups to Finally Grow up!

"When I was a child, I spake as a child. But when I became (grown up), I put away childish things." -Scripture

When I was a child, the grown ups put children in their place. They did not even have to be family members or neighbors, but grownups were quick to scat you out of the room so that they could have "grown folk talk" about matters not intended for little ears. And on the way out of their vicinity, the children were apt to hear somebody say, "Little children should be seen and not heard." But that was in my day. Today, the youngsters are telling grown folk to sit down, shut up, and -- in fact -- go away somewhere and die!

Fortunately, since I became grown and on my own, that mentality is a mere memory for me instead of a forceful manmade command by which I have to live my life. And, yet, I am watching the so-called educated and not-so-educated grown folk being bullied and pushed around daily by the Obama Administration including by his gang of ChiMITES, while grown ups stand and act helpless to stop this homegrown tyranny. Moreover, too many officials and main stream media mindlessly go along to kow tow to Obama's edicts from whatever comes into his mind. And, in their cult-like malaise, citizens are going along to obey these midnight mandates that Obama unilaterally hurls down towards them from the White House Oval Office. With just his pen and him alone, or his handy dandy email list of millions, he continues to illegally campaign and initiate grassroot changes to legal American policy, whether legislated or not, to cover our entire nation. Congress are you listening?

Americans -- Decision Time Is Here. Decide!

I am finding that what is going on today is the culmination of a plan that evolved decades ago. We can go back as far as the 1930s and beyond and back to this day, and we will see that, within context of the times, Senator Joe McCarthy really did know what he was talking about and what he was looking for during his Senatorial Subcommittee investigations into un-American activities. Now, in our time, when we need them more than ever, many of our political and clergy leaders are in hiding out of fear of being labelled racist, homophobes, crazy and all kinds of other combinations of negative words. To be sure, voices are speaking out against Obama and his administration's attempts to create a socialist-communist nation; however, many more voices are raising up to drown out our voices in order to stifle the truth we bring. So be it! Nevertheless --- Say on!!

During the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign, Barack Obama went all across this nation and in other parts of the world making all kinds of brash promises about the economy and the wars America has been heavily engaged in since before Obama sought that Office of President of the United States of America (POTUS).

Furthermore, throughout his campaigning, Obama made the claim and convinced millions of people in America and around the world that he was the only person who had what it took to fix the economic problems suffered by this nation. Instead, he and the Democratic Party (DEMS) decided to place all of the blame for the economic downturn on "an inheritance" from Former President George W. Bush. This is their lame attempt to excuse Obama's lack of competence and trustworthiness to adhere to his oath of allegiance to the Constitution of the United States. On the contrary, before he even got into office, he began to exhibit the demeanor of dictators and tyrants rather than as a servant of the people.

The Barack Obama-George Soros Factor in American Politics

On the national level, a little known factor remains unknown to a lot of trusting folk, which is that America does not belong to the American people. For the most part, it has been and continues to be bought up piece by piece by George Soros, a naturalized citizen since 1956, who came from Hungary. But a review of the Open Secrets records shows that Soros practically owns the Democrat Party lock, stock, and barrel. He is wealthy enough to buy or break up whole nations throughout the world, with impunity, including Russia and Britain, among many others.

Soros is one man who has written definitive books on the subject of global economics. But, the fact is, Obama and Soros have no intention of helping America to remain on top as the leader of the free world. They finally have this nation right where they want it -- broke and broken, and eager for a savior to step in to rescue them pennies on the dollar.

My ongoing investigation into Soros' activities leads me to the conclusion that, if America allows him to continue, without accountability, to manipulate the financial markets on the local and global scale, then they need to go back and apologize to Bernie Madoff and release him from prison. But Soros is the man who is a friend to the journalists who have given him honors and accolades over the years, as they have done for Obama in recent years.

By comparison to Soros, Madoff had remained a virtual recluse and his hedge fund activities also paled in comparison to the worldwide Soros organization, which is based in the Netherlands Antilles; and, as such, it is legally out of the purchasing reach and prohibitive to Americans who might want to buy a piece of his financial action. But, Soros has remained free to dabble in whatever global governmental financial market he chooses. He is the real fat cat who dispenses beau coups bucks and wields the power in the land.

Barack and Michelle Obama count lawyers and economists among their many friends and associates (male and female). In fact, many of them have also written books and taught in universities on the problems with, and the solutions for, global and local economies gone bad. As such, wouldn't you think that Obama could have gotten our devastating economic problems under control and this country up and running and back on course by now, if he really wanted to do so?

Archival news reports from many decades ago, show that Barack Obama has become the long-awaited, anointed, black boy of Soros and the DEMS. None of them has kept secret the fact that they are working hard in every branch of government to make up for the last eight years of the Bush Administration, when Bush would not allow the DEMS to put forth their progressive-socialist agendas in America. Now that Obama is POTUS, he is leading the charge to hand over our nation totally into the hands of his financial benefactor, George Soros. Get to know him, as so many politicians know about him but have kept quiet about his part in American political activities. They do not want to interfere with their personal campaign cash cow, Soros. And, they know, also, that Soros is the real person who has actually confessed to having a Messianic complex.

Over many years, Soros' has been known to have lost millions but has gone on to make billions of currency. And, his resources are tied up in everything from politics to drugs, education, money markets, energy, corporations, poverty, entire governments on the global scale, and as a part of all aspects of the life of billions of people worldwide. Soros is known as the "go-to man" in matters pertaining to money, regardless of the national denomination on the bills.

Still, we are watching as Americans are being manipulated in a "come here, stay there" kind of sadistic testing from Soros and Obama to see just how far they can push the citizens before they will rebel and rise up to repel their abusive leadership. And, as with what happened with Jim Jones and his followers in Jonestown, Guyana, both Soros and Obama already know the exact point at which they can pull out the real poison. And they know that their followers will either take a drink from their fount or else die, upon their command, by the hands of their faithful followers. But, are Americans ready to take that drink or will our leaders take decisive action to stop their mass genocide? If not, then they will also owe Hitler an apology, as well. That's just how critical this moment in our time has become. And it becomes more crucial to be attended to, because of the "wait and see" attitude of so many people who still have not gotten the revelation about ObamaTRAUMA yet.

The Corrupt Chicago, Illinois, Machinery

We may all live in one world, but we do not live with one mind to speak as one voice for the whole world. Yet, we are being constrained by a godless leadership that seeks to make us into automatons who move all together in one direction. And, at the eb and flow of political polls, we have been made out to be the government's determining factor for what kind of life we should all live. Cronyism has taken the place of service, when it is expedient for the service provider to protect campaign contributors and colleagues who abuse and misuse their authority.

As a part of our free society, Americans have been given a lot to think about since becoming introduced to the corrupt Chicago, Illinois, machinery now being led nationally by Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff. And it seems the decision that we now face is how to respond to the question about just how badly do we want to have America to remain our free Homeland and for our Constitutional freedoms to remain intact now and for generations to come?

Obama Continues the One-World Agenda of The Bill Clinton Years

Obama ripped and tore into political colleagues and opponents alike with his many propagandist lies to detract citizens from the crucial issues at hand. He knowingly and willfully made enemies out of his own personal friends. And, all the while, he never broke a sweat. It seems that lying comes easy to him. Obama never changed the expression on his face. Instead, he boldly set up people in strategic places between him and his "detractors" to fend off anybody that he deemed to be his opponent. And, he carried on with what he was doing as though nothing was amiss in the land.

A review of the news from the past reveals that Obama is the puppet whose strings are being pulled and financed by George Soros who owns a large part of America even though Americans cannot buy into his many corporations and businesses, because they are based in the Netherlands. Obama is the front man and Rahm Emanuel jumped off the "Hillary Ship" to work with him during the 2008 campaigning to help get him elected. And, with the billions of dollars Obama had access to through his political connections and professional affiliations, he did not need the nickles and dimes of Americans. He just did not want them to have any money left to mount a legal fight against his outrageous attempts to finalize the socialism-communism plans for which the DEMS are proud now to call themselves, "progressives."

Barack Obama currently occupies a treasured position of trust in this nation, all because American citizens wanted to make history by putting this black man into the White House to bring "change" and "hope." Yet, Obama is proving to be the one who is leading the deliberate trashing of all that America stands for. And, while some may say that Obama did not start the spiraling down trend, I believe we could agree that none other has been as blatant about their attempts to mislead the American people and to destroy our American values and culture until Obama came along and shamefully spit in America's face.

We are a large part of the global community and America, as the leader of the Free World, has no need to capitulate to anybody who leads her citizens into the shame and blame game for all of this world's ills. We know and appreciate how much blood, sweat, and treasure has been spilled all over this world by loyal Americans who have voluntarily committed themselves to helping us to remain free and to help others to be free and governed by Godly, trustworthy men and women.

The American people who know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, God and satan, and between men and Godly Angels are bursting with so much anger at the thought of what Barack Obama is doing to destroy this nation. I join with them in their anger, which must not go without a national response to just say, NO! Nevertheless, our language must remain the same. Our minds must remain intact. Our lives must remain unsullied by any government attempts at evil, paternalistic takeovers -- not in these United States of America.

What's more, if anybody today says they do not understand or like what they are hearing spoken about Barack Obama, then they are the problem. And as a part of our solution, we will righteously bypass them on the way towards extricating our nation from the likes of their infamous leader, the likes of which have never before gotten any further than Obama -- not even Former President Richard M. Nixon got as far as Obama has gotten in his failed attempt to make himself to be above the rule of law. Obama and advisors, take a hint!!

Americans, join the call to Impeach Barack Obama NOW!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

ObamaTRAUMA -- There Goes the NEIGHBORHOOD!

Rev. Lainie Dowell

Obama Wages War Against Americans! What will you do when he releases his dogs on you without a valid or legal reason? We are facing danger by degrees and his decrees. What will Congress do to protect, preserve, and defend the United States Constitution and citizens who love America?! I don't know about you but this bothers me no end.

The new Super Fly and his boys are bopping about in residence in the White House. No doubt many United States citizens must have thought it was cute when they heard that Barack Obama-Dunham-Soetoro, as a very young child living in Jakarta, Indonesia, had written in his school essay that he wanted to be president when he grew up. And, no doubt Americans even projected within themselves and one another that Obama was now going to have them to thank for helping to make his fondest desire come true during the 2008 November Presidential campaign. But has Obama grown up enough to become President of the United States of America, Commander in Chief of the United States Military, and the leader of the Free World?!

Upon reflection, it now appears the questions Americans should have asked Obama and themselves were, "What nation did little Barry want to become president of?!" And, "What would little Barry Soetoro, then enrolled as a Muslim in an Indonesian Muslim curriculum in a Catholic school, know about the American Presidency as a child compared to his living under a then revolutionary presidency in his newly adopted country of Indonesia?

As the Head Goes, So Goes the Tail.

For much of Obama's formative growing years, he was surrounded by his Muslim faith, family, friends, and education. He made friendships with peers from Islamic nations and associated with many Black revolutionary groups in America -- many of whom are still his friends today (unless he was forced to publicly throw them under the bus in order to stay on track to the White House). What's more, Obama had proudly spoken about his Muslim family roots during his first TV interview as a resident of the White House Oval Office on a network from out of Saudi Arabia.  
To compound matters pertaining to American diplomatic relations, Obama released a dark-of-night video tape while he was yucking it up on the Jay Leno TV show. Surprisingly, during that time, a late night breaking news report showed a portion of the tape in which Obama was genuflecting in the direction of the Iranian government. I wonder if anybody in Congress knew he was going to do that beforehand? The Obama video was broadcast in the Middle East with subtitles in Farsi. However, Obama's last words on that video were spoken in perfect Farsi by him. What else will we learn about Obama after the fact?!

Throughout history, written accounts have been left behind to reveal for future generations how they have been able to survive so much devastation and evil machinations of so many men and women, too, who believed themselves to be saviors of the world and everybody in it. Instead, they actually decimated whole societies with impunity.

Those dictatorships were allowed to occur because the time for accountability and credibility of that particular leadership had long passed. There was no one left who would or could do anything to stop the oncoming carnage which was to follow those in leadership positioning themselves in total control over the government, including over the people.  
Those despots had come in among the people like meek little weaklings. And, they had initially captured the masses with soothing voices by which they pledged their allegiance to the nationals and to their form of government. And, once they saw their opportunity to do what they had planned all along (i.e., government takeover), they swooped in and took complete control over the Constitutional government, whole communities, and every segment of that trusting society. And they did it by abusing their police powers to hold the people captive to their will.

Police power is hell in the hands of anybody whose mind has reduced them to believing that they had all power over life and death in their hands and that there is no God but them. And as we are seeing the evidence that is most certainly the case with Barack Obama, then we must wonder whether Obama is now positioning himself and his personal team to fill a void which was left in the world by the defeat of Adolf Hitler, Papa Doc, Idi Amin Dada and others like them.  
We must wonder, whether this is now Obama's turn to try to stealthily slip America in among current despots such as the Castro brothers of Cuba, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Vladimir Putin of Russia, the Ayatollahs of Iran, Raila Odinga (his Kenyan cousin), and others who are known to be dictators all across this world? Are they the real mentors and heroes of Obama?

Do Americans really intend for Obama to assume the role of their American Father Confessor and keeper of the gold at Fort Knox? Does our Congress really intend to have Obama to usurp their legislative role? Does the Judiciary lack power and authority to not allow Obama to get away with enforcing laws that he alone makes and decides which ones he, as president, will or will not enforce? Does the U.S. Constitution have enough force in order to keep our government from falling into the hands of any and all domestic terrorists whose sole purpose is to transform this nation from its original foundational intent of our forefathers? Do Americans want to go backwards or forwards?

Americans Have Decided!

The United States Constitution is the predictor of how Americans shall live. And, the predicament we find ourselves in, as a nation, is not funny. Humor is not the terminology that we can apply, at the moment, to what we are facing today. The disgrace is that so much of this human and national infrastructural destruction could have been avoided and, indeed, can now still be averted.

History has shown us that, if nothing else, nothing happens to us in a vacuum. Why do you suppose the godless among us want to shut the mouths of the Godly? It is because the godless know that we can be counted upon to stand up and tell the truth. They know that we will not hesitate to sound any warnings about what destruction lay ahead, because of what they are planning, unless proper governmental authorities stand ready to take measures to combat any and all of their terror which is to come against their constituents.

Our government is out of order. Obama has continued to give the impression that he can make unilateral decisions to do whatever he wants by simply issuing an Executive Order or what he calls, "A Directive." In his mind, policies are whatever he alone decides they will be even without the benefit of Congressional consideration, votes, and oversight. And, Obama is turning us as a nation in the direction of becoming a one-party system of government.

If he is allowed to continue on this path and, unless definitive steps are taken to rein in Obama in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, then our government will no longer include input from either Republicans, Democrats, or citizens. It will fully become socialist-communist-Marxist and, in every way, it will be too late for Americans to protect their individual rights and freedoms. That must not be allowed to occur. But who will step up to stop that from taking place in America?

Even as Barack and Michelle Obama are flying across the country and the world and are living high on the hog during this economic downturn, they are continuing to send the message forth that capitalism and rich people are the cause of the economic troubles in the land. Indeed, Michelle Obama has picked up a shovel in her hands and called the cameras and a group of little children together from a local school. She encouraged them to participate in her photo op to show all of them digging up (already pre-dug) White House grounds in order to plant vegetables. And, by doing so, she has given new life to the adage as "they" say, "There goes the neighborhood!"

What in the world does Michelle know about gardening? Doesn't it occur to either her or her husband that, if they supported all of the real farmers across this country, then we would have all the home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables we would need and then some?

But why would you suppose Michelle Obama would plant (pun intended) lies into the heads of those little children to have them believe the White House cannot afford to buy fresh fruits and vegetables by telling them they were helping her to provide those foods for the White House chefs and soup kitchens? In fact, why is she even going after our children, anyway? As we recall, Hitler went after the children to form his army, too! And all of the Obama "service" and "volunteer" talk is nothing but a ploy to grab whole households through the children to swell their agenda rolls for their own political future.

Neither Barack nor Michelle Obama has ever stopped electioneering in America since Obama first came to the mainland from Hawaii, Indonesia, Pakistan, and other parts unknown and jumped from being a community organizer to political activist in earnest. The Socialist-Communist-Marxist parties waited from long before Barack Obama was even born and indoctrinated until they were certain they had enough money and political masses to push their "baby boy" into the White House. However, not everybody in America was asleep when that, regrettably, had finally taken place on November 4, 2008, and ushered in Obama.

When the Obama Administration talks about reform, what they have failed to do is first share their agenda with either the whole Congress or the nation. Much of what has already been revealed about Obama's plans have been because of some diligent bloggers' investigation and reporting.  
For the most part, professional journalists and television personalities are not leading the communication gap even with all of their network's budgets and other resources. Many of the news pundits are shamefully following behind bloggers and they are plagiarizing what they are reading off the internet written by others. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, they are reporting it as though it was their own work or their network's property. Needless to say, if this does not apply to the reader, then let it pass. But, if it does apply, then write and tell me so that I can pass it along.

And here is another problem we face while trying to stem the tide of deceptive leadership. That includes all of these various legal, political, and religious organizations that are constantly soliciting our money while shutting us out of the overall process when they fail to provide access. What do we need them for?

Tell them you will no longer send your money when you can just buy one of their books or pins, if you wanted to. That's not a gift, anyhow! It is just another scam, because if those organizations were doing anything to help their "contributors" and this nation, then their voices would have enough power to mean something in the face of all of these political ploys. And, American citizens would know by now who they could trust and depend on in harrowing times such as these!

Therefore, while we can do so, we must continue to let this nation and the world know that Americans have decided we will not fall asleep at the switch. We will not allow this nation to be overtaken by anybody who, regardless of their political affiliation, demonstrates that their agendas are contrary to the United States Constitution whether from the White House, the Capitol, the jail house, the school house, the church house, or every house in town.

Who can we trust? When we can answer that question, then we will have found hope in the midst of all of this ungodly degradation. Meanwhile, here's a hint. Obama is not the answer!

Impeach Obama NOW! Later will be too late!!
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

ObamaTRAUMA?! I TOLD YOU SO! You told me, NO!!

Graphic: Copyright (c) 2009 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Refresh page for updates (if any)!!

Too many Americans and the world have joined forces, unbeknownst to them, for God to demonstrate how important it is for everybody to stop and begin to recognize how real God is. It makes no difference how much corrupt leadership of any nation, much less in the United States of America, calls together masses of people to band together in obedience to any man or woman to sanction evildoers, God will always pull back the covers and expose every bit of it! And, when we fully get it, then America will begin to turn back to being her once great nation-self that God has enabled her to be from the very foundations of this free Republic.

When Barack Hussein Obama, his wife, Michelle (Don't forget her), and all of their ChiMITES who've helped them to work towards grabbing power throughout the years, finally succeeded in pushing through their Pro-socialist-Marxist-communist-black Muslim-black Nationalist-Islamic and Anti-God-Anti-capitalist-Anti-American-Anti-life-Anti-U.S. Constitution agendas --- well, I guess, they thought they were "In like Flint!" And their mindset from the beginning was that they were, in fact, the government and they could do whatever they wanted -- and the devil with the people's elected leaders in the House and Senate.

The solution? "Impeach Obama Now!" That will be the start America needs.

In addition to what is going on in the economic front, what needs to be considered at this time, also, are all of the injustices corrupt leaders have foisted upon American citizens because they felt they could abuse them at will, by ignoring the rule of law.

Every citizen anywhere in this nation who has ever experienced courtroom atrocities at the hands of plaintiffs, judges, and lawyers who entered into conspiratorial backdoor, under-the-table deals with one another in order to throw their cases out of court need to gather once more and demand legal redress (i.e., The court's refusal to hear cases on the merit, which will determine whether or not Obama is a United States citizen and, therefore, eligible to even be in the White House).

For years, Americans have continued to decry the many ungodly forces that are abusing their authority and political power to use political means to take over legislative bodies, courthouses, school houses, and churches to introduce into society their brand of immorality as being normal and legitimate. Their evil agendas and forces have advanced and pushed through to the top of the political spectrum so much that Americans are really hard pressed to know whether or not there ever was a right or wrong and a good or evil in the first place.

However, Christians are being vindicated right now through what is publicly going on within the Oval Office and the Congress with the "Stimulus 2009" (policymaking in disguise) shenanigans of the Obama Administration. And, anyone who has ever gone into court to retain and maintain their personal freedoms to not have to submit to illegal and invalid immoral laws are being shown they were not crazy when they declared they were being taken for a ride by the legal system. These ongoing actions of the present U.S. Congress is showing the entire nation and the world how evil they, themselves, have become -- even those who go along with the following actions to make them into law and force citizens to go along with whatever they say, or risk their facing overwhelming IRS-government-enforced penalties:
  • Abortions -- The murder of babies in utero who are growing and breathing and living humans in their mother's womb while they are waiting to be introduced to the outside world.
  • Homosexuality and Beastiality-- Perverse Sexual Acts of every kind are virtually sanctioned by law as being "normal" and acceptable, when they are shown to be immoral and against God's will. It is the cause of the AIDS virus, which first became known as a mysterious illness diagnosed in San Francisco, California, mainly among white male homosexuals and then eventually spread to others among them and, eventually, to women and children across the nation, at which time, everybody was being blamed for AIDS but not the homosexual lifestyle. How quickly the world forgets. How ludicrous that they would think we'd forget just on their sayso!
  • Suicide by Physician -- People who decide they don't want to live with sickness and disease or for whatever reason they choose, can authorize a hospital and doctor to take their life -- legally(?) by order of the corrupt legislature. Life is cheap in the eyes of the world.
  • IRS -- (i.e., "I Rule this State!") How can we forget how many times we've watched the IRS Department take people's property for unpaid taxes? Never mind that their taxes were equal to or more than their original tax bills. It has remained as a governmental punishment tool for decades and citizens were left without any viable recourse or avenue of redress. Who will investigate the perpetrators who are, themselves the investigators????
  • Legal Theft -- Lawyers continue to take the money of citizens under the pretext of helping them to get justice but, when the case is called, they fail to live up to their professional ethics and their professed abilities to present a winning case based on the merits.
  • God -- The ungodly are no longer the only ones who are telling the people of God to not even say the name of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, in the public arenas of America (even in churches). Even Christians are among those voices which are calling for "the Separation of Church and State", and intimidating believers in the hopes of silencing us (i.e., "Don't make waves!"). But no manmade law can ever be enforced against Christians who know God, love Him, hear from Him, and obey His voice in every area of their life. Still, they try to wipe God off the face of the Universe, because they do not believe God exists (and, for them, He does not). But, we are not deceived! We fear God -- not man.
Christians, in particular, are so busy running from pillar to post trying so hard to denigrate others in the faith that they cannot hear above the din. The solutions we need are available and have been for a very long time. And, yet, so-called learned scholars wanted to reinvent the wheel to do it their way. But, if any of them had paid attention from the outset, then the outcome would have not required taking further actions to undo the resultant damage done.

Prayer is important and it is always urgently needed. However, it is prayer that gives mankind foresight and propels us to take action beforehand to forestall what even others cannot see coming down the pike towards us -- such as when political leaders enact laws which are designed to legally foster evil across the land.

Yes, right over wrong and good over evil will always prevail. Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and No Party to speak of, will come to know the same fate of every leader -- man, woman, child -- who have pushed the envelope so far that Americans refuse to be licked one more time!

Stimulus 2009 Is Barack Obama's Kryptonite!!
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Barack and Michelle Obama, Meet the Spirit of Volunteerism!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Dedicated to Robert A. Hall. He served in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is a Marine Vet who served in Viet Nam. (Semper Fi!) (once a Marine, always in the brotherhood)

Dedicated to Orly Taitz, DDS, Esquire, of Defend Our Freedoms Foundations.

Can anybody tell me what good is money, if it is not used to be of help to lift a fallen soul from the dregs of society even in the midst of plenty? God did not say that money is evil. He said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Barack and Michelle, do you love money that much that you have committed to confiscating it and placing it into a holding pen (bank) somewhere until all of it reaches the highest ceiling of the vault and, then, people will have to come and beg you to give them some (of their own earned income)? Does taxation mean that every cent has to be placed into the government's communal pot and that nobody but you would have any say over what comes out and where it will (or will not) be spent?

The baby generation of the 1960s and beyond are trying to fashion for today's world an untenable response to our current financial woes. And, in so doing, they are summarily and callously pushing aside the generation of their forefathers and foremothers. Moreover, they have enlisted from among their parents' own peers others to help them to push aside not only the older generations but also the sickly youth and leave them all to die alone, broke and broken from neglect. This is not our America!

Yet, today this nation marvels that there is the lack of progress as citizens and government work to help America to bask in her greatness of ages past, present, and future. But, in order for her to do that, all of us who claim to love her must first come to fully understand and appreciate all of the ongoing sacrifices, prayers, and tears of yesterday, which co-mingled with the joys and sorrows of the day in order to break open the pathway for this day (today). But, for all Americans to remain in the freedoms we claim as our Constitutional rights, we understand how much God has blessed us to live in a land that really does serve as a beacon and as what President Ronald Wilson Reagan called during the 1980s, "A shining city on a hill."

Another patriot, President Dwight David Eisenhower, during the 1950s, signed a bill into law which added even more worth to the Pledge of Allegiance and Bible reading once ringing in classrooms throughout our schoolhouses. It is the phrase that remains true where we still say, "One nation under God, indivisible." And,it became joined along with that phrase which was already widely used, "In God We Trust." Yet, a handful of people who chose to be godless felt that it was their prerogative to come along, grow up, and work hard to try to tear down every semblance of God in America, which has kept us free and great in His sight and in the sight of the world.

And, so, until this very day, we have been at war with our own children within our borders. That fact appears to have gone without recognition and appreciation, as such; but, in the long term, we have seen far too many preventable domestic casualties. Nevertheless, so many more people have been left behind who have continued to just step over those fallen bodies and lumber aimlessly along as the blood spills down our gutters and bodies are stacked up in morgues like cords of wood waiting to be burned.

The other day, I was driving along after a very disappointing meeting with the Howard County General Hospital Chaplain, in Columbia, Maryland. He had just told me (knowing that I had served for over 20 years as an on-call Clergy there), that several people had complained that "they were uncomfortable around (me)," They are Christian, too, but it was because I affirm who I am and whose I am. And I acknowledge whenever the Holy Spirit works in my life. However, it is they -- other Christians, who get mad at me and then say they fear me. Never mind their ongoing disparate treatment of me compared to male Clergy -- even in 2009. But I never complained. I overcame. I will bear the brunt. But they shall bear the shame.

So, in his office, even though the Chaplain could not answer me about naming who said what and when or why he was taking action against me for the first and only time since I had been there, he just apologetically asked for my on-call Clergy badge to be returned at that moment. I gave it to him and, at the same time he took it, he offered to get for me a (new) badge for community Clergy so that I could visit (my own parishioner) patients in the hospital. He told me it was a federal law but which one, he did not know. He also admitted he did not know anything about hospital policy or EEOC compliances.

But, he knew I had ministered in that hospital and others as a member of the Clergy since before 1985 -- long before either he or many of those Pastoral Care Associates came to that hospital. He also came to know that I was one of the original community Clergy who served on a committee formed by that hospital in and around 1986, to consider the In's and outs of hiring a Chaplain for the hospital. But, that had happened back in the day, when church was church and the name of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit meant something to almost everybody! And He (our God) still does.

So, I was driving in the car on my way back home from that terrible hospital meeting with Chaplain Mann wondering what had just happened and why? Then, as I approached a stop light, I saw a young, white woman come into my view holding a sign in front of her that said, "Please help! My family is getting ready to be foreclosed. God bless you."

I rallied for a moment and I thought that I should help. But I hesitated and the light changed, so I drove on. However, within just a few feet of passing the young woman by, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "That was your chance to help and you should help." I couldn't believe it. I was tired!

Instead, I began wrestling within myself about the young woman's intent and purpose and whether or not she was for real. After all, I thought -- she was alone. I didn't see her house or her children or any man. But before I could even get to the second traffic light, the Holy Spirit strongly persisted. I knew I had put $20 in my purse before I left home for the meeting with the Chaplain.

I drove on just a little further, but my mind was made up for me. I turned my car around at the next light, and drove back to look for the young woman. At first I didn't see her. Then she came into view holding her sign. I rolled down my window and told her that I had turned around to find her. And when I handed her the $20, she looked surprised, smiled, and said, "God bless you!" And, for me, that was worth more than all of the money greasing the greedy little fists of Mr. and Mrs. Obama and corrupt leaders who put their interests before those of constituents.

Give Americans their money back all of you! I hope and pray and trust the Holy Spirit will trouble your soul such that you won't even be able to sleep at night in peace until you wake up and do the right thing for the reason every one of you was placed in that Oval Office, state house, court house, school house, and church house --- to help somebody -- to be of service to others -- and not to tear them down!

But, another thing the Obamas need to know about Americans? We do not need to have our children "retrained" by your many "Change" organizations for them to learn how to milk (sic) the government dry. We have taught them how to earn money and how to give their money -- offerings, talents, and tithes. We just need their teachers to teach them the three R's and let our children have sunlight coming through school house windows and doors instead of broken-down roofs.

My generation wants the children to know Jesus and for all of you to leave them alone and let Him be their guide. We will not so easily be shoved in the shade to await an untimely death. Our time is not yet past. We are not through living. We are still here; and, most of all, we know that you need US more than we need you! And too many of our own peers have come too far to ever allow the likes of you to believe we will capitulate to any destuction of the American Constitution and Godly traditions, values, morals, and mores (there it is again and there it shall stay).

But, what can we do about it, if anything?! We can keep bringing to the attention of the nation and the whole world the truism that America is not the land of the lost, as they might suppose. We are still living in "the land of the free and the home of the brave." The Lady with the Lamp does not hold it high in vain. The Lady holding high the scales of justice may be blindfolded, but she is not blind!! And the Lord Jesus, in whom we believe, is not dead. What's more, He is not just "one of the prophets," as you would have us to believe!!

"We ain't no ways tired, yet!," as the song says,

I don't feel no ways tired.
Come too far from where I started from.
Nobody tole me, the road would be easy.
I don't believe He brought me this far.
I don't believe He brought me this far.
I don't believe He brought me this far.
To leave me. -Anon

How do we make it through the storms of life? God will give you a song. There's something about going back to the old time way. We need to go back!!! You cannot break the spirit of a child of God and that seems to be something the devil's children can't seem to understand. The America we know is built upon a firm foundation, thanks to our Founding Fathers who knew something about Divine Providence and God's unchanging love, which has kept us by His grace and our faith. "For by (God's) grace you have been saved through (your) faith that we are saved and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God." -Ephesians 2:8. America and the whole world need to know that!

As Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin said during the 2008 Presidential election campaign, "Country First!" And just as McCain added about lobbyists, we will say the same about the ungodly leadership in America, too, that likewise, "We will call their names. You will know their names. And we will make them famous!!"

When I was a teenager in a hurry to grow up and live my life, my late mother told me, "I've been down that road. You're just coming up it!" And she was right, too. But who will believe it? And, who will declare it?!


We who have survived all of those terrible times far worst than any in these days could ever be, will stop and recall for you what President John Fitzgerald Kennedy said in his Inaugural Address in the 1960s, where he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you. But ask what you can do for (not to) your country!" I remember that, because I watched him say it on TV in the moment.

Mr. Obama, you can never mandate the Spirit of Volunteerism. It is a sacred trust of the heart. And the heart of America still beats strong inside of the breast of America. It is the heart of mankind that shall not grow faint and fade and fail on any leader's say so. We have pledged our allegiance and it is not in vain. We will give to America more of our breath. We will breathe for her. We will lift her and she shall RISE like the sunshine did on the morning of September 11, 2001, when even in the midst of such overwhelming devastation, the bright sun shone and, once again, lifted us on one accord.

Terrorism had come onto these shores once more and blackened the sunlight. And, when the terrorists began their attack, they triggered our nation at war, which has taken the lives of many hundreds of thousands of America's finest, as well as that of the dead of our allies. And, they are not forgotten. We are ever so grateful for their having stepped foot upon this piece of earth that we call our home. We have not forgotten the dreams of our Father who desires that we "would live and be in (abundant) health" (and wealth and His peace)."

"Good-hearted" Americans have missed the mark so many times by trying to be amenable to the changing times and the waning years that we have left. But, now the target is on every back that refuses to look back to remember the days when, among other things:

  • Green was the color of grass and money, and the envious were rejected.

  • Blue was the color of ocean and sky and that mood was reflected.

  • God Himself was all over; and, overall, "God is in His heaven and all is right with the world," was more than a mere slogan. It meant a whole lot of reality for a lot of people.

  • "Once upon a time" began a tale that readers knew would end on a positive note and they could go on looking forward to a better and brighter day.

  • Words like decent, trust, character, integrity, dependability, faithful, love, and more besides, had no need to be voiced. They were all demonstrated in the actions of a people who understood that erasinity was a necessary word to know in the land. And, they knew that, without their daily commitment to make a definite difference in the world, it would not survive with the necessary civility and balance intact.

  • Life was precious from inception and babies in the womb were not called, "potential human," as Barack and his team have supposed. And, despite what men and women said and did to snuff out that newly forming life in some back alleys and dark corners of some out-of-the-way room, they still knew how much that went against God and societal values -- even as they took measures to keep it secret.

  • Sex was pure, private, and beautiful. And, even idealists hid in their closets, because they knew that sex was to be performed between one man and one woman in the bonds of holy matrimony whether they lived up to that creed or not.

  • Respect was the watchword in community. Uncivil actions from among either the youth or aged in all walks of society was frowned upon. But care was taken, also, to make amends in the interest of creating an orderly society where everyone was free to demand a Godly, just, and civil environment in which to live and raise their families.

  • Either sickness or death was enough cause for people to pause and come alongside of the suffering and the bereft to help encourage them in their time of need. And they understood that at the time of death, it was more than just for a now empty space to be filled up with gaiety. It was also for space to meditate on how we might be of help to fill up that emptiness left behind in not only our life but also that of others.

"For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not faint (i.e., to lose heart). Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith." -Galatians 6:8-10.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama DEMS Lead America By Her Nose And Congress Smells Nothing?!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Speak plainly love! Big words go amiss. Hope without the ray will lead to rope for the dope. What Americans want are Godly s-o-l-u-t-i-o-n-s to get them out of this spiraling, but solvable, dilemma. Too deep for you? Let's see.

The terms, morose and depressed, have more appropriately defined the national mood before and particularly since the election of Barack Obama to step foot into the White House Oval Office. Commentators from all over (including this one) have escalated their voices against the Obama Administration agenda which is hurling our nation past socialism towards communism. And the American frustration, I believe, comes not so much from what Obama is doing as it is from what Congress and the judiciary are not doing to stop him and shut him down and oust him in accordance with the United States Constitution. Lord knows there are enough voices with enough evidence to support their charges against Obama.

Americans the most troubled by what they see happening in this country to try to destroy their families, banks, corporations, religious, and educational institutions are those who have believed the Constitution would prevail over any adverse situation facing this nation. What they are finding is that there is a lack of guts among the defenders of the American Constitution.

Local, state, and federal legislators have fought to be our elected representatives and squeezed out millions and billions of dollars from the hands of constituents only to turn their backs against voters. Then they go into hiding from them to do whatever it takes to make their elected office a stepping stone for a permanent place in the political arena or, at least, to shelter them for the rest of their life. Forget the little person.

Americans who speak in plain English are the least likely to get the ear of Congress. What's more, if they are perceived as not having any money or education or influence, they can just about forget it remains the arrogant response from most politicians. They have filled their offices with clones to shield them from trouble making outsiders who write or call them. And, if they really don't want to hear their complaints, they will shut down the telephone system and turn on their automated machines. I suppose their rationale for doing that must be -- at least they had provided a way for those who persist to be able to leave a message. But whether or not the officials or their staff would return calls or letters remains to be seen.

How can citizens trust their government which hides behind closed doors and invites in only their large campaign contributors or a few "victims" of situations which they can place on public exhibition during their "show and tell" moments in front of TV cameras?

The voices of the depressed and distressed are felt in the midst of riches. America must be rich, because government officials, beginning with Obama, are getting money from somewhere to put on their extravagant black tie galas enlivened with in-person entertainment and sumptuous meals and fine wines -- but not for welcoming foreign dignitaries, as was the case with recent visitor, Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom.

To add insult to injury from Obama -- somebody who is supposed to be savvy enough to be the leader of the free world -- the Obamas embarrassed America by coming up with some very cheap gifts. Obama had the nerve to present (and then announce) a gift of a set of 25 DVDs to the British Prime Minister. And, I heard somebody on TV say, "You know Michelle hurriedly ran down to the White House Gift Shop to buy gifts for the Prime Minister's children" -- toy helicopters!

The administration sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton overseas where she had the opportunity to meet with a top Russia dignitary, Sergei Lavrov. She took out another cheap gift from a "green" box. She was so elated to be able to present it that she didn't even give him chance to open it for himself. She stood in front of the TV cameras and opened the box only to find the message they had inscribed in Russian said something totally different than what they had intended. To say nothing of the fact that Lavrov didn't hesitate to correct Clinton as she let out a guffaw as though it was nothing. Personally, I believe somebody in the state department (or the White House?) knew exactly what they had inscribed on the "gift."

So, if, as "they" say its not the gift that counts but the thought, then what kind of thinking is coming from out of the White House? They are playing not-so-cute games even on the international scene and it is degrading and disgusting.

But, of course, what do I know? I know this. That I don't know everything, but one thing I do know is that, if all those educated voices who profess to know so much really did, then none of us would still be waiting for somebody to come up with the solution and r-e-s-o-l-u-t-i-o-n to this ObamaTRAUMA. They would have stepped up by now and yelled louder than anybody else, except they would not back track or apologize when called out for saying exactly what the nation's citizens are waiting to hear somebody have enough nerve to say!

Tell me, if you can, about what solutions are being enforced by the United States Congress to shut Obama down while America is still the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?" I am getting sick and tired of running into so many regurgitated reports which have already been published or archived about Obama and his edu(ma)cated(sic) Chicago crew but remains without coming up with anything near to Godly resolution.

Stepping up? Don't worry about stepping on toes! We know the solution, its just that Congress has closed its doors and shut its ears. YELL LOUDER!!! Impeach Obama NOW!

P.S. As I finished up this article, the Glen Beck Show came on (Fox News TV) and he is voicing what I have written in this article to publish. We are of the same spirit, but he has more listeners. Nevertheless, all of us must write what we receive when we receive it. God is the One who continues to confirm. Amen to Glen Beck!! pass it on -- Honestly, I did not plagiarize Beck's discourse on TV. All I know is that it is SPIRIT.

Oh no!!! Has Beck read my mind???????

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

America Needs Barack Obama's Inheritance Tax Paid!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


Words have consequences, especially when people are standing around ready to hold the person accountable for their spoken words. Take, for instance, the repetitive phrase that Barack Obama and his White House advisory think tank conjured up in their attempt to either elicit sympathy or else to downplay their demonstrated lack of competency to handle the same kinds of pressing and ongoing national and international political problems former President George W. Bush was confronted with and more besides throughout his two terms as the President of the United States of America and recognition as leader of the free world.

Where's Barack Obama's Unpaid Inheritance Tax? America Needs It!

From the question I have posed, perhaps readers had anticipated a followup theme to discover whether or not Barack Obama may have been a recipient of gifts willed to him and his family by his late maternal grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham; or from his late mother, Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama-Soetoro; or from his late maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, and the revelation that Obama may have failed to pay inheritance taxes on any and all gifts in question. I have neither an answer nor an interest in that supposition at the moment. Besides, that is not what I am questioning -- although it just might be ripe for another day.

However, Americans across the nation have continued to be inundated by a familiar phrase seldom, if ever, heard in the political vernacular in the way Obama has used it since his election which enabled him to step into the Oval Office. Consider now that notable phrase we have heard Obama and his surrogates and other pundits use, which is, "I've inherited this mess from the previous administration."

Perhaps others may have heard a political leader use the term, "mess" publicly when referring to their Presidential duties, but I am hard pressed to recall ever hearing such a thing. Besides, I find it "messy" and unprofessional! Be that as it may, we are subject to hearing all kinds of language coming out of the mouths of our esteemed United States Congressional members (i.e., House and Senate). And its all on TV. Yeah, I'd say that's a mess.

Listen. By now, it must be evident that Obama promoted himself as the only expert in town who could take over the helm and sail this rocky Ship of State, whereas he said Bush had failed. Apparently that must have been so, because not only the people who listened to Obama agreed with him but also people who never even heard his name before. Nevertheless, Obama had managed to convince so many Americans and the global community, as well, to join with the crowd and vote for him. They did and, after only two months, we all know the sorry results of that outcome!

Be that as it may, as much as Obama, his followers, and many in his Democratic Party literally abhorred the former President, they counted his last days in office and their beginning days in that office as an inheritance, albeit unwelcomed. What they have all consistently failed to remind their audience is that Barack Obama served in the United States Senate; and, it was during that same time, he was also running to fill the office of President even when it was in the beginning stages of the economic downturn Obama now calls, "Bush's mess."

Furthermore, the main stream media has constantly forgotten to report that Obama and the Congressional Democratic majority had conspired together and with others to act as if Obama was already elected as the first black President despite the fact that the election had not yet taken place before November 4, 2008, to discover the winner. And, if you don't believe me, then go retrieve some news footage, including videos.

It did not seem to matter to Obama then, because he had privately dispersed his political emissaries across the globe to begin wheeling and dealing on his behalf. And, unbeknown to many citizens, Obama was working with his chosen ones all the time to undermine the Presidency of George W. Bush. And, in the face of the oncoming economic drift tide, Obama's public mantra was that "We only have one President at the time" even while (as my late mother would say) he had his mouth in everything but a hearse.

By his covert, Un-American actions, Obama had created a confused line of leadership for citizens who did not understand the operation of the United States Constitution. Yet, President Bush never publicly (or as far as we know, privately) berated Obama for anything he did to undermine him. He should have exercised his authority to put a stop to it. Instead, President Bush did everything that he and his staff and Cabinet could do to help Obama to have a smooth transition once he had become elected President. And, they never stopped working for the safety and wellbeing of American citizens and the world until their last day, when they left Washington, D.C. And, thereafter, they had finished their job to do the people's business.

The DEMS had done everything they could in order to rob President Bush of his previously stated determination to use his "Lame Duck" session to keep working. They had even begun to publicly mull over the idea and to call for the premature ousting of Bush and installing Obama in his place well before the Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009 -- Bush's official, Constitutionally appointed last day in office.

Finally and, lest we forget, Barack Obama's appointed economic advisors Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner, who is now Obama's Secretary of the Treasury, had helped to negotiate the original $700B+ TARP deal along with Paulson and Bernake during the waning days of the Bush Administration. This further begs the question, "Exactly whose mess was this, anyhow?"

Did not Obama and his faithful DEM majority have a hand in that evolving financial disaster, too? I'd say, "Yes." Furthermore, unless the Legislative and Judicial Branches of government rein in Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel, his Chief-of-Staff, and the DEMS, in general, then America will wake up one morning (literally) and see his newly constituted citizen soldiers -- with loyalties to Obama -- marching in our streets as they declare the devastating mandated news that Barack Obama has shut off all national communication and that, from that moment on, he has taken over the government. Sleep well, for you will have plenty of time to wish you had taken the time to sleep well.

Now, What About Barack Obama's Inheritance Tax?

It's simply this! If, as Obama and his Democratic supporters agree with him that he has inherited President Bush's mess, then don't you think Obama ought to pay every bit of tax on that Inheritance, too? After all, the Congress would have us believe they can tax Americans from the cradle to the grave without exception (for those who care enough to pay the IRS on time)! And, I believe that would be one humongous inheritance tax bill that could pay every bit of the American deficit at one time. Fork it over, Obama!! America is waiting!

Now that I think about it, I guess Congress will first have to pass a "Mess Tax" and make it retroactive. They can name it, "ObamaTRAUMA." I won't mind, as long as Obama pays that bill when it comes due, because all of that mess belongs to him (for) now.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama and the DOW POW!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Picture: Copyright (c) 2009 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.

Have you noticed how the Wall Street Dow goes up and seems to be healthy until Barack Obama and/or Timothy Geithner, his financial puppeteer, show up on the scene?! Maybe they need to stay off the TV, stop sending out their doom and gloom press releases to the news media, and secret messages to millions spammed onto their grassroots coalition email list calling for them to undermine the United States of America Constitutional government.

At least what the political news commentary bloggers have to say about this situation is done in public and not in private. Maybe the administration does need to be thrown out of office, because they have publicly admitted they are still trying to find their niche.

Translation: They have no idea what they are doing and they intend to continue doing what they are doing until there's nothing left in the nation. But, at the very least Americans would have to know they tried!

There are not too many personnel in the Obama Administration who seem to know what they are doing, except that they know they're working and collecting a steady paycheck while telling the rest of the American people that they are the problem. After all, if they would only pull up their bootstraps and tighten their belts and suck it up, then the Obama Administration might be able to help them better. And, oh! Don't forget to pay your taxes while you're at it!

What do they care if citizens are now becoming more vocal about no longer having that job where they worked so hard in order to pay their bills, feed their families, buy houses and, perhaps, even a swing set or two for their own children? They would even skip pass the meat stalls and refrain from purchasing that expensive Kobe beef Obama serves to dinner guests at the White House (they'll just rely on Obama to tell them how good it is when its fixed by in-house chefs to entertain dignitaries).

Is this how life is going to work in America now? Stay home and fend for yourself in the best way you can, because the government will make the only decision about who will work, where, when, how, and whether or not they will pay you a decent wage? But, then, if everybody is poor, that will certainly ensure equality in the nation, won't it?

This new administration acts as if rich, poor, middle class, and capitalism are only divisive terms. Besides, now that Barack Obama is strutting in and out of the Oval Office, isn't it only what he mandates in the moment which counts, anyhow! Oh yeah?!

Tell me. Are the laws of the land now created by the White House going over the heads of Congressional elected leaders straight to the people from out of Obama's mouth? As the saying goes, his "mouth is not a prayer book." Laws appear to be made legal now by merely pronouncing them as such by either the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, or the Judicial Branch. In fact, the Legislative Branch of our government is still the only Constitutional method of creating legally enforceable bills into laws to be of value to societal mores.

As long as Obama and any member of his Cabinet continue to stand before the Congress and the American people and relentlessly run down this nation, the Dow will pow this nation every time and leave no room for any real recovery from all of these many false starts made by this present administration. What's more, unless the American people stop propping up this wrong-headed administration and stop falling for Obama's edicts that state "Only the government is able to fix (their every economic problem)," then they will become all the more totally dependent on a governmental entity (his) which has only their best interest at heart and not America's.

This kind of illicit "change" is called, "Socialism-Communism-Marxism," and every citizen ought to burn those stark terms into their brain. And, having done so, they need to resolve to never allow any of those ungodly forces to come in and usurp our American Constitutional Republic and the truly Godly, democratic government we inherited as a nation from our forefathers and foremothers.

Remember?! During the long-term running of the Obama election campaign to become the first black President of the United States, he had thoroughly convinced the politicos and news media and many citizens that he was the best and only candidate who could go into that office, hit the ground running, and (immediately) overcome the downturn of the American economical situation. And all the people said, Yes, that's true and "Yes we can!" He said he could do that for us, because he has the credentials and he knows exactly what to do to help us! We can all just forget that he lacks the business and political experience! What do Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin have that Obama can't get?! Bring him on in!!!

However, in less than one month after Obama was inaugurated and installed into the White House, I happened to see him on a TV interview in which he had let it slip of his own volition that he was not an economist. I was shocked at his brazen admission, because how many times had we been given to believe that Obama was far better at handling economic situations than McCain and Palin put together? And, we were also told, at that moment, that academic factor was more important than having any candidate who would be better at keeping this nation safe and secure from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Don't forget that Obama had done practically the same thing when he had his first interview conducted by Al Arabia (a station from out of Saudi Arabia) in which Obama finally publicly and proudly embraced his Muslim African AND Indonesian heritage. And, folk, we need to have a leader of the free world who won't look you in your face and deliberately, knowingly, and willfully lie -- then turn around and accuse the one who revealed it of being hateful and, themself, the liar. That is not good and must not be allowed to let stand!

We have hope, if we refuse to allow anybody else to "Change" and redefine "Hope" for us.

Write and tell Congress to begin to IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Barack Obama's Prime Minister Nancy Pelosi(?) -UPDATE!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

American's foremost concern has to be about the direction in which our nation is going under the Obama Administration. It appears the DEMS 2010 Primary Election defeat by many patriotic citizens (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians) has neither convicted nor convinced them to take care what they do to this nation and her people. Barack Obama has, indeed, tried to run this nation as a coalition government with Nancy Pelosi as his Prime Minister. Read on.

The Lame Duck And The Silly Goose Runs Our Nation Aground

The American voters defeated Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the continuing U.S. House Speaker. Rep. John Boehner will become the new U.S. House Speaker in January 2011. Yet, during the DEMS lame duck session, they voted for her to remain in that position for the incoming 2011 new session of Congress (except now Pelosi is expected to be the Minority House Leader serving under Boehner's authority).

By working in collusion with President Barack Obama since his inauguration in 2009, Pelosi has wielded power that she does not have. She continues to abuse her constitutional authority with impunity and without accountability by making "pay-to-play" types of deals through bribes, intimidation, and coercion in order to get their unwanted bills passed into law without even giving the Republican Minority party of 2009 the opportunity to read and debate what bills she puts forth in the House chambers to be voted on by the full House.

Americans, It Is Now Time To Get Our National House In Order

This is the time for Americans to either demand this nation's return to national sanity or else we will have generations coming behind us who will never know the American freedoms for which our Forefathers and, for that matter, the previous generations have fought, bled, and died to retain.

The incoming U.S. Congress of 2011 must take steps to correct all the misconceptions of the past carried out by previous sitting legislators (i.e., local, state, national). Our national identity depends upon their due diligence to adhere to constitutional checks and balances and citizens must demand that it is done! Moreover, we need an overhaul of the entire abusive legal profession. Likewise, the U.S. Judicial Branch also has a responsibility to get their own house in order. Our nation of laws applies to the laws of - not the international community - but solely the American jurisprudence.

What's more, neither the new Tea Party (REPUBS) nor Socialists nor Progressives (DEMS) are a legally recognized election party in the United States at this time. Furthermore, the Libertarians and Independents have generally been unable to get elected under the auspices of those platforms. Therefore, many choose to ride into their elective offices on the backs of the two major national party platforms. However, if they are elected, instead of working with those chosen party platforms, they have chosen to hijack the legally recognized parties instead. And much like Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) a self-described Socialist, they have in their own devious ways helped to create a dangerous hybrid form of our government.

Contrary to the vows they had taken upon assuming their elected offices, they have continued to disrespect Americans by disregarding the U.S. Constitution. America is a Republic with a democratic representative form of government and was never intended to be a "coalition" confab. Yet, our elected representatives have formed their own "caucuses" and little shadow governments (including Obama, as U.S. President) through which they vehemently advocate for their own personal segments of populations instead of working together within the framework of our constitution for the overall good of the entire nation.

Michael Steele And The Upcoming Republican Tea Party(?) Dilemma

During the 2010 Primary, Michael Steele (Chair, GOP) helped to lead the Republicans to their greatest electoral victory in decades, including being able to "fire" U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And, yet, many of the Republicans are now yelling for his ouster as chair of the GOP(?) for the coming term while hurling all kinds of unsubstantiated accusations against him. It makes no sense that Republicans are going to be their own worse enemy for the upcoming 2012 Presidential election campaign.

Barack Hussein Obama now maintains that he has given no thought to the 2012 election or polls at this time. However, his (illegal) lobbying arm "Organizing For America" virtually operates from out of the White House office taking direction from Obama. Their ongoing actions include his wife, First Lady Michelle; Vice President Joe Biden; and Biden's wife, Dr. Jill. All of whom are relentless in pumping up their troops on the ground to acquire more money for their coffers and greater visibility on behalf of Obama for him to remain President for as long as he chooses (notwithstanding the U.S. Constitutional timeliness mandates). This is outrageous behavior! It becomes all the more so, because GOPers continue to fall for ObamaSPEAK every time. And, by so doing, they get into a great deal of trouble in Congress with the American citizenry and are ousted. WAKE UP, GOP!

Meanwhile, as citizens, we are expected to stand quietly by as our elected leaders continue to argue among themselves in the halls of legislature; and, without having debates under the Obama Administration, they criminally circumvent the U.S. Constitution and arbitrarily pass bills into laws that adversely affect every person in America.

It appears my reprinted message of March 4, 2009, like that of so many others, has proven to be true. The following subject article is reprinted below in toto in case there might be a problem accessing the link at some later time.

(Voice Ink News Commentary, March 4, 2009, by Rev. Lainie Dowell)


I was just watching the Bill O'Reilly Show Live on the Fox News Cable TV tonight and his guest, Dick Morris, a "political analyst," appeared to have deliberately sent out a national warning (on purpose).

They were discussing the latest relationship between Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and what was reported as being a "feud," when Dick Morris said several different times that "Nancy Pelosi is Obama's Prime Minister." And, again, Morris said that Obama is using Pelosi as his (own) Prime Minister. And although I had not heard anyone else speak about Obama's plans to totally gut the Constitution, I have been pondering since the fall about just who would be Obama's Prime Minister. Therefore, when I heard it, that perked up my ears immediately; and that statement from Morris bears paying very close attention to.

In previous articles, I have written that Obama's ultimate intent was to do away with the United States Constitution and the United States Congress and form a coalition government in which millions of people who are on his email list will become the new legislative-lobbyists. That means good-bye to the representative form of government and hello to the new socialist-communist-dictatorship with him as the sole arbiter of governance. How about that for such arrogance?

This bears paying attention to and how much it needs to be addressed by our representative government (i.e., Republican and Democrat), because -- unlike Obama's cousin, Raila Odinga, for whom Obama had raised campaign funds and rallied Africans in 2006 to support Odinga's election in Kenya -- our form of Constitutional government does not include the United States of America having a "Prime Minister."

What's more, Dick Morris, was also a surrogate for Raila Odinga and had also travelled to Kenya, Africa, in 2006, during the same time Obama was there to forge the battle plan for Odinga's election campaign to become the new president there. And after that campaign failed, Kenyans took to the streets with machetes and hacked up men, women, and children. They also set fire to a church and burned to death more women and children as they tried to escape from the burning building.

There is a video with Morris in attendance at the meeting upon his arrival in Kenya in which he confirmed that he was there to help Raila Odinga's campaign. Keep in mind that Barack Obama was a sitting United States Senator at that time. Yet, there is also government documentation (Kenya, Africa) showing "Friends of Senator BO" had contributed a lot of money to Odinga during that time. Furthermore, Dick Morris had contended that his services were being performed pro bono; and yet he is also documented as giving thousands of dollars towards the Odinga campaign while he was in Africa. And, after the Odinga campaign failed, the Africans ran Morris and his wife (who was there to assist him), out of Africa just as the killing spree was getting underway there.

Moreover, Morris' telling revelation tonight portends further serious problems for the American people. It lets us know just how close that particular portion of Obama's "Blueprint for Change" is now upon all of us as a nation. So, please do not take this warning lightly, because unless Congress is alerted and take appropriate action to put a stop to it, Obama's loyal Democrat minions will secretly insert a bill into some legislative package that will pass by a majority vote in the same way as the stimulus-spending bill did, without any of the legislators' knowledge, input, or opposition -- just their "Yea" vote.

You must remember that, as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has the most authority over who handles the House legislation, when, and what material will go into it before it is sent onto the floor for the final vote and the subsequent signature of Barack Obama to make it the law of the land.

In case the reader may not know it, the position of Prime Minister in the grassroots coalition form of government is like that of Kenya, Africa, which gave that position to Raila Odinga as a compromise in order to stop the 2006 killing spree. The position of Prime Minister is more authoritative than President.
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Obama And DEMS Are Still PainMakers In The 21st Century

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


The case is about Race. Many of the Race dragons of the past are continuing to drag America down in the 21st Century. And all of those who foster evil propensities towards racial disharmony refuse to let them shrivel up and die so that Americans would have their last days to be their best days.

In 2009, despite so many historical, legal, personal, economic, political, and religious advances made towards racial harmony and healing, we are still witnessing so much evidence to show that those dragons refuse to die. But, die they must, if America is to talk in terms of finally achieving Racial harmony and unity in the land!
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Barack INSANE Obama Is Slow Walking Americans To Hell!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell


Rev. Lainie Dowell published an article on March 2, 2009, which stated that " Barack INSANE Obama Is Slow Walking Americans to Hell," and her assessment was recently confirmed on March 25, 2009, by (of all people) the EU President, Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, of Czechoslovakia. Topolanek was quoted by Fox News as saying, "EU Presidency: Obama Plans 'a Way to Hell.'"

WARNING!! Recently, Governor Mike Huckabee publicly apologized to Sean Hannity for getting it wrong about Barack Obama from the outset. It is clear that people who have the national ear, including the media and our political officials who are admitting they do not read bills put before them before voting them into law, are not being true to their ethical responsibility to the American people and to the United States Constitution.
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ObamaTRAUMA FIVE Years Hence!
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